02.17.3013: Reversal of Fortune
Summary: Sammel finds himself on the other end of the usual way of things as his wife is more injured than he is after a skirmish.
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Elodie Sammel 

Hospital Room
Private Hospital Room in the hospital facilities of Phylon
17 February, 3013

Because she'd been aiming her bow, Elodie had taken the full force of the crossbow bolt under her arm in the ribcage directly below her heart. The adrenaline of fighting was still holding up on her return, and she didn't realize how badly she'd been hurt. It was after treating a couple patients when she turned to help with another that one of the other doctors heard the grinding sound, and stopped her. Finally having a chance to look at the medic, they noticed that her ribs were expanding and contracting in reverse of what they should be, and she was ordered into a bed. After treating her, the head resident read her the riot act for not responsibly taking care of herself and risking her life. Her duties have been temporarily suspended, not just for health reasons but for her recklessness, and also, for her recklessness, she's been denied going home until the doctors are sure she isn't going to further damage her lungs.
All in all, it's lead to one fairly down and out Lady Elodie that lays in the bed, napping intermittently.

Having gotten his own wounds tended to, as well as changed out of the armor and cleaned up a little, Sammel enters the room where Elodie is now. Stopping just inside the doors for a few moments, to see if she's awake or asleep, before stepping a bit further into the room.

Turning her head towards the door, Elodie blushes a little when she see's Sammel. She's still smarting from her lecture, and she looks down at her hands, folded over her stomach.

"Isn't it supposed to be the other way around?" Sammel says quietly, before he makes his way the rest of the way over towards her bed now. "What did they say? About the wound, that is…" Reaching for one of her hands, if she'll let him.

Elodie gives a little smile at Sammel when he mentions their reversal of fortune, but she can't sigh. She does hold onto his hand, though. "That I should have been paying more attention as a medical professional, and I should have had it looked at it first thing before I started treating patients."

Sammel nods a little as he hears that. "Maybe you should have…" A pause, as he studies her, before he adds, "I'm not one who should talk that much about it, though. I know how it feels when you come back in from out there, and that there's still a little while when you don't quite feel the wounds."

Elodie nods slowly. "I'm not used to having to diagnose myself," she admits. "Although, that didn't make much of a difference to the chief resident. He wanted to revoke my privileges to practice here when I'm not with the naval hospital." Her eyes look up to his. "How are you?"

Sammel frowns a bit as he hears the part about the chief resident. "How many times have that man been out into battle?" he begins, before he lets out a bit of a breath. "Me? Took a solid hit to the rib cage, but I'll be fine, I promise. Worst wound I took all in all, was probably the one to my pride, to be honest."

Elodie gives Sammel's hand a squeeze and pulls it to her lips for a quick, reassuring kiss. "It's all right. Civilian doctors don't understand sometimes. Not first hand, that is. They know theoretically how adrenaline works, but not first hand." She gives a little smirk. "Unfortunately, the usual cure for your wounded pride is going to have to wait until my ribs heal.”

Letting out a bit of a breath as he listens to the first part, Sammel nods a little bit. "And it's probably a good thing that they haven't had to get the first hand experience, since it would mean those of us doing the fighting hasn't done our job." A brief pause, before he nods a little bit. "The most important thing right now is that you'll heal up. I'm sure my pride can recover well. Would have been good if I could have managed to hit the enemy during the battle, though."

Elodie smiles to Sammel, and she exerts a tiny bit of pressure on his hand, since actual pulling is out of the question, to get him to sit on the bed next to her. "I was worried most that you would get distracted when I got hurt," she admits. "I needed to tell you I was all right as quickly as I could." She gives a sour little smile. "I didn't think they'd seen me, yet. I didn't expect to get hit."

"Since I heard some of it, you not telling me you were all right would have distracted me far more, so you did the right thing." Sammel replies, before he adds, "And they were just very good at keeping an eye on the field, this time. But the important thing is that we got everyone out, right?" A grimace, before he adds, "Poor Niko. I know how he loved that horse…"

Elodie nods. "That's what meant. I knew you heard me get hit, so… I needed to make sure you didn't try to turn around and see if I was all right." She chews at her lip as he remains standing. "It made me realize, maybe I shouldn't go with you in the future."

"Thanks for letting me know that soon," Sammel replies, as he seats himself on the edge of the bed. "Oh?" he replies to that last part, before he adds, "While there's nobody I'd trust more to get me patched up when needed, I can see the wisdom in us not going out there together. But every now and then, I suppose we will have to."

Still holding Sammel's hand, Elodie looks down and nods. "I was just thinking that it's not as dangerous for me, since worrying about you doesn't distract me at a life or death moment, I never thought about it. But… I realized that something happening to me could distract you at the wrong time, and something could happen to you. I couldn't bear to be the cause of something happening to you…" she takes a shaky breath and looks at him, her eyes watery.

Sammel nods a little as he hears that. "That makes sense, although it'll fully be my fault if something happens, no matter what." A brief pause, as he gets to his feet again. "I should let you rest now," he says, leaning down to kiss her forehead. "Get healed up as soon as possible, please."

Lifting her face, Elodie tries to steal a kiss for her lips as well. "I will do my best," she assures with a smile, and lets him go.

Sammel lets her steal that kiss, before he heads off to the door, pausing to look back for a few moments, then stepping out.

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