Summary: Jarek's bandages are finally removed, and for the first time he sees what he now looks like before the synthetic skin is put on.
Date: 5 Jan. 2014
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May 13th, 3014 — GenMed, Spikka - Imperious

It had been ten long agonizingly slow days for Jarek, never before had he known such still. How he loathed the thought of death now, for how uncomfortable it was to lie still all day. However the day finally came and his bandages were to be taken off so that he could see the extent of the reconstruction to his body.

His hospital room was set up so that family could visit with him, but he'd remained masked by bandages and tubes containing fluids or electronic wiring. Engineers had come and gone, working on the socket for his new arm and getting his new eye set up. He'd make a very specific request from the prosthesis designer. "Make me look as close to normal as I did. We cannot have one of the faces of Haven military looking like one of the enemy." and so the designer set up for him to get synthetics for his eye and his arm.

However, this reveal was for him alone. He needed to come to terms with who and what he is now and that meant seeing the cold hard metallic parts of him in the mirror and in the 'flesh' so to speak.

The nurses came in and began to undo the straps that held him in place, not because he was liable to get up at any point but to make sure that he didn't toss or turn in the night while he slept. Flash backs to the hell he'd gone through in the Spine after Amran were common the past ten days, but Jarek ultimately came to the conclusion that he was done living as a ghost. He had met with armor smiths and discussed the creation of a new suit of defender armor for himself along with barding for Attop. Then he took meeting with assistant castellans and military advisors to keep up to date on the troops. When the word came down that the Crescent was given the green light to mobilize and finish off the remaining hostiles, Jarek drafted plans with his commanders.

Once the straps are taken off, Jarek is lifted up and the tubes and wires are disconnected. There's the soft whisper of sharp scissors slicing through the medical tape and gauze before one layer after another grows gradually brighter. It takes several long baited breath moments before Jarek instinctively squints at the brightness of the track lighting. "Good, that's a good response to the receptors in the eye. How about color?"

"Fuzzy, grainy, distorted." Jarek replies gruffly, also getting used to the sound device implanted into his larynx to allow him to speak. His other eye adjusts more quickly to the light and everything seems to be either too close or too far for a long time. Finally the sensors start to adapt and the cybernetic implant begins to filter out the distortions. Shapes and depth begin to form correctly, color starting to clairfy.

Long moments he just sits while his normal eye and optical replacement work to sort themselves out. Once his sight begins to form up better, he can turn his head stiffly to look at his left. The cybernetic moving a bit jumpy as his muscular control of the micromotors isn't yet practiced. When the eye stops on his arm he freezes in place…

The solid metal colored cybernetic limb is shaped with the same muscular definition of his other arm, making it look like normal. However, it looks so strange to him as it isn't his arm and there's a minor panic in his mind that sends the electronics haywire for a few moments. Settling down, he's helped to stand and taken before a mirror, the sight nearly killing him.

His hair was shaved for the surgery to reconstruct his face. Metal coatings and meshes had to be implanted into his skull and under his skin grafts to help the muscle damage that had occured. His eye was the worst part though, the whole socket had to be replaced with a metal covering into which his replacement eye is secured. The eye glows a soft yellow now and then, individual shards of the pale golden light as different sensors inside trigger. His left shoulder has been replaced by a socket and housing to which his left arm is attached. The arm itself is the same length as his other, has the same definition and build as his other, but isn't anything like what his other one is. There's something unnatural and repulsive about the segmented metal arm with metallic mesh sheathings underneath. He wiggles the fingers, and it feels so incredibly strange to see them move and yet not get the same sort of haptic feedback that he gets with his right.

He takes a long shuddering breath and looks at the places where the fire licked him, metal mesh placed under skin grafts to help repair the tissue damage. The sight shocks and scares him, he sinks down to his needs an holds his head in his right hand. The left falling limp to the side, not enough strength to use it just yet. Tears flood down the right side of his face as he tries desperately to cope with the fact that he's now partially become the thing he hates the most. Emotionally, and now physically he's slowly being turned by this war into his enemy.

The nurses help him to stand up and they take him back to the bed where he lies down again. "Young Lord, the optometrist and the dermatologist will be in to see you shortly for your fittings. Please rest for now to save your strength. The doctor has ordered that you begin physical therapy as soon as you've had the prosthetic coverings applied." So Jarek just nods and closes his eyes, fighting back the feeling of nausea that's taken a grip on his stomach at the knowledge just presented to him.

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