05.05.3014: Reflections At Sea
Summary: Canis and Cyrielle take a short sailing trip around the lagoons.
Date: 1-3-14
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Canis Cyrielle 

Lagoons, Honor's Keep, The Vale
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May 5 3014

It's a nice day and doesnt look like there will be a cloud in sight for quite a while however there is a nice breeze and it's spring so not overly hot just yet. The family's sailing ship is tied at the docks and bobs up and down in the water lightly. It seems that sailing is in order as there is movement on the boat getting things ready here and there. Canis moves about enjoying the nice weather and the time of day and everything.

Attired in clothing suitable for sailing in such weather, Cyrielle makes her way down the docks. She's not looking one-hundred percent, but she's looking better. The scratch at her neck is the primary thing that remains of the physical damage. Her features are still somewhat sunken, but she's looking a bit more hale.

Her outfit is a bikini top and a pair of well-fitted shorts, plus swimming shoes. All good things for a casual day of sailing. The Hollolas' hair is still tied in tight little braids with shells and sea glass, but the whole of it is pulled back at the nape of her neck. Wrapped around her wrist is a sea salt-dried leather bracelet with a few charms upon it; one is new and looks vaguely orb-shaped.

"Canis!" she calls out with a wave as she nears.

Canis comes back up from below deck and turns at the sound of approach. The young man looks back as he sees the other a bright smile coming to his face "Ah, Cyrielle perfect day for sailing eh?" he looks returning the wave to her about them though he approaches where the step onto the boat is. "I brought a basket in case we got hungry and can swim if you'd like." he offers. It looks like he's gotten most things readied which he could. "You get to drive i'm just first mate Ligonier." he says with a chuckle he'll offer his hand over to the dock to help her across only if she needs it.

Since this is her first time stepping aboard a boat of any kind since her surgery, Cyrielle does accept Canis' hand to step across to the vessel. Once she's sure she's steadied, she gives a languid sort of stretch. There's a webbed belt on her shorts and in the small of her back — at an angle to be retrieved comfortably — is a rigging knife. It's an old, worn thing- by the appearance of the handle, at least.

"Swimming and food sound perfect," she offers, with a bit of a smile towards the Ligonier. "Well, first mate sounds fine. Your sister did make some mention that you need a bit of instruction on sailing."

The young knight will help her across and will let his hand drop once she's steadied on her feet. Canis nods to her words glad he prepared well then he's wearing a sleeveless shirt and what looks like swimming shorts. He chuckles to her words "I sail okay, but my studies in knightly pursuits did cut into my free time a bit. Ines loves to keep focused on learning something." he says. "I'll gladly take any instruction you think I need."

"Your sister certainly keeps herself busy," Cyrielle murmurs with a slight cant of her head. The woman makes a slow circuit of the boat once they're aboard, taking in the lay of it. It's more for recreation to be sure- like the ones Hollolas children play on to begin learning sea craft.

The thought brings a small, flickering grin to the woman's features and she looks back towards Canis. "Want to get us out of dock, first mate?"

Canis waits looking over the lagoon a moment and the barrier with the opening to allow shipping in and out before he turns back he nods with a sigh. "Yes she does, it keeps her mind occupied." he says simply but he regains his humor easily enough. "Aye Captain Cyrielle." he says with a nod. It's a shorter preperation since he'd tried to get everything ready before now. He will get the sails ready and tie somethings off before he finnaly gets the line off of the dock freeing them from that teather. "She's all yours." he says as he turns back.

Captain Cyrielle. There's a mixture of emotions at hearing the title applied to her name and the Hollolas' features show it. Something of a fondness, a surprise… and sadness. She draws in a breath however and moves to the rudder, checking it over in various places before she takes a stance and gets comfortable. Sure, there's always backup systems for auto-piloting and the like… well, to some, they aren't backup. To a Hollolas? They are.

The sea is a cruel mistress and one must not treat her lightly. She juts her chin towards Canis, letting herself be taken over by the moment. Forgetting the past week, at least for a short time. "Let's catch some wind in our sail, aye?"

"Aye Aye." He will answer her easily enough he's watched her as she moves to take the helm she does seem different when there it's a natural place for her more confident and less world weary. Canis can't help but smile at the sight given the last time he saw her though she still has some of those marks. He turns back to look as they begin heading out into the Lagoon. He does seem to enjoy this himself just getting away for the moment. "How does it feel being back out on the ocean" he'll ask after a moment or two of silence with just the splashing waves and wind.

There is certainly an ease to the youngest Hollolas. She still wears the damage of the last few days as plain as day, but she bears it better. It does not — as they angle from the docks and start out towards the opening in the lagoon to the ocean beyond — weigh upon her as heavily. Cyrielle settles in once the sail snaps out, finding an old, familiar stance.

Her eyes unfocus for a moment as she adapts to the feel of the rudder and the boat on the whole. There's a slow exhale and she gives a slight tilt of head towards the sails. "Check the lines port-side. I think one needs to be tightened."

Canis gives a nod to her words and moves quickly to the side to check the connections there. It looks like the knot is a bit loose. He will untie it holding on tight so he can re-attach it in such a way where it will not come done again. "It's secured." he calls back to her. He will look back over the lagoon a moment he will remain silent for now though he his eyes move from it back to the other and back and forth a bit each moment.

And with that tightened line, they pick up a bit more speed. Cyrielle grins slightly; partially proud of herself and partially proud of the Ligonier. Small adjustments to their heading are made as she squints off in the distance. The woman is, for the moment, fairly clear-headed it would seem.

Her cybernetic foot does tap every so often, but perhaps it's just keeping herself situated and upright. "So tell me about those polearm forms again," Cyrielle calls towards Canis as they start the transition from the calm of the lagoon to the sea itself.

The knight can feel the increase in speed and smiles as well enjoying the wind as it propels them forward and the bounce of the sea and the spray of course. Canis turns back catching her look before she speaks to him he nods "We usually teach them in sets offense and defense. There are stances which give you your stability and power, and forms which teach you musscle memory so you don't even have to think but can just act and re-act."

"I've always used my Awakened abilities or a bow in battle," Cyrielle explains, voice easily carrying over the sound of wind and waves. She may not have the same booming voice at all times like her father, but there's certainly the capacity for it. It's a thing both learned and of nature; even the sailors of Beacon can do so.

"How do you get in the mindset to react like that? I always observe and handle things before they happen, if I can." A slight adjustment to the rudder carries them out of the lagoon and onto open waters, though she keeps them close to shore.

"I was squired in the Phylon, so I was always taught to think of it a bit like a dance." Canis says with a grin coming to his face "At first it's a conscious thing until your more comfortable, then it becomes something you just do without much thought, you strike at them and try to dodge or block their strike you reposition and try it again. You are a step ahead of many since you will try and anticipate their move that's good" he says with a grin.

"A dance?" Cyrielle laughs softly, leaning on the rudder lightly once it's locked into place for a short time. It would appear that, at least for a ways, the going is fairly straight on.

"You're going to have a hell of a time teaching me if that's the case, Canis. I can't dance worth a damn."

Canis chuckles a bit at her words though he shakes his head "I bet you'll do better then you think. Not sure I can dance though have tried very often so maybe I can afterall." He says shaking his head he cant imagine she wont be able to do this. "If that style wont work, we'll adapt to another it's simple. Put it this way Valen knights traditionally love to fight on horseback right? The last time I rode into battle on a horse I leaped off and fought on foot instead."

"I can ride a horse," Cyrielle says with a slight quirk of lips. She leaves the rudder locked and moves towards the sails. Reaching behind her, she pulls the marlinspike tucked into the knife sheath free and works at one of the knots. Just adjusting the sail to a certain angle. Her focus is fairly tight at the moment, but she makes quick work of it.

"Wouldn't want to fight on one, though. I don't think it's fair to a horse to take them into battle." She pauses, glancing over towards Canis. There's a bit of a sly smirk: "Don't tell any Valen Knights I said that."

"Oh I can fight on horseback, I just don't like doing it, getting knocked off sucks trust me." Canis says as he moves to approach her and help her with the adjustments if she needs any of it. He does laugh though "Not a word of course secrets are safe with me. You know when I jumped off my horse to fight on foot Lord Niko in the middle of battle mind you stopped to scold me and said he would have to talk to me when the battle was through." he shakes his head remembering this.

Lord Niko… Cyrielle's brow furrows as she tries to place the name. She only knows of the Cindravale-turned-Sauveur in passing, largely through gossip and news reports. "Got one of these?" she asks of Canis, showing him the multi-purpose sleek piece of metal. "You can get it under the edge of a knot-" and she shows, as she does so. "Helps you loosen it to move it up or down, without having to undo the whole line. Then…" And once the knot is re-positioned, shifting the line tension, she uses the same tool to provide leverage to tighten it. "Tighten again, like so."

Leaving Canis, again, to the sail — or just observing — she returns to the rudder and settles upon the edge of the boat alongside it, stretching cybernetic leg out before her with a sigh. "And did he? Have a talk with you, that is."

Canis shakes his head at the question "I have a utility knife I keep with me but nothing like that one i'll have to get one." The young knight says admiring the knife for a moment he watches as she uses it on the knots and nods in understanding. He watches as she moves back to steering. "Not as of yet, I would hope that having heared the call for reinforcements and quickly gathering as many of my house that I could for a charge on the hostile lines would have made up for it, but perhaps he's just biding his time." he grins.

"You should, especially if you plan to sail more often." Cyrielle glances up the coastline and squints into the distance. She leans over to a display panel for the more technologically advanced portions of the ship. "There looks to be a good spot not too far away… We can stop there to eat and swim?" A few taps and gestures upon the screen give her a good estimate of heading and distance.

After some adjustments to their course, she glances up towards the Ligonier again, smiling somewhat. "Maybe he's just jealous," she offers, chuckling faintly.

"I will do so as soon as I can. I enjoy sailing when i'm able for sure it's so nice being out here there's no prying eyes and troubles seem just a bit further away." Canis says glancing back out a moment until she speaks "That sounds great actually looks like a good place." he says before chuckling to her other comment "Probably I did ride on his search and rescue mission before that."

"Ha! There's always prying eyes, Canis. I'm beginning to learn that." Cyrielle winks in his direction as she aims them for that quiet sound. Not quite a bay, but there's a break to keep the waves from affecting them too greatly. "Though…" A glance over the small boat. "Unless your sister keeps cameras on the family boats…"

There's a sort of impish grin, but it flutters and fades. "Joking aside, the last thing I want is another image to get misunderstood and out on the 'sphere. You've had enough trouble already."

Canis chuckles a little bit "You're perhaps correct there but it feels a bit like there shouldn't be out here is all, no she's not that paranoid just yet at least." he says with a grin to the wink he gets. The knight shakes his head after a moment though "I'm not so worried for myself, but don't want you dragged down with me." he says chuckling a moment though he's still feeling rather good to be out here all the same not brought down at all.

There's a burst of laughter from Cyrielle; it's both mirthful and a bit bitter. "Oh, Canis. If word gets out of what I've done, in the least? I'm sure my name will be dragged through the mud for years to come." The woman shifts to her feet as they near the small inlet. "Trust me, your exploits or whatever… at least in the channels I know? Mean nothing. Most of the blame, it seems, is being placed on Brienne. To the general public, though, it's just more fun noble drama."

The Hollolas rolls her eyes and gets a good hold of the rudder, bringing up some support systems just in case. "Okay, start bringing in the sail. Starboard first. We want to make sure our nose doesn't whip around too much."

The young man nods and goes to move to take down the sail as instructed but the laugh gets his attention as he turns back to the other a moment. "Well you don't have to worry about it doing so from me and it seems like Lord Nitrim is holding silent. I will hold out that you will be fine, like I said the other day. I'll do anything to help that i'm able." he has tied the sails down each in turn now. "I suppose you're right the blame though shouldn't be placed on anyone. We were born nobles but we're human."

"Funny how… citizens only have standards placed upon them if they choose a certain path. Like the Navy, a Knight, or perhaps politics…" Cyrielle gets them angled into the inlet without difficulty, setting off the anchor once they're at a good spot out in the middle. Away from shore, lest anything come their way and far enough in that the tides won't affect any swimming they might do.

Locking the rudder, she pushes away and joins Canis in furling the sails. "You and I? We didn't ask to be born into this. So many rules, standards, and expectations… None of which we asked for."

Canis nods to the others words while he works. "It's quite true, without families with power, and politics involved things would likely have turned out very different for each of us and even if the situations had been the same we wouldn't be news worthy if I carry you off a beach might even have been scene as the act of helping which is what it was." He looks to the other at his side while the work "Suppose all we can do is push on though." he motions as if that seems to be what they are doing by sailing. "Swimming first or boat picnic first?" he asks with a smile.

Leaning on the mast, Cyrielle chuckles softly and digs in the pockets of her shorts. She locates a slim case with a few cigarettes, offering it to Canis after removing one for herself. The case is returned and after placing it between her lips, her eyes white over and a flame appears within her hand. She lights her own, before offering the flame to the Ligonier… provided he opted to have one as well.

After a long drag and an exhalation of smoke that is swept away on ocean winds, the Hollolas laughs, wryly. "Or no one would have even noticed. But tsk, a son of the local House and another noble, in close proximity to one another?!" She snorts. "You would think just by the act of touching that we risked bastard children."

The young knight shakes his head to the offer of a smoke "Thank you though." Canis says as he looks where they've decided to stop it's nice and a perfect spot to picnic and to swim for that matter. He looks back as she speaks though nodding in agreement "Exactly, things things play out in the world around us all the time, but for way less we're branded." he shakes his head but chuckles "You would think so like a touch based copy machine for people, even one totally in-experienced as I am knows it doesnt quite work that way." he laughs a moment

"Don't tell me," Cyrielle says, pulling cigarette from lips as she straightens again. "You're not like…" she manages not to name anyone and instead takes a drag, letting the smoke roll around before exhale. "some of those guys who have never been with a woman, are you?" With a few, easy strides, she moves towards the edge of the boat and settles down, feet dangling over the side.

Canis looks to the other a moment as she moves to sit down and as she asks the question well sort of. The knight chuckles a moment though he does answer moving over at least closer to the other "Ah, but you said not to tell you just then, but I did the other day." he grins teasing though he does answer truthfully "I am one of those guys yes, who has never been with a woman." he says using her terms for how he drops this little bit of news.

Snorting, Cyrielle leans back on one hand. The other is left free for the cigarette. Small tendrils of smoke spiral upwards and her brown eyes track them as they disperse. "I'm going to have to start beating some sense into you," she notes to Canis, glancing sidelong towards him. "It's ridiculous. Look, nobles can't bed with nobles, but you've a whole system of Citizens, nevermind brothels."

Shifting to one side to balance herself, Cyrielle digs in pockets again and pulls out the case. She tosses it to a safe spot on the boat. Soon after comes a hypo. Leaning forward, one foot pressing to the side of the vessel, she starts dialing up a dose. "Someday you'll find a woman who will treat you right… and you oughta know what to expect and how to please her." She's speaking around the cigratte, tone modified by it. "There's no damn shame in it either, so don't give me that. Or the whole wanting the first time to be with someone you'll spend the rest of your life with… It's a load of bollocks." Even apart, Nitrim's mannerisms have stuck with her.

"It wasnt exactly on purpose or anything." Canis says though it's with a small chuckle as she threates to beat sense into him. "I'd never thought about a citizen, I dont think I could do a brothal Cyrielle it's not a morality thing I have been inside one and I just dont belong. I am awkward enough around woman for at least two peoples worth as it is." he shakes his head at this knowing it's true. He will move towards the other leaning lightly near where she is.

There's a slight bit of choking laughter at the admission and Cyrielle exhales a cloud of smoke as he leans in towards her. "You do just fine around me, Canis," she points out, gesturing with the lit thing. "Or do you not consider me a woman?" She's joking, but the woman does try to remain deadpan for at least a moment or two.

After another moment of smoking, she reaches over and stubs out the cigarette. "You shouldn't shy from it," she finally says, reaching over to ruffle at his hair a bit. "We women aren't that scary, I promise. I bet there's girls a-plenty around the resort that'd go for a night with you. I could always ask around?"

Canis is left unsure for a moment or so if she's kidding or not but he'll go with she is. "Of course your a woman." he says though after a moment all the same. "It's more when i'm actively trying to get someone to notice me. I seem to always say the wrong thing or the right thing but it doesn't come out the way I mean for it to." He says with a shake of his head at the thought of this, but he still listens a moment as she speaks. "Thank you, but if it's gonna happy I imagine it's something I should do myself." he doesn't really sound over optimistic.

"Ahhhh, I see. So it's not that you're nervous around women…" Cyrielle draws one leg back up onto the boat, wrapping her arms around her knee and leaning against it. "You're nervous around the ones you're interested in." She smirks a bit, turning her head to rest her cheek against one of her arms, watching the Ligonier sidelong.

"Well, perhaps I can find out who might be interested and report back. You've gotta have confidence, Canis. You're a Lord and a Knight. That's a pretty big deal to some of the Citizens. Take advantage of it, for once."
The young man looks over to the other, but at her words he laughs a moment "See that is just it there. Now I feel like i've said your not interesting which isnt true at all. This is the part where I try and fix it and say something lame like i'm doing right now." he shakes his head giving an example of how he seems to think and get caught up on words sometimes. He smirks a bit though catches to look more directly to the other "I've never used my title like that before you think I should? There was a lady in Arboren one time who heard 'noble' and tried to give me her number." he remembers.

Lips quirk slightly into a bit of bemusement. Cyrielle finally stops just holding the hypo she'd prepared and sits up to apply it against the inside of her arm. The soft hiss is nearly lost in the sounds of the water around them. "No, I'm sure I'm interesting. Look at what a mess I am." The hypo is tossed lightly towards where the cigarette case rests and she closes her eyes as it sets in. With a shift, she lets her shoulder lean in against Canis'; using him as support for a moment.

"I meant interested in, as in the girls you would like a roll in the hay with." The Hollolas lets out a long breath and opens her eyes somewhat, gazing out across the ocean. "People do that. I've had… men and women alike show an interest when I've been at clubs, as soon as they realize I'm a noble. We're exciting to them, even the most quiet and reserved of us."

It seems the way to catch him off guard is to say something he disagrees with. Canis looks back to her properly "Though who care about you won't let you get swept under a rug, but I disagree all the same." answering is what costs him the dodge he is shoved and is close enough the edge that he loses balance though a last moment laugh knowing he's going in he reaches to try and get his arm around her to take her with him all the same.

"Don't think it's entirely up to theEEE-" the rest of what Cyrielle might have said — even completion of the word — is cut off as Canis is successful in grabbing her as they fall to the water. It's not a long fall at all, the boat being a small sailing thing. They're far enough from the short ladder to climb in and out that there's no risk of injury.

The weeks of therapy have done Cyrielle well and she was still a decent swimmer pre-cybernetic, so it doesn't take much for her to recover and surface, sputtering with a laugh. "That was devious!" As if her ploy wasn't.

Canis pops back up out of the water he's removed his shirt and tosses it back onto the boat easily enough. He is laughing all the same as he treads water he looks back quickly to the other though first to make sure she's surfaced and able to swim that wasn't well thought out. The knight sees she is okay as she is laughing and she speaks to him. "Hey you said I was a nice guy, just quick reflexes I am a knight after all." he says with a big grin coming to his face.

There's a push of the water in a splash directed at Canis. Not much of one, just a flippant thing. "Even nice guys can be devious," she points out, smirking. Cyrielle is at a point where swimming is good therapy; it pushes her leg more without being too stressful overall. The woman sets to lazily moving away from the boat somewhat, arms stretching as she ends up in a sort of backstroke. "You are a Knight. Good to see you remember that."

The young man grins a bit at her words though he's splashed wincing comicaly at the water which splashes him. Canis does swim about a little bit flipping onto his back a moment and kicking before back over. "It's an odd thing sometimes you being a knight." he says as he swims a bit her direction perhaps still wishing to be close in case she needs help or just hanging out. "When in my armor and in battle, it's like i'm a different person there's rarely any doubt and no hesitation at all."

Backstroke is easy. At least when you're not trying to race or in a rescue situation. Cyrielle lets her eyes close against the sky, the AMP driving her focus into the physical sensations of the water and the sounds around her. Arms are spread akimbo, providing minute adjustments. Her legs kick lazily; barely even splashing water.

"Maybe that's the trick, Canis," she says after a moment of thought, "to your confidence issue… Figure out what about your armor or battle lets you feel that way. Tap into it."

Canis swims alongside the other though careful not to cause too much disturbance in the water to bother the other as he does so. It's an easy swim for the young man he listens to the others words considering them a moment "I've never thought about it at any length or anything but there is something to it, when I rode off to the reinforcement of the struggling fighters when I got there I didn't even pause just ran right in." he smirks slightly "I thought I was supposed to be helping you." he says with a small chuckle.

"You are," Cyrielle offers, shifting from the backstroke to paddling water. It lets her face the Ligonier better. "You got me out on a boat for a bit, with a great first mate." This earns a bit of a smirk. "And it's serving as a distraction from the things bothering me, which is also good…"

While she tries to affect a shrug, it isn't very successful. "If I happen to help you as well? That's just a bonus."

The knight is able to keep swimming and look over to the other and nods giving a proper smile this time it's warm and friendly now "I'm glad for all of that. Glad we got to become friends well a bit before now but better friends." he says glancing back towards the boat a moment "We still have a cooler with food and drinks in it for afterwards." he reminds the other of this "No rush of course just reminding." he says easily.

"Everyone needs friends, right?" Cyrielle parrots something he'd said before back at him. "Perhaps someday we'll fight in the field alongside each other, too." She reaches up and grabs an edge of the boat, keeping her in place for the moment as she watches the Ligonier Knight. "Or maybe I'll keep visiting to make sure you continue on learning proper sailing skills."

Canis smiles to the other as she says what he told her but the young knight seems in very good humor at seeing her relaxed and nearly herself though he does know it'll take time. "Perhaps we will, i'd be honored to fight by your side maybe you can let me know if i'm wrong about being different on the battlefield." he says though he nods to her next words the smile growing a bit "I would really like that Cyrielle. As far as i'm concerned you're welcome here anytime."

"I'm sure perhaps I can tell you that as we progress in my training," Cyrielle says, offering a lopsided grin. "I expect you to treat me as you would a squire. You'll need practice for when you do have one, afterall."

Letting go of the boat, she kicks off to swim towards the section with a ladder and start pulling herself free of the water. Droplets fall away from her as she climbs free of the calm inlet's waters and onto the boat itself. Settling down with a back to the mast, she starts to stretch out. "That's as good an invitation as any. Honor's Keep is a lovely place."

The young knight will swim back that way as well though looks worried as she climbs the ladder but she does just fine by herself "I can do that." Canis says about treating her like a squire but in truth it will be a challenge for him to do so. He will take his turn to climb up the ladder but he will go towards the underdeck "I am glad you enjoy it here." he will say before he disappears, when he comes back he's carrying two towels and a basket "Not that it's cold, but you can lay out on it if you'd like or something." he says as he makes his way over to where she is.

"I appreciate the gesture," Cyrielle says, glancing towards the things the Ligonier carries back to them. "But I'm just as happy with the deck beneath my feet." As if to prove her point, she leans forward and removes the specialized shoes. They're set aside and she wiggles her toes — real and white-cybernetic — against the synth-wood of the boat's boards. Feet are planted flat, back to the mast still.

"It's similar to Beacon in some ways, yet so different than others. Of course I enjoy it." The Hollolas leans forward, glancing towards the basket. "So what did you pack for us?"

Canis watches the other and nods to her as she plops down at the mast. He takes the basket and will set the two towels on a seat behind as he too sits down as well next to the other and sets the basket down. "Hm spring salad sandwiches, rolls, fresh fruit it looks like wine and some glasses." He ticks some things off but it looks like there may be a few other things in there as well. "I'll have to take my turn to visit some day, can still throw one another off boats if it helps?" he jokes lightly. He is getting some plates and utensils out while he's speaking

As Canis lists off the different things brought, Cyrielle tucks in her legs to the side. It puts her into a slight lean; partially against the Ligonier and partially against the mast. She's already reaching for one of the rolls, impatiently. Tearing a bit off, she snorts in amusement as she nibbles at the bread.

"We can, but I'd watch out for sharks if we're too far out in Beacon waters." The Hollolas grins, nonetheless. "It's not as humid here as it is there, but it's about as warm."

"Hm, so what you're saying is will save the swimming for when you're visiting Honor's Keep." Canis says to her with a smile after she speaks of sharks in the water there he remains where he is smiling as she leans back. He will grab two wrapped sandwiches and place one on each plate though there are more. He will chuckle though as she grabs a roll he will scoop some fruit onto each plate and adding a couple more rolls to each before he'll offer a plate to her. "Would you like wine?" he asks before he'll pour any into her glass.

It's more of a side lean, but using the Knight and mast for support so her hands stay free. Cyrielle finishes off the roll, reaching for the glass offered to steady it as he pours. "Yes, please." Wine is always welcome in a Hollolas world. Well, just about any alcohol, really.

"We can swim there. The sharks really aren't that bad during the right season and the ships keep them away from the shores."

Canis nods his head and pours her a good glass of wine before adding some to his as well. He appreciates the holding of the glass which makes it easier to do though he holds the plate in check so they don't get away either. The knight listens to her as she speaks about the sharks another moment "Think I can learn to swim in my armor?" he asks giving the other a wink to show he's kidding of course. Once he's done he'll hold up his glass to her in a salute "Cheers." he will say but he will wait till she's situated to offer her the plate he's made up.

Tilting her glass to his in echo of the salute, Cyrielle laughs. "Sure, but you might just flail around on the bottom a bit. I don't see your polearm getting to good use down there, either." She takes a sip of the wine as she accepts the plate, shifting just enough to balance it on her lap and start eating. "Thank you for this," she murmurs to the Ligonier. "It's been… difficult to do things, even the simple tasks. Like eat."

The knight takes a drink and a bite of roll finishing it before he'll answer "Oh man won't let me try out my new underwater polearm?" Canis teases back though the mental image of him in his defender armor underwater is kind of funny. He grins at this a bit though looks back as she speaks again. "I don't think i've done anything much, but you're welcome." he says but takes another drink of the wine. "Things will take time to settle but they will." he says looking more directly over to her.

"You show me an underwater polearm… I'll develop a new method of shark hunting." Cyrielle chuckles softly, but it fades when he continues. The woman looks down to her wine glass, exhaling in a slow sigh. She takes a long drink, lowering the glass to rest against her leg. The woman's elbow bumps up against the Knight lightly.

"I know they'll settle," she says finally, still staring downward, "but I'm… scared of which direction they'll settle in."

Canis smiles "Ah, a new tourism who needs to hunt drakes when you can go underwater shark hunting." He says though he continues to look over and as she looks troubled the smile fades feeling the nudge as she lowers her arm, though he'll turn his body slightly more towards the other to talk and look at her more easily. "The future is hard it can change so many times before it's here. The present us what you have control over. From when I first found you in that hut you're already coming back alive some that will continue." he says

"I barely sleep," Cyrielle admits, unable to continue the joke. She's caught up in the bleak sensations once more. Her wine glass is tilted and she lifts it, downing the rest. It's tucked down somewhere by her legs, where it won't escape. Quiet for a moment, the young woman shifts the food on her plate around. She may be leaning a bit more into Canis, seeking the comfort another person's presence can provide.

"Every time I try," she murmurs, "I dream of the fight… But it's not just the fight. It's the damned Dreams we," the we seems to indicate some group beyond the two of them on the boat, "get. Cold and ice and blood." Cyrielle shivers, as if it were cold- rather than a balmy day with the sun shining.

The knight frowns slightly at her words knowing the haunted look in her eyes as she pauses before continuing. Canis is focused on the other for the moment listening though as she leans once more if there's room he will move to place am arm around her shoulders also if she'll allow it since they are sitting on the boats deck and all. Canis nods "The fight was bad, and I imagine it left a mark on you the dreams you're having feeling of cold and ice the blood i'm not sure, but your body and heart needs to heal." he will say

"I've been researching the ice and blood," Cyrielle murmurs, leaning into Canis as he places his arm around her. She lets out a sigh, her head falling over against his shoulder. "It's… a thing that happens to us Awakened," she continues, finally picking up a piece of fruit to nibble at.

"We… Dream of things. Portents, sometimes."

Canis gives her a small squeeze as she leans over wishing to comfort her he remains still while she speaks "There are many places that have ice which are dangerous, remember I told you about the search and rescue mission I went on? We found them in the frozen wastes but also a troop of hostiles." he will say but also adding "Like prophetic dreams?" he asks curiously though he will stay silent a moment "Are they fairly uncommon? I mean it's possible they are just dreams reflecting inner turmoil."

"They are… common enough. Some just seem to regard current events and emotions, but others…" Cyrielle's eyes close and she balances the plate against her legs, drawing arms about herself. Still remembering the cold of her nightmares. "When we all share the same Dream, it's prophetic. It speaks of something… often something big. Others have had this dream. I've been discussing them with some other Awakened."

A soft breath escapes from the woman, cheek resting against Canis' shoulder. It's an odd moment, perhaps, but he's offered comfort and right now, she'll take it. "Before the fight, they were just… unsettling. Now they're terrifying."

He doesn't know that much about what awakened can do other than the things he's seen with is own two eyes. He know what he can do is be there for the other and comfort her which is what he will do. "I see, so it may be something in the future." Canis ponders a moment "I imagine your nerves are frayed after things, you're feeling everything more vividly it sounds like even in dreams you're more open to perceive." he is trying to take in the information and give out advice or what information he does have.

"Before…" Cyrielle's voice catches and she draws in a breath. Hands shake and she has to set the plate aside, pulling away briefly from Canis. When she settles back in against the Ligonier, she wraps her arms around herself. Fingers clutch at the bare skin the bikini bares at her abdomen and sides. "Before all of this, I was writing to my mentor about it… He said blood like this has shown up in Awakened Dreams before, during the Second war. It came before… a bloodbath of a battle."

Swallowing, Cyrielle closes her eyes again. She hasn't discussed this part with anyone- she was hoping to, with Nitrim, but… "Another Awakened sees massive ships. I don't know… what the three mean together, but I'm scared. And… I don't know how to deal with anything right now, Canis."

Canis watches the other closely and worries more as her breath catches a moment it's easy enough to move his arm as she moves away from him for a moment. He will remain where he is though still following her and waiting as she leans back he'll emberace her warmly again his shirt was tossed back on board but he's still uncovered. "A bloodbath?" he ponders a moment what offensive or a sudden attack could befall the knights. "There has been approved an all out offensive in the Vale massive ships though." he cannot linger on this for now "I think it's best right now if you tried not to linger on this, they may be important but you've got too much on your shoulders."

"If anything," Cyrielle says, "I should focus on it." Her protest, however, is weak. Voice quiet. A hand lifts from her abdomen and she starts tugging absently at one of the braids, pulling it free from the ponytail. "The other issues… they're my own fault. The dreams are what I was born to, Canis." Even if she didn't know it until late.

There's a bit of a sigh after a few breaths, "But I'm not sure who I can take the knowledge to. Those I usually would…"

The young knight will listen to her nodding as he understands though he does watch as she moves her hair about he is thinking. "Lord Niko might be a good person, he was trying to bring a more united front to the war by have the houses push aside squabbling. He is also married to a Sauveur." he says after the moments of thought about who might be good. "I am not saying it's a bad thing nothing like that, just want you to be able to rest is all." he says though still looking to her properly. "I already said this, but your human and we all make mistakes things will get better."

"Does Lord Niko understand Awakened? Or… is he perhaps one?" Cyrielle frowns slightly as she thinks it over. It might be a good option- if he'd listen. "I've always supported Houses working together. Politics…" There's a shake of her head.

With a small, broken laugh, she leans back and drops the hand from her hair to Canis' arm, turning to face him. She pats at his bicep lightly. "You say that… but you're still pained by your troubles. Has that begun to get better?" Again, she sounds bitter. Frustrated. It's clear, however, that it's not directed at him.

Canis shakes his head "I don't think he is one, but I would imagine he'd be level headed enough to listen to one." he says at the question of the other knight but as she speaks of politics he nods "Me as well, from what I understand, he sent a message to many of the house heirs to see if co-operation can be managed." explaining further. The words she speaks gets a nod following though as he's following as she turns and the pat to his arm before he answers. "A little, yes I had to realize that I was tricking myself and causing harm, separation is best for both until things settle."

"I'm sorry it didn't work out with her," Cyrielle says, brows furrowing slightly in concern for the Knight. "I mean… I do think you're better off, yes, but I'm sorry all the same. You're a good guy, Canis. You don't deserve the rumors, ill words, or confusion."

Bringing hand away from his arm, Cyrielle twists and grabs the wine bottle. Her glass is tucked by her leg, so she offers it to the Ligonier first. "Would you like more?"

"Yes please." he says giving her a smile now. His free hand is used to grab his wine glass which he'll hold steady for her. Canis will listen though while he waits "Thank you Cyrielle it means a lot really, the rumors and things are just how things went.We know how that goes the boat seems like it's own island still to me." he gives a small shrug to the other knowing they spoke about how nobles and how they naturally draw a crowed even without trying.

"Well, here it is," Cyrielle says as she pours the wine for him. There's a glance up to the shore, not too far away. "I doubt many people will be venturing this far away from home with the hostile activity as of late." She's been, every so often, casting an eye towards the shore. Just in case. The bottle is passed over to Canis so that she can, in turn, hold her glass for him to pour. "Guess we all need more places like this. Somewhere to just… relax and not feel like we're on display like the animals in the zoo at Landing."

Canis nods holding the glass steady so she can pour it. He will scoot it towards him so he can grip it with his legs for the moment, and accept the wine bottle to help her but he listens and nods with a sigh "Exactly I think every noble will need to have such a place sooner or later." he'll wait till she's holding the glass and then reach over and pour her another glass before setting the bottle back down and taking a good sip from his glass so it's less spillable.

Once they both have glasses in hand, Cyrielle tilts hers slightly in Canis' direction before taking a drink. "We all have our own rooms, but…" Lips twitch slightly in memory of something. "Those don't serve well. Our Houses do so love to keep us under tight observation."

With a sip, she looks to the liquid as it lazily coats the sides of the glass as it sinks back into place. It shifts slightly still yet, with the slow motion of the boat beneath them. "My brother and I… we share a treehouse. It's our own little escape, within Beacon. We can go there to get away, have a gathering with friends… It's nice."

The young knight returns the tilted glass in her direction taking another small sip "Indeed it would seem that we'll be meddled with unless we take drastic measures.." Canis looks over to her after setting the glass back down where it won't spill, the talk of a private treehouse makes him grin "That sounds excellent, I bet it's a great place to go at times." he says and really seems to be picturing it a moment

"Any children I may have," as nothing is certain in times of war, "I won't meddle so much with. Especially when they're adults… Everyone should be allowed to celebrate their successes and mistakes." Cyrielle takes a deeper drink of the wine, glancing over to Canis as he mentions the treehouse. She chuckles softly, "It is a nice place. I honestly spend most of my time there when I'm in Beacon… or I try to. I couldn't right after the surgery… My leg couldn't handle it."

Canis winces slightly but he takes another drink "I bet that was tough, I was worried about the ladder to the boat just now and was ready to help but you didn't need it though." The young knight nods though to her other words "I think our generation will be diffrent, if I do have children myself if i get that one problem taken care of ever." he chuckles "I will raise them properly but if they choose to marry for love so be it, i'd just want them happy ya know"

"This was while I was still in the wheelchair," Cyrielle explains, leaning back against the mast. She's still letting Canis support her a bit, if he's still positioned so, but she's not relying upon him off the start. "And the crutches. Before I was cleared to come here."

There's a soft laugh, "Oh, our parents will wed us all off as swift as they can in time, I'm sure. And I'm sure even they said they would be different than their parents…"

The young man does slide himself back over just a little so that he can be used to lean on. Canis nods to her words "You've come a long ways since then, look at you." he says smiling at this fact. He will look across though to her words shaking his head. "You and I have felt the sting of dated traditions and politics, I think we will be different beyond just wanting to be so, and can make some good of our futures."

"Damn straight I have," Cyrielle says with a soft laugh. She's starting to twitch slightly. Nothing major, just a small twinge every so often. Most of it manifests in her foot tapping slightly. The woman shifts, trying to tuck it beneath her. Trying to hide the twitch.

"I think a number of us have. I could likely name a handful of other nobles if I just had a moment to think of it…" Cyrielle draws in a long breath, exhaling in a sigh. "Perhaps revision is reaching its end?"

Canis drinks a little more wine. He is looking over to the other while she speaks the laugh makes him grin to see but he sets the glass back down where it wont spill. If he does notice the twitch he wont mention it unless it gets worse. "I know a few others myself, I don't know maybe it just needs to be brought current some it's done us some good but it's also caused strife there has to be a way to keep the cohesion without causing other issues. He will lean back a bit more which puts him more in contact with her.

Turning her glass in fingers, Cyrielle lets out a small sigh. "Perhaps we can hope that the heirs out there… like our sisters, or Anabethe Khournas… are the sorts to care less about the things that don't matter, like piddling politics… and more about the good of the people." She doesn't protest when he shifts; his chest is more comfortable than the mast. Her wine glass is tilted a bit and she finishes off a good half the glass.

“definitely hope so. Ines has a good head on her shoulders so I am glad she's the heir of the house." he reaches back taking another good drink himself from the wine glass before setting it back. He only smiles as she remains where she is. "It would be a much better environment for everyone if that were to happen and less pressure on us all."

"Fiona… Well, we'll see. She's a good Captain." Cyrielle will just have to hope that's enough. Not like Hollolas — much like Ligonier — holds much sway in the grand scheme of things. She finishes off her glass of wine; the last of it, really. Bottles never seem to hold enough. Her head tips back against Canis' shoulder and she sighs. "This is so much easier. Just… being able to relax with a friend. No worries of cameras, scoldings from our parents… Fuck, I wish I was a Citizen sometimes."

Canis takes his last drink of wine himself as he's listening to the other and those she think would make better leaders. The young man nods in agreement to her words "I suppose we will see that's the exciting thing about the future." he will say though pondering if he brought anything else to drink a moment it doesn't seem to matter though. He leans back and as she leans against his shoulder he'll embrace her once again. "It really is, not enough times like these ones." he smiles over "I've thought that before i'd never say it to a citizen but it just sounds like it'd be hard work, but you'd run your own life."

The drink helps ease off the beginning edges of a need for more AMP. When Canis' arm goes around her, Cyrielle is able to focus on it. The press of his forearm, the places they're in physical contact. The AMP still in her system brings that razor-sharp focus into play and the twitching of her foot dies off. She's not drunk; the woman drinks too much as of late for that. She's just… relaxed.

"What about our lives isn't hard work?" Money, for one. Cyrielle's never paid much mind to that at all. "We train to be Knights or Captains. We lead people. We struggle… and we have no choice as to who we get to be with."

The young man doesn't drink much but he's not drunk really perhaps tipsy a little but is as she is relaxed glad to be there with the other. "I suppose you have a point there, a lot riding on all of our shoulders and expected of us taken away things some would take for granted. I guess it comes down to making ones own decisions and at least according to our parents how that breaks the haven system in half." Canis says shaking his head slightly

Laughing softly, Cyrielle lets her chin lifts slightly. Some of the bits of sea glass in her hair may press into Canis' chest as she does so. The woman lifts her face into the sunlight, eyes closing. There's a light sigh as she lifts a hand to pat at Canis' arm.

"Perhaps rather than the saviors of Haven, we shall be its downfall. Usher in a new era where people wed and bed for their own sake, rather than that of politics. Whatever would the tabloids report of!"

Canis smiles as she looks up enjoying the sun and the touch to his arm and pressed into. The knight chuckles to her words though he ponders "They might have to find something positive to write about you know they can't have that." he thinks a moment "Generation of Vengeance goes soft? Or Generation of Love." he says as possible titles given to the news stories in this new future without politics interfering with who you chose to be with.

"I do wonder where they decided that name," Cyrielle murmurs, voice growing softer. She's trying to focus on the comforting aspects of the 'ride.' Not the ones that make her twitchy. Unfortunately, she's not noticed her fingers drumming lightly on Canis' arm yet.

"What are we taking Vengeance upon? The previous war? Wouldn't you decide… after the fact? What if we crumble and fall? It'd become an embarrassment."

"That's a good question." Generation of flop. Canis says thinking about it a moment he can't not notice the tapping on his arm but it doesn't bother him so it only holds his gaze a moment before it looks back to her. "It doesn't really make sense when you think about it, we've been brought up to defend ourselves only we aren't taking the vengeance." he sighs "I suppose it doesn't matter in the end what we call ourselves it's those who come after us our children and their children who will decide if what we've done is right."

There's a brief smile that comes over Cyrielle's features, breath exhaling in a light sigh. "I'm glad you agree," she says finally. "Perhaps we should have been the Generation of Defenders. The Generation of… Stalwart?" Laughing softly, she stops when she notices her hand. A slight color tinges the woman's cheeks and she retracts her fingers from his arm. "Sorry," she murmurs.

Canis sits in silence enjoying the atmosphere of where they are and everything. "I think both of those would have been better, we'd be remembered as defenders of our friends and families not for the people who held a grudge this whole time. Can you imagine if after all this time the hostiles never had come back oops?" he imagines it and grins a bit more though it turns confused as she pulls away and apologizes "Sorry for what Cyrielle?" he'll ask.

"If they had never come back…" Cyrielle exhales a sigh and her eyes fall closed. Perhaps imagining it. "We would be… the generation of the prepared. Prepared for a fight that never came. Prepared for a war we didn't have to fight. How many of us… would never learn to live normal lives?"

Biting her lip at his question, Cyrielle leans away finally. Breaking their contact, unless he holds her near. "I was tapping at your arm… I know that can annoy some people. Repetitive actions."
"If they had never come back…" Cyrielle exhales a sigh and her eyes fall closed. Perhaps imagining it. "We would be… the generation of the prepared. Prepared for a fight that never came. Prepared for a war we didn't have to fight. How many of us… would never learn to live normal lives?"

Biting her lip at his question, Cyrielle leans away finally. Breaking their contact, unless he holds her near. "I was tapping at your arm… I know that can annoy some people. Repetitive actions."

"I said it but I can't even imagine it." Canis says to the other trying to picture it but it's just so far off. "I mean if I wasn't a knight what would I have been?" It's this state and enjoying the comfort of having the other near by he does hang on a moment before realizing that she's trying to move away and will move his arm though he frowns slightly to her words "I know you were, but it didnt bother me at all actually." he says over to the other.

The resistance placed gives Cyrielle enough pause that she doesn't get far. Just far enough, really, that she resituates herself. Legs are drawn in, one knee brought up as an arm drapes over and around the leg. It's not her cybernetic, so flesh matches flesh as fingertips fall across calf. The Hollolas turns her head to regard Canis. There's a soft sigh, "I… think we would all be where we are, out of preparation… but instead of fighting Hostiles, we'd be spinning our wheels and bickering over the same, stupid things… without a war to actually give them weight."

Canis watches as she seems to retract into her self once more and worries that she's being brought down by the topic at hand. He's silent a moment just watching her closely "Are you okay?" he will ask concern in his voice and his eyes if she meets them. He will answer but a bit of a change in the topic. "You're probably right there, but we were talking about changes and ones that would make people happy. If I wasn't on duty so much maybe I can give you a run for your money in sailing." he says nudging her with his arm lightly.

Some of the hair brought errant by her fussing and swimming falls by her face and Cyrielle gives a slight nod. "I'm…" Is she fine? The woman's brow furrows slightly. She shrugs, finally. "I don't know." The nudge does bring a faint, flickering smile. It doesn't last as her fingers begin tapping at her leg again. "I would have liked to see that."

The knight looks over to the other though she's scooted away a little she's still close enough he'll reach over and scoot the hair from her face unless she moves away. "If you teach me sailing maybe we can race in the Ligonier regatta think it's coming up sometime soon." though her answer to his question doesn't reassure him quite the opposite really he worries more the smile makes her look alive a moment but it's not lasting. "Cyrielle it seems a bad questions, but what's wrong? Can I do something to help?" Canis ponders over her movements "Are you needing your bag?" he says the last where she'd tossed her items before they swam he doesn't wish her to take more but until she asks for help stopping it's outside his control.

Those brown eyes fall closed at the touch to her hair and Cyrielle exhales in a slow sigh, letting the breath wash away the fears. Or, so she hopes- it does not do quite the job she had wanted. "I… suppose distraction only last so long," she admits, quietly. "It finds ways to creep back up and…" At his offer, her eyes open again and she shakes her head slightly. "I can get it," the woman says in a softly strained voice as she starts to get to her feet.

Canis watches her as she doesn't move but she does seem tortured. The knight listens and nods though he's not been an addict himself he understands trying to distract oneself to not do something else. "If you don't want it, we can work to get you away from it. With support in place it's do-able." he knows this time after all that's gone on it's the wrong time though. He does look worried still as she does look a bit shaky now. He frowns but he cannot blame her for wanting to forget for a while. It's hard but he'll stand up and offer his hand to her to help her up .

"I…" Cyrielle wars with what he's offering her and she lets out a defeated sigh. Her head hangs a moment, the shame writ on her features. The Hollolas lifts her hand to tuck fingers into Canis', accepting his aid to her feet. It does take her a moment; it's been a physically trying day so far and she's not helped herself with her recent vices. "I don't think I can yet."

Drawing a breath to steel herself, she turns and starts towards the discarded hypo, sinking down against the side of the boat as she dials up another dose. "I'm sorry I ruined our day out."

The knight will steady himself as she takes his hand before helping her up supporting her with the other hand if she needs it while he's at it. "It's the wrong time to ask, I knew it when I asked, i'd want to forget even a moment. But when your ready I am here to help." Canis says to her softly he doesn't like it but he can hardly blame her. He will make his way over with the other towards the bag the closest he's probably been to such things. He manages a smile as she speaks. "Cyrielle, you've not ruined anything at all." says there's not doubt in his voice.

When Cyrielle glances up, hypo held poised, she looks confused at the smile. The woman falters, then, shoulders slouching. It almost seems to make her feel… worse. "Fuck…" The hypo is finally pressed to arm, the hiss sounding with release. A faint bruise is forming in the place she uses; showing her frequency.

"Canis, that Brienne is a damned fool. You're… too understanding. Too nice. None of this is fair to you. Not my behavior today. Not her treatment of you… Hells, this world isn't fair for you."

Canis can move over to her and speaks the truth. The look on her face though tells him that she doesn't believe his words or perhaps is taking them another way then how he means them which he is known for afterall. He does wince though there's the word and then the hiss at the release of the drug. He notices the bruise but doesn't wish for her to catch him on that part turning to look into her face once more. "I've enjoyed sailing and being your first mate, and being tossed off the boat and swimming and the picnic and just sitting at the mast talking, it's been a great day." he lists things off as she speaks in return "Ines told me i'm too caring and that she worries i'd be taken advantage of not that I think you are or anything, I judt dont see me ever changing that about myself."

"It was a lovely day," Cyrielle murmurs, tilting her head in a small nod. "Until… I let my depression get the better of me." The woman exhales in a small, huffed sigh. Her hand closes into a slow fist as she tucks the hypo away into her shorts. In case she'll need it again.

Moving to her feet, she makes her way towards the picnic again, staring down at it. "You're… a good friend, Canis. Better than I deserve. I hope I never do take advantage of you." The Hollolas looks towards the Knight. "Shall we finish eating and sail back before it gets dark?"

"We may have to agree to disagree on that one, i'm still having a quite nice day and I enjoyed talking." Canis says though he will turn back around as she does and moves back towards the picnic area of the boat. "I dont know why you dont deserve a friend. I think you do but thank you, you are a good friend too." the young man nods to her words "That sounds excellent, can beat the daily rain into shore that way.

"I hope to be a good friend," Cyrielle says, brow furrowing as she reflects upon it. As if she's suddenly not sure if she is- or not. The woman huffs a small sigh, glancing back to Canis. "We'll find a way to bring you confidence. Find you a girl just as good as you are."

She attempts what is intended to be a supportive smile, but it's broken by the distant look in her eyes as the drug sets in. Lowering herself by the mast once again, she picks up her plate to commence to eating properly, so they can get back into the lagoons.

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