07.14.3013: Remembering & Planning for the Kissing Tree
Summary: Keanen finally remembers Loree and she then solidifies plans with her brother.
Date: 14-07-3013
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The Gardens of Nora
While these gardens act as the courtyard between the Heartwood and the Elder Seat, they have managed to obtain a peaceful ambiance despite all the foot traffic. There is a gently angled esplanade that leads up from the Heartwood, interrupted here and there by short segments of stairs. When it reaches the main promenade of the gardens, it flattens out and continues to provide a pathway directly toward the grand doors of the Elder Seat.

Flanking either side of the esplanade are parcels of well-kept garden that are divided by smaller pathways that lead off from the main esplanade. These parcels vary between thick carpets of moss and forest flowers to clusters of wild roses to a very small orchard of fruit trees that bear red apples and pale peaches in the summer. Natives and visitors alike are encouraged to wander throughout the Gardens of Nora — named for the first High Lady of Arborenin, the daughter to Hugh Arboren — but there are also Arborenin guards who equally frequent the area.


Lorelei 's been trying to keep busy, so she's organized everything in Eilara's closets and shelves and bookcases and…well, everything. It's evening, she's got her bottled water with the sprig of mint and is sitting under her favorite apple tree with he writing tablet on .

Keanen is walking from the Ways, heading towards the Elder Seat. He's coming home for a few days, and so he has a large khaki duffel bag thrown over his shoulder. His other shoulder has a camera slung over it. As he walks, he's glancing around, and notices Lorelei. He slows as he passes her, and he points, "Hey. You're that chick, right?" he asks with a casual smirk.

Lorelei looks up, an eyebrow raised, "Possibly, my lord?" who //knows what Keanen's referring to at this point. He could be asking to borrow a light, for all she knows. She'll instinctively close her pad though , looking up at the young noble, "Did you need something , Lord Keanen?"

Keanen laughs, "Ouch. She knows MY name…" He turns to fully face her, shifting his weight to his other leg. "You're datin' Sparky, right?" He furrows his brow just a little, as if struggling to think about… well, about anything.

Lorelei tilts her head, drawing her eyebrows together, "You honestly don't remember me , do you?" she'll look down, "No…I'm not dating him." She'll start to pull her feet underneath her, not looking at Keanen for the moment.

Keanen nods, "Sure, yeah, I remember you. You were in the woods that day." He smiles, a dumb kind of proud of himself. "You're not dating Sparky?" He smiles wider, "Then, I suppose, I owe you dinner."

Lorelei huffs slightly and will stand up, smoothing out her skirt. She'll take a few steps to be able to look into Keanen's eyes, looking to see if they are blow out, or normal looking. "Keanen, I would love to have dinner with you. But not if you honestly don't remember me." Looking up at him, she'll give him a soft smile, but it's sad.

Keanen's eyes are a little bloodshot, but not really dilated. It's likely he's coming down from something, based on his behavior not being too erratic. "Of course you would," he responds casually to her note of loving to have dinner with him. "I told you. I remember you. You were in the woods with Sparky the other day." He tosses his arms to his side a little, "What?"

Lorelei sighs again in disappointment, "No Keanen, I mean remember me from before that." She says his name rather comfortably, like she's done so before. She'll tilt her head again and asks, "Please stop calling him that." She'll blink her eyes a few times, she's not quite batting her eyes, but close.

Keanen tilts his head a bit, furrowing his brow once more. "I um…" He studies her a moment, then asks, "Were you… You're that chick from the Blaze concert two years ago on Nubilus, right?"

A flash of hurt crosses Loree's face and she'll turn her face away, "I should get going, my lord." The tablet is held up to her chest. If Keanen would notice, she has a faint pink scar on the back of her left hand, it looks recent.

Keanen reaches out and lays his hand on her upper arm, "Wait wait wait… Hang on, doll. For real, yo." He smiles, a charming smile laying on all his charisma and dimples. "Wait. Seriously. What am I mission', because I really don't remember…"

Lorelei smoothes out her face and will turn back to him, "It's alright, Lord Keanen. It's not…clearly it's not that big a deal." She'll force a smile, which doesn't quite reach her eyes, "It was a while ago, no reason to really remember." She's guessing for him, anyway.

Keanen stares at her, not letting her arm go (he's not holding her there, his hand just rests on her arm). His brow scrunches, and he slowly curves one side of his mouth upward as he uses his other hand to scratch his head. "I've took a few clunks to the noggin' in my days, princess," he says, "you have to help me out here. You were like… A friend of my sisters, weren't you?"

Lorelei 's eyebrows go up some at the nickname. Unsure if he's just using it a s a nickname, or remembers playing save the princess with the kids in the forest. She'll nod slowly, not wanting to get too excited. She's Eilara's handmaid, that's a east assumption.

Keanen smiles, proudly. "Yeah, see? I remember!" He tilts his head, a friendly, stupid excitedness to his features as he points at her and bounces on his heels. "Help me out, what was your name again, yo?"

Lorelei's smile is still a bit sad, but she's figuring this is the best she's gonna get out of him, "Lorelei Quellton." A small revelation comes to the poet, first kisses are only really important to the person who it's their first time. She'll shift the data pad, into a less defensive position.

Keanen opens his mouth, then something clicks, and he smiles widely, "Holy fucking Hostile balls! Loree! Right!" And he begins to laugh, "You were like," and he holds his hand up to indicate her height from a few years ago, "All up to here or wharves!"

Lorelei 's eye go a bit wide at the statement. "Well, yeah, we can't all have grown to be giants!" She'll then laugh, cause while he's not that tall, he grew a lot more than Loree. She seems like that's all she needed, was for him to recognize her. The tension is gone and she's smiling brightly.

"Only my awesomeness has become giant, Loree," Keanen says with a cheery confidence. "What are you doin' hangin' around this dump these days?" he asks. "Why haven't you escaped to the excitement of the Ring?"

Lorelei snorts, falling into that comfortable friend talk. "I think your ego may have grown a bit too." She'll shake her head at him, but is smiling, "No one wants me up there, besides Oculus. And I nearly died there. I'll take the trees, thank you very much!"

Keanen laughs, "I nearly died on Nubilus and I'd WAY rather be THERE than here." He shrugs, "So, cool. We should like, totally do dinner or whatever. Catch up. There's this guy I went to school with, he's throwin' this party tonight, it's lame or whatever, but there'll be free drinks and a crazy loud indie band playing this blazing industrial post-grunge shit that likes," And he does an air guitar, "Whaaa whaah whaaahhawhaaa!" He smiles, "You should totally come with me."

Lorelei nods,and then laughs at his air guitar, "I'd love to. But I'm going to have to take a rain check on the party , for tonight." How to say she's fasting so she can get properly stoned? She'll look up, thinking about her time line, "I'm free after …Wednesday night.We can go to dinner, catch up. Or if there's another party." Everyone keeps telling her to loosen up…. She'll beam up at him, "I, unlike certain people, actually have a job. and bills."

Keanen rolls his eyes, "Lame." He hefts his duffel. "Stay classy, Loree. I'll see ya around then." He clicks with his mouth as he points at her, and then turns to head off.

Lorelei shrugs and agrees, "Wish I didn't have to too." No, really, she does. Two more days of not eating? Ugh! "Giving him a big smile, happy that he finally remembered her, "I'll see you Keanen!"

Lorelei's been trying to keep busy, so she's organized everything in Eilara's closets and shelves and bookcases and…well, everything. It's evening, she's got her bottled water with the sprig of mint and is sitting under her favorite apple tree with he writing tablet on . Having already had a productive talk with an old friend, she's smiling as she' writing on the tablet.

Chiron strolls around the Heartwood, looking at nothing in particular. He has a bag of broken up chocolates in his hand, and seems to be looking for someone. Spotting his sister, he smiles and heads toward her direction. "Hey Sparrow, Whatcha doing?"

Lorelei looks up and beams at her brother, "Nothing, I'm done for the day, just…relaxing before I go home." She'll give a small laugh, "You'll never guess who asked me to dinner."

Chiron smiles at his sister, pleased to see she is in high spirits. "Sounds good to me, I feel like home is a chore sometimes." He laughs at his joke, "Hmmmm… I don't know, who?"

Lorelei nods, rolling her eyes slightly, "Ma's gonna have a fit if she finds out I'm fasting." She'll laugh softly, it's not the excited 'oh, my hearts a flutter' laugh though, "Lord Keanen finally remembered who I was. Took him 10 minutes of just fumbling around though." She'll shake her head, amused.

"You're fasting? What for?" Chiron says sounding slightly confused and tilting his head to the side. "Interesting, and why did Lord Keanen decide to ask you out for dinner?"

Lorelei raises an eyebrow, "For the spirit quest? The camping trip? Three days of just water." She'll look down to her water bottle and frown slightly, "I hope I'm not cheating, but I but a mint leaf in it." It's not like Aidan gave her anything concrete to really go on. With another roll of her eyes , Loree smiles, "Because he's a flirt? And he really did just realize who I was…"she'll shake her head. "It's nothing serious. Just dinner to catch up, not a date. I'll be surprised if he even remembers askign me next week. "

"Oh, I'm sorry. You told me about the camping trip, but no details." He smiles at her, still slightly confused however. "What's the spirit quest about? You get to learn more about your super powers or is that something else entirely?" He laughs slightly, "It's amazing how much that boy forgets… I'm glad to hear that it went well."

Lorelei makes a slight face, "I'm…not exactly sure? Lord Aidan is supposed to be sending me a book. I'm hoping it will explain more." She'll leave out the getting stoned part for now….ease into that. "It's supposed to help me connect, just…understand more. Maybe figure out why this happened…" shaking her head, "Yeah…He didn't used to be that bad….I'm sure he just wants to gossip about everyone. It'll be a nice evening." She'll then laugh, "Especially after I've not ate for three days!"

"Well, I hope it'll answer some questions. Have you been sleeping better now that you understand what's happening?" Chiron says as his sits down next to his sister, handing her a piece of his chocolate. He peers over to see what she's writing, mostly to annoy her. "Do you know why he's like that? I always wondered what happened to him. Hopefully he'll wise up soon… or else the Hostile attack is going to be a /very/ rude awakening."

Lorelei shrugs, "I don't know if I'm sleeping better, but it's at least not quite as scary when I wake up. Lord Nitrim said they'll be good dreams too, but I haven't noticed. I just wake up feeling….awful, upset, uneasy." She'll shake her head no to the chocolate , holding up the water bottle and giving it a light shake. Sighing softly, "No…I really have no idea. I mean, he was always kinda spacey, but….it's like, that's //all he is. He's taken this flaw, and made it all he is."

Chiron quickly places a hand on his forhead, exclaiming, "Oh, Sparrow! I'm so sorry. I offered without thinking." He quickly retracts his hand and hides the bag of chocolates. "Well, small victories, eh?" He's trying to be helpful, but he's not doing a very good job. "Maybe he's just upset about something? I don't know, it's hard to tell with him."

Lorelei smiles and nods, "It's ok, Chiron. But you have to help me with Ma. She'll freak if she realizes I'm fasting!" She'll nod, "At least I can fall asleep now, knowing I'm not going crazy….or that I'm not going to burn down the barn." Taking a sip of her water , Loree nods, "Maybe. i'll see what i can get him to spill when we have dinner. He's too smart to be like that. We need him. "She means the war effort needs him.

"I can do that. It's not the first time we've hid something from ma'." Chiron laughs quietly. "Sleep is good, I was getting worried about you. At first I thought maybe it was just a boy… I was about ready to have a talk with some people…" He laughs again, trailing off the subject. "I agree, He's too important to just be… existing."

Lorelei smile and nods, "no..no it's not."She'll the frown, taking another sip, "Who would you go talk to? It's not like there's anyone who's interested. I'm gonna end up marrying one of Da's friends boys, if our parents have anything to say about it." She'll shake her head,but smiles "I may have to move to Occulus to get away!"

You can feel the anger rise in Chiron as Lorelei mentions their father's friends. "That will not happen. I promise you." He looks up at the evening sky, as if he's trying to find something. "I wasn't sure who I needed to talk to, but I could tell something was bothering you. So, I was going to try to take care of it. But I guess it's not something I can really take care of…" He laughs quietly, shaking his head.

Lorelei huffs at Chiron's anger, but won't comment. No need to start that fight up again, so…"Only people who have ever really been interested in me have stopped and moved on. Maybe I'll be come a crazy old druid, and live in a house by myself with a bunch of animals. I'll live in a barn with Hubert and get a bear and a chickens and drake." She's joking, just trying to get her brother to smile again.

"Hey, if you get a drake you have to name it after me, and let me ride it." Chiron says, playing along. "So tell me more about this camping thing. Is Lord Aidan coming along? Did you talk to Taryn?"

Lorelei laughs, "…maybe. If your good.And save me chocolate for when this is all over." She'll shrug, "I'm supposed to fast, clean out my system for 3 days. Then find a good place in nature, one that i connect to.i was thinking near the kissing tree? It's so pretty there, and will be good for camping. Lord Aidan said to bring one or two people with to guard over me, while I …"And with that she'll trail off, blushing slightly, "He's going to send me some…herbs." She'll give Chiron a look, hoping she doesn't have to say it, "And that you and Taryn will watch the area, make sure I'm safe and I'll medicate and commune…I guess." she'll shake her head, "No…Not yet. Although I bet he's going to freak when I tell him we're going into the forest. He was pretty adamant that I should go near it."

Chiron raises an eyebrow. "herbs, you say? Are we talking for tea, or something a little more hallucinogenic?" He seems curious, but mostly teasing. "You want to take Taryn to the Kissing Tree? Look, if you're wanting to do something with the boy don't tell me about it!" He exclaims, teasing her more. He knows what buttons to press to make her blush. "Did he ever do anything with the information he got the last time the three of us went out in the woods? Or is he too afraid to tell anybody because he's awakened?"

Lorelei blinks, "not tea…" and that's all she's willing to answer on that. Her eyes fly open, "No!That's not what I meant!"Aand indeed, she's blushing, rather quickly and hard, "It's a good place for camping, you know that!" she'll huff, "If you can think of a better place, just say so!" Giving another huff, she'll rub her face "I don't know. I don't see him all that much anymore He's been busy…" she sounds a combination of relieved and disappointed…and then embarrassed.

Chiron laughs out loud at his sister's reaction, throwing his head back and leaning back onto her. "No, I know. You're correct, it is a nice spot for camping, and if you feel particularly connected to that spot, then I imagine it's as good as any other spot. Though… I do have to ask /why/ you feel so connected there." He winks at her again, wondering just how far he can take this.

Lorelei just closes her eyes,placing her face in her hands. Her blush is visible, even between her fingers, "You know what? Never mind. I can go myself. And hopefully the Hostiles will come take me. And if not, you're definitely not getting a drake named after you."

"Oh come on now, I was just poking fun…" Chiron says, pleading with his sister. "There is… something about that area that's particularly comforting and… grounding to it." He smiles at her, indicating that he's stopped the teasing for now. "And you very well know that as long as I'm alive, no hostile will ever lay a finger on you."

Lorelei won't remove her face from her hands, but does lean into Chiron's shoulder. Mumbling through her fingers, "I know. I just want to help too."

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