09.24.3013: Robust Intrigue
Summary: Nitrim and Lorelei meet for coffee to console each other on their woes.
Date: 23 September 2013
Lorelei Nitrim 

The Robust Brew - Volkan
Room description included in scene.
September 24, 3013

Lorelei got to the coffee shop, The Robust Brew, early and is sitting in a corner with her cup of coffee. It’s been sipped on, clearly had cream and sugar added. She’s dressed in a simple dress, she learned from Ben, nothing too Arboren when meeting with a Noble that people watch. Nothing that can identify her outright. Her tablet is open on the table to a blank page. She looks healthy, but is sitting stiffer than normal, not wanting to turn too sharply.

There is a chime at the bell above the door that is followed by a light push of storm season wind. A tall man wearing simple, black clothing in the form of a coat with a low cowl and tan-colored pants enters through the door. Scanning the room from the shadows beneath his hood, he moves to the bar to order a coffee drink. There's a few double-taken looks from the barista as she makes the coffee for the man who simply pays her and says nothing else.

Everyone looks at me differently now Nitrim reaches out for Lorelei's mind quietly as he takes the coffee and moves to where she's standing near the bar. With an expressionless look on his face, he nudges his head towards a sofa in the corner and starts to lead the way. I can't really go anywhere right now, thank you for coming to me.

Loree’s not completely comfortable with the talking in the head thing. But Nitrim’s the only one who does so with her, so at least it’s only with him that she’s stumbling over her own mind-words. I’m sorry. This can’t be easy….If you need, we can leave? Or just talk over vid, if that would be better? Loree’s not good at hiding her emotions, she’s worried as she moves over to the sofa. Her movements are stiff, she’s still in pain when she twists. what can I do? her own issues are set to the side, Nitrim clearly needs a sit down talk more than her.

No it's — okay and I understand that talking like this makes you nervous, Lorelei but its the only completely silent way. Nitrim replies, brushing out with an emotion of regret as he settles in beside her. With a two-handed grip, he brings the cup to his lip for a temperature check, and when finding the drink still too hot, he turns his white eyes to look at her from under the protection of his cowl. I just need a friend. You know how you felt the other night, that damage to your hope? I could share what I'm feeling, share the actual emotion, but…right now I feel like a murderer. I feel unclean, you know? I shouldn't burden you with this.

Loree raises an eyebrow, and sigh, I…look. If we’re friends, then…you need to be able to talk, there’s no burdening. She’ll take a sip of her drink, looking around the coffee shop, giving a particular nosey persona small glare. It’s good for me to get used to this anyway, right? the talking? She’ll turn back to study him, Have you slept at all? You look exhausted…you did nothing wrong. I don’t know everything that happened, but I know you’d never /harm/ anyone, not like that. Lady Soleil… there’s an uncontrolled , confused emotion from Loree. It’s clear she didn’t like the woman, but feels bad that she’s dead. You don’t have any reason to feel unclean….Do you? she’ll not even mention how she was feeling, this is more important. Loree will look down at her coffee, tilting it softly to slosh from side to side.

I've harmed people before, Lorelei, but not because I wanted to. It was always some kind of life or death thing and I made it out in the end but this— He shakes his head from side to side. It's different when people look at you like you may have well stuck the knife in yourself. I don't like it. Pulling open the kid of his coffee, he blows into it and lets out an audible sigh. But yes, we are friends, right? There were fights with her and family, issues, hard feelings all around and I missed my family. It gnawed on my feelings. Like you, family is important to me.

Lorelie frowns, shaking her head in disagreement, no. you’ve protected people. defended them. There’s a difference between that and just hurting someone. // She’ll sigh, looking down to her coffee again and then reaching over to give his forearm a quick squeeze, //Of course you don’t like it. Who would? Silly noble. I don’t know much of what went down between the two of you. I tend to not read the papers anymore….I can understand about family though. I don’t think I’ll even leave my home, so…I understand.

Nitrim's fingers press over her hand, seeking friendship, to give her hand a squeeze in response. Thank you for your faith in me. I never lied to you about the dreams, but I left out that mine affect me in dark ways, Lorelei. You and I are a different kinds of creatures, I deal with things my own way but - You're right. A cleansing sigh crosses his lips in the real world as he lets her have her hand back for a sip of his coffee. And I meant what I said about the Hostile. You shouldn't tell anyone about this but I've met the captive. She's far more human than you'd expect.

Lorelei swallows, eyes going to his hand on her’s. there’s a wave of sacred…terror that comes from her, but she’s clearly trying to suppress it. //I think…I think maybe the Dreams affect us all…/darkly/ . I’ve yet to meet anyone that they haven’t. // She’ll raise an eyebrow, why does everyone think she’s some delicate flower? //Who would I tell? I can barely tell anyone about the encounter I had. //

I just don't think it is supposed to be open knowledge, don't worry, though, I don't believe you'd do anything to hurt me or anyone without good reason. Nitrim replies, reaching behind his head to pull the cowl back just enough to make it easy for the two of them to see each other. He catches her brow, answering with one of his own. Lorelei you're far braver than you know, you know. How have you been dealing with all of this? Do you still need any direction from me, as I may have been shopping around for an awakened with more your mindset to show you the way of things if I am not that man.

Loree actually smiles softly, No. I wouldn’t do anything to hurt you. Her smile brightens some as he moves his hood so she can see him, and she’ll ask before thinking, Have you been eating? Or just surviving on coffee and cigarettes? Her eyes widen at her own questions, I just mean…you should be eating… She’ll let out a sigh and take a sip of coffee, I’m ok. really. i think maybe I’m getting the hang of some of it. The reading helped a lot. Her emotions are mixed, she’s not exactly lying, but not exactly telling the truth, she’ll not make eye contact. She’ll narrow her eyes at her drink in hand, maybe putting pieces together, Shopping around?

I haven't been eating much, no. I tried last night and my dinner got cold until a good friend of mine made me eat, but that's when it was just a rumor. Now it's true and I just haven't been hungry at all. Nitrim admits with a frown to her, backed up by a well-what-can-you-do of a shrug. He sets the coffee down and turns to watch the profile of her face. I have good friends in the Awakened community, all kinds. Maybe it's not my place and I'm sorry if it's meddlesome but I thought you wanted to be brought up by someone who would be fair to you. Did I step too far?

Loree sighs, well, as I told my brother, it’s not just about what you want. There are people who care. If you can go practice swords and things, you can force yourself to eat some. Loree almost sounds like a mother, and even nods once. Frowning back down at her drink, No…I just…You mentioned my name to Lady Cyrielle….That’s Ephraim’s sister. It was just….uncomfortable. I didn’t know /what/ she was referring about. She didn’t say why you two had talked about me. I just pieced it together now. Loree actually bites her lower lip some, thinking to herself. Her cheeks have turned pink. Lord Ephraim has a reputation of being a bit of a playboy, nothing in Nitrim’s league, but enough to have one.

The shade of her cheeks doesn’t go unnoticed by Nitrim, but Nitrim is known for his attention to detail and picking apart peoples’ body language until there’s only a skeletal frame left. In an effort to make her feel more comfortable, his head dips a few times, recognizing the names that she extends to him. I know Cyri well. Her brother Ephraim, not so much. Cyrielle is a creature of life that wants to make a difference. I told her to keep an eye out for the name Lorelei because I had intended to perhaps arrange you two to meet slyly, by accident, so that she could decide whether or not to ask you if you’d like a mentor on her own. You know, without things being messy and awkward for you. Alas, Nitrim shakes his head, dipping it to light a cigarette with the palm of his hand. When I’m not there for these things nothing goes smoothly. I’m good at guiding things along a calm path for everyone but myself. He pauses, taking that first amazing drag from the filter. You don’t have to be embarrassed with me, Lorelei. I assure you despite my reputation I have no intention of ruining our friendship with…crossing lines. Is everything well?

Lorelei frowns slightly, looking down at her cup. I figured. She was rather blatant that she was Awakened. Her head turn to watch him light his cig, and then blinks, slightly surprised, I’m not embarrassed! Yes she is. What? cross lines? I- and then she’ll wrinkle her nose, in disgust. A soft “ewh…” is heard from her lips. No…just. No…..I have a boyfriend. She seems nervous at the very idea.

A boyfriend, do you? Nitrim smiles softly. I suspected as much, you know. After your awakening you've gone from stressed to strangely calm in some ways. All I was trying to convey is that I appreciate our friendship and I'm happy to have you as one. He pauses for a drag, a vacuum-like sucking as his lips break free. How is it going so far?

Lorelei wrinkles her nose slightly, why is everyone saying she’s stressed, like she /shouldn’t/ be. // I think I have plenty to be stressed about. And you meet me while I going/through/ my awakening. I think anyone would be stressed at that.// She sigh and nod, I’m glad for our friendship too….How’s what going? There’s a raise of an eyebrow, he could mean her awakening training…or the boyfriend thing.

The boyfriend thing. Nitrim laughs inside of her mind, a rare strange thing, considering that all his lips do in the real world is crack a grin. Is this something you're excited about and want to share or would you prefer to keep it quiet?

Lorelei shrugs, cheeks pink, It’s not a secret, or anything. He’s a noble, so it’s not like there’s any chance of…..well, anything to really come of it. there’s an oddness, a hesitation in her tone. Ephraim’s nice. He says he likes me. Likes who he is when he’s with me. It’s…it’s really nice.She does smile then, eyes finally going up to meet Nit’s whited out ones. I’ve kissed boys before, held hands, but I’ve never had a boyfriend, per say. It’s different. A soft chuckle escapes her, Hubert doesn’t like him. And my brothers keep swinging back and forth on him. He wants to meet Ma and Da, but I don’t know if that’s such a good idea.

Well, there are things that can become of it. Nitrim replies, dipping his head in a nod towards her as he thinks and sips from his coffee at the same time, silent to the outside world. There are Companions and if your relationship is strong and you're so inclined you may find yourself one day being asked to become a more permanent part of his life. Don't discredit it. It -is- possible. Nitrim points out, a vague smile forming on his lips. I've never met Ephraim but I am good friends with his sister, she says he and I would get along well.

Lorelei’s cheeks stay pink, and she’ll shake her head slightly, No…it can’t. Not if I want children one day. I don’t want to be second to someone….I don’t want my children to be bastards. His family has already made it clear they don’t want any children from Companions. She’ll bring her eyes to her coffee and take another sip as well. He already…he’s implied. but….I can’t leave the stables, anyway. We’re struggling as is, to lose another hand, with Chiron and Bey only there part time…She’ll let out a soft sigh, looking back up at Nit, her own face hard to read, yeah…I think the world wouldn’t be ready for the two of you to be friends, but…yeah. I think you’d both get along well. A small smile forms on her lips, at least she’d have two people in her life that got along.

Nitrim turns on the seat, placing his barred leg between them as a sideways barrier as he flashes a dark, almost evil smirk towards Lorelei. Perhaps I should get Cyrielle to introduce me to him then, because having a friend in the situation, somewhere near to you that's on your side, just in case, wouldn't be a bad thing, right? He offers with a mental chuckle as he sets his coffee aside. And perhaps their family's stance will change, who knows? Time changes all and you have a friend in a paramount house. And if not…enjoy yourself. We are young and free for the moment.

Lorelie just kinda gives Nitrim a confused look. Just in case? Is something happening? She’ll shake her head, anyone watching would have to guess they were talking in their heads, Loree’s not good at hiding her facial expressions. I don’t need anyone to watch out for me. I’m not…and then there’s a flash, unintentional, of the hostile and her club crashing into it. quickly, she didn’t mean for that to slip, I can take care of myself. she sounds nervous. And the huffs, I /am/ having fun. And then her cheeks turn bright pink, at her admittance.

Nitrim’s face slackens just a little, proof that try as she may, the memory made it through and there’s no escaping it. His brows tilt together near the center and he nods his head softly to her, though his lips curl into a frown. Oh Lorelei… He sighs sadly into her mind. I was worried that’s what happened, and I’m sorry I couldn't come to see you in the hospital like you came to see me, there was just so much trouble going on. He comments, reaching out to wrap his fingers around her forearm. Are you okay?

Damit it! Why does she suck at this? Loree bites her lower lip, clearly upset that she let that slip. I …I can’t sleep anymore. I see that, or wake up and …I don't even know what I’m scared of. I…I’ve been sleeping in the barn, to not wake everyone up. To be near Hubert, but…I woke up, it felt like I was suffocating. I was in one of the stalls…not where I fell asleep. She sounds terrified. her hands go white knuckled as she grips the mug. why am I suddenly scared of rain?…Six, I hate this. Her lower lip trembles slightly, but she’ll inhale, holding her breath a moment, trying to not actually cry. cause that wouldn't do well in the papers.

Nitrim’s mind reaches out for her, sending a wave of calming, supportive emotions her way, not unlike the ones he touched her with during her Awakening. His frown fades into an expressionless mask as his all-white eyes center onto her. His claw-ringed fingers press softly against her skin as he begins to shake his head. The first time for me…it was a human. Nitrim whispers softly into her mind. I was in the alleys, looking for a fix, and he came at me with a blade. I couldn’t sleep for days. When I came home through the rain I was a wreck. He confides, sharing his own story with her. Step one is understanding and knowing that in life or death, it’s not okay, because if it didn’t feel horrible then we wouldn’t be good people.

It takes Loree full moment to digest what Nitrim’s said, and the horror of him just admitting to killing someone in the street for a fix. Because of a fix…She’ll turn her face away, eyes close, like that’s going to stop her from hearing him, or ruining this image she has of him in her mind. If they have souls…we can’t just….I can’t be … everyone keeps congratulating me…. A very shaky breath, and Loree will slowly turn her head back, Nit can feel her arm shaking. Does it get easier to bare? She’ll finally lose the battle and raise her not held arm to wipe at her eyes, The Dreams were bad before, I was barely sleeping, but now…It was like, I was fine, until I ran out of the pain meds. they were making me sleep….but now, it’s just…. bad.

I didn’t want to hurt him either. I didn’t even know who he was, he just came at me and wouldn’t stop. I … later found out that he was just looking for a fix himself and was so mad with addiction, he probably didn’t even know what he was doing. Nitrim replies, squeezing her arm until he scoots closer and expands his arm, offering her his shoulder. No, it doesn’t get better, and Six willing it never should. In the war, it’s easier, because the armies are helmets and hard faces and it’s so impersonal, but up close it’s different. He adds, letting a soft breath out of his nose as he nears her. I could try to help, so long as you promise to not do what I did to help myself. You don’t want those troubles.

Loree nods slowly, she know he wouldn’t just go stab someone, it was just a shock to hear. After a hesitation , she will lean in, letting her eyes close as her temple touches his shoulder. He doesn’t need a face. I can still feel his chest collapsing… it made a noise… She’ll swallow, even though she’s not talking. a soft chuckle escapes her, and the tone of her words, while she doesn’t mean it to be, is a bit harsh, I can’t afford to do that to myself, Nitrim. The stables are barely passing as is. I’ve dug into my poetry payment to buy coffees and ale.

It doesn’t make it any easier, Lorelei, Nitrim replies as he provides a stable, comforting platform for her. His arm squeezes around her shoulders in a hug as he rests his hand on her shoulders, neglecting to rub or pat or touch her hair. I know, I know, Lorelei. I still see the man sometimes in my dreams. After a while it fades, and on the nights when you go to sleep feeling guilty about something, it may return, but not often. Strange as it is, he’s not talking, but he raises his other fist to his lips to clear his throat. Smoking is bad for you, and he hasn’t had one since arriving. But you did not make the choice to try to hurt you. He did. You would have not made the same choice, would you have? No…you’re a loving, peaceful girl. Like the man I defended myself against…when you try to harm or kill others, for whatever reason, there’s always a chance you will fail. He sighs softly against the top of her head. I know, had he surrendered, you would have saved him. Perhaps in the afterlife he sees that. Perhaps he knows it was unfair the position he put you in.

Loree’s hand raises again to wipe her eyes, she’s not crying , per say, but just in case. The pain meds did. If I was dreaming, I didn’t remember. there’s no real conviction in her voice though, she knows it’s not an option. I don’t know what I am any more. I used to be a lot of things, now…I’m just …lost. She’ll take a shaky breath,I’m sorry…I didn’t mean to turn this into being about me. You’ve had something awful…you needed to talk, and here I am blathering on about stupid dreams and not being dead… She’s clearly trying to shift the topic back onto him, she’s not very smooth.

Lorelei…I’m far more accustomed to pain and loss than you are. Nitrim replies, hanging on to the topic just a little while longer, though her mention of his pain results in a dry, uncomfortable wave of guilt that bubbles up from the surface. The tabloids would love it. Nitrim Khournas -does- have a conscience. I guess that we can be lost together, because I’m tired and I ache, I’m not sleeping well right now either and I haven’t yet figured out how I’m going to feel about this with Soleil. I’m afraid of the funer— Nitrim almost chokes, his emotions tightening up slowly as he feels himself going somewhere more painful than he wants to let on. Drakes don’t shed tears. I won’t be invited. Why would I be?

Loree frowns, pulling her head back to look at Nitrim. Her hazel eyes search his face for something. Slowly, she’ll reach her hand for his that’s on her arm, No. you probably won’t be. You can’t just..You’ll not be the only one mourning her. You have to be strong, one last time, about her. Have your own service. Do something so you can say goodbye. Her family is hurting, you shouldn’t add to that. Loree squeezes his hand, unsure what to do with all the emotions coming from the generally calm man. She’ll bite her lower lip, knowing what she wants to do, but unsure if Nitrim would be ok with it.

For the moment, Nitrim doesn’t seem opposed to anything, as he stares off towards the floor. His lip curls into a bitter frown, wistful and solitary in his pain as he gives a bitter shake of his head. It’s not the same, but…you’re right. He replies to her, closing his eyes. I’ll say that I’m sorry to her in my own way, because I cannot really say good bye. My father isn’t very religious, and neither am I, but I do believe that life doesn’t end at death, and I’m going to have to face her then. It’s just… He grits his teeth, blinking as he refuses to let his eyes mist any more than they have. I’m fucking furious at her for this.

Lorelei’s brow furrows, but she lets him get it out. She’ll ask, softly, //I…do you know what happened? I was under the impression that no details were released. That is was something natural.” It’s clear Loree’s unsure how that translates into being mad at Soleil. Whatever loree was considering is put off a moment as she waits to hear what his response is. She can’t very well snap him out of this, if she doesn’t have all the pieces.

I don’t know. Nitrim replies, his brows knitting together. No one is telling me anything but I heard before she died that she was plotting to destroy me, have me shunned by the Royal family Sauveur. She was furious, as I could understand. The people that saw her said she was in a depressed daze, and at times before when she was depressed she…relapsed. More guilt flows as Nitrim leans forward, resting his hands on his knees. He buries his forehead in his hands and his shoulders rise and fall steadily. I would bet money that she overdosed, which is why it’s so quiet.

Loree manages to not growl, but does let her hand go to his arm now that he’s leaned forward. She holds his arm tight, her little hand gripping him through his sleeve. She…ok. Then , that’s /really/ not your fault. natural causes, indeed. I’m not going to pretend to understand, or even condone the games half you nobles play with each other and your hearts, but this was not your fault. and if you let it affect you, it may as well be. You may as well walk out to the reporters and tell them so. It’s no way to live. Her fingers loosen, but don’t pull away, I don’t-you have too many people, who care about you, for you to just give up. cause, that’s what it feels like. You didn’t cause this. You made a decision, that your /father/ had to approve, they won’t start a war with your family, not with the Hostiles here.

I’ve just tried so hard to progress. I’ve made mistakes along the way. Something in Nitrim hardens and the dangers of sharing emotions becomes immediately apparent. There’s no way to hide, at least when connected as they are, who someone truly is. Nitrim is a creature of penance, a man seeking to redeem himself for his own purposes; a man who, despite his confidence and sure demeanor, feels he needs to become something better. He reaches for her hand and squeezes it, righting to turn and look to her with a scant nod of his head. You’re right. You’re right. It just doesn’t make it any easier. Like — other things, it will get better over time, but this was her decision.

Blinking, Loree’s never talked to anyone for any length of time like this. the proximity of having someone in your head is heavy. Everyone makes mistakes, Nitrim. Somehow, she doesn't feel the need to use his title while talking like this. You wouldn’t be human if you didn’t. It’s learning from them that’s important. Letting him just be a moment, she’ll then smile softly, trying to give him something, anything else to hold on to.Of course I’m right. You have sisters, you should know this already. She’ll squeeze his hand. You’ll be ok. I’ll make sure of it. That’s the first confident things she’s said all night. Loree’s life may be a mess, but her handmaid training kicks in, and she can take care of others, no matter what.

You’re a good friend, Lorelei, and a good person. Nitrim reaches to the front of his coat to straighten it, pushing back into a form of resolve. The frustration seeps away from him into a dark place where he locks everything away. It's like feeling a wound happen in reverse. The speed at which the pain dissipates couldn't be healthy, nor could it be genuine. But…listen to ourselves. Maybe the same things you're saying to me are the same I've said about your recent troubles. It's always so much easier to give advice than follow it, isn’t it?
Loree leans back as well, watching Nitrim close off. Her worried look doesn’t go away, in actually increases. She’ll nod slowly, yes…I suppose so. …lets make a pact. we’ll try to listen to each other, and let the other help? Nodding, more to herself, smiling , I want you to come meet Hubert. I think going for an honest ride would help you. And I always love riding….You will too! Loree’s smile is bright, hopeful even. She just wants to help him, even a little.

Deal. Nitrim replies, his eyes shifting to the barista at the front as she starts to speak in hushed tones with some of her coworkers. There's an awkward moment as one of them is caught looking in Nitrim's direction. It would appear that it is starting, Lorelei, which means it is probably my queue to disappear to somewhere else.

Loree, who is totally not use to being the center of attention, glances to where Nitrim is looking and does possible the worst thing she could do in the situation, she frowns and looks away. Ok, maybe not the worst. blushing would have been worse. Sighing out loud, she’ll nod, yeah. I guess it is. She’ll smile then, Let me know if you want to come by the stables. Ma’s insane, but makes amazing pies. It’ll be the best you’ve ever had, promise.

Reaching for his cup, Nitrim downs the last of his coffee and leaves the paper-wrapped cup on the coffee table. Let’s go. Nitrim replies simply, rising and carefully moving out of the way to give her the room to move. I’ll take you up on the offer, sure, I’m sure at the least the horses don’t talk to the press, do they? Nitrim laughs sarcastically inside of her mind as they round the tables and slip out of the front door.

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