07.11.3013: Reconnecting
Summary: Two of the Peake siblings sit down and have a talk after not having seen each other for a while.
Date: 11 July 2013
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Brigham Viannea 

Brigham's Lab
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11 July, 3013

Lord Peake, THE Lord Peake that is, long ago stopped trying to turn his youngest son into a warrior. Or a mining executive. Or a grand administrator of the Family estates. Or even into a proper Noble. Instead, as his seemingly endless efforts to make Brigham anything other then what he was failed, he found that even his legendary Peake stubborness was no match for the shear genius that was his son's relentless infinite distractions. And so he allowed Brigham a cave of his own to call a lab. Plus it was safer for everyone else considering it's distance from the inhabited sections of Khar-Mordune. Brigham was twelve years old.

After the construction of the lab, the number of 'incidents' involving the destrctution of his siblings things dropped precipitously, as did the damage done to the various areas of the Family's estate. Everyone was grateful. Since that time the Laboratory has become rather Infamous in town. There is rarely a time when there isn't the rumble of an explosion, a horrible stench, of the clang of iron making it's way from behind the thick reinforced door, and when silence does decend for any length of time, the real concern begins.

The door to the lab is reinforced titanium with copper wire layered through it's make up. Rumor has it that Tristan even had it Shielded. Just in case. Beyond that door lays a very large cavern that belongs to Brigham Peake alone. The ceiling of it vanishes high into darkness in places, and in others is well lit by the bioluminecent properties that run most of the lighting in Peake lands. The long reaching stalagmites and stalagtites serve as anchors over head for criss crossing catwalks that allow Brigham to reach the taller… things in his lab.

There is a section made into an elaborate hydroponics area, sectioned off into various 'climates' with plants undergoing various conditions. The perfume from the area is almost over powering when standing to near to it, and it's the source of the odd flowers Brig is always bringing to the estate for Mother. There are dusty old robotic skeletons lining one wall, a running attempt of Brigham's to create drone soldiers or even assistance that has met with endless failure, though is a legend in Khar-Mordune… ever since his sixteen birthday celebration fiasco.

There is the medical area, filled with shiney equipment under plastic sheeting, complete with autopsy table and various sharp impliments who's purpose is best left ignored. A handful of chemistry tables set up, with solutions bubbling and hissing as colored fluids pass through various glass tubes and pipes.

Cables and wires snake across the floor like the roots of some vast tree, making walking hazardous to the unwary, and providing power to the enormous network of computers, both ancient and state of the art that Brigham seems to collect. Well lit, busy, and obviously over used, the Lab is a complete and perfect reflection of the mind of Brigham Peake.

Speaking of, Brigham himself is… Thinking. Vi can tell because as she walks through the door and into the lab proper, he is sitting in a chair with his cello propped up before him. Leaning forward, his explosion of hair bobbing in time with the sawing of the bow. He's always been a skilled cellist, but there are times when his genius really shines and he can summon such awe inspiring movements of music to drag tears from the eyes of Hostiles.

This isn't one of those times. The music is fast, hard, almost discordant, and the small young man saws away feverishly, obviously lost to the world around him as he plays, his body jerking under the effort as if he were sitting on a live wire.

Normally Vi doesn't come down here unless it's something very urgent and that requires her younger brother's immediate attention. That's undoubtedly because of how she is still afraid of random explosions or other forms of sudden pyrotechnics even if such mishaps are not as common as they were when the boy genius was a kid. But this time she comes down just for the sake of seeing Brigham. That's right. Brig's sister came here to visit with zero concern for her personal well being.

The door is opened and then closed behind her as soon as she comes into the lab but Vi stops herself short. There were plans to surprise Brigham by keeping her presence unnanounced but the tone of the music is caught and she sighs. Did she come at a bad time? Only one way to tell. "Brigham! It's me. Is now a good time to come by?" Hopefully she'll get a kind response from him and not wind up having to dodge items as they go flying through the air.

Brigham isn't a violent genius… usually. Not on purpose anyway. Usually. He stops when he hears a voice, and he looks around, confused, "Who th-" he stops when he sees Vi, and he stands and runs to her arms spread wide for hugs! He forgets to put the cello and bow down, so he makes an ungodly rackets bouncing and dragging the instroment behind him as he goes until she's met with a giant hug, "HEY!" he says, his voice muffled by her shoulder. "Hph oo bnn?" He's a solid four inches shorter then his sister, any mroe and hugs would become awkward. Also he's stabbing her with an instrument and a bow now. The perils of being related to Brigham are many.

Brigham's boundless enthusiasm usually means hugs tend to hurt a bit and it seems this embrace is no exception. Doesn't help that Viannea's ribs still ache a bit from being cracked a couple weeks ago but they'd probably creak anyhow. And the poking? Well, that's taken entirely in stride even if it does add to her discomfort. "Hey brat," Vi teases while bending her head down to kiss the crown of the shorter Peake's head. "Haven't seen you in a while so thought I'd see if you were alright. Are you? Alright, I mean. The music…" And just like that she stops herself short, not wanting to make Brig feel like she's being nosy.

Brigham waves her worries away as he breaks free, "Eh. Been a busy few weeks. Helped with some super secret classified coding junk up on the Ring with some guy I'm not sure I'm supposed to name, and then helped stop the spread of a dangerous weapon like chemical thingie over on- Why am I still holding these?" he looks down at his hand and bends over to set them straight down on the stone ground gently, who cares if it's scratched, so long as it plays he'll use it. And it is scratched all to hell already. "Anyway, you know me, needed to clear out some clutter." he points as his head. "What about you? Ribs good?" he gets his 'Doctor' look on and starts to head towards his meidcal station, "Hop on up, I'll do a scan, see what's bothering you." people don't generally stop by to socialize with Brig, he's used to being sought out for his skills. Which is fine, he likes being of use, gives him purpose beyond just poking the various mysterious of science with a stick.

Yikes! Brig is wanting to play Doctor? Not that Vi doesn't trust him but she can't help but to wince at the thought of being poked and prodded and examed and all that. She loves her brother but still. Not exactly fond of doctors and being coddled. "Everything's healed just fine…" Pause. 'Let's try a deflection' she thinks to herself before backtracking so she can steer Brigham's mind away from all things medical that pertains to her. "So tell me about this code stuff? I get that it's top secret but… is there anything you can say about it? And what's up with that chemical? Find the source of it?"

Brigham is rather easily distracted, he stops mid step and turns around all excited and nearly bouncey, "YES!" he stops, "No. Maybe? Do you know anyone with a ship that'd be willing to fight a Hostile vessel?" he asks curiously. "I… I kinda need an enemy ship in tact, preferally not blown into tiny bits. You wouldn't happen to know anyone who could pull something like that off do you?" he then adds, "The chemical thing was just bad luck, drilling into some nitrates released a dust that upon evaporation cause Methemoglobin to occur as an astronomically excellerated rate. It's all good, I came up with a neutralizing agent for the dust, we managed a treatment for the sufferors, only a few fatalities total. No big. But the ship thingie… you know someone? Maybe dating some handsome captain sort who needs to impress you with his daring do? I'm not above using your womanly wiles for this." in case that was in question.

He is just so adorable! More than adorable, actually. Brigham's sister can't help but to laugh when the gears in his head go into over-drive and Viannea finds herself having to hold up both hands, palm facing him, as if trying to get him to stop. "Slow down there, ferret-brain," she teases lightly. Once she's sure he won't take flight she finds a place to sit, the topic of the ship being what she ruminates over first. "I do not know anyone who can pull that off, off hand," she eventually says, sounding regretful. She'd love for nothing more than to be able to help with that but she can't think of anyone she'd know off hand who has a ship or that kind of tactical knowledge. "Have you asked Aidan or Aunt Agnes? Or Father? They might know of someone who might fight that bill." Viannea would ask Brigham why he wants a ship but refrains, knowing to do so might cause her to get a headache by the end of his explanation.

A hand comes to rest by her left and pats wherever it is she managed to sit upon, inviting him to join her. "I am very glad it was an accident and not an attack."

Brigham nods his head as he comes over to plop down next to her, "Actually my first thought was that it was a chemical attack by the Hostiles, except it was a fairly remote outpost, so then of course I thought that perhaps this is a trial run for a new weapon. I mean, if I'd made a chemical weapon I'd try it on a small control group before unleashing it full scale. But then some fairly simple basic chemistry and a firm grip on diagnostics and it was a pretty easy nut to crack. There was a case similar to that here about eighty years ago, I looked it up in the archives. I made sure the research and solutions we created were added to our mining opperations touble shooting manuals just in case." he jerks a thumb at a table in the back that's burbling and bubbling, "That's the neutalizing agent over there, distilling the last of a hundred kilo batch for storage." somewhere in the middle of that story he popped back up again and began pacing. He's never still for long, he doesn't even sleep more then four or so hours a night, he never seems to need to. "I'll ask Jerkface when I see him next, maybe he knows someone who can fly a ship, but I doubt it. Plus, his manly wiles aren't as likely to catch me a Captain as your boobs are." no matter how much Aidan may wish they were, "Father might know, but he'd likely want to know /why/ I need it… I think he's a little bit scared of the idea of me getting my hands on Hostile tech. Not for me of course, but… well…" cause there's not telling what Brigham would /do/ with it.

"Make sure it…" 'it' being the very agent pointed out, "… is kept somewhere safe. That way no one we don't trust can gain access to it." Viannea's not usually a paranoid person but the recent events with the War has brought it out in her. "As for the ship… would you honestly fault Father for being leery, Brigham? Only the gods know what you'd do with that thing if you were to get your hands on one?" Father probably would sit and come up with all sorts of things to worry over, like how many ways Brigham might blow himself or others up with that kind of technology.

Brigham shrugs at that, "Well, I mean sure, he has to be leery, he's always been leery. Of me at least." he adds, "You he's just happy with. I mean, he used to wish you could sew and stuff, but at this point you're the most like him he's likely to get. With tits. Aidan farts lightning bolts and I-" he shrugs, "the stars only know what the hell I'm doing, cause I sure don't. But who cares about what I'll do with it! We won't know! Don't know! But think of all I /COULD/ do with it Vivi!" he's called her that since he was to small to say her full name, "What if I could figure out their shielding? Or their weapons? What if I could master their propulsion systems and use that to enhance our own? Their armor? The ideas are endless. The greatest resource in any war is not soliders or swords or horses. It's information, and it's the one thing we are /seriously/ lacking in our battles with the Hostiles. They know a hundred times more about us then we do of them, and it's costing us the fight. I - /we/ - need to know more." he pauses, "But I'm not sure Father will agree. Images of me flying the damned thing into the Ring and blowing it all up will his head. His jaw will set, his eyes will flicker wider like they do, and his beard with tremble as he imagines it all then he'll forbid me from doing it. Prolly planet bind me for months until he's certain the idea is out of my head." not that that ever stopped Brigham in the past.

This has always tugged at her heartstrings. How Father been towards him. Standing, she walks over to him and tugs him intoa hug and kisses his forehead, trying to soothe over what is still a sore subject. "Then don't tell him," she whispers, her lips still pressed to Brigham's brow. "And then don't do anything foolish." The last gets her to smile which her brother will hear in her voice as well as feel before she leans away and the show of sisterly affection is put to an end. "I will help where I can although I think my own resources are a bit too minimal for what you're needing help with."

Brigham sighs and seems to slump into the hug, "This would be easier if he was more of a scientist. I swear, sometimes it's like explaining my ideas to school children with him." he muttermutters something unflattering and completely unheartfelt about their Father then reaches up to muss her hair, "Okay, enough of that touchy feely crap. I need to have someone way scarier then me capture me a Hostile ship so I can strip that baby down like a stolen speeder in a back room parts shop." he pauses, "And maybe kick a corpse or something on the way by." he then eyes his sister up and down, "You're sure I can't get you to wear something tight and low cut to a Naval ball or something?" whoring out his sister for Science is totally acceptable. Unless they touch her. Then he'll put something in their drink that will make them incapable of having an erection for a month.

"He does love you, Brigham. And he's very proud of you. He just has problems showing it. But be patient with him. Father will eventually come around and start to see things the way you do." Or at least Vi hopes their father will and before a rift between son and father form. When her hair is mussed she pushes Brigham away playfully but does nothing to fix it once the embrace ends. "Alright, kiddo. I'm going to let you get back to that thing you do very well. I'll see you around later?" And yes, she's not commenting on the dress or party or anything else.

Brigham nods and eyes her, "Fine. But don't think I've forgotten about setting out out there like bait on a hook. I have it on good authority you're attractive, and I will use that to my advantage with all the shame I possess." which is none. He then bends and scoops up his cello and bow and starts to head back towards the chair, apparently assuming she'll see herself out of the lab and quite possibly having forgotten she's still there. He moves quickly.

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