06.06.3013: Regrets Averted
Summary: Ellinor seeks Agnes help with her Sophie situation.
Date: 06 June 2013
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Agnes Ellinor 

The Heartwood - Arborenin, The Spine
This is perhaps one of the largest promenades of the tree city. It spans between the large trunks of three elderwoods, branches used to support the heavy circular plaza. Residing in this promenade are dozens of stores and shops, as well as access to the lower levels of the city. Peddlers of goods move easily through the plaza, trapping visitors and natives with a hopeful sale of their unique and usually handmade goods. At the center of the promenade is a large, sprawling basin where rain water has been collected for generations creating a natural and yet manmade pool. This is a popular place to cross paths with other residents of Arborenin and maneuver through the tiered city.
06 June 3013

Ellinor Sauveur is visiting the peaceful and tranquil tree city of Arborenin. It is a peaceful evening, the skies darkening with the oncoming sunset. She is munching on something that resembles a sizable roll of bread stuff with meat and vegetables, and a crow is stalking her for dropped morsels. She has taken Lord Aidan up on his advice, coming to Arborenin in hopes of crossing paths with the Bear of Peake herself. She probably could have sent Agnes a letter, but she is also relying on luck alone tonight to meet the Spine woman.

She must be lucky indeed. Agnes is here, taking Argent out for a last romp through the woods, before she ships out. The large dapple grey destrier is a persnickety cuss, but he seems placid enough at the moment as the Knight leads him by his halter and he chomps apple slices from her hand. She is in a simple surcoat with House Peake's arms on it, breeches, and boots. And she happens to be passing near where Ellinor is eating.

"Gods be praised," Ellinor mumbles to herself once her eyes alight on Agnes. The crow that has been bouncing after her offers a little caw of conversation, though it is only to be rewarded a bit of fat-soaked bread. The Drakefire Knight smiles over toward Agnes as she approaches, closing the gap easily. "Lady Sir Agnes Peake?" She asks with a hopeful note, folding the wax paper over her handpie as she does.

Agnes pauses, and Argent lets out a teeth-baring snort at Ellinor. "Yes, milady, how may I help you?" Courtesy is clearly one of her knightly virtues. She gives the lead line attached to the destrier's harness a tug to make him behave a bit. He stamps disapprovingly.

"Hello," Ellinor says to the teeth-baring horse, offering him a winning smile before she turns a more sobered look up at the woman. "Your nephew, Lord Aidan… he suggested that I come speak to you." There is an awkward and uncertain moment from the young Knight before she squares up her shoulders. "It is about my sister, the Lady Sophie."

"Lady Sophie Sauveur?" Agnes asks, surprised. "I know the young lady somewhat. She did a portrait of me." She loops the reins over a tree branch and pats the horse's rump before moving a few feet away where he isn't likely to be able to bite the young woman speaking to her. "Is something wrong with her? Is she all right, Milady?"

"Oh, no…" Ellinor says after a heartbeat at her concern. "She is… quite alright, but… Lord Aidan suggested that perhaps I talk to you about her desire to become combat-capable." And by her tone, she has definitely been trying to find a very polite phrase that. "My sister is… a frail girl. And she has never really taken to the combat arts, but she has been feeling a touch… displaced now that the war is nearly upon us."

"I do not believe you needs worry about such, Milady," Agnes assures Ellinor. "Neither the navy nor the militia would take on someone frail, she would not pass a physical. Nor would the knighthood, especially as she is of the royal bloodline. Too much risk to her, and too little reward to them. I hear tell she is fond of the bow, so perhaps one might let her practice at that, and prepare her for the defense of the Landings, should the war come to that?"

"Well…" And now Ellinor looks earnestly awkward. "Lady Sophie and I have always had a rather… tense relationship." She chews a bit uncomfortably at her red-painted lip. "Which is why Aidan suggested that I speak to you, Sir… she will only find whatever I might say as a deep offense and belittlement rather than an earnest and rational concern." She tilts her head. "I thought, perhaps, maybe she could find some duties throughout Imperius to do… and if someone else suggested it…" Her ruddy brows arch meaningfully over her green eyes.

Agnes ponders that for a moment, her brow furrowing in concentration. "I could perhaps give Lady Sophie an important task. The war effort is going to require many things, such as posters to bolster the citizenry, and technical drawings of the disabled Hostiles. Her talents could be very useful in both those regards."

"I understand that, according to Aidan, you will be serving on the Intent as a Marine, and I would not ask you to take yourself away from your duties… but if you could, perhaps, make a suggestion perhaps to the Peake Irregulars, and then to my father…" Ellinor offers a softer smile. "I would be in your debt."

"If you can arrange those meetings for me, Sir Ellinor, I would be more than happy to do so. I would not wish to see Lady Sophie in harms way. The gentle arts are the building blocks of restoring human civilization after a time of war." Agnes bobs her head in a sincere nod.

Ellinor looks earnestly relieved at the woman's words, and she bows her head in respect. "Of course, Sir Agnes… I will inform both Lady Sophie and my father that you are interested in speaking with them." She offers her a bit of a smile. "No matter what the Lady says, I am looking out for her best interest… she is so…. concerned that she has nothing to provide to the Generation of Vegeance that I'm worried she will do something foolish."

"I will do my best to disenchant her romantic view of war, Milady. And to reinforce that what she does is valuable, moreso than being in battle," Agnes promises. "We will need to meet sooner, rather than later, as I will be deploying on the Intent in short order."

It is then that Ellinor offers a bit of a wider smile. "As will I, Sir Agnes… to which then I agree that time is short." She purses her lips a bit, considering something before she carefully asks. "If you don't mind, Sir Agnes… why did you decide to become a Knight?"

The question gets a small snort of amusement from Agnes, and she gestures at herself with one hand. "I was taller than teenaged boys at eight years of age, Milady. My prospects as a marriageable noble lady were limited at best, but my strength of arm was not, neither was my desire to protect those in need."

Ellinor offers a perk of a brow at her, sobering just a little bit. "You are lucky, Milady… you are both sizable in strength and heart. Not all of us can be so lukcy." She offers him a bit of a sobering smile now.

"You are too kind. And yourself? What made you decide to enter the Knighthood? You clearly did not have the issues I did," Agnes notes.

Ellinor hesitates just a bit, breathing out a slow exhale as she bounces the wrapped handpie in her palm. "I wasn't much of a royal daughter, Milady. All of my sisters have managed to wear the mantel with regal and grace, but I was more interested in… adventure. It is perhaps a bit of a superficial reason, but that's how it started."

"I think most young boys have the same desire for adventure, Sir Ellinor, why should ladies be any different?" Agnes says with a small smile. But it fades a bit shortly after. "This will not be an adventure like the young dream of, I'm afraid. This will be brutal, and it is a fight for our very right to exist." She rubs a thumb across her brow, as if trying to wear away the lines there.

"That… I am aware," Ellinor says, sharing in the sober moment. "I had a very good mentor." She shakes her head a bit as she tosses the last of her dinner into a trash can. She smiles, though it is not very bright as she offers a hand out to the woman. "It will be good to fight alongside you, Sir Agnes."

Agnes takes the hand and shakes it firmly. "And an honor to fight by your side, Sir Ellinor. Please do not hesitate to call on me if needed. And let me know when I can meet with Sophie and your father."

"I will," Ellinor says politely to the fellow knight before she starts to step back, looking prepared to heading back toward the Ways.

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