03.14.3014: Resounding Mark
Summary: Eryn finally talks to her daughter about recent rumors and facts.
Date: 6 December 2013
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Eryn Brienne 

Eryn's Study, the Elder Seat
In opening pose.
March 14, 3014

High Lady Eryn Arboren has been home for less than a hour when she summons her eldest daughter. The High Lady's study is near the topmost canopy of the Elder Seat, nestled where the sun can gently filter through the stained glass windows. Woods of various shades and stains are puzzled together elegantly to create a warm, welcoming feel within its interior. She has a prized collection of old world books that have been passed from High Lord and Lady to High Lord and Lady — a collection that will be given to Declan when the time comes.

Eryn sits in the high-backed chair behind her grandoise desk, resting her lean jaw in her palm as she stares out into the leafy surroundings. The sun is setting, sending a fiery glow across the woods. It would be comforting if Eryn was not already in a terribly sour mood. She waits patiently for her daughter, expression unreadable.

Having expected the summons, Brienne arrives posthaste, dressed in her usual tunic, pants and boots, hair pulled back in a braid. She arrives alone, also, hesitating outside the door, not even bothering to wait after the quick rap of her knuckles three times against the door. Stepping inside, she approaches the desk and bows her head politely, her expression much like it probably had been in her youth when being chastised by her mother. Scared, but trying not to show it. The respect is still there in her green eyes though. The opinion of this Lady mattered to her more than anyone else's and she was here to face the consequences. "Mother," she says in a soft voice, throat tight.

Eryn taps her fingertips lightly at against her narrow cheek in reply to her daughter's greeting. Silence follows, as if she is considering her words carefully. "I think it was asking for Emund's forgiveness that was truly the hardest, Brienne," she says after that thoughtful moment. "Do you realize that the Arborens have maintained the strongest relationship with the Crown than any other Paramount?" She flicks her eyes toward Brienne now, dropping her hand into her lap. "I had to stand there, before a man who I value as a friend, and apologize for the foolishness of my grown daughter." Her voice is cool and even.

Brie can only watch and wait until her mother decides to speak, to let her know which of the Houses she had visited first. She flinches visibly when it's the Prince she had to apologize to. "It's not.." She begins to explain until she realizes she has no defense, really. "I know we have, Mother, and I have no excuses. What can I do to make up for this? To You, to the rest of the family, to Prince Emund? To the Valtan?" At a loss, she does not bother seating herself, just standing before her mother, contrite.

The High Lady replies with silence, allowing the questions to hang there, unanswered, for a time. Then she shakes her head a bit. "You can tell me what in the High Heavens you were thinking," the Arboren woman finally snaps, turning toward her daughter. "I have been playing host to a Sauveur for the last month who believed he was here to woo you, I have security footage of two other noblemen visiting your rooms and staying overnight. You are acting out of the stupidity of the Maiden." She stands now, palms flat against the desk as she rises to her tall, willowy height. "You are a Knight, girl… where is the wisdom of the Sage? The judgment of the Father? The compassion of the Mother? Where was your sense?"

There is a visible flinch from Brienne as her mother snaps, her hands clasp together to hide their shaking. Despite being a grown woman and Knight, her mother still has the ability to put fear into her. "Advent?" This shocks her, knowing he had been around now and again, but not knowing he was here at her mothers doing. She drops heavily into a chair, lacking her usual grace. "I didn't know. Had I known, I would not have spent any time with any others, I would have made a point to spend time with him as you wished. I always knew I wouldn't have the choice, and I made it a point that any wishing to seek a match with me was aware of that."

"You footage was probably only showing Young Lord Kieran twice, because he is the only one who spent the night." Miserably, she runs a hand over her face, trying to come to terms with all of this. "I.." She shifts uneasily. "blame myself. I found myself falling for the Young Lord and my judgment failed me. What can I do now?"

"And yet, you had Canis Ligonier in your room, Brienne Arboren…" Eryn waves her hand dismissively. "And that is ignoring the rumors of kisses under a carnival tent." She shakes her head, plucking up a smooth wooden sphere that usually sits in a small cradle on her desk. She rubs it back and forth between her palms as she steps out from behind her chair. "At this point, it is worthless to challenge rumors with facts… speaking against the rumor-mongers will only fuel this fire more. At this point, you will do both this House and yourself some good and cease being in the private company of noblemen. You will remember that this is a time of war, and that I do not need to be cleaning up after this family when I have Hostiles closing in around us."

"Canis.." Brienne says softly. "Canis Ligonier is my best friend. He knighted in the Vale as I did and he did kiss me, yes. He also sought to send in a request of a match with me and I told him you would make any decisions concerning me, to not send in the request. He is a good, solid man that Tristan and Keanen approve strongly of. He would never do anything to harm my reputation, surely I could still see him in public or the family common room?" After a brief moment, she unlaces her hands, rubbing her palms on her pants legs. "Yes, Mother. I would not invite anyone to my room any longer. Should I meet with Sir Advent and apologize to him in person? He is also a good Knight and I regret if I have hurt him."

Eryn waves her hand dismissively again. "You will maintain your friendships however you see fit, but you will also assist in repairing the damage that has been done between our House and the Sauveurs." She passes the wooden sphere from palm to palm idly as she paces behind her desk. "You will focus on being a Knight of this House, and forget these childish fancies. House Valta," the name is sour on her tongue, "will have nothing to do with you. It is their opportunity to cast our House into public shame… their rejection will leave a resounding mark."

"I read the letter sent to Young Lord Kieran from his father. I am so sorry mother, to have forced you to go through that. I have learned my lesson and I will face the repercussions and I will assist in repairing the damage to House Sauveur. I did always enjoy spending time with Sir Advent. He was a good friend. I will meet with him at his earliest convenience." Brienne bows her head at the final words, quietly accepting them. "I understand they would not, though.." She wisely ceases the musing and nods. "I understand they will not mother, and I will not ask again. I am sorry for my shortcomings and will work on repairing the wrongs I have done."

Eryn breathes out a steady exhale as she looks back over the leafy canopies. "Make amends, but at the moment, the only House even pondering a possible match is House Ligonier… we will need time to make reparations with the other Houses before a match can be made." She grimaces again, gripping the wooden sphere. "At least you are not as bad as Nitrim Khournas…"

"I will remain out of the rumors, Mother. I can only hope to gain your forgiveness through my actions." Brienne smiles in a little half smile. "Ligonier… Canis? As I said he is a good man and I would not be opposed to such a match eventually, after I have proven myself. Also, Ligonier is a vassal of the Cindravale, and I always hold a place in my heart for the Vale. He was also trained there." Though she had already mentioned, she realizes too late. There is a quick smile that flashes across her lips, but it's brief. "I could never imagine doing drugs and being seen with so many as Nitrim. Perhaps though, he is also a victim of untrue rumors at times." She falls silent for only a moment in which she studies her mother, noting the sphere in her hands. "For all it's worth, mother, I am truly sorry. I will do better."

For a heartbeat, Eryn remains steely and cold in the face of her daughter's words. Then she lightens a bit, offering a gentle nod to the young Arboren. She reaches to gently squeeze her daughter's shoulder. "I know you will," she says after a moment. "You are a good daughter… and while I am disappointed… it is not something that will linger for the rest of our days. That I promise you." She then nods, bowing he rhead. "Now… go… I have more work to do before dinner."

Brienne knows she had been deserving of the coldness, but she is relieved all the same by the relaxing of it when her mother is softer and kinder. "Thank you, Mother." Breathing a sigh of relief. Truly she never liked being at odds with her mother at all. She reaches up to touch Eryn's hand briefly. "Remember to take care of yourself too." Rising, she bows to her before quietly making her leave.

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