04.12.3014: Rehabilitation
Summary: Canis checks in on Cyrielle's first session with the therapists of Honor's Keep.
Date: Sat Dec 12
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Canis Cyrielle 

Rehabilitation Center, House of the Albatross, Honor's Keep, The Vale
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Saturday, April 12 3014

It's early morning in the lands around Honor's Keep. It's still rather calm in the workout and rehabilitation center, just a few people finishing or starting there daily workouts. The Physical therapists are beginning to show up as well to begin seeing their clients. The tempature is kept pleasant and it's kept up to date as possible with the current workout equipment. One who is here mid-work out is Canis Ligonier, he's dressed in sweat pants and a tank top. He currently is working on foot work it seems as he moves through a setup obstacle course.

While the overall weather is pleasant and the waters lovely for soaking sore limbs, the humidity can get to one with a new cybernetic at times. The place where flesh and synthetic meet so prone to irritation and discomfort. It's the nerves, however, that really struggle; such a foreign thing for the body to accept, but the human body -is- an amazing piece of work altogether.

It's with a bleariness in her eyes that Cyrielle Hollolas enters the rehab center, leaning in on her crutches a bit more than need be. It's not out of avoidance for her leg, but more because they provide a stable support for her tired self. She's wearing a sleeveless top that drapes lightly against her frame; the off-white material draping over the waistband of the snug, flexible black shorts she wears. It makes it all the more apparent, the difference between her legs. Once well within the center, she pauses and leans onto one crutch, lifting her other hand to smother a yawn.

Canis finishes this course and turns back prepared to go back through it, but looking towards the door and spotting the guest of his house. He will grab his towel and dry off a bit on his way over towards the other. "Good Morning Lady Cyrielle, I hope everything has been acceptable so far? If you need anything please let me know." he looks over at one of the therapists. "I think today is mostly just taking measurements on flexibility and maybe some questions but with your permission i'd like to stay and help."

Blinking away the last vestiges of sleep, Cyrielle straightens and balances out on the crutches once again. They're smooth expanses of white plastic; bracing against the forearms to provide a greater freedom of movement. The plastic has been thoroughly etched along the length, however, with runes and symbols evicting both Hermeticism and Mysticism. Symbols of protection, perhaps? The woman tilts her head slightly to Canis as he approaches, the bits of glass and shell in her hair shifting forward with the braids they're bound to. "Lord Canis. Yes, everything has been lovely, thank you."

Her dark eyes track towards the therapist mentioned and she turns somewhat in that direction. "Of course, of course. It doesn't sound like too much trouble at all."

The young knight gives a smile to the other as well being friendly. "I am glad to hear that." Canis will say glad that things are well with the visit so far. He will allow the thearpist begin their work measuring and and such and asking questions though after a moment. "I think Ines, will grade me depending on how well your visit goes." he says grinning his voice is joking want to keep the other relaxed perhaps. Though he adds "Guess I cant blame her." fading off at the end.

"And why will Sir Ines grade you based on how my visit goes?" Cyrielle glances over towards Canis as she places the inquiry. The therapist works her leg a biiiiit further into a bend and the Hollolas flinches. She has a ways to go; the prosthetic will go however far and where it needs, but her own resistance and slow adaptation is what's holding her back.

Shifting from where she's ended up perched for the series of measurements and questions, Cyrielle moves a hand to her right thigh, rubbing at a point just above the cybernetic. "Are you becoming more involved in the clinic?"

Canis watches the process at work, knowing it's not exactly comfortable which is part of it the flinch is still caught "Please go easy as your able." he says to the therapist it's not meant meanly just a request if possible some discomfort is expected but if it can be avoided it's best. "I asked for some additional resources well responsibilities, after I rushed to gather soldiers to ride to the aid of the Vale recently. I wanted a more formal setup so next time we can respond better." he continues in silence. "Well we are friends I would like to think, so i'm sure you've seen also the rumor mills havent exactly been in my favor of late."

"It sounds as if the work in the Vale has been successful," Cyrielle says, glancing over to Canis as the therapist steps away to file some of the details away in a tablet. "Which is a good sign. It means approval for similar actions in other regions may come sooner rather than later."

She presses at that spot above her knee another moment, before chuckling softly. "Ah, yes. I've heard some of the rumors and spoken to a few of those involved." Cyrielle's shoulders rise and fall in a shrug. "Lord Nitrim is one of my closest friends and you've surely seen how he fares in the tabloids. I pay rumor and the vultures of the media little mind."

"It went rather well, except well i'm probably being hard on myself it took too long from the time I heard the call for reinforcements to get to the battle." Canis says with a grin though he does shrug slightly. "It worked out I suppose." he listens to the others words "I've met Lord Nitrim only briefly but yes he seems a favorite target which is too bad." he nods "I appreciate it though many just assume all is true without even knowing."

"From what few battles I've found myself in," Cyrielle says, shifting from the table at the therapist's direction, "they rarely go according to plan. Or even with the best outcome. We just do what we can and hope it doesn't result in lost lives." She's directed to stand on both feet and here her jaw grits as she forces herself to let her weight balance out across both legs. Fingers curl into fists at her sides.

When Cyrielle speaks again, it's a bit strained. "People… ah, people don't always know-" A pause, for breath, "how to discern between the factual news and the rumor mill."

Canis nods "It's very true they don't go to plan very often at all, it's why planning and back ups are important. I am probably being tough on myself is all." He looks as the other is forced to move he reaches out in case she needs to steady her self but only just in case. "I know that only too truely now then before, oh well i've spoken to the party who i felt needed to be spoken to and she and I are friends once more." he gives a shrug.

"Lady Brienne," Cyrielle offers, simply. "I've spoken to Lord Kieran." It's also a simple statement of fact. Dark eyes drift over to regard the Knight, briefly. "I can't say I know what's going on, but I don't think Valtas are to be trusted and Lord Kieran is…" She trails off, offering a shrug finally. "Either he's easily manipulated or he does a very, very good job at playing such."

Allowed to sit back down, Cyrielle actually accepts Canis' aid to do so, letting out a long sigh and lifting her chin to look upwards as she does. "Be careful… The heart is a fragile thing."

The young knight nods and before he speaks he will assist the other being careful not to cause her more pain if he can help it. "Yes, I sent Brie a e-message but I spoke to her brother Declan first." he says though as she says about speaking to Lord Kieran. "I've only seen him once since everything happened and we were in combat. I imagine he doesn't think much of me." he says with a wince but he nods as well "I am noticing it is so, sorry to breach that topic it's not why you are here of course." he gives a smile.

"Ah, the heir? I've never met him." That whole being out of the picture for the better part of the past seven years. Cyrielle looks relieved when, after a few more notations and measurements, the therapist seems done. She slips off thet able once more, reaching for her crutches. As she settles into place, there's a slight shrug.

"We spoke of the whole matter, but all he mentioned was being aware of your interest in her. Honestly, I feel Lord Advent is affected most of all, but… he has a number of concerns I think he needs to work through before he can think of romance." Cyrielle shrugs, then shifts to reach out with a hand and pat Canis' shoulder lightly. "Don't worry about it. Discussing your time in the vulture's eye and romantic woes isn't going to affect my leg one way or another."

Canis nods to the first part of her words in agreement. "I had no idea about Lord Advent or that he had spoken to Brie's mother prior to anything happening." he says honestly which he didnt know. He does smile "I know but it's not relaxing by any means. If you are up for it after I can have breakfast or lunch served and then whatever else you had planned for the day of course."

"Did he?" Cyrielle blinks a few times, brows furrowing. "Lord Advent never mentioned as such to me… He said he and Brienne have fought together a number of times and he felt a growing friendship and attachment to her… He made it out like it was his decision to stay in Arboren to try to foster a relationship with her."

The woman gives a small shake of her head, exhaling in a long sigh. "Honestly? You may be better off, Sir Canis. Your interests may be pure, but it sounds like a rush of many men to secure themselves an elder daughter of a Paramount. Politics… they suck." She offers something of a smile with the last, settling back in on the crutches. "Food would be fantastic. Especially if there's coffee involved. And I have no plans during my stay other than whatever the therapists decide."

The topic is likely heading into territory where he cannot speak, but he nods to the first topic watching the therapist writes up which exercises when would like the other to do nodding at each one that's checked off. Canis is still listening however as she speaks "I like where i've reached we are friends best friends no less or more." he says in response he will nod "That is definitely something I can do, hm well there is quite a bit to do from walking the beach or swimming, to sailing. I guess we'll work up to that as you progress though."

"I gladly avoid most functions in Hollolas," Cyrielle explains, after letting the exercise list be transffered to her own tablet. "Most of our vassals have pegged me as being a way in to my father's good graces. So they throw their sons at me, hoping for a match. You'd think we were like the times the revision is based on and women were only suitable for how many heirs they could provide." She rolls her eyes somewhat, shifting her stance. "I hate it sometimes. Why can't we just marry for love? Why do politics have to enter into the equation at all?"

Personal speaking there, perhaps. She laughs softly, at the things suggested. "Sailing and swimmng I quite love, but I don't see walking on a beach being very easy for me just yet."

Canis the young man smiles as she hits the nail on the head without even trying. "It was that very cause which lead to my downfall Lady Cyrielle." he says nodding to the completed list as it's sent over to the other. "You are quite correct, though i'm afraid in my case it did not turn out well. I learned early on when we were just friends that Brie didnt wish to be arraged to marry anyone. So I asked her directly without either of our parents involved." he says but moves on to the next topic "Yes it can be tough to walk on sand at times, but it can be worked up to."

There's a sudden bit of laughter from Cyrielle and she gives a small shake of her head. "Ahh, well, Lady Sir Brienne will just have to thank the station of her birth for that. She can ask and beg all she wants, but when it comes down to it… we are at the mercy of what our parents desire. The curse of being main-line, mm?"

Shifting on the crutches, Cyrielle begins to move away from the therapist's area so they can prepare for the next patient. Plus, Canis mentioned food. "Though, you may have some additional fortune in that regard. It seems the vassals to the vassals have more freedom in who they find themselves with, provided their only goal isn't to move vastly upward."

"Perhaps so, but still didnt go well." Canis says to the other a small smile at this obvious fact. He looks to the time after a moment "I should probably get some things done and plan for the food to be prepared." he says "I think you'll be in good hands for the moment, and welcome again of course." the young knight says before he'll move to the door so that he can get things all setup before the session is over.

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