Shannyn Sossamon
Shannyn Sossamon as Sir Rieke Castillo
Full Name: Sir Rieke Castillo
Byname: Rieke
Age: 28
Planet: Oculus
Paramount: Orelle
House: Orelle
Title/Profession: Sir
Position: Knight (sworn to House Orelle)
Spouse: N/A Height: 6'0"
Father: Jorje Jensen Weight: 131
Mother: Sir Annabelle Castillo Hair Color: Auburn
Siblings: N/A Eye Color: Brown
Children: N/A


Rieke Castillo, now bearing the title of "Sir," is a name that's been spread around a lot in public over the last 28 years, just because of her constant competition in various sports in younger years and more in tournaments and melees in recent years. She is very much a knight of blood and sweat rather than pomp and ceremony, though largely untested in combat [As of Jul 01, 3013]. She is known to be fiercely competitive and, to some in the upper echelons of society, she is seen as a bad example of Knighthood due to her lacking in other knightly virtues where she is overzealous in regards to others; to put it simply, she might be the first into battle, but she's also perfectly fine with landing a dirty blow here and there if it means an ultimate victory for her and her allies.



This woman, looking to be in her mid-to-late twenties, could be said to be reminiscent of an ungulate, standing at a moderately tall six feet and built with a sinewy, whip-like frame that doesn't allow for too very much in the way of curves and femininity, but instead lends a more androgynous look. The woman has the pale brown skin of mixed-up heritage, along with dark-brown, mildly almond-ish eyes, and face that is striking, even if beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as it's quite symmetrical, with a strong, angular jawline. As if to further the look, the young woman has opted for a short, nontraditional haircut, reaching just below her ears, but made up of a short, tousled, spiky auburn mess that's swept to the right out of her eyes in the front. It's tomboyish to say the least.

She's dressed casually, but her casual is relatively rugged, with skin-tight chestnut-brown pants made of some faux-leather concoction, matching with ankle-high boots and a vest of the same sort of material, under the latter of which she wears a simple, fitted wine-red shirt with laces partway down the front (done up tight). She wears absolutely no frivolous accessories; no jewelry, no hats, gloves, any of that, only a monotonously brown scabbard at her hip to hold a blade somewhat shorter and lighter than that of most knights, its grip unadorned and plain; factory-standard, one might say.


For the Greater Good
Loose Cannon
Known to be Reckless
Wholeheartedly Pragmatic
Self-Improvement Fanatic
Woman of Few Words

Musical Inspiration

We're No Here, by Mogwai - In regards to her singleminded perseverance.
Time and Space, by The Cinematic Orchestra - In her more thoughtful moments.
Seven League Boots, by Zoe Keating - Poring over the strategy map.
Death Wish, by Force of Nature - At the start of the battle.

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