08.18.3013: Reunited and it feels so..awkward
Summary: Eirene is reunited with her personal guard and dearest friend, Deacon. Recent events take their toll on the songbird and make for an awkward conversation.
Date: 18 August 2013
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Eirene Deacon 

TP Room 2
Musical Chamber within House Volen on Mare Maris
August 18, 3013

House Volen is located in the seat of New Atlantis on Mare Maris. The city itself is surrounded by water and those who live there are privy to the aquatic wonderland that floats all around them. The noble house of the seat is a magnificent oceanic structure and is decorated with clean and simple decor. In the back of the house, past the study is a round room with the back wall comprised of all windows. In the distance one can see all the creatures swimming by. The view is breath-taking and one has to wonder whom is really observing whom. The sound of music emanates from the musical chambers and a sad soulful voice rises and falls, bearing her heart onto her sleeve and singing of lost love. It is a sound Eirene has never vocalized before, but with a certain change taking over her life, she beautifully laments her private heartache into song.

The door opens very slowly and quietly and Deacon pads in upon hearing the soulful music and singing. Trying to be somewhat sneaky, he sees Eirene and smiles warmly. Soft steps carry him toward a nearby seat, where he lowers down to watch her as unobtrusively as possible. As she sings, he crosses one leg over the other and gets comfortable in his seat, his replica naval jacket actually buttoned up for the time being, though not all the way.

Eirene gets to a part in the song where there are no lyrics, but she hums and continues to play the piano. Frustrated with the way it sounds, she taps on the key a few times. "Me.. Meeee Mee.." She sighs. "Ugh!" The piano groans as a myriad of keys are pressed down at the same time to make some loud banging sound. When she glances away and takes notice of Deacon there, Eirene screams. "Holy Six! How long have you been there? I did not hear you enter! You've nearly given me a heart attack, Deacon. You sly thing!" The young blonde clutches her heart and cheeks brighten to expose her embarrassment. "It's not finished. It sounds terrible. I really don't want to hear your commentary." Artists are always their own worst critics. "What are you doing here? I thought you were taking a few days to, recuperate?" As were his words. Whatever Deacon really means by that, Eirene most certainly does not want to know. She rises from her seat and crosses over to join the tall blonde man on the couch. "Are you thirsty, should I summon for something to drink? Hungry at all?"

"Not long. I just sat down. And may I say, my lady, that you may not want my commentary but that was absolutely lovely. I mean it." affecting an air of casual elegance when back amongst the people he grew up with, Deacon manages to look like he's been sitting there all evening. "You do yourself a discredit by saying you're terrible." he shakes his head, tsking as he continue on sincerely. "Famished, love. And I could do with some wine." let's assume he calls her 'love' all the time. He smiles and makes room for her on the couch and continues on about the performance. "It was wonderful. Don't be so hard on yourself."

There is a natural warmth between Eirene and Deacon. Often times she finds herself confiding in him when she cannot do so with others. Regardless of any attraction though, the Volen lady always comports herself with proper etiquette and decorum. The pet name Deacon chooses for her always brings upon a certain flush, one that she finds difficult to hide and often must glance away from the handsome man in order to compose herself. "Yes, that would be lovely." Comes the reply just as she lifts the receiver to notify the kitchen for some wine and tapas. Once the order has been made, Eirene turns to Deacon once more with a delicate smile. "You are biased. Besides, you are my biggest fan. You told me so yourself years ago." The words are playful and teasing. "Have you been well? I know how you can get when you are not properly supervised." There is almost a natural maternal instinct about her. She worries for those she loves and cares for, but sadly, doesn't know a stitch about medicine. It's almost a miracle she can properly apply a bandage. But when she is talking in private to her personal body guard, she is speaking more about his 'demons' or what little she knows about them. "I've missed you around, though, I wouldn't even know what day it is really. I've been bleeding myself dry in here."

"You're a darling, Eirene. Thank you." Deacon reaches out to rest a hand lightly on her shoulder, an affectionate touch and nothing more for the girl he's known most of his life. The man rotates slightly on the couch, leaning his arm on the back of it so he can face Eirene with a smile. "I am your biggest fan and it's more than just my chaste love for you that drives my opinion. You're heavenly, Eirene. You know it but are too gentle and humble a soul to say it, so I must say it for you." as she mentions supervision, he laughs. "I went to the casino. I'm fine. Just a lost bet of little consequence, an extravagant dinner, and a full night of…delicious sleep." his eyes twinkle and his lips curl into a grin. "I'll be about some more. We shall be attached at the hip, love. And how have you been? I have missed you, you know."

Eirene is very innocent in a lot of ways but she knows Deacon to be a bad boy. It is part of his charm and his appeal and yes, perhaps in her deepest fantasies she wishes for something equally wanton with him, but could never outright say it. "Oh good. My hip was getting cold." The tease is followed by a smirk. "I've been," She starts to say and then trails off. "Kadmus is getting married and Devon is betrothed again." The emphasis is taken off of her, but out of three siblings, one of these kids is doing her own thing. "Have you? You are just saying that with the hopes that I will give you a great big hug, aren't you?"

"No, but you should hug me nonetheless. I am not much of a hugging man," he murmurs, voice dropping almost to a purr as he unfurls himself into a standing position before her, arms stretching wide, "but for you, I make exceptions. You are warm and soft and you know how dearly I love so. So, exceptions." he smiles broadly, gesturing for her to stand and give him a hug. Likely a proper one. "Then tell me how -you- have been, my love, not your siblings. If I want to know about Kadmus and Devon, I'll go sneak up on them, not you. Thank heavens you weren't doing anything untoward in here."

Eirene leans back as Deacon rises to his full height. She takes in the man he's become and wistfully sighs. Rising to join him, her hands in his, she takes a step and gently sinks into his embrace. It is 'home' and it is known. It is a comfort she can never be without. Her arms wrap around his torso and her head presses to his chest. There she can be drawn in by the scent of his cologne; A gift she gave him not too long ago. And rest easy against the beating of his heart. Then he says something silly and Eirene tilts her head back with a scrutinizing narrowing of her eyes. "Untoward? Me?" Feigning offense. "Like what?" Too quickly she says this without thinking of what he might say in reply. "And don't be fresh!" She chides with a playful grin.

Ad his arms wrap about her, one hand presses lightly to the back of her head as it rests against his chest while the rests beneath her shoulder blades, pulling her near into his lithe form. Were their heads and lips aligned, it would be quite the comfortable position for a passionate kiss. But it's not. "There is no way in which I can answer that question and not be fresh, Evie. So don't ask if you don't want the answer. If you do, well…" he draws her back into the brotherly-ish hug and smiles wickedly as he leans his cheek against her head, "you know how imaginative I can be." before she can think too much on that, he releases her and steps back in time for the wine and tapas to be brought while they're not engaged in a close embrace.

Eirene is left a little stunned and dizzy, lightheaded from the quick thinking. Good thing Deacon put a stop to all the madness in her mind. She retreats to the couch again and takes a seat. No wine or tapas for her just yet. Silence falls between them. Perhaps she does want to know and she struggles with her own rules on propriety. She will be better off for not indulging him. "I know you can be." Is the reply she offers without anything else to say on the matter. Words are left hanging near breathlessly on her lips before she glances away to take in the view of the landscape and the creatures that swim by. "What will you do with yourself when I'm no longer touring as I once was, or married off into some other house?"

"Whatever I can to ease the loss of the time we spend together and the conversations we have. I know we will be able to steal sweet kisses together at times, figuratively speaking, and we will still certainly have such pleasant and delightful conversations, but I know these will become few and far between. Twenty years or so we have known each other. You are like my sister. Almost. I will miss you but it will serve neither of us to fret or ruminate over what must be." Deacon leans down slowly once the server is gone and reaches out to lift her chin so she will meet his forest green gaze. "All right, Eirene?"

"I've been thinking about these things lately. I didn't want to think about them but with my siblings getting married, things will never be the same. Devon, well she's been gone for so long. The change isn't entirely too drastic, and her husband to be is very accommodating." Naturally Eirene means Victor Khournas. "But Kadmus," She pauses to gather her thoughts. It is in that moment of contemplation that Deacon lifts her chin. The word 'sister' makes her smile and cringe almost simultaneously. "Yes, Deacon." The young woman concedes. The door behind them closes and are once more left alone in the music room. "I don't want to leave here. This is my home. My family. My -everything-." In those words she includes him even if his name is not singled out. "Am I selfish for wanting love?"

"No, Evie, no. It's not selfish of you, it's what everyone wants. Most people." Deacon stands again and smiles as he heads to the wine, pouring each of them a glass. He strolls back over, more a fluid saunter, and offers her the narrow glass of wine. "I know you don't want to leave. I am certain that this is how most of your peers feel. It is scary, but it is reality, I am afraid." he continues to smile, trying to cheer her with his own good nature. "But we have time, do we not? We should spend more of it together. Go to the beach, go to dinner, dancing? But before you go, I will draw you. So I can remember you now, young and beautiful. Even your sadness steals my heart, love. I see it in your eyes and I heard it in your song. You are beautiful, Eirene, and even moreso when at your most vulnerable." is that a compliment? Who knows?

"We do have time." Eirene murmurs while reaching for the glass of wine. She can't keep her eyes from watching his saunter. He moves like a jungle cat in this aquarium. "I'd very much like that. I wanted to go on tour again, but it doesn't seem possible at the moment. Too many obligations here it seems." The glass presses to her lips and the zing of red wine tickles her taste buds. Tannins. "Run away with me. We can go live elsewhere under a different name and no one will ever have to bother us or stick us, me, in a political marriage." Another sip. "How about I just take you with me, where ever I go?" Now that she's warming up a bit, her frivolous side is exposing itself. "I don't want to be alone."

"And what would you see us doing together if we ran away, Eirene?" he asks, retaking his seat beside her and arching a brow at her. The smile doesn't falter, but he seems to be almost seriously considering her words. "Run away and what? Marry? Have children? What about your family? My family? We would never see them again." he holds a hand out to her, taking hers lightly and lifting it to kiss her knuckles. "I would love you more fiercely than any man could ever love you, Evie, but I will not be yours and you will not be mine. You know this as well as I do. Take me with you?" his smile isn't sad or condescending, but he once again brushes his soft lips against her knuckles then releases her hand. "You also know you cannot. You won't be alone. You'll have your husband and children. You'll have your music and fans. I will still be a part of your life, just more a part of your past than your future. It is life. Cruel and unfair, perhaps, but life."

Deacon knows that while a Companion spouse is not frowned upon in society, Eirene really wants to fall in love with a nobleman. So far, she's never experienced those kinds of feelings with anyone in her social status. Burned once when she was younger, the Volen girl vowed never to give of her heart so freely. Deacon knows this, too. It is because of this previously experienced heartbreak that Eirene has built herself a wall chock full of ridiculous rules. None of which she has yet to break. Perhaps this could be a challenge for someone. "That is not good enough." The questions asked are never answered and Eirene puts her glass of wine down and moves away from the couch. She faces the large window and keeps her back to the room. "I see people falling in love every day. Just yesterday I stumbled upon a young nobleman and his love interest in the Garden of Nora on Arborenin. He couldn't take his eyes off of her and she was equally as smitten. It was inspiring to watch young love blossom between two people, but I felt like an intruder, so I left."

"Evie…" he begins, voice sympathetic as he says her name, but changing so that he doesn't seem condescending or dismissive of her disappointment and sadness. "Have faith, love." Deacon remains on the couch, sipping his tea and occasionally nibbling at some of the tapas. He's a man and can eat regardless of the topic of conversation. "I don't know what to say that will come out how I want it to, Eirene. I have faith in you and in the fact that you will find love. I know you want this, but don't let that desire become an obsession. I know it's not the same, but your idea does have merit. You are just back, I know, but we can travel some. Just you and me. Do whatever we'd like."

(To be continued…)

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