Summary: When fear creates distance, you either let it grow or bridge the gap
Date: 24 June 2013
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Monday, June 24, 3013— Johana's Suite, Obsidia

After the family meeting Ana had called together had ended, the Ibrahm had continued her pacing once she had gotten back to her room in Obsidia, ridding herself of her restless energy until she had gone to her window and looked out at the falls. The falls always settled her and suddenly the words from Erik earlier in the day came back, dancing through her mind like fallen leaves tumbling through a gentle fall breeze. 'The jewel of the Crescent. A place I would have no regrets dying for in battle, and a place I could see myself living with no regrets at all.' His exact words. And she had told him to go. And he had gone.

Clasping her hands together, Johana leans her forearms on her window sill, the falls still her main focus visually. However, inside, she was reliving a conversation she'd been too scared to be completely honest in. Too soon? Yes, she'd said too soon.. But it was because he had said it was too soon first and to save face, she had twisted it and sent him on his way.

Why wasn't she happy then? He had given her what she had wanted. What she had demanded in such a frozen tone. What choice did he have? He had his pride, of course he did. She lo.. liked that about him.

Standing upright, Ana turns from the window, a troubled expression on her unguarded features, a frown gently tugging at her brow. At home alone in her room she would not even allow herself to imagine such words. Not about someone so completely unsuitable to herself. Yes, think that way, it was safer. So completely the opposite of what she had ever imagined herself with. Khournas men were so openly strong, powerful and challenging. They had their pride and allowed no one to walk over them. Had it been a Khourni she had so coldly demanded to leave, he would have scoffed at her and demanded she hear his side. He would have stood up to her and made her listen, not a chance of him backing down. Of course that would have only angered her further.

Not Erik. He had quietly gone with his good manners and gentle propriety. And his disappointment. In her.
Clenching her hands into fists, she can feel her fingernails digging into her palms, yet she doesn't relent. His steady, solid strength was the opposite of her volatile, heated temperament… But for the first time she allowed herself to perhaps reconsider. He complemented her and filled in for her shortcomings. Gods help her, he was all she wasn't. And it scared her more than she'd ever been frightened before.

Yes. Distance was best. Time and distance cured everything, didn't it? Settled now that she has made a decision, a beeping indicates an incoming message. With a chill down her spine that was half anticipation, half trepidation, she checks it.

To my Favorite Fiery Ibrahm….
The beginning was enough to make her jump around like a teenager who just got asked to the prom. She doesn't… But it was enough to. He had offered the first step to bridge the gap. She was going to take it

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