05.12.3013: Real Science
Summary: Several folks discuss recent events on Arboren.
Date: 12 May 2013
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The Statuary Forum, Landing
Marble, obsidian, and granite statues line the forum between the Terrace Park, the entrance to the Grand Chantry, and the plaza of the Ways. The statues represent the most famous heroes of Haven, going back through the history of the Second System War, First System War, and before, all the way back to Governor-General Hanse. The eastern edge of the the forum falls away down into the Terrace Park, the south edge of the forum backs up to a residential plaza, and the facade of the Grand Chantry rises up to the north.

Although there is no more to the Chantry than a two-dimensional front, but what a front it is. Carved of fine marble and granite, the face of religion in Landing soars up six stories to a tower, decorated with wide buttresses and finely-detailed statues of the Six. The gentle glow of an always-open Waygate lines the great doors, welcoming worshipers to step through and onto holy Primus.

May 12, 3013

(OOC Note: This is only as much of the log as Veryna's player captured after arriving. If anyone else has parts, feel free to add!)

Victor nods his head slowly, "If they're landing on the Spine, I'd be shocked if they haven't tried to come down on the Crescent too. There's a whole hell of a lot more valuable targets at home." His deep, gravelly voice lightens slightly as a smirking grin twists his lips, "Then again, maybe they already landed, and got eaten by drakes. Wouldn't that be a laugh?" He glances about as he speaks, although his dark eyes don't often stop on any particular person.

Hmm'ing aloud as she watches the two large men, Lucretia begins to walk their way, a hand coming up to tap at her ear as she says, "Take care of that. Call me later." Nearing the pair, that hand adjusts her hat lightly and then lowers as an easy smile curves the the middle-aged woman's lips, "Good afternoon, gentlemen. More news about the Hostiles? Anything interesting, I wonder?"

"We were just discussing some of what's come out of the Spine in the past days." Asher says, then gives a nod aside towards Victor, "The Arborens have been protective of what they've found, if we could recover one of the pods, or a prisoner that would give our people something to examine as well." suggests, his attention turning back towards Lucretia once again, "I am Sir Asher Khournas, and this is my brother Sir Victor." He says to the woman with a deep bow of his head.

Though somewhat uncustomary for someone from The Ring, visiting the Grand Chantry seems to be an almost-necessary part of every visit Veryna makes to Landing. The visits are never long, and never involve digging through tomes of religious lore, but rather simple things to say a prayer to The Knight and leave a small token. It's following one of these visits that she stumbles upon the group in the Statuary Forum, traveling through the waygate toward the ways. White fabric flows from the arms and from the folds of the dress she wears, stepping haughtily through the forum with a rapid click of heels.

Victor shrugs expressively at his brother, "Everyone wants a piece. Might be best to have a joint study group." Lucretia's approach draws the man's attention in that direction, and he nods his head carefully, "More than we should be in public…" There's a long moment of silence as he weighs the woman's dress and bearing, and then he settles on, "Milady."

Still smiling, Lucretia nods slightly as she listens to the men, "A pleasure, of course. Lady Lucretia Cindravale. Just taking care of a bit of business." She then hmm's for a moment considering what Asher had said, "Keeping it to themselves are they? Rather ill-advised, I imagine. But, it's not as if we wouldn't be protective of the information ourselves." The woman grins briefly, "And it's normal for us all to want to look. They will likely have spirited away anything of true interest by the time it gets around to be shared."

Asher gives a nod towards Victor, "Indeed." He agrees then back towards Lucretia, "Lady Lucretia, a pleasure." He says with another bow of his head, "They are sharing what they know, but certainly being protective of it yes." he says, "But all things probably best not discussed on the streets."

"They - those Arborens, I mean to say - need all the help they can get when it comes to technology. They still live in trees!" Veryna managess to sound only moderately condescending when interjecting herself without hesitation into the conversation she's clicked and clacked down the forum's main walkway toward. "I hope they don't destroy the things before they ship it off to The Ring, where it might get proper attention." By real scientists remains unsaid.

Victor nods his shaven head once more to Lucretia at the introduction, "Lady Lucretia." There might be a bit of tightness in his lips at the provided House name, but his deep voice is polite enough. The interjection from the tall woman — made taller by heels — causes the shorter of the Khournas knights to turn his dark gaze in that direction, "I doubt the Sauveurs'll let them." The man's tone is wary, but he shakes it off, looking back to his brother, "I have an appointment. See you 'round, Ash." After clapping his brother on the shoulder, the man bows to the women, "Excuse me, Ladies." And then he's turning about to head off back toward the main esplanade.

"Oh, are they? Wonderful to know. This is hardly the time to be keeping secrets from each other, after all. And yes, yes, secrets," Lucretia comments, still smiling before her attention is drawn to Veryna. The older brunette starts laughing, and loudly. She shakes her head, "They might live in trees, but they aren't -completely- barbaric. Just..mostly. The Arborens are pleasant enough, Lady." She nods to Victor as he makes to leave, and then looks back to the other woman, "I am certain they will try to rub a minimal amount of dirt into whatever they found."

"Likewise. We'll have to go on a bit of a hunt soon, Vic." Asher says to his brother, his attention turning towards the arriving Veryna, "No dout the Orelle will get their chance soon enough." He nods, listening as the two women exchange pleasantries about he Arborens.

The quip about a minimal amount of dirt brings a genuine smile to Veryna's face, and she gives a light, high chuckle. She even throws here head back a little to laugh, really playing it up, flicking loose hair off her shoulder, and revealing (purposely?) the eagle head brooch in silver and sapphires on her right shoulder. "That's delightful!" she declares. "I'm Young Lady Sir Veryna Larent, and who might I have the pleasure of addressing?" she asks them both.

Grinning as she watches the younger woman, Lucretia nods in response to the introduction, "Lady Lucretia Cindravale, a delight to meet you, Young Lady. And I suppose that explains the lack of love for our more savage friends." She glances to Asher, letting the man offer his own introduction before she continues, "It would be interesting to see what they got their hands on, but I suppose we shall have to wait."

Asher bows his head to Veryna, "I am Sir Asher Khournas, at your service Young Lady." he says in greeting, "And they have given out briefings to all the houses, Sir Nikomachos was in attendance, I believe, he could no doubt bring you up to speed."

"A distant relation on my mother's side," Veryna replies with a nod at the mention of Nikomachos. "Certainly worth a conversation, in addition to speaking with Lord Cedric. Two houses; two sets of eyes; two opinions on the matter." She straigtens her back a little and musses with the way her dress falls about her feet while she thinks. "It's strange how one trains and studies for this, and now that it appears to be upon us, doubt begins to creep in."

"I'll have to catch cousin Niko myself," Lucretia muses after Veryna. "It's always good to try and stay in the loop on such matters, even if one isn't a soldier, I think," she watches the younger woman a moment and mmm's, "Doubts are good, I think. As long as they are controlled, to a degree. Do not let them prevent you from acting. Only a fool never has doubts, it's much akin to courage and fear, isn't it?" She smiles, looking back to the man again, "Any interesting news from House Khournas recently?"

"There hasn't been anything recent out of the crescent." Asher replies to Lucretia's question, "But perhaps soon we'll have something to talk about." he shrugs a little, "And I think it is only natural, Young Lady, but you'll fall back on your training when things get stressful, if you've prepared yourself properly."

"That sounds frighteningly similar to what my lord father would say. While he is no knight himself," Veryna states, knowing that the moon of Nubilus produces precious few knights, "he IS a military officer, and shares that same sense of duty." She nods to the two of them. "However, if you'll excuse me, I was passing through on my way to The Ways from the High Chantry. I'm expected back on Nubilus before the day is through to convene with my lord father given these recent developments."

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