Report of Battle, 03.29.3014
Summary: Solon contacts his mother and uncle to let them know about the recent engagement with the Hostiles.
Date: 14/December/2013
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Alexandros Kallista Solon 

03.29.3014 — Warcamp Infirmary

To: Kallista.Cindravale@Phylon, Alexandros.Cindravale@Phylon
From: Solon.Cindravale@Phylon
Subject: Engagement with Hostiles (March 29, 3014)

Mother, Uncle,

I am reporting to you both that while out on patrol in a region near Warcamp [insert name of the Warcamp here], we engaged a party of Hostiles who may have been scouting the area. At the outset of the engagement we were facing a small party, but several scouts soon joined the battle. It is with the greatest priviledge that I report that Sammel, Nikomachos, and Kassandra all performed remarkably during the battle, as did Sir Sammel's wife, Elodie. Ellinor Sauveur was with us, and she was a great credit to her and her family.

I also wish to tell you that Lord's Garus Leonnida and Canis Ligonier accounted themselves beyond measure, but I must also pass word along about a young man that accompanied us. I have learned that his name is Grayson Baine, and he is an Awakened of some skill. This young man was personally responsible for great amounts of damage done against the Hostiles in question. Should I run into him again, I would not hesitate in asking him to join me in battle.

Regarding injuries, we did sustain some injuries, but overall they are relatively minor. I believe I took the most serious wound out of all of us, but due to the wonders that the Lady Elodie can perform when it comes to the field of medicine, I am quite sure that it will be a matter of days before I can go back out there and continue with the fight against the Hostiles.

To conclude, I wanted to inform you both that we have crossed blades with the enemy and we have won. This fight may only be the first of the many to come, but it warms my heart that the Vale prevails first, and perhaps such a victory (albeit minor) can be used to continue to bolster the hearts and minds of the men who fight under our banner.

For Victory.
For the Vale.

Solon Cindravale

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