Summary: Michael, after over a week of not having his journal, finds it again and picks up writing in it once more.
Date: 18 July 2013
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18 July 3013 — Michael's Bunkroom, Obsidia

A simple bunkroom with four bunks, three of them currently not assigned to soldiers or squires. There is a desk with a computer, foot lockers for each inhabitant, and enough floor space for four Khourni natives to have a few friends over.

Michael has been seriously searching his room, the place is torn apart practically. It's been over a week since he had his journal last… and he can't find it now. Soo much has happened that he's starting to feel like he'll explode if he cannot write. His clothing is neatly placed on all four beds, each piece carefully gone through. (Luckily he doesn't have many clothes)

As he is searching, there is a knock on the door and a young boy of about thirteen walks in. "Young master Michael, it's good to see you again. How are you?" At the voice, Michael turns around and smiles brightly, "William! It's been a while since last I saw you. I am doing wonderfully, how are you doing?"

William, the young squire Michael used to help out when Michael was still bunked in the Blackspyre barracks, smiles at Michael and then holds out Michael's journal. His journal is distinct in color, a dusky charcoal gray blue leather bound book with silver edged cream colored pages. "You left this in your old foot locker, Michael, they moved me to your old space and I found it. So I brought it to you when I got the rec time for it."

Michael blinks and stares at the journal, the lock isn't undone and the only key Michael found hours ago. He walks over and takes the offered book, then lets out a huge sigh of relief and smiles at William. "I owe you something amazing for this… how is your little girlfriend?" his smile quirks slightly into a grin, "Last week, I got a girlfriend too… you should meet her William, she's truly amazing."

William blushes, and looks at the ground "She, um, confessed how much she likes me and we, um, kissed." then at Michael's tale about his own female companion, William looks up slightly with a smile for him, "That is wonderful Michael, is it that female knight that stood up to those older boys?"

"Viannea? No, Lady Sir Viannea Peake and I… ended what hadn't started. Or, at least, she ended it before it really started. No, my girlfriend's name is Nimara. She's a senator of house Cindravale, and just amazing… smart, fun, beautiful, and so much more it's hard to find all the right words about her." Michael's voice has the softest edge of awe to it.

William grins at Michael, "Sounds like you're in love there Michael… careful now." This causes Michael to snap back to reality for a moment, as his mind had been going over all the moments he and Nimara had had over this last week. "We are in love, William, and it feels right. Feels like it's supposed to be." William, then, blinks and peers at Michael. "Are you two sure you're not confusing sex with love?" it's an honest question, and surprisingly mature for the thirteen year old.

"We actually… haven't err, spent the night together like that William. Not that it's your business, mind you, but we're a bit more matured than that, and there is the matter of having feelings for each other. We mean something to the other, and for that, we've decided to wait for the right moment." Michael likes William as a friend, and the boy is trustworthy to keep this stuff to himself.

After a moment, William nods "That is, interesting to know Michael. I will not tell anyone, as per our agreement on these discussions." he glances to a wristwatch, and sighs, "I need to hurry Michael… Aelara and I have a date planned and I've saved the week's worth of rec time rewards for this."

"Then get the fuck out William!" Michael replies with a huge smile, "Thank you for my journal, but serious I'll kick your ass if you're late for that girl, so get." and with that he half shoves William out the door. When the boy is assuredly gone, Michael moves to the desk and opens the journal and begins to write into it. The first thing he does, though, it put an X over the pages with Viannea's name and a note 'These feelings are gone, she is a friend perhaps, but otherwise these are all gone.'

There are a few pages of information that Michael writes into his journal, not all of it about Nimara either. For the first journal in six years, Michael is writing about Roan. Suffice it to say, he's crying and there is the occasional mutter about wanting Nimara there with him for this.

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