<DEAD> Lady Reena Khournas
Natalie Dormer
Natalie Dormer as Lady Reena Italya Khournas
Full Name: Lady Reena Italya Khournas
Byname: Trouble
Age: 20
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: Khournas
House: Khournas
Title/Profession: Lady
Position: Chairperson of the Board of The Notice Project.
Spouse: Betrothed to Young Lord Lieutenant Kadmus Volen Height: 5'6"
Father: High Lord Jevon Khournas Weight: 130 lbs.
Mother: High Lady Micaya Khournas nee Ibrahm. Hair Color: Dark Brown
Siblings: Anabethe, Michram, Ellion, Nitrim Eye Color: Blue
Children: None


The youngest daughter of the Head of House Khournas, Reena has been bred to be a significant playing piece in the political game. Groomed from birth to make an attractive candidate for marriage, she is deft in etiquette, administration, and practiced in several gentle arts. As her skill in being a "lady" increased, so did her ambitions, although she's hidden them well. Having no shot at being Heir to Khournas, outside of a massive catastrophe wiping out her elder siblings, she's turned to finding herself a husband who can raise her status.

The intrigues of politics are an obsession for her, and she is addicted to learning whatever she can about her competition in the noble marriage arena, to give her a better chance of landing a husband of her choice. She also defied tradition by learning to Ride, a good indicator of her intention to marry outside of the Paramount House and its vassals.

She loves her brothers and sister, but is occasionally the jealous brat of the family, believing herself a more fit Heir than her siblings. However, her love for them and loyalty to her parents keeps her from acting against them. Her jealous has converted her to trying to strengthening Khouras through forging alliances. She focused on diplomacy and dealing in secrets to cement support for her House.

To make herself useful, she trained in medicine at the Academ, focusing on field medicine techniques and emergency care in the shadow of the return of the Hostiles. She has spent many hours volunteering at hospitals, and worked diligently with the injured after the February 2013 volcanic eruption. She has been portrayed as an Angel of Mercy, and she works hard to maintain that image. She does have one other love, and that is gardening. She is most proud of her Orchids, which do well in the volcanic climate of Khournas.

After growing out of a childhood crush on Sir Thalo Khorax, she was sent to Landings to serve as handmaid to Princess Ophia Sauveur for a short time. She soon found herself involved with a citizen locksmith, Solace Temple, who introduced her to the Ignored, the poor and destitute that reside in every city, unseen, unheard, and un-aided. Shortly after, due in large part to her own meddling, she found herself betrothed to Young Lord Kadmus Volen, and her cousin and best friend Victor betrothed to Kadmus' sister, Devon, a Grantham widow.

Her relationship with her husband to be started off polite but distant, and she turned to working on a charity project. The Notice Project, to aid the Ignored, recently took off, and she is currently the Chairperson of the Board of Directors.



This young woman is clad in the silver shades of House Khournas, while carrying a favor in red and gold. She is pale of skin, and dark of hair, with clear, blue eyes that seem to hold wisdom beyond her 20 years. Her hair cascades in waves to the small of her back, and her lips are a deep shade of rose. Her gown is made of the finest matierials, with a square neckline and beaded bodice. The silk linings of her overdress and sleeves shift colors, but seem to favor red and gold and silver. She stands 5'6" with a small waist, and modest curves.


  • Addicted to Intrigue
  • Ambitious
  • Social Climber

Musical Inspiration

  • Billy Joel - "She's Always A Woman"

She will promise you more
Than the Garden of Eden
Then she'll carelessly cut you
And laugh while you're bleedin'
But she'll bring out the best
And the worst you can be
Blame it all on yourself
Cause she's always a woman to me

  • Pat Benatar - "Fire and Ice"

Fire and ice, you come on like a flame
Then you turn cold shoulder
Fire and ice, I wanna give you my love
You'll just take a little piece of my heart

  • Meredith Brooks - "Bitch"

I'm a bitch, I'm a lover
I'm a child, I'm a mother
I'm a sinner, I'm a saint
I do not feel ashamed
I'm your hell, I'm your dream
I'm nothing in between
You know you wouldn't want it any other way

  • Veruca Salt - "Volcano Girls"

Volcano Girls,
we really can't be beat.
Warm us up and watch us blow.
But now and then we fail
and we admit defeat.
We're falling off,
we are watered down and fully grown.

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