08.01.3013 Ride Angry
Summary: Chiron and Lorelei work together to break Thunder, but afterwards conversations about the failing Ranch leads to an argument.
Date: 1st August 2013
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Arion Oaks Ranch
The Arion Oaks Ranch, operated by the Quellton family, has stood for three generations offering top quality horses for both war and work. The Ranch house looks homely, and looks like it probably could use a new coat of paint. The interior is minimalistic, very few pictures hanging on the wall, the couch looks very used. Their holovid looks to be close to ten years old. The kitchen is the biggest room in the house, which also encompasses the dining room. The pantry is filled with a bounty of home-canned fruits and veggies. In the middle of the dining room is a very large, redwood table. It looks like it could fit close to fifteen people. The master bedroom is neat with a large queen sized bed in the middle that have hanging on the bedposts. The middle room is mostly neat and organized, with a pile of bundled up clothes stuffed somewhere in a corner. There are posters of bands hanging up on the walls. The last room is much smaller, decorated in pinks and lavenders. Posters of woodland creatures hang on the walls and a small, stuffed drake sits on the bed.

Just outside of the house by the kitchen is a shed used for smoking and drying meat when the boys go out hunting.

Lastly, the stable looks considerably newer then the house, probably about ten years old. Inside there are twenty-four stalls that were very obviously made for war horses. However, half of these stalls are empty. Surrounding the entire ranch is a metal fence as well as an electronic barrier, obviously meant to keep unwanted predators out, and to keep the horses in.

1st August 3013

It's not quite evening at the Quellton horse farm, Loree's got her riding outfit on, her hair pulled back into a tight braid. she's leading a rather large horse out of the barn. He's only partially broken, that's clear by his nervousness. she's talking softly at him, holding his harness. They've been working on getting him comfortable with the saddle for the past week.

Chiron exits the house, also wearing his riding clothes. With a knowing grin he walks out toward the barn and toward Lorelei and the horse. When he reaches them he gives Lorelei a slightly concerned look. "Be careful out there, you don't want to be hurt for the party." He says, placing a hand on her shoulder. His voice doesn't sound all too worried, however.

Lorelei rolls her eyes, laugh softly, "Oh…If I get hurt, it'll give me something to talk about." she doesn't sound too worried about it either. Giving his outfit a look, "Where are you off to?" She'll pat Thunder, who's giving Chiron a pissy look.

Chiron he rolls his eyes at his sister, his voice oozing with sarcasm. "Dear sister, I came to watch you and make sure you don't get hurt. Or if you do, make sure there's someone there to laugh…" He says, as he gives her a wink. He adds after, "You'll do fine."

Lorelei narrows her eyes, "You're a jerk." there's only affection in her voice though. "Come on Thunder, let's show him." She'll start leading the horse out, and she does whatever people do when the train horses. As she's preparing, "do you think I made a mistake…inviting him?" She'll not look up to her brother at all, Eyes on what she's doing. There is a hint of worry in her voice now….

Chiron smiles proudly as his sister affectionately calls him a jerk. He does what he can to help her, but gives her and the horse the space they need. "Who? Taryn? I don't think so, I'd consider him a friend… not a friend I'd trust with my life, but a friend regardless."

Lorelei frowns, clearly not happy with that answer, bit she'll not argue it. "I think your friend yesterday was flirting with me….I don't understand why only Nobles seem interested in me…" She'll steady Thunder, who's starting to get jumpy, like he knows what's coming.

Chiron tilts his head, confused. "My friend? I don't know who…" He begins to say as he tilts his head and his eyes wander up towards the sky as if trying to recall something. After a few seconds he responds, eyes still up at the sky, "Oh, Lord Darious? I've only met him a few times…" He says as he resumes watching Lorelei tame the horse. "You think he was flirting with you? What did he do?" Chiron says, slightly concerned.

Lorelei doesn't respond at first, she's trying to get thunder to calm down. Finally, "Yeah…. He held my hand, told me I was pretty…stuff like that. Played me a song." Her cheeks are blushing. "I think he started to lean in to try to kiss me, but thankfully my alarm went off for lunch being over." she'll sigh, "Thunder…calm down…." He does seem rather agitated today.

Chiron's not quite sure how to respond. On one hand, someone is noticing his is sister… on the other, someone is noticing his sister. "Did he now… Was he being forward? Or was this more of a natural thing?" He scratches his head, Lorelei isn't normally the type to just kiss people.

Lorelei laughs softly, still not looking at her brother,and softly says "Not as forward as some nobles…" She'll sigh, petting the horse, "I don't know…I don't have a reference anymore for what's natural. My track record isn't the greatest."

Chiron rolls his eyes before replying. "I guess that's true, I don't understand the nobility sometimes…" Chiron says, shaking his head. "Some are great, others act worse then most commoners…" He'll shrug, nothing he can do about that right now. He'll frown a bit before continuing. "You've somehow managed to meet interesting characters, that's for sure. Was he at least being aware if you were uncomfortable? Or was he just using his nobility to get a kiss?"

Lorelei eyes widen, "He didn't get a kiss….and…I don't know. He knew I was blushing. But who knows if he knew what that meant? I mean, he seems nice and all, but with tonight, I thought Taryn…but….I guess I'm just really bad at this, huh?" She'll shrug, not looking at Chiron, instead just petting thunder, who's calmed down,a s Loree doesn't seem to be //doing // anything other than petting him.

Chiron looks back down at his sister as he leans on the gate, giving her a sympathetic smile he continues. "Romance is never something anybody is particularly good at… unless you're like Drake Danger or something…" He says, chuckling, trying to make another joke. "Don't worry about it too much, Sparrow. You're eighteen, you've still got plenty of time to find someone." He says, trying to encourage her, unaware that's probably not the kind of thing an eighteen year old wants to hear.

Lorelei looks at her brother, that's pretty much the opposite of anything she wants to hear. All everyone is talking about anymore is getting married and having kids. She'll huff, and turn to Thunder. Quickly grabbing his saddle she'll heft herself up, not giving the horse much time to realize what she's doing. He starts fidgeting and doing a little side step, unsure of the added weight now on his back.

Chiron watches Lorelei lift herself up onto the horse after looking at her and huffing at him. He scratches his head and says, confused. "What? Did I say something wrong?" Other then that he is quiet, allowing Lorelei to concentrate on breaking the horse.

Lorelei doesn't answer. Once on the horse, you pay attention to the horse. She makes some soft clicking noises and will touch Thunder's neck encouragingly with her free left hand, "Good boy…" He does twist his head a little and start to buck, but Loree squeezes her knees and after a bit of a wrestle, calms him down again, "Good boy….you're gonna get a fine snack after this…and a nice brush down….it'll be worth it, trust me…"

Chiron is silent, still trying to figure out /what/ he said wrong as Lorelei successfully stays on the horse. He looks slightly impressed, this is the farthest anyone has gotten so far. He gives his sister a thumbs up and a smile.

"Good boy, Thunder!" Loree spares the moment to flash a smile back at her brother, "Good boy." She'll let Thunder take a few un-steered steps, get to get comfortable. "You're gonna be fine…Maybe we can have you come back to visit…. Michael said we could use Thunder for studding…" she'll smile down at the horse, "More colts and fillies would be nice." That's Loree's favorite part anyway, taking care of the foals.

Chiron continues to smile as his sister masters the noble steed. He's always impressed with his sister's way with animals. He continues to stay as quiet as possible, to not startle Thunder.

Lorelei's way with animals may partially come from the fact that she doesn't eat them. she'll stay on thunder for a while, working on just getting him comfortable. He seems to start to get a bit stressed though, breaking a horse is hard work, for both the horse and rider. "Ok Thunder…you did good." She'll motion for Chiron to come over and hold his harness so she can get off.

Chiron walks slowly into the pen, taking care to not startle the big warhorse. Lorelei has gotten this far, he doesn't want to ruin it now. As he gets to the horse he pets his nose softly, smiling and whispering, "It's ok boy, you're fine. Good boy…." he says as he grabs the reigns. He looks up to his sister, "You're good." He says, softly to his sister.

Lorelei will climb off, slowly, letting Thunder feel what she's doing. Once she's on the ground, she'll move to give him a quick kiss in the nose, "Good boy!" She will grimace though, Any amount of breaking a horse, also breaks the rider too, she's a bit sore. Giving her brother a grin, "Thanks! It's always easier when I have someone to help."

Chiron lifts his hand up, offering a high five to Lorelei, petting Thunder's nose again. "No problem, happy to help!" He says, happily. This isn't something that's new, Lorelei and Chiron have gotten this breaking horses thing down to a science.

Lorelei laughs softly, returning the high five. "I bet a few more days of this, and Michael could sit on him, even." she'll sigh, her smile dropping some, "I just wanted to do this, so Bey didn't have too. He's got so much on his plate now. I don't want him to miss out, because of the ranch, ya know?" After getting Thunder in his stable, she'll feed him a carrot and grab the brush. "He doesn't need to be stuck here, when he could be at University."

Chiron nods in agreement. "Yeah, Bey doesn't need to be stuck here for the rest of his life…" he says sighing a little. "I just don't understand how we're doing so poorly… we're at the brink of war, you would think that this was the best time to own a ranch full of warhorses…"

Lorelei nods,and will softly agree, "I know…I told Bey, I'm considering quitting being Eilara's handmaid…it's not like I'm really doing anything , anyway. I could come back and help full time. Might take some pressure off of Bey." She'll not look up at Chiron, knowing he'll not like this idea, so she focuses on brushing Thunder. "Bey getting to school should be our first priority." Bey's the baby, it's both their jobs to take care of him. "Like I told Bey, I can write poetry just as well working here as working for Eilara. I don't even think I'd be missed , to tell the trust."

Chiron does indeed frown as Lorelei tells him about quitting being a handmaiden. "I can understand wanting to leave Eilara, but I wouldn't stop being a handmaiden if I were you." He says, leaning back on one of the walls in the barn and folding his arms. "You have a talent for it, and if you stay here you'll only sink." It may be up to both of them to look out for their younger brother, but it's also his job to look out for his sister too. "If Bey isn't allowed to sink here, you aren't either."

Lorelei snorts, "To who? The only reason I'm good at being a handmaid to Eilara is because it's Eilara. I could not show up, and she'd be happy." She'll shake her head, "I can write poems here fine. It's not a big deal where I am…as long as I'm not on an ice moon." she'll shiver slightly before making a face, "Sink? no, I'll not sink. I like working with the horses, and I'm not giving up on my writing. I'm still going to to the poem for House Iah…." She'll start blushing slightly, "And I met with a publisher the other day…he didn't think I was ready, but I can get published while working here. That won't affect anything."

Chiron doesn't like the thought /any/ of his siblings working at the ranch. "This place is sinking, and it will take anybody still here with it." Chiron says, bluntly. "It's really the only explanation. Why else would we be having problems still?"

Lorelei frowns, "Chiron! That's an awful thing to say!" She'll turn away, trying to hide her face, as she's not completely sure he's wrong, "Where would that leave Ma and Da? We can't just leave them." She'll huff, the brush stopping on Thunder. "I'm not anyway. Bey needs to go to school. He's too smart not to. You're going to go be a knight, that leaves me. It's just common sense, really." The brushing starts again.

Chiron frowns, as his sister /is/ technically not wrong, either. "We could sell the Ranch, they could move to an apartment in the Promenade. Ma' can open a bakery or a restaurant or something. I don't know…" He sounds frustrated, as he does actually like the Ranch, he did grow up there, after all. "I don't know, Sparrow. But we can't keep living like this. We need to cut our losses eventually. Maybe I should talk to Father about it…" He says, frowning. He knows the outcome already.

Lorelei doesn't hide the disgusted face she makes, "Sell the ranch? Why don't you just stab Da while you're at it?" She'll shake her head, getting angry that he's even talking about this, "OR we could pull together, help. If I can can get a book deal, maybe that's all we need, buy a few more mares, have some new foals for the spring…" She'll laugh, but it's a disgusted, humorless laugh, "Yeah, you go ahead and suggest that to Da. I'm sure that'll go over well. Do you //want he and Ma to fight?"

Chiron says, trying his best to not shout. He's very obviously frustrated. "I want what's best for our family! I love this Ranch, I love these horses, but if this ranch is going to drag everyone down, then it /needs/ to go!" He clenches his fist, he's trying very hard to not yell at his sister. After a little while his voice gets a little softer. "Look… I don't want the barn to go… I'm just trying to do what's best for the Family,"

Lorelei closes her eyes, realizing if she wasn't standing right next to a horse, Chir would probably be shouting. "Well…maybe it's not your place to decide !! You're not the head of this family. You've made it very clear you don't want the ranch. You never have." she'll hiss the last part at him, "Just go and be a Knight, that's all you ever wanted. I'll get Bey to school and save the ranch. We don't need you." As soon as the words are out of her mouth, she'll turn and bury her face into Thunder's neck, who's not happy about the fighting happening next to him. Neither is Hubert a few stalls down and is starting to whiny, tail flicking in annoyance. Loree's trying and failing to stop herself from starting to cry.

Chiron frowns, feeling remorse for almost shouting at his sister. It's not her fault the Ranch is failing. "Sparrow," He says, calmly. "You know that's not true. I want what's best for our family and trying to look at everything in an unbiased light." He moves closer to his sister, placing a comforting hand on her shoulder. "Sparrow…" he says, "I'm sorry… I didn't mean…"

Lorelei's shoulder is shaking and she'll tighten her arm around Thunder, who doesn't look happy about any of this. Her muffled voice can be heard, "Yes you do! You meant every word!" Hubert is making a lot of noise and is now bumping into his door, trying to get out and to Loree.

"I didn't mean to upset you… I'm just so angry with this Ranch, with our lack of money, with /Father/." Chiron says, now doing everything he can to hold back tears. "Something is /wrong/, Sparrow. Something is wrong with the ranch and it's not us. We're /doing/ everything right and we're /not/ seeing the results."

Lorelei turns and will push Chiron's arm off of shoulder, "Maybe if you were helping and not fight with Da all the time!" Tears are falling pretty fast, not just from the fight, but she's scared for the ranch as well. She'll move past Thunder, who seems relieved that the fight is going away. Hubert is near frantic, until Loree steps up and places a hand on his nose, "Ssshhh…hubert. It's ok. " Her own voice is wobble. "Come on, lets' get outta here." She'll swing open his door and lead him out. She's not ignoring Chiron, eyes focused on her horse.

Chiron leans back on one of the stables, just watching Lorelei. "Sparrow…" He says, almost with longing. He doesn't want to fight with her, not before the event. He stays silent as she calms the horse down, waiting for her to reply to him.

Lorelei's whole body tenses, but she'll not turn to look at her older brother. "I'll be back in time for your party." She'll try to not snarl it at him, as poor Hubert doesn't need that. Instead, she'll move to the horses side, prepping to get on him bareback.

Chiron sighs, realizing that he can't talk to Lorelei about this right now. He just watches her, looking a little pitiful. He stays quiet, however.

Lorelei hops up, Hubert seems ready for her. She doesn't even have a bridle on the horse, "Do me a favor…don't say that to Bey…he doesn't need more to worry about." Hubert does a small side step, shifting Loree to a come comfortable place on his back. Her hands are on his neck, fingers around his mane. "Come on Hubert, let's go." She'll click her tongue and the horse responds, moving them towards the door of the barn. Loree doesn't even look back, clearly still mad.

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