09.07.3013: Rescue Rangers
Summary: The Waygate Volunteers meet up with the relief team out of Khar-Mordune
Date: 04 September, 2013
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The foothills east of Khar-Mordune
In the scene-set.
07 September 3013

The afternoon trails on to evening as the two teams near the appointed meeting spot, a hollow between two ridge lines with wooded cover on all sides. Jeremy is once again pushing the pace of the rescue party, keeping just in sight of the main body but definitely stretching the definition of 'in sight.' Stepping out to the top of one of the overlooking ridge, he turns back, shaking his head, "We're nearly there. Lie — My Lords and Ladies — are you closing in on the location?"

Agnes is currently helping carry Jarek's litter, looking exhausted beyond belief and in pain. She's forgone any pain medications the entire time, to save them for the more badly injured. She lets Lionel do the comm chat as she's not sure her lungs are working well enough for extended speech at this point.

Not used to the rocky terrain, Eiris is doing her best to keep pace with their lead. Occasionally glancing back for Elodie, she offers a smile to her companion. As Jeremy speaks, she draws a deep breath and doubles her pace then, pushing ahead with each long stride. But unlike the eager leader of their pack, she doesn't keep her sudden lead in favor of sticking to Elodie's side. Dragging a hand over the top of her braided hair, the Rovehn smirks some, "We're nearly there is likely going to be a mantra til we are already there."

Jocelyn is toward the front of the rescue group with Jeremy, ranging out ahead and skipping from ridge to ridge like a goat. Just a walk in the woods, right? And if she's keeping an eye on the knight as well…Well, he's also Arboren, and it's only neighborly, right?

Kaedin doesnt say anything, and helps with jarek's litter also. He sighs as he marches, one foot in front of the other, his eyes bloodshot due to lack of sleep, not like anyone could force him asleep. His arm is in a temporary cas,t thoug hhe has forgone the sling so that he can better help carry his cousin.

Kassandra is assisting Agnes with Jarek's litter, and the usually tidy Valen is dirty, disgusting, and sweat-drenched. Old, dirty bandages mark various wound sites, and her breathing is a bit labored. She squints sidelong at Lionel, waiting for news on when they might reach the rescue party so she can pass the hell out already. "How is you arm doing, Kae?" she inquires, as the party has decided to dispense with formalities for the time being.

"We're closing in," Lionel reports as he trudges in the woods after the others. This particular Valen has never been all that stealthy concerning forest hikes, so there is no doubt that the scouts can hear him coming a mile away. He looks tired with deep and dark rings under his eyes, and dehydration cracks his lips. He glances around at the others before he speaks into his helmet once more — the leonine bucket being carried rather than on his head, "I'm tired," he tells Jeremy.

Singing a merry drinking tune through a makeshift gag, the words still loud enough that those carrying Jarek can hear.
"When I was home I was merry and frisky,"
"My dad kept a pig and my mother sold whiskey!"
"My uncle was rich, but would never be aisey"
And so he sings, eyes wild looking as he lies strapped to his ltter just tight enough that he can wiggle about.

Elodie isn't showing undue signs of fatigue or weariness, but she's not hopping around like a spring lamb either. She grins to Eiris's quip and nods. "Haven't we been 'nearly there' all day, now?"

A dry chuckle dies slowly on the Rovehn's lips as she nods her head to Elodie. "What do you say we show these guides of ours we are not the drag at the end of their line…" A slight tilt of her head towards Jeremy and Jocelyn before she picks up the pace, feeling it all the way through her legs. Eiris winks back at Elodie.

Kaedin looks at kass and shrugs. "Still attached." he mumbles, not one for conversation at this point, though, she is lucky he responded with words. Looking at his cousin he sighs. "I heard that one already, telll about the one with the harpist."

Agnes hands off her end of the litter to Kassandra so she can do a quick check on Jarek's vitals. The incoherent singing is starting to worry her, and her brow has been furrowed for hours on end now. "Shhh love, we're almost to help."

Elodie raises her eyebrows, and has no objections to the other woman picking up the pace. In fact, she might even be edging past her a little bit. "I was only hanging back for you, you know," she tells Eiris. "I didn't want to push you too hard, knowing how you're more used to letting a horse do all the walking."

Jeremy looks over to Jocelyn, "I'm fine, Miss Groves. Just, anxious to make the meeting." The singing causes him to frown, however, "That doesn't sound like a good sign, however." Looking back behind to the trailing medics and assorted assistants, he nods his head, "They're almost here. Let's get the place ready for them." For perhaps the first time on the trip, a smile spreads across his features, and he starts down the ridge, "I bet they'd love something better than a bare ration bar."

There is a sharp laugh and Eiris smirks at her companion, "Is that so?" There is a growing mirth as the Rovehn puts her back into it - so to speak. "Remind me to thank you, oh Gracious Lady Elodie," she says in a soft mocking tone, but good humor edges each word before she notices Jeremy stilling, a glance given to Elodie a moment, "Must actually be close this time."

Kassandra can take a hint. She rolls her shoulders, stretching muscles aching with fatigue, labor, and dehydration. Her steps are more like a heavy-footed slog as she clambers noisily through the brush. She shoots another glance to Lionel and cracks a half-grin, straining to keep a tight hold on her temper. "That means you're going to have to wait before wearing him out, Jere!" She bites down on her tongue for a moment, ears straining. "I think I hear something up ahead, to the left." And just like that, there's a pep to her step once more as she drains the last of her energy reserves.

"If you brought his slippers, I'm going to mock you mercilessly," Jocelyn informs Jeremy cheerfully, skidding down a bit of scree on the ridge to gain a few more feet. "You want I should start up a fire, Sir?" she asks as though to make up for it, already scanning the area for flammables. "Probably want to boil some water to clean them up before we start stitching them up."

"When her eyes are smiling,"
"Sure 'tis like the morn in spring."
"In the lilt of her laughter,"
"You can hear the angels sing.."
Jarek switches songs again, never having finished one yet. He looks at Agnes, but doesn't seem to see her just yet. His breathing is still labored, and even with the makeshift treatments they've given him, he's highly out of it. A combination of meds and sleep deprivation, and possibly the slight fever that seems to have cropped up in the last hour.

Kaedin sighs and begins to talk to Jarek, just to keep him somewhat sane. "We can have a full spread, a flat grill with sashimi and steak and roasted potatos… and a bath… Yes… Food, bath, vengance… in that bloody order." he says with a frown as he drudges on.

Lionel looks over his shoulder toward Jarek with a bit of a smirk. "I wonder if the Hostiles have been scared off by all his terrible singing," he says more or less to himself as they trudge along. They finally start into view of the secondary party, and Lionel looks momentarily relieved. He raises his hand toward Jeremy and the others, and then he starts to wave idly. "View halloo!"

As Jeremy stops, and seems to start making camp, Elodie gives a nod to the medics behind her. As soon as they arrive, she's helping set up triage stations under the direction of the Chief Medical Officer. She grins to Eiris as she opens one of the kits and starts hooking it up to the battery power source. "I guess nearly there has turned into 'we're here'," she tells the woman. She works efficiently, making sure gurney is set up, and all the connections to check vitals and administer drugs are set properly, before moving on to help with another station

"Surgery, food, bath, vengeance, please," Agnes corrects Kaedin, her voice wheezy and rattley. She slips a hand into Jarek's and plods along, her boots heavy, her legs feeling like they're made of lead.

The waving offered somewhere in the distance is caught very briefly by Eiris, "So it would seem," she intones to Elodie before moving to aid the medic. "Look, I am still really rough at this so you tell me to jump and I will ask how high. I am going to offer grunt work and hands for now as I don't trust myself with anyone's wounds." The Rovehn smiles at the efficient doctor, letting out a long breath.

Jeremy pulls off his backpack as he stops in the little valley, pulling out a readi-fire, kicking aside the topsoil, and plopping it down. He doesn't pull the tab that'll ignite it, however, instead moving up toward the group descending the hill toward them. As he moves, he pulls off his helmet, clipping it to the back of his armor. "Hello up there…" And he raises a hand himself, "The heroes return." And then he pauses, admitting an, "ish."

Jarek looks from Agnes to Kaedin, then to Agnes again. "Look Kae… it's an Amazon. I told you they were real!" he mumbles excitedly through his makeshift gag. "Amazon princess lady? Will you make sweet uninhibited love to me?" he asks Agnes, before giggling like a fifteen year old who's just seen a boobie for the first time.

"I heard that," Lionel complains good-naturedly as he trudges across the valley toward Jeremy and company. He doesn't seem willing to be casual yet, pointing over his shoulder with his thumb. "We got injured, thirsty, and rather dirty people." He breaks with a bit of a smile. "I'd ask that you worry about the Young Lord first," and he gestures toward Jarek… and then he sighs. "By all that is Holy…"

Glancing over, Elodie notes Jeremy walking up a bit and waving. She pauses in her work to look up the direction he seems to be indicating, and notes the party making it's way to them. She squints, "are they carrying someone?" she asks. Nodding to another medic, she lets him finish her triage while she touches Eiris's arm on the way towards the party herself. She steps quickly, but not enough to get out of breath while she goes, securing her ear piece and tuning it in to her fellow medics. "Let's take the litter off their hands, we can get him back in faster," she suggests to Eiris.

Kaedin snickers. "I'm taller then her, so she isn't one of the amazons I was refering to Jarek… you're just a pipsqueak, now behave so that the nice medic lady or whoever can see to your wounds." he says, giving agnes an apologetic look. "Don't mind him, it's an old memory and I kinda encouraged it when we were squires."

Eiris may not be a medic, but she has the ability to carry and a swift nod is given to Elodie as the taller Rovehn woman marches towards those injured and incoming. Glancing at the litter, she starts for Agnes, "I can take him from here," she offers the other woman, looking her over as well. "Did you need some help?" That is asked even as she is carefully extending her hand to take the litter, doing her best to not jostle Jarek who is crooning.

Jocelyn stops in at one of the medical stations, pulling off her helmet, rolling up her sleeves, and washing her hands as the heroes come trickling in. "I can take care of anyone who doesn't need major medical or surgery," she notes, looking over the people who are arriving.

Agnes would blush if she had the strength to do so at Jarek's words. Instead, in her exhausted state, she barks out a laugh, amused. "Not til our banns is announced love."

Eiris may not be a medic, but she has the ability to carry and a swift nod is given to Elodie as the taller Rovehn woman marches towards those injured and incoming. Glancing at the litter, she starts for Kassandra, "I can take him from here," she offers the other woman, looking her over as well. "Did you need some help?" That is asked even as she is carefully extending her hand to take the litter, doing her best to not jostle Jarek who is crooning.

Jeremy pulls out a canteen from his belt as he approaches the group, offering it out to Lionel with one hand, "It's full." His other hand reaches down to take the corner of the litter from his husband, stepping close a moment to lean his head against the other man's temple. "Good to see you, Lie. Let me take that." And then he realizes that he's just stepped into rather rarefied company, and he bows his head, "Milords, Miladies, there's water, food, doctors, and more by the firepit."

Kaedin once someone comes to take his cousin's litter, he sighs and pats Jarek on the arm. "Almost there." he says before he walks away, not twoards the fire pit, but further out twoards a tree, taking out his sword he moves to the opposite side of the tree and leans against it, planting his sword in the ground.

Waving another medic to take the other end of the litter from KAEDIN, Elodie starts a scan on Jarek, walking alongside the litter so they don't have to stop. With two healthier people carrying the litter, it should make faster progress to the triage area. "Six dammit," she mutters, and then starts relaying information to the camp, demanding blood of his type be set up for complete transfusion. She glances over the rest, but for right now, she's concentrating on Jarek, her brow furrowed in concentration. "Sir Agnes," she half turns looking for the woman.

Waving another medic to take the other end of the litter from KAEDIN, Elodie starts a scan on Jarek, walking alongside the litter so they don't have to stop. With two healthier people carrying the litter, it should make faster progress to the triage area. "Six dammit," she mutters, and then starts relaying information to the camp, demanding blood of his type be set up for complete transfusion. She glances over the rest, but for right now, she's concentrating on JAREK, her brow furrowed in concentration. "Sir AGNES," she half turns looking for the woman.

Agnes keeps her hand in Jarek's and keeps pace with those carrying the litter. She seems disinclined to let go of her unannounced betrothed's hand until she is forced to. She moves like a zombie but snaps her head up at Elodie's words. "Yes?" she asks numbly.

Lionel deflates with a sigh as he takes the canteen. "You are Mother sent," he expresses with earnest relief as he pops it open and starts to tip it back into his mouth. He just gulps it down, disregarding that this particular method of drinking doesn't do much in the ways of hydration. But, damn, it feels wonderful. He then waves his hand a bit toward the others despite the fact that his belly is heavily bandaged. He plops down in a seat of some kind, and peers at the others.

Ah, the rescue party at last. Kassandra's expression lightens into something akin to relief at the sight of clean, healthy people scurrying to assist. The relief is enough to make her lightheaded, and she has to stop and lean over with her elbows on her knees as she catches her breath. With the litter removed from her care, there is little weight to keep her firmly rooted to the ground. It's only when Kassie feels like she's not going to keel over on the spot does she trudge up to Lionel and stop somewhere behind and to the right of him; she is not keen on interrupting their meeting, but hot damn does that canteen of water look like a dream come true.

As the rescued approach camp, medics come out with canteens and start taking vitals, getting fluids into people and leading them to medical stations to be helped.

Chiron brings up the rear of the adventuring party, staying quiet for the moment. A smile and a sigh of relief escapes his lips. He stays quiet for the moment, however, letting the medics take care of the more wounded members. He's breathing is a little shallow and he clutches as his chest some.

"Sir Agnes, Sir Jarek's had some internal damage done that's going to take some surgery to stabilize him for the transport the rest of the way home. He will probably need more surgery once we're there. However, I really need to get him under general anaesthesia in order to operate." She pauses, tapping through the readings. "I won't be able to do that for a bit, because he's got so much adrenaline running in his system, a depressant to put him under could be fatal. We will need to get some blood and fluids in him and flush it out of his system before we can work on him. It is going to be touch and go for another hour or so, yet."

Jeremy reaches back up to touch the canteen at Lionel's mouth after several heavy gulps, "Easy, Lie. Not all at once." The words are quiet, a bare murmur. He sets Jarek's litter down where directed by the medics, and then steps fully up to Lionel, doing his best to block out the presence of all the high and mighty people as he wraps his arms gently around his husband, fingertips touching lightly about his face and hair, "I was worried about you, Lie."

It is hard for Eiris to miss anything Elodie says as the litter is taken in hand and Kassandra slips off to find some relief amongst the supplies and medical personnel. The Rovehn glances back over her shoulder and down at the noble in question, slowing as they reach the quickset camp that the party has set up, figures moving quickly to assist those that need help. Drawing a sharp breath, she tries to understand everything that is said, but her eyes glaze over at one point, on automatic with how she moves.

Agnes nods at Elodie's words, barely parsing them but the core of her brain recognizing it's time to let go of his hand. "All right." She releases her grip on him, and steps back to give the medics room to work. She stands there, watching, like something in her mind has just gone into automatic and is keeping her upright.

Kassandra is nearly ready to reach out and touch Lionel on the shoulder, but the medical personnel quickly surround her and usher her away toward a care area. She glances back to the cheeky Rovehn of whom she has grown rather fond before letting out a heavy sigh. "Yes, yes, get the hell on with it," she mutters, but her attempt at being rude is half-hearted at best and easily brushed aside. While they attend to her left hand, peeling away the dirtied and bloodied bandage to poke at the digusting wound, Kassie grits her teeth in an attempt to ignore the shooting pains up her arm and instead snags the canteen held out before her and gulps down a couple of mouthfuls. She puts voice to the question that is probably on many minds right now: "How long until I get back to my own bed?"

Jarek slips into and out of coherency as he's taken about by more people. He smiles widely at all of them and tugs on Agnes' hand announcing to those near enough, "Look, I found a princess." then her hand is gone and Jarek pouts, "I lost Pudo, some one find Pudo for me. I can't move, why can't I move?" he gets angry and tries to struggle against his restraints, growing more and more furious as his muscles fail him, he cries out in hallow pain and fury, Damning the six for making him frail and weak, then pleading for their forgiveness, then cursing anything and everything as he struggles before falling into a fit of rage feuled restless delusional sleep.

Kaedin frowns as he hears his cousin freaking out. Griping his sword tightly, he closes his eyes and kneels down, still behind the tree. "I havent done this… ever, but I vow to all six of you… they will pay for what they did to him." Since the group is out of danger, now he decides to make a vow.

A gross hand wound is right up Jocelyn's alley, and the Arboren scout even whistles appreciatively when she gets a look at Kassandra's hand. "Nice one, m'lady," she says lightly, pulling out some antiseptic wipes. "And, ah, suppose you'll be back in your own bed soon as we can get you there. Kind of depends on transport, unless we can find some really big goats."

Lionel breathes out a deep sigh once more. The Mane perches his elbows forward on his knees as he braces the canteen between his hands. He remains that way for a few moments before he rolls back up to his feet. This is in time to turn right into his husband's embrace, and he blinks a bit. "Justly so," he says, a grin splitting his face as he returns his husband's embrace, arms folding about his upper back. "The woods were trying to kill me." And Hostiles too, but that goes without saying. He sobers a bit. "Need a drink."

Kassandra stares blankly at Jocelyn, and likely because her vision has doubled for a moment. "Well, aren't you just gorgeous," she murmurs as soon as the two heads merge into one, and the words do not sound in the least bit sarcastic. She hisses, inhaling sharply as the wound is probed with antiseptic, but after a second offers what she hopes looks more like a cheeky grin and less like the wide-eyed grimace of the insane that it feels. "Polearm slipped past my shield. You should see what happened to the other guy. What's your name?"

Elodie weathers Jarek's fury, her face white, but there's nothing she can give him at the moment with all the competing medicines already in his system. She glances towards AGNES, and nods to EIRIS. "Here, take the scanner, I've shown you how to use it for a basic reading. Use it on Sir Agnes, and bring the report to me and we'll look at it together." Finally, JAREK is in a delusional rest, and she relaxes a little, waving away a couple of the burlier medics that came to restrain him if necessary. "Let's see if we can push the saline a little more without getting it too high," she suggests, her eyes watching the monitors until EIRIS returns with the readout.

Agnes lets Eiris scan her, but it's clear she's not taken any medications on the trip other than basic antibiotics.

Jeremy shakes his head, laughing with a bit of relief, "You keep tromping around in them and breaking things, of course they're going to strike back." For all the joking words, the Arborenin's hands do not stop the attention given to the back of Lionel's neck. The request for alcohol causes a momentary frown to touch Jere's face, worry clouding those usually-clear blue eyes again, "After you get something in your belly and have some more water, Lie. But yes, I brought a flask." And then he looks about the group, clearing his throat in a bit of embarrassment — not that it keeps him from continuing to stroke Lionel's hair.

"Groves," Jocelyn answers Kassandra cheerfully. "Jocelyn Groves, scout, Arboren military. Also emergency medical trained, so no need to worry I'm cocking this up," she adds, as though that's the sort of thing people generally worry about. And, to be fair, she looks a little young to be doing this sort of thing, which doesn't generally inspire a lot of faith. She does, however, work efficiently, like she very much knows what she's doing. "This is filthy, by the way. You'd think you'd been grubbing around in the woods for a week or something."

Hands now free, Eiris blinks as she is offered the scanner and clears her throat, "Right, El.." Eiris says quickly and goes about adjusting the scanner briefly, trailing her teeth to her lip before she turns, straightening up to look at Agnes, perhaps thinking this woman might be the Sir, Elodie is referring to. "Just going to check you ..over.." her voice trails as she fumbles a moment and the Rovehn gets the instrument functioning before attempting to take the reading. It is but a moment or two before she is getting feedback and her voice lifts, more for Elodie than anyone else, "Extensive damage to the upper torso…" A slender hand reaches out to touch the woman lightly as she moves around her, furrowing her brows. "Some deep tissue damage to her stomach and it looks like a puncture wound to her back.." this last is said before she comes about to face the Knight, "Sir, why don't you sit down and I can get you some water…" she glances to Jarek. "Both of you."

Chiron moves to one of the trees on the outside of the camp, sitting down. He continues to clutch at his chest as he focuses on breathing. He eyes and listens to the conversation between Jocelyn and Kassandra, shaking his head. That last comment won't end well for the Arboren scout.

"What an apt name, Groves," Kassandra observes, turning her gaze down to watch passively as Jocelyn does what, apparently, she does best. Already the area is looking cleaner than just about any other part of Kassie's body, which leaves the Valen longing desperately for a good hot bath. "You could be a toddler with a pair of scissors and I don't think you could 'cock' it up any worse than it is right now, except maybe if you accidentally removed my whole hand. I'm pretty sure I could stop you before that happened, though. Pretty sure." Hmm. Kassie pauses to gulp more water, knowing full well that the road to rehydration is a slow one. Jocelyn's last remark is unexpected, and Kassie barks out a loud laugh; the sound is, perhaps, a little out of place right now. "I've just been lounging in my boudoir, girl. I haven't the faintest what you're talking about."

Agnes sits when directed. She seems to be a little bit shocky, now that she has let go of the need to get Jarek to help.

Elodie nods as she listens to EIRIS. "Bring a unit closer for Sir AGNES, she's not going to leave Sir JAREK, and she may be in a bit of shock. We'll may have to set up an IV to force some fluids with her as well." She takes her eyes off the monitors in front of her long enough to read out the report that EIRIS took and nods. "We'll add some stronger antibiotic to the IV, and a painkiller as well. Can you clean the wound, RIS?"

Lionel sinks his forehead directly into his husband's, and he breathes out a slow sigh. His eyes drift close, and for a moment, he just melts with his husband. He can hear the buzz of all the nobbies around him, but the Mane seems most content. He would purr if he were the Lion he emulates. It lasts for just another moment longer before he breathes out a sigh and leans back from the Arboren Keats. He grimaces. "The flask would be nice," he says, licking at his lips idly.

"I knew nobles got up to some kinky stuff in their boudoirs," Jocelyn shakes her head to Kassandra. "I just didn't know it involved so much actual dirt." She looks up, grinning impishly, then goes back to cleaning for a moment, twisting the other woman's hand a bit to get a better look. "So, I think I'm going to give you a shot here, numb things up before I go digging around any deeper."

Eiris is listening, that much is clear as she sets aside the scanner and moves to help unburden Sir Agnes further. The Rovehn is quick about her work, deft hands grasping at the strapping that holds Agnes' armor to her back. "Sir, going to just get you out of this…" The armor is not light, a soft grunt escaping her as teeth grit, clamping together while she moves the items off and to the side with a soft thunk as it settles to the ground. Once the strapping is free, she sets to removing what remains that is yet worn, giving a look over the areas that have been affected in battle. "Do forgive me if I am not skilled…" She warns. The armor is familiar and easily removed, it is only then that she rolls up her sleeves past her elbows, letting the fabric catch before she joins the other medics, taking a bit more time in picking the right items to clean and disinfect. Eiris only the returns to begin addressing the chest wounds first, "Sorry…" she says in a hush, a faint smile on her lips.

Then, he's awake again… but this time Jarek is just. Awake. His eyes seem out of focus for a moment as he just 'looks' around, but when they land on Agnes, the slowly come to 'see' her and he offers her a light but weak smile. "Hey beautiful… how are you feeling?" he asks, in one of those fleeting moments of clarity, he looks around, "Where are we?"

Kassie laughs a second time, quieter, and winces when the force of it sets off the throbbing her head. "It only gets really dirty when Hostiles crash the party." Let that double entendre go where it wills. "Think you can numb my brain while you're at it? I can still hear my helmet clanging and I've got a headache that could rival the worst hangover in history…" When her voice trails off, she sits in silence for a moment to allow Jocelyn time to concentrate, and instead she lifts her gaze to slowly sweep their camp and watch the bustle. It is a comforting sight, so many faces here to help their little ragtag group. "Hey, Jarek's awake and not singing. That's a good sign, right?"

Jeremy looks up at the loud laugh, starting a bit at how it stands out from the low buzz of the camp being set up. There's a fire crackling now, tents being set up, and food being prepared. Jere looks back to Lionel then, "Flask after food. And some more water." Stepping back just a touch, but keeping his left hand on the back of the other man's neck, "How bad are you hurt? Should we get some meds into you before the booze?"

It's Jarek's turn to speak to someone whose responses aren't all there. Agnes is just staring into space, in shock, and some of her wounds begin leaking blood when the armor that was holding pressure on them is removed. She gets laid down near Jarek, her head turning towards his voice, but her eyes fogged over.

"Thank the fucking Gods," Lionel says toward Kassandra with a dry smirk. "He can't hold a tune to save his life." He then glances over toward Jeremy once more, and he shrugs his shoulders a bit, though he does touch his bandaged belly. "It… is better. Sergeant Momoko stopped the bleeding." He glances over toward his husband now before he looks back over at the noble couple.

"From what I heard of the singing? Great sign," Jocelyn mumbles over Kassandra's hand, digging a syringe and needle out of a med kit and giving absolutely no warning before she sticks it in. Bedside manner, maybe not so much. "Headache, huh?" She pauses to lean over and claim a water skin to pass over. "You're probably pretty dehydrated. But if you took a blow to the head, that could be part of it, too. Not much to do for a concussion, though, aside from resting. Which you should get a chance to do, now that your field trip's over."

The other medics will take care of making sure AGNES gets the IV line she needs, and one will quietly help EIRIS, instructing her as they work. With JAREK coming awake again, Elodie gives a nod and scans him once more. "Somewhere near Khar-Mordune where we've set up a triage, Sir JAREK. You've taken extensive injuries, and your blood was hardly recognizable as such," she gives a rueful grimace of a smile at the explanation of the different medicines in his blood stream. "We're just waiting for your blood levels to become more normal before we can operate on you. In the meantime we need you to keep still. Sir AGNES is all right, she's just in shock and needs some fluids, she's been using up her natural adrenaline stores to make sure the others in the party got the antibiotics and such that they needed."

Kassandra snickers loudly at Lionel's comment, holding up a thumb in a silent gesture of agreement. In the meantime, Jocelyn is like a well-timed vending machine as Kassie drains the remainder of her canteen only to see another handed her way. With a shrug, she flings the empty one off to the side and is reward with a "Hey!" as it bounces off of someone's back. "Thanks," she murmurs to the medic as she pops the cap and takes another gulp. Only sheer willpower keeps her from chugging the whole damn thing in one go. "Yep, got quite the ringer this time. A little worse than I've had before. I think my ear's going to be buzzing for weeks. But eh, I figure I'll take a day off to let my family know I really am in one piece, and then it's back to work…in borrowed gear. I think it's going to take more than a day to repair my armor." And that sucks.

Jeremy watches the interplay between Lionel and Kassandra, bowing his head slightly to the noblewoman. The response from Lionel draws a nod from the Arborenin, "We'll get one of the doctors here to look at it here." And then he slips a small silver flask from the back of his belt, passing it over with a helpless little shrug, "So. Have you learned your lesson about doing stupid brave Valen things now?"

Jocelyn quirks a brow at Kassandra. "You know, it's usually a good rule of thumb to stay out of commission as long as your armor is," she notes, giving the numbing agent a few moments to take effect. "Or at least until you're not seeing double. Granted, your choice." She punctuates that with another shot to the other end of the wound, grin flashing. "To be fair, it's definitely more fun being out in the field than it is sitting around at home waiting for a doctor's approval. So. Can't blame you."

With Sir Agnes upon her back, the wound there can not be addressed, but there are three to deal witd besides. Eiris does her best, following instructions and taking her time to ready the wounds for treatment, eyes briefly looking up at the banter only to return and glance between the two nobles now that rest next to each other. A soft snort comes from her at something that is said but green eyes do not leave her patient again, moving from the chest wounds to the stomach, taking care with every inch. "Nothing is overly deep, it would seem…but we are going to need to staunch the flow of blood."

Chiron watches as the medics work on his companions, frowning when he realizes that Agnes has gone into shock from the pain. He didn't realize she had been that hurt. There's nothing he can do for her though, so he just watches Eiris work on her.

"No," Lionel says to Jeremy, blinking owlishly at him. He takes the flask, pops it open, and drinks. Alcoholism at its finest. He casts a dubious glance to his husband. "My stupid bravery has no end. I imagine tomorrow I will be trying to tilt at windmills." Then he scowls playfully at Jeremy while he sulks over the flask.

There is a moment of understanding from Jarek before his eyes glaze over again and he slumps deeper into his bed. Eyes open and close before his voice picks up in a chantry lament for the souls of the damned and the lost. Asking forgiveness for their sins in the eyes of the Six. His words aren't fully suggesting he's all there, but the point gets across as the weariness, pain, delirium, and shock set in to cause him to start sobbing uncontrollably.

"Take care of Chiron," Agnes rasps at Eiris. "He's more badly wounded. Chest. His chest." She closes her eyes and feels the need for napping, badly.

Blood rushes into Kassandra's cheeks, lighting her face up like cherry. It isn't the receding pain of her hand wound or the throbbing in her head, but rather the sudden cheeky comment about Valen stupidity that snaps the thin line between her good mood and her violent mood. Fatigue, blood loss, dehydration and a shitload of other problems all work together in harmony to slow her response time, and she has about enough time to draw her wounded hand into a fist before Lionel's sudden response gives her pause. Rage dissipates quickly, leaving her feeling extremely exhausted; she's too freaking tired to start a brawl anyway. Kassie's eyelids droop as she looks back to Jocelyn, fighting to focus and listen. "They would have to tie me down to my bed," she answers quietly, spreading her fingers out once more with an apologetic half-smile.

"Sir Sammel knows that you are alive and coming home, Sir KASSANDRA," Elodie lifts her voice, overhearing the woman speaking. "He was with me when I received the call to come. And he most definitely was /not/ worried about you," she adds, looking over with a grin and a wink. As JAREK starts sobbing, she looks to the levels, and as long as his volume doesn't raise too much, she lets the man release emotions. "I need a scan of CHIRON," she tells the medic next to her. "Don't worry, Sir AGNES, we'll take care of him."

Glancing up at Agnes words, Eiris hesitates, "Yes, of course Sir." Looking to the medic who has been helping her, the Rovehn pushes herself up slowly and returns to the supplies to take up the scanner and sift her way through the moving bodies who are attending others. Green eyes briefly flicker about, taking in the unattended figure before she draws closer. Chiron or not, he obviously needs help and keying up the instrument once more, she struggles for a moment with zeroing it out. She gives him a look and then furrows her brows, "Where were you hit?" She asks him, distracting perhaps as she glances back to Elodie to show she has it before starting the sweep to read his wounds.

With his attention focused on Lionel, Jeremy doesn't know how close he just got to having his hair used by an angry Valen woman to slam his face repeatedly into the ground. Probably for the best, really. The Arborenin ranger shakes his head slowly, "No, tomorrow you will be walking over some very rough country, trying to get back to Khar-Mordune as quick as you can so that you can sleep in a real bed again." He allows a little smile to flit across his features, "And yes, you'll be able to see Charmer shortly there-after. And if Bex and Ioan allow, maybe even Sophie." That's an Admiral Ackbar right there.

Jocelyn almost perks up when Kassandra makes a fist, and for a moment, she might actually look disappointed when nothing comes of it. But then she clears her throat, getting started on the more in-depth cleaning. "I'm pretty sure," she says, grinning despite herself, "I'm constitutionally incapable of making an innocuous response to you saying something about being tied to your bed. M'lady." She whistles tunelessly as she works; there's nothing that could make it actually sound innocent.

Agnes drifts off into an exhausted sleep. How many extra watch shifts did she take the last few days as their numbers succumbed to wounds?

Chiron waves Eiris away with his free hand, still clutching at his chest. "No, go take care of Sir Agnes. I'm fine, I barely got scratched." He's lying, he doesn't protest any more as Eiris begins her scan. He's not stopped clutching at his chest.
Elodie pages Lionel and Jeremy: if you guys want to pose medics helping out Lionel, feel free. I won't be upset if there's someone I don't get to treat.

"What did you do to my dog?" Lionel says as he notices Dax isn't on that list, so he looks up at Jeremy with a bit of a squrielly-eyed look. He's tired. It has been too long without a proper bed. He drops back down into his seat, continuing to nurse the flask. He glances toward Kassie before he sticks out his tongue at her and then goes back to flask nursing.

Kassandra snorts a little laugh. It takes a good solid minute for her to realize the other implications of what was truly an innocent remark. "Well, I guess that means you're human, Groves, and that's not a bad thing." While her hand feels next to nothing thanks to modern medicine, the slight pressure here and there as Jocelyn works is enough to lull the Valen into a sleepy complacency.

Incredulously Eiris' brow hikes ever higher and she smirks, "Right, keep telling yourself that," a soft exhale of breath and the scanner never really leaves his chest area. "They were bound and determined to open you right down the middle, bruised, cracked and broken ribs. I suggest you do not move," which is likely obvious. She rises up quickly, running a hand over her fraying braid as she goes to get a more experienced medic and the basic supplies to begin sterlizing Chiron's wounds.

Jeremy reaches out to try and swap the flask for another canteen, "I fed him, I took him for walks… Dax is fine." The stuck-out tongue causes him to look over to Kassandra curiously, but then he looks back, "Well, honestly, my sister did most of that." He looks down carefully, checking Lionel's feet for bandages, then kicks one lightly, "I was busy worrying about you. Now let's get you some food, something soft to sit on, and maybe even an air-mattress." And then he finally gives in, public or no public, and leans in to press a kiss to the side of Lionel's neck.

After the lament is finished and his sobbing eased, Jarek begins to mumble things about marriage, love, betrothal, Agnes, his father, agreement, all out of the right order but enough that one could probably make out just the right amount of information to suggest that he and Agnes might be engaged now, but the credibility is lacking for the moment. Eventually he talks himself into a restless sleep, something he'll wake from now and again through the night and into the following day.

"One hundred percent," Jocelyn replies cheerfully to Kassandra as she works. "So far. I'm bound to need something replaced eventually if I don't learn to be a little more careful, I'm told. Lucky for you, I don't think we'll need to replace this hand. A little cleaning, a little stitching, a little time, and you'll be good as new. Look, you don't even have any maggots in here!"

"How is Squire Chiron?" ELODIE asks EIRIS. She looks up to another medic nearby, "when Sir JAREK is a little calmer, we should be able to sedate him…. the levels here are almost right…" after a quick consultation, they decide what levels will be right to put him under for sugery on the lungs and cracked sternum. "We can roll him over and suture his back, once that's set." Then she's walking over to EIRIS and CHIRON to check on his stats.

Lionel, in the wake of the welcomed kiss to his neck, blinks up at Jeremy and those blue eyes widen with wonder. "You brought an air mattress?" Then he releases a whooshing sigh. He glances around surreptitously at the Nobles and the minority of Citizens before he clears his throat and looks up at Jeremy. "Quick, before someone else takes it." And he gets to his feet — perhaps a bit too hastily because he's almost falling back down on his rump again.

"Maggots?" Kassandra blinks rapidly and stirs from her half-asleep stupor to stare blankly at Jocelyn. "Oh no, I picked those out two days ago." The deadpan tone makes it hard to tell if she's joking or not. "Please tell me that after this, the next step is sleep."

Chiron closes his eyes as Eiris begins to run off all of the damage he's received. "It's that bad? How is everyone else? Take care of them first, I'm not as important, I'm just a squire." He protests, pointing to Agnes.

Jeremy laughs lightly at Lionel's words, "We brought air mattresses for all of you, Lie." When his husband stumbles, he reaches out to grasp the other man's arm and then duck under it to help support the Rovehn, murmuring softly to him, "Only one of them is a double, though." There's a flash of a grin, although there's nothing particularly suggestive about either the tone of the murmur or the grin, and then his voice rises to it's normal, slightly drawled register, "Come on, let's get you set down somewhere comfortable with some food," and he begins to lead Lionel off.

"Sir AGNES is taken care of," ELODIE assures CHIRON, waving to the medics that are working on her. "We have enough for everyone, so, you need to lay down on the gurney, and let us take care of you." Her tone is firm, and she turns to EIRIS, nodding at her findings. "We need to disinfect that cut, and an IV of antibiotics and fluids for him won't be amiss, either. We can set the ribs so that he'll travel without worries of one breaking and puncturing a lung. He's lucky that hasn't happened already."

"With or without the bed ties, m'lady?" Jocelyn deadpans in turn, then looks up with a grin. "Yes. Few more minutes, and you can crash. We're probably going to be here for several hours getting everyone stabilized anyhow, at which point we'll likely need to spend the night. I'd guess we won't be moving until morning at the earliest."

"With." Despite her less than stellar state, Kassandra is quick to lob that retort at Jocelyn before offering the girl a toothy smile. It isn't exactly predatory, but it isn't exactly cute either. "That is the best news I've heard in, I don't even know. You're just wonderful, Groves, just wonderful." When her hand is finished and Kassie is more or less free to go, she ambles off (with guidance) toward a sleeping area muttering "just wonderful, just wonderful" all the way to her bed.

"Sir Agnes made me sit around and do nothing for the most part." He says, almost wheezing. "You sure you don't need to take care of someone else? I can wait." He doesn't stop anyone if they help, his talk is mostly just that, talk.

Jocelyn tosses a light-hearted salute after Kassandra as the knight heads for bed, standing up and moving to wash her hands before she helps out with anyone else.

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