06.15.3013: Ring Around the Ways
Summary: Returning from their outing, Barton and Talayla encounter Michael, frustrated and still lost, and now in a place he's never been.
Date: 15 June 2013
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The Ways to the Ring
As one of the major Ways hubs on the Ring, this domed circular plaza possesses two dozen or so graceful archways of varying sizes. This particular hub is primarily for personal travel instead of freight which requires far larger archways. They are constantly active, glowing as individuals arrive and depart the Ring. The Ways station itself is quite simple with little flare or flourish, emphasizing the typical functionality of the Ring. It is floored in polished metal tiles that create a spiraling moisaic at its center. High above are hexagonal transparent composite panels that create the perfectly sealed dome above, supplying a spectacular 180-degree view of the stars and the glowing planet of Oculus.

Leading out of the Ways hub and into the circular Halo surrounding the spherical heart of the Ring is a large rounded corridor with a transparent arched ceiling. Crawler carts are often seen puttering along, ferrying people from the Ways to the Halo.

15 June 3013

With a rather calm and pleasant day at Phylon with Talayla and Densoric it is now that Barton is making his return to the Ring. Escorting the lady Talayla to head back towards the Orelle residence. Leading her along with a smile on his face. The area quite calm at the moment. "Seems things are quieter here as of late."

Talayla walks with Barton. She smiles faintly. "Yeah. People likely are more careful, especially with word of Hostiles here and there," She notes quietly. She seems to be the shy sort, looking here and there. "I can't blame them. I really should get on this armor thing," She frowns. "But - thank you for walking with me." She nods. "Did you want to stop by the fountain?"

The dying shimmer of luminescence from the Imperius Landing gate causes Michael's armor to flicker with dusky purple shadows, and pale glinting gold highlights. There is a frown on his face as he looks around. He's not entirely quiet with his frustrations, "Again?! Damn these blasted things, instant travel everywhere -but- where I want to go. It's as if, the -one- gate I need, is the one gate that isn't to be found…" he cuts off as he notices others walking past, and assumes a more dignified air.

Barton nods as he seems to agree with her. "I am sure that things are fine though, for now. But yes, it is understandable." Nodding as she thanks her. "Of course my lady. I was not in a hurry somewhere else. And sure, the fountain sounds quite nice." He offers before spotting Michael, nodding his head to the man. Hearing his complaints. If he knows who it is it seems he does not know him by face at least. "Are you alright? Where were you trying to go?" He asks the man. "I'm Barton Ibrahm. You are who, if I may ask?"

Talayla pauses. She smiles to Barton. "Up to you. You're a guest here." She grins. There's a pause, as they spot Michael. "Salutations. I am Talayla Orelle. Technically a Lady, but since no one else is using titles…" She shrugs. "Are you looking for a particular place to go? You're on the Ring currently." She falls quiet at that.

Michael gives one last dubious glance at the gate before giving his full attention to Barton and Talayla. His face goes a little pale at Barton's name and he swallows lightly. "Lord Barton sir, an honor to meet you." he takes a moment to look at Talayla, "Lady Talayla." he bows his head. He then makes the same bow of his head to Barton, as if remembering himself after his initial shock. "I'm, um, my name is Michael Athyros… I don't currently have a title as such." his attention shifts back to Barton, "I was, attempting to find my way to the Crescent before I met with Lady Johana again… I wanted to hide my lack of travel experience by finding a place there on my own." he glances around, "You, oh I can't ask you not to tell her."

Barton smiles and nods, "Thank you, my lady." He offers with a bright smile. Grinning a bit at her words. Raising a brow at the man as he pales and speaks. Studying the man for a moment. Finally hearing his explaination. "Oh, I see. You were that." Waving with his hand. "That new squire of hers, right?" He asks and smiles. Offering his giant of a hand to the man. "Pleasure, squire Athyros." Grinning a bit at his words. "We'll see. Though remember that the best way of a knight is to be honest and be able to admit when he does not know something. Weakness can be the largest strength." He suggests and smiles.

Talayla smiles politely, bowing back to Michael in turn. "Pleased to meet you, Mister Michael," She offers. "I haven't really spoken to her, so I suppose you are safe. She seems busy," Talayla offers quietly. She hms. She smiles to Barton. "If she's as nice as her brother, you will be fine. But I think you're not supposed to say that. Maybe arm wrestle? But I would lose so badly…"

Michael takes Barton's giant hand, silently thankful for his armored gloves, and gives a solid but polite hand shake. "So she's already told you… I suppose that isn't so hard to believe." He then nods, "Well… it was more an attempt to impress, than to hide weakness. I did send her a comm asking if she had time to help… I had hoped to send a second one in more invitation form to a restaurant in the Crescent, as a surprise." He smiles at Talayla, "Pleased to meet you as well. She has been a little busy, but then again I've only been her squire for just under three days now, so I can't comment too much." there seemed to be more, but what it might have been, was left unsaid. He withdraws his hand after the full shake.

Barton chuckles at Talayla's words. "My sister is kind." He assures her. Then looking back to Michael. Nodding a bit. "Well, just updated on the state on things." He explains and shrugs. Nodding as he listens to the man. Grinning a bit at that. Withdrawing his own hand. "Well, I am sure that you will do well under my sister's guidance."

Talayla tilts her head. She smiles. "I understand," She remarks quietly. "I don't know how well our first meeting went," She admits. "I can go if you two wish to talk knight stuff. I would feel like a wet blanket," She holds up her hands. "But it is a pleasure to meet you and it is kind of you to invite her to dinner. I hope it goes well," She nods.

Michael smiles but shakes his head lightly, looking to Barton, possibly for help with the situation. Speaking to Talayla, "Don't end your evening on my account, I didn't mean to interrupt anything." he waves lightly at the gate behind him, "Just getting myself lost." he then chuckles softly, making no comment about the dinner mention, but thanks Talayla for her wishing him well.

Barton smiles to Talayla, looking apologetic, "I offered to escort you. IT would be mean not to escort you all the way." He says and smiles to her. If she still insists on leaving without him, he will at least stop her to say one more thing. If she will leave without him that is. Grinning at Michael as well. "Well, I am fine with either or. I mean, I would not want to keep either of you. But if anyone wishes I can still stay. If you need help I can show you the way to the Crescent after I escort the lady?" He suggests and looks between them both.

"I wouldn't keep you. I am not so cruel. It is up to you. I can make my way home just fine. I am usually alone," Talayla points out. "And you're fine." She shakes her head. She looks to Barton and smiles. "But you can say hi later and hang out to make up for it. I think - I would be remiss if I were to make Mister Michael late for dinner with your sister." She nods. "I may be shy but I am not heartless," She remarks quietly. "Even if I get startled by Hostiles, my spells should keep me safe."

Michael would nod emphatically his support to the offer of help, however he has a bit more knowledge of etiquette than that so he simply nods. "I would appreciate the help, but certainly escort Lady Talayla if you promised to. I am no promise breaker, and I can remain here until you've returned." he smiles at Talayla, "I would not keep Lord Barton from you milady."

Barton smiles and nods, "See. It will only take a moment." He says and will escort Talayla along. "I will be quick." He assures Michael. Starting off, if they all agree finally.

"Don't worry, I have telekinesis and duct tape," She reassures Michael. Talayla is coming out of her shell, slowly, now that she's making friends. But she is still a bit awkward and eccentric. "Be well." She waves to Michael. She thanks Barton for his escorting her along home.

Michael chuckles at Talayla's words, and waves happily after them. "Be well Lady Talayla, hope to meet you again some time." he calls after her.

Talayla Leaves —

With the lady safely escorted and it does take a moment, but not way too long. Barton is soon on the move back to meet with Michael. Coming along in a steady pace. His hammer at his side, just in case. He has been carrying it most of the time lately, due to the Hostile threat. "Squire. I do hope you didn't have to wait too long." He says and smiles. Moving to be able to help the man along.

Michael was pushing on things inside his helmet as Barton walked up. With whatever he was doing seemingly complete, he puts the helmet back into his rucksack. "Not at all m'lord, but thank you. Do you happen to know of a restaurant that Lady Johana prefers? Also… where would you suggest I seek out lodging? I'll be with your family and house for a while, as Lady Johana has also asked that I remain even after my knighting." he again seems to have something more to say, but kept quiet on it. His smile is inviting though and he takes a position that suggests he willing to follow.

Barton raises a brow at Michael but nods. "Well, I can give you a list of a couple of her favorite spots and so on. And favorite foods." He suggests and smiles. "I do remember that such things often impress. Knowing your knight as well as they do themselves." Nodding about him remaining after his knighting. "I see. Well, there should be some places for you to stay. I am not fully sure if we have room at our direct seat. But hopefully somewhere close other wise. So on Imperius and probably at Obsidia or near to it." He offers and shrugs. Leading along.

Moves to the Crescent —

Stepping from the glow of the gate, Michael takes a good look around. He is still following Barton, but stops for a moment to take in the sights. "Only ever heard about this place…" he comments softly.

Barton chuckles and nods, "Welcome to the Crescent. IT is a nice place. This is the seat of Khournas. Ibrahms seat is a bit away." He explains and shrugs. "IT is further north actually. Butt I don't think we are in a hurry to get there. But once there I'll show you around. I know my sister have some favorite spots here and there." He says and shrugs.

Michael nods in understanding, smiling lightly. "I am in no hurry at all, and I would like to learn a bit about my new mentor. So far I only know she likes a drink call the Purple Passion." he pauses, chuckling softly. "I am sure you have questions Lord Barton, ask away." his inviting smile is back.

Barton chuckles and nods, "She has many quirks to her." He assures the squire with a grin. Raising abrow about what to ask the man. "Where are you from?" He asks first and foremost.

Michael smiles, "I think she also likes storms, my offer to walk the Grand Esplanade in search of a place to eat seemed welcome to her." he thinks for a moment, "I was born and raised in Landing, lived near the Citadel as my mother serves in a company of soldiers there."

Barton smiles and nods, "That she does. She enjoys them quite a lot. As does she enjoy staying in shape. Although that might be self explanatory seeing as she is a knight." He says and shrugs. Grinning a bit, "She does enjoy photographing things as well. And she is a good dancer." He explains. Then he nods as he hears about the man, "Ah, I see. How come you wish to me a squire? For an Ibrahm at that." Wanting to see reason in his sister not having a noble as a squire perhaps. Not that he seems to mind much. "Have you been a squire for someone else? Since you seem to have some years on your neck, same as myself."

Michael smiles at the information, his eyes flicker at the mention of dancing, but there is no comment. He nods slightly, "I am twenty four just this past February, so yes quite a bit older than most squires." a soft shadow flits across his eyes, but he speaks openly. "I did squire from the age of eleven until eighteen, to Sir Roan Corbin of House Sauveur. She passed away just a few months before the knighting ceremony. I only recently decided to try again to become a knight, and thought squiring would be a good thing for me. I met Lady Johana in a bar in the Westend of Landing, the Violet Siren I think was the name. I was a bit on the bold side and asked to join her, she offered to take me on as her squire after talking with me." he concludes the lengthy explanation with a short breath, then adds, "She believes my knighting will take place a lot sooner than I do… and in a way both offered and requested that I stay to continue to train with her after I get my spurs."

Barton nods and smiles, "Sounds good then. I am always happy to try you out if you want to test your skills." He assures the man with a smile. "What made you take her up on the offer?" He asks as they wander along the streets.

Michael stays quiet for a moment, seeming to consider his words carefully. "Firstly, she was the first knight to offer. Secondly, she wasn't bothered that I am already trained for the most part. I think she sees me as a pet project, a rough cut she can hone into a gem." he shrugs slightly, "I am certain of my skills, though I doubt they're yet up to par with yours, I've only seen combat once and that battle was more of a border dispute with lots of talking and shows of arms."

Barton nods, "I suppose that makes sense." He offers and tilts his head. "Although one would think that you would choose your knight if you could. Same as a knight choosing their squire." He says and shrugs. Nodding about his combat, "Ah, I see. Well, I am sure that you will come to learn even more in the time to come."

Michael nods with his words, "I both hope, and don't hope, that I see combat. Although, I will be happy to ride into battle at Lady Johana's side." His eyes tell that he's pondering something, but he doesn't seem to ask.

Barton nods slowly, "Make sure to keep her safe." He says. Studying the man for a moment before raising a brow, "Is there something else?"

Michael nods once at Barton's request, or command, it was taken as both. "I will." is the simple promise. He shakes his head slightly, "I shouldn't allow such thoughts to take root, it isn't really something that's open to me."

Barton raises a brow, "What is it?" He asks, clenching his jaw a bit. "I have a guess, but let us hear it from your lips." He says and keeps his eyes on the man for the time being.

Michael shakes his head, noting Barton's reaction. "I am no fool, Lord Barton, and have already wiped the sudden thoughts from my mind. Do not take offence, and please don't be angry. Lady Johana is intriguing and I'm sure we'll become good friends as time goes on."

Barton nods, "Good, I'd say. If wish my sister all the best. And for now, that is to be focused." He says and shrugs. Rolling his shoulders a bit. "Hurt my sister in any way and it won't sit well with me." He assures Michael.

Michael nods to Barton, but then something seems to don on him, and he blinks. "Oh, Lord Barton I didn't mean to imply… no, it's more… dancing, dinner, walks on Terran… those thoughts, not." He stops, "I have a feeling Hostiles would be the least of my worries."

Barton nods, "I understand." He says, having thought of much the same. Shrugging and wandering on. "Well, I hope things go well. I am sure my sister can teach you a lot."

Michael follows along beside him, "I plan to learn a lot, she mentioned training me to also be a tournament knight." he keeps pace with Barton, and there is a slight shuffling sound coming from his armor. "Any other questions? As her brother, you're more than welcome to ask. I had a feeling this conversation would take place at some point." he smiles lightly.

Barton nods and grins, "Probably more questions than you can answer. You mentioned your mother helped with the soldiers. Where? Is she still there or so?" He asks curiously. "Which is your weapon of choice?"

Michael grins slightly, "My mother is a soldier, she served under Sir Corbin. Their company barracks at the Citadel, but they are sent all over for many things. She is still a soldier yes, but she's close to retiring age." he smiles, and pats the hilt of his long sword, "I am rather fond of the long sword, but I am good with short swords and knives as well." He looks at Barton's hammer, incapable of contain a soft gulp.

Barton nods as he listens, "Seems she is doing a good service then." He says and then nods about his weapon of choice. "It is as good a choice as any. I prefer my hammer but there are other weapons I can use. Such as explosives." He says and shrugs. Having just a hint of a grin showing. "Have you gotten to work closely with nobles before?"

Michael shakes his head, "No, I haven't. Sir Corbin was the closest I came to a noble until Lady Johana, and now both you and Lady Talayla."

Barton ahs and nods, "Well, you will have to make sure to act proper and know the etiquette for behavior around nobles." He assures him. "And I'd say that you have served those you pay your bill to more than you have served myself or lady Talayla. Although I am sure you will serve me soon enough, on my sister's request of course."

Michael nods with a smile, "Sir Corbin taught me something of etiquette, and I took a liking to the romanticism of the court of old Earth." he looks at Barton, "While I'm familiar with proper greetings, titles, and mostly how to conduct myself without offence… I am not aware of the propriety involved when squiring under the heir to a house, and in being in close relation to that house. I will ask Lady Johana for her guidance, but if I do say something that I shouldn't please understand it wasn't meant to offend."

Barton nods, "I understand. I just hope she knows what she is doing." He says and smiles. Having faith in his sister though, from the look on his face. "Is there anything else you wonder?" He asks in turn.

Michael seems to think of something, but lets it go. Obviously he's still fighting down thoughts he knows he shouldn't entertain. Then he nods, "While I don't intend to really use it, I am curious if there is a certain status applied to being a squire… especially one under someone of such nobility as Lady Johana. I've never been one to seek status, and when Lady Johana mentioned that knights are also minor nobles I was a little surprised."

Barton studies him curiously as he seems to be keeping something from Barton. Although finally he just shrugs. "There is. Young master is the way to formally address a squire. Or young mistress. Informally it is just squire Michael." He explains. Nodding a bit. Shrugging though. Studying the man for a moment.

Michael notes the scrutiny, "So long as you hit me where there is armor to protect me… " he pauses, as if still unsure he should say anything, he shrugs slightly. "One thought that crossed my mind, was to ask if Lady Johana has been arranged to be married." he shakes his head, "It really wouldn't matter though, like I said, even as a knight that door wouldn't ever be open to me." he shrugs again, his next words spoken as if in attempt to curb any possible question or ire from Barton. "When left to my thoughts, they stretch into the future… plus my father used to read me fantasy tales about knights and princesses so my imagination can run wild at times."

Barton nods as he listens. "Only way for you is let the royal family, or more precise the king or queen, to ennoble you." He says and shrugs. "As of now, no. I do not know of an arrange marriage." He says and studies the man. Knowing of such tales and perhaps read similar ones. "You would do well in thinking of now rather than a future." He assure the man and just watches him from his own imposing height.

Michael nods, a slight flicker of relief that his chest isn't a cave of composite materials darts through his eyes. "I do think in the present, Lord Barton, and presently I am both anxious and eager to start my training. It has been some time since I've been to that place my mind goes when I fight, and I hope the cobwebs and dust don't cause me to choke." his eyes moving over the imposing figure of Barton, he's clearly mentally standing on his toes. He's also silently thankful that he actually wore his armor suit incase he really screws up.

Barton nods slowly, still keeping a watchful eye on the man. "Let us hope that you do well then." He says and rolls his head. Cracking some in his neck from the sound of it. "I do think you need some meat on the bones though. Even if you prefer speed you still need those lengthy muscles." He tells her and nods once. "And keep your mind straight." The last one it is hard to know if it is advice or a threat.

Michael nods with Barton's words, "I will word hard, train hard, and fight hard, for and with Lady Johana. It is my goal to prove I am as capable as both she and Sir Corbin seem to think I am." he chuckles softly at the mention of bulk, "I'm sure I'll bulk up a little with the gym visits Lady Johana states we'll make, however, my slight lack of paying attention to eating enough causes me to be on the thin side. Also, meat is a bit a luxury for me at the present." he seems unphased by mentioning his border line poverty lightly, "I can assure you, Lord Barton, that when I do actually start to train. My focus will be solely on that. There will be nothing to worry about in regards to my focus." he noted the flat tone of the last statement, mostly taking it as advice, but knows there is a little threat behind it.

Barton nods as he listens, "Good. See to that you do then. All talk and no work will not fit." He assures the man and shrugs a bit. Nodding as he does shift focus. "Well, if your focus was that easily shifted before perhaps you are not fit for it?" He suggests, though there is a grin on his face. Perhaps the man reminding of himself.

Michael nods to the first statement. Then smiles with the latter, "When you first see me walk into a real fight, you'll understand Lord Barton. It is hard to explain, as the me you're talking to isn't usually present for combat. Sir Corbin called it my -zone-, and described it as 'going blank'. I'm not entirely sure how to accurately explain where I go… I see everything, the entire field and fight. I can see my opponent's moves and then, I react. To me its just that simple, I see their move and I react to it. The two fights I had in combat, lasted only minutes. Sir Corbin just called me efficient in battle… though that was at my prime when I was a squire, I haven't lifted a blade even in practice in almost six years."

Barton nods slowly, "So, you mean like a superhero?" He asks with a raised brow. Studying the man for a bit longer. Grinning then, "What ever you do, you will have to prove yourself as a competent squire. You'll get sword training as well, but just make sure to prove your squiring skills first. Perhaps even bringing up old page skills."

Michael smiles slightly, "Superhero m'lord?" he asks, no real tone to the question. "Well, I can only prove my skills when they are tested, and for that I need Lady Johana." he pauses, seeming to think on something, "It's certainly been a long time since I cleaned and inspected defender armor… Lady Johana uses aggressor armor though she said. Is there much difference between the two?"

Barton shrugs, "A bit." Raising a brow though as he studies them, "I would say that there is a bit of difference but not that large of a difference that you wouldn't know how to deal with it." He assures him and smiles.

Michael nods, a light smile. "I'm sure I can figure it out, and like you said, if I don't know then I'll ask. A knight should be honest." He turns to a new question, "I asked Lady Johana her opinion, so I'll ask yours. I am currently affiliated with House Sauveur through my mother and Sir Corbin. My armor is colored in their colors, do you think it necessary for me to seek recoloring? Also, upon being knighted, would it be somewhat expected that I serve House Ibrahm in knighthood as well?"

Barton nods a couple of times. "I am sure that it would be well for you to carry the same colors as your knight. So yes. It can easily be done. Although I am sure that your normal clothing will quickly get the proper squire clothing of Ibrahm." He says and shrugs. Listening about the last as well, "I'd say so. It is your choice. But usually you'd swear loyalty to the same house as your knight. I do not think you have to. But would you really wish to fight your knight by serving another house? If something were to happen that is."

Michael nods in understanding, "Thank you Lord Barton… it is good to get the opinions of more than one of the house. Lady Johana has left it me to decide on both, but I am still unsure how I feel. I have yet to meet a Sauveur, but according to my mother her family has always served them." he shrugs, "Again this is all future talk, for now I'll focus on colors as they are a bit more presently decided."
Barton nods his head. "I understand." He says and has a small grin as the two continues to wander the streets of Volkan. Barton mostly asking a few questions but answering some as well. For now falling silent as he seems to be pondering something.

Michael looks to Barton, curiosity in his eyes. "M'lord?" he asks, in a polite way as to suggest his hears are open if Barton wishes to share. He continues to walk beside Barton, having amiably answered his questions, and asked a few of his own.

Barton raises a brow to Michael, "What is it, squire Michael.?" He asks, continuing on for a bit. "I was considering if we should be heading north for Obsidia perhaps. Although this place have a lot of things to explore as well." He says and chuckles. "There is always the bath house to go to as well."

And poof just like magic, Johana was there when she was not. The magic of the Ways is still something the Ibrahm enjoys. A skip over from Phylon and here she is back home. What she finds is her brother speaking to her squire and she gets an easy smile on her face as she approaches the duo. "Well hello there." First her brother, who gets a big hug, because she knows he's going to spin her around like he always does. "Barton! How are you?" There is genuine pleasure in her voice at finding him there. Only after the hug does she turn her attention back to her squire. "Michael! I am so glad you've found home. It's good to see you here."

Michael smiles but shakes his head slightly, "Nothing Lord Barton." his question answered he affords the man his nobility by not pointing it out. He then considers the directions possible, "Well, if Lady Johana-" his sentence cut short by Johana's entrance and greeting. He smiles light and bows his head to her. "It is good to see you as well milady."

— scene fades for now, will continue later on.

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