Request for Meeting with Lord Solon Cindravale
Summary: The Leoniddan Senator's Office requests a meeting
Date: 09/04/3013
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Alistair Solon Ashleigh Glenna 

09/04/3013 - Senator's Office - Landing

TO: Solon.Cindravale@Phylon
FROM: Alistair.Hartcliffe@Senate_SouthernWilds
CC: Toni.Blair@Academ_Agronomy
CC: Ashleigh.Grantham@Ignis

Young Lord Sir Solon Cindravale;

This office would like to schedule an appointment with you with an eye towards hosting a tourney, funded in part by Young Lady Sir Ashleigh Grantham., at a time that is convenient.

Ever in service to the people, to the vassal, and to the Paramount
Glenna Blair
Alistair Hartcliffe
Senator of Leonnida

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