Renfield Allegore
Justin Barringer
Justin Barringer as Renfield Allegore
Full Name: Renfield Allegore
Byname: {$byname}
Age: 24
Planet: The Ring
Paramount: Orelle
House: Lucian
Title/Profession: {$title}
Position: Merchant
Spouse: None. Height: 6"
Father: Unknown Weight: 170 lbs.
Mother: Unknown Hair Color: Brown
Siblings: Maybe? Eye Color: Brown
Children: None


Renfield Allegore was born to a whore at a brothel, the unknown son of some customer who would never be revealed to him. His mother quickly allowed him to be raised by all of the women at the brothel, calling them all, 'mom,' never knowing which was actually his real parent. He learned the art of the brothel, its inner workings and all the unseen aspects of the business. His spare time was spent picking pockets or doing cleanup and repairs around the brothel.

Unfortunately, the Destros outbreak of 3004 changed all of that. Nearly half of the whores at the brothel were victims of the drug, most overdosing either on their own or with their clients. The deaths of several star prostitutes was beginning to draw the attention the brothel's silent owner, Johnathon Lucian. When Lucian came to the Ring to look into his business, his timing was unfortunate. He ended up at the brothel in the middle of a rather violent Destros infused riot sweeping across that lower level of the Ring. Several prostitutes and clients were killed in the riot, along with the manager of the brothel. Lucian himself only managed to make it out because Ren jumped in front of a sword meant for Lucian swung by one of the rioters. Seriously stabbed in his left upper arm and still bleeding, Ren lead the business man and his guards out through the maintenance tubes to a different level of the Ring, where they were able to get off the station safely.

It was an act Lucian would not forget. Two years later, when Lucian prepared to reopen the brothel on the ring, he sent for Ren. Ren was given the brothel to run as if it were his own. So long as the man sent LucCorp its share, Ren would have relatively free reign over the club. It was an act of thanks that Ren saw as a chance to finally be something more than a petty criminal. He was about to be a businessman. It earned Lucian a loyal member of his organization who would do anything for the syndicate and its Lord, with little question and even less remorse.

Today, Ren is a grown man who exudes sexuality and confidents. He has learned to play the piano, to better fit the role he know assumes as proud businessman. He considers his success to have been self-made through sacrifice, and it has left him bold and proud of his position. If people ask, he's the owner of the brothel, even if the true deed lies with LucCorp. That's as much for his own vanity as it is for the protection of his House. He continues to offer forgery through the brothel, and takes his own clientele as well.



Ren is a pretty young man in his early twenties. Naturally tanned skin accentuates his thin chin and high cheekbones set beneath deep brown eyes and long, dark hair. His clothes are always perfect, usually business attire, and always left unbuttoned enough to show the divot between his muscular pecs. He has a thin mustache and goatee that adds to his allure, and he walks with a confidence that seems to indicate he owns every room he enters.


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