06.09.3013: Readying Triage
Summary: Reena, Ariana, and Sophie prepare for incoming wounded on the Ring. Taryn seeks out the Sauveur to relate a dream to her.
Date: 09 June 2013
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First Quadrant of the Halo - The Ring
The Halo is a thick circlet that arcs around the equator of the Ring's main sphere. It is one of the busiest regions of the Ring as it connects the six disks that stretch out from the Halo like spokes on a wheel. The Halo itself feels like a tall, but still somewhat narrow, tunnel with wide mezzanine walkways running along its sides, and the monorail below where sleek trams quickly ferry travelers around the circle. Spaced equally along the Halo are elevator bays with lifts that run up along the exterior longitude of the sphere to the various districts. Transparent composite panels line the outermost wall of the Halo to provide breathtaking views of the Eye and its Lashes as the Ring continues its own orbit around the blue gas giant.
09 June 3013

The Ring is a scene of pure chaos, as military and civilian personnel alike rush about the business of preparing for the war to reach them, whether it be in the form of incoming wounded, or Hostiles landing. Lady Reena Khournas is frighteningly calm in the center of the whirlwind of activity, as she checks off medical inventory on a datapad in an area that has been set aside for triage of wounded. The lady is dressed in her least formal gown, which doesn't say much. It's a lovely blue affair, matching her eyes, with gold embroidery on the rather daringly cut bodice. She has pulled the sides of her hair back in a braid, to keep it from her face during her work. "We're going to need far more bandages!" she calls to a nearby medic.

With their own navies colliding with that of the Hostiles, Ariana does away with her lavish gowns and instead is dressed for business, donning a pristine white scientific jacket, complete with a white pair of pants, giving her a professional look. Her long pale blonde hair is done up into a tight bun and as she walks, she is talking to several people via her ear piece set up while tapping out messages or reading reports on her datapad. Oddly, how the young seem to retain this sense of calmness despite the flurry of intense activity which surrounds them. When her ice blue eyes notice Reena in the distance, the tall and elegant Larent strides gracefully over to join the other young lady, offering the Khournas a nod of her head, "Greetings, My Lady. I'm glad to see that thins are under control here. From the reports that I've been receiving, there are more injured to come."

Sophie decided to slip out of her dress from a few hours earlier and put on a far more simplistic ensemble. Her black cape flows lightly across the ground, constrasting with her bodice-tightened green tunic and brown dagger-adorned belt. Her guard, Caedmon, wears the same outfit he always seems to, a green waistcoat over a white shirt. Hearing about the pure chaos at the Halo, Sophie decides to sate her curiosity and take a look, stomach clenching with worry. When she arrives, her vision is assaulted with a bewildering sight. She notices so many bustling people, and among them all is a demanding woman in a blue gown. Even more surprising can be seen a familiar face, which instantly spurs her to race in that very direction. Once she manages to maneuver through the crowd and approach, she smiles widely despite the tragedy all around her, "Ari! I have been looking for you! How have you been? What have you been doing all this time? You weren't in the middle of all this, were you?" She blinks, flushing lightly, "sorry, I just…" She all but pounces the other woman, attempting to give her a tight hug, "I missed you!" (repost)

Taryn is not in the immediate area of the three noble women, at least not yet. He has been searching everywhere for Sophie. Every place he has gone, he is directed to somewhere else. Now, he is up where no man was ever really meant to be. Looking across the way, he can see space… the darkness, the emptiness, the cold airless void of space. He finds a secluded corner, where he hopes no one can see him. He closes his eyes as his aura begins to glow with a pulsing mist of purples, greens, and blues. He reaches his mind out, hoping that Sophie is close enough to hear my thoughts. (Lady Sophie, please tell me that you are still on the Ring… and that I am not here for no reason.)

"Lady Ariana, good to see you. I am hoping my brothers and cousins are not going to be among them, but knowing my family, they were likely front and center bashing heavy things against Hostile heads," Reena notes. If she is worried for her kin, the only indication is the barest wrinkling of her pale brow. "Are any of your family engaged in the Marine maneuvers or Naval ones?" she asks. She sorts through a bin full of single use antibiotics, sorting them into separate bags by type and labeling them carefully. As Sophie bounds in, her eyes narrow for just a moment, looking over the girl, and then back to Ariana. "I do not believe I have been introduced. Lady Reena Khournas, daughter of High Lord Jevon Khournas." She quirks a lopsided smile at the new arrival, as if she's somewhere between a smile and a smirk.

"I believe that some of your siblings and relatives are on the fleet with the Intent while others may be a part of my Lord Father's own fleet. Either way, I await their successful and safe return. All of them." Ariana speaks in a level tone to Reena. "And yes, My Father is Captain of his own fleet. Once things are settled down here, or if I am needed, I believe I may be flying out with him on one of their patrols in the near future. We shall see. It's just a touch nerv—" As she speaks, her words are cut off by the hugging Sauveur. At first the Larentian lady blinks at the suprise greeting, but she nevertheless pats the younger girl on the back. "Lady Sophie, what are you doing here on the Ring? Does your family know that you are here?" And at this, her eyes narrow sharply as she peers around the area in search of the other Sauveur.

Sophie sighs softly, shaking her head, "a terrible thing, this war. I cannot comprehend why the Hostiles so desire our destruction. My sister…m-my sister was on the Intent. Do you know what has happened yet, either of you?" Glancing behind herself, she quickly conveys, "hey, I'm Sophie Sauveur." And then she returns to her embrace, smiling at the pat on the back, "I was visiting my sister, Lyri, though she seems quite busy of late. My family knows I'm here, you need not worry. Oh, I have missed you so!" She gives Ariana another squeeze, before at last letting her go. All of a sudden, she stiffens with surprise, amber eyes glancing about in wonder. Finally, she closes her lids and takes a calming little breath, "someone is speaking to my mind. You will forgive me for manifesting, please." A bright and shining solar halo encircles her head from one temple to the other, gleaming like wisps of burning orange sun (I am in the first quadrant of the Halo). Just as swiftly as the power appeared, her pupils shift back into place and the manifestation dissipates.

(I am nearby, please stay there until I find you… I'd have to have to track you down again.) The aurora borealis-like nimbus around Taryn fades, as he takes several deep breaths before he starts running down the hall way dodging people with a remarkable agility.

"All assistance we can get in triage is welcome, of course," Reena veritably purrs. More people mean it's less likely she'll have to do any menial work like this stupid inventory, and can actually heal people, and if one of the Sauveur House is helping, along with chattering, perhaps she can learn some good information. "I'm sure I can find you a datapad if you'd like to help with this. We need to be ready when the returning ships dock tomorrow." She shakes her head a little bit at Sophie's question. "We don't have any concrete information yet, Lady Sauveur. I know both my cousins were on the Intent, I am sure they wouldn't let anything happen to your sister."

The willowy frame of Ariana's turns all the more rigid at each affectionate squeeze that she is given. Her height alone, makes her practically tower over the young Sauveur. Still, her features never shift from her usual neutral expression, but she continues to offer a comforting hand, even if a tad uncomfortably, on her part, to the younger noble. "To be honest, it's been a while since I've heard anything regarding your Lady Sister. I do hope that she is alright, why, with the Lord Captain who she calls husband, commanding the Intent." She looks grateful torwards Reena now and all of this medical discussion and the like. "Why, that is a lovely idea. There is much that one can do to assist. Every good doctor has their assistants and nurses to help out. And what Lady Reena says is correct. We have good men and women out there. I put my trust in them, that they shall return safely… especially, those of our own families." There is a slight pause now, her piercing gaze watches the young Awakened go into her weird state so suddenly, but she says nothing.

Sophie arches a brow, shrugging her shoulders casually, "I would be more than happy to help you…Lady Reena. I'm not a practiced physician by any means, but I've helped bandaged and stitch wounds enough times that I should be able to relieve at least a little of your work, my Lady." She nods her head firmly, "yes, a data pad would be good. Just tell me what to do, and I would be glad to assist." She sighs, nodding her head just a bit less firmly, "I cannot imagine my sister was harmed. She is a Knight, and capable enough to challenge the best in the entire system, I am sure…" She forces a smile on her face at Ariana's words, "that's right, Lyri's husband is also on board, isn't he…" She sighs, "of course Ellie will be all right. She has to be. There is no way she could be harmed. I'm sure she'll come back soon and wave a medal in my face or something."

The sound of Taryn's boots can be heard as he runs down the hall, accompanied by the occasional 'excuse me' and 'sorry'. The young man is wearing the same tan leather on leather look that he is always dressed in. He actually runs past them at first, "Caedmon", as he passes the guard. "Caedmon?" follows about five steps afterwards. The young man skids to a stop, turning to the gathering, pantings as he is very out of breath. He takes a couple of deep breaths, before offering a bow to Sophie. His eyes look to the dress of Reena. She must be a noble of some sort, and he recognizes the icy look of permanent disdain in Ariana, so he knows she is. He offers the other two women each a bow as well, even if a touch less deep as afforded to the Sauveur. "Lady Sophie are you alright?"

"Wonderful!" Reena exclaims. She hands Sophie the datapad she was using. "I just so happen to have one here. All you need to do is sort the antibiotics in this bin by type, and put them in the corresponding bags, then tally them all on the datapad." Reena could teach a class in work-dodging-101. "I'm hoping we finish the hostiles quickly. My handmaiden's husband and brother are both in the Navy and she's incredibly worried and distracted. She broke all my bodice laces pulling too tight this morning because she was thinking about them instead of paying attention to me." She turns to the approaching Taryn and arches a brow as he gives deeper obeisance to a cousin of Sauveur than to the direct line of Khournas. Interesting. "A friend of yours, Lady Sophie?" she asks.

Now that she is finally free of Sophie's embrace, Ariana can go on with her own business. Taking this brief moment, to view the medical inventory now which she pulls up on her own datapad, she looks somewhat satisfied by the numbers given her. "If you have any questions, My Lady, please feel free to ask." Yes, please, because, the medical sorts certainly do not want these things mixed up into wrong piles! Oh, when Reena speaks, Ariana can truly understand the other noble's woes, "These are always very trying times for all. Everyone is so distracted… which is understandable, but I would feel much better knowing that the Hostiles are dealt with. I mean, really, a good bodice is expensive and to have the lacing replaced?" Here, she shakes her head. Though with Taryn's approach, it's difficult to tell whether the woman recognizes him or not. She more than likely does, even if she makes no comment about it at the moment and simply waits for sophie's answer to Reena's question.

Caedmon turns towards the sound of quickened steps and multiple apologies, catching sight of the groom a goodly distance before he finally arrives. The guard has an amused smirk on his face when the boy skids right past him, bowing his head and replying, "Mister Wystrel." Sophie turns towards another familiar voice, blinking in obvious surprise, "Mister Wystrel? What are you do-…alright? Of course I'm alright. Why would I not be?" She tilts her head curiously, "is there something the matter?" Either way, she slowly takes the offered datapad, holding the device idly in one slender hand. Shaking her head, she tries to respond to Reena's explanation, "w-what? Oh, yes. Sorry. That sounds simple enough. Sort the antibiotics by type, and tally it up. I can do that." She blinks, giving a light chuckle, "oh, that's terrible. You'll have to get new fitting laces for each and every bodice now…" She waves a hand in the air, "a recent friend, yes. His name is Taryn Wystrel. He is to be my cousin Soleil's groom, I think." Then she smirks, shaking her head, "I do not think the Hostiles will be dealt with for decades yet. Though I would be glad if we managed to exterminate them all before our distant descendants have to deal with them as well."

Taryn takes a few steps towards the ladies and Caedmon. He stops, putting his hands on his upper thighs to brace himself as he catches his breath. He realizes that he wasn't quite prepared to explain things, well at least in front of others. Between heaving breaths, Taryn says, "Still haven't decided on whether or not I'm accepting the offer… " He glances up at Sophie, "Or yours, m'lady…." He stands up, cheeks flushed from all the running, then looks at Reena and Ariana, as he runs his canine over the corner of his lips. "Um… " He reaches up and rubs the back of his neck, "It's probably not important enough to interrupt your conversation…"

"A groom?" Reena asks curiously. "Unlike most of my family, I can ride a little bit. Good luck finding a horse in Volkan though." She gives a little ladylike snort of amusement and accepts a cup of coffee from a passing worker. She relaxes in a lean against one of the structures now that she's dumped her work off on Sophie and watches Taryn do the social flailing dance with a quirk of a grin flashed to Ariana.

While Ariana and Reena may be similar in many ways, the Larentian lady doesn't seem at all put off by work. Or at least, not this sort of menial medical work. So off to where she's standing, she's mostly idly, taking inventory of various bottles of medicines and the like as she continues to chat along with the others. To Taryn, she tosses out, "I see that you did not purchase new attire like Lady Soleil requested you do… unless, that is it. What are you wearing now." Her gaze only shifts towards Taryn to view the young man from out of the corner of her eyes, but more or less, she keeps her attention focused on her work. It is during this brief shift of attention that she catches Reena's quick grin, returning one of her own.

Sophie rolls her eyes at Taryn, "Mister Wystrel, please. You are obviously desperate to speak with me. Is there something the matter? Why by the Six would you be running to me if you have nothing to say at the end?" She fishes in her pockets before procuring a white silk handkerchief, "here, take this to clean your brow. You must be sweating rivers!" She turns momentarily towards Reena to say, "a very talented groom, or so I've heard. Apparently, my cousin Soleil wishes to test him. If he can ride her horse, which is a very wild and powerful beast, he is accepted to the job. But I think he has talents enough to remain at the royal stables, whether or not he can keep Nebulae under control." Next, she glances to Ariana and then back to Taryn, looking him over a bit, "if you truly intend to work for my cousin, Mister Wystrel, you will have to buy a proper outfit. Now, what is it you wish to tell me?"

Taryn cocks his head slightly. Seriously, what is it with these girls that makes them so insistent on clothing. He looks at Ariana, for a second he looks like he is about to respond to her questioning him about his clothes, before he returns his gaze to Sophie. "That would be a reason to not accept your cousin's offer, Lady Sophie…. " His brow furrows, as he glances towards the two strangers, then frowns. "A dream, m'lady…."

"Oh now that sounds like a great bit of distraction from bloody war, doesn't it?" Reena quips. "A shopping trip to play dress up for the young groom here. I think that might just be delightful." She looks like the cat that ate the canary. Run Taryn. RUN!

With Reena's playful suggestion, Ariana's brow lifts gently and now she turns her full gaze to regard this Mister Wystrel with an even more calculating look. No, unlike the Khournas, she doesn't see this as being all that entertaining, but she does chime in, "I suppose, it wouldn't get done without some professional assistance." Nevermind that the young man just turned down this job thing because of this. Then what Taryn says focuses her attention on him even more, before her eyes now shift to Sophie. "A dream…" She knows far too many Awakened as it is.

Sophie frowns as the man cants his head to the side, crossing her arms about her chest impatiently and all but staring the groom down. She furrows her brow, "you would decline my cousin's offer on the basis of a requirement of cleanliness?" When Taryn mentions a dream however, the significance of that singular word does not pass her by. Instead, her arms fall to her side and she looks surprised, "an Awakened dream? A-about…about me, Mister Wystrel?" She licks her lips, glancing to Ariana uncertainly, before her amber eyes fall on the man once more, "please, tell me what you experienced. I would very much like to know." A small smile curls about her lips when Reena elicits such a suggestion, though the worry in her gaze keeps her from laughing, "yes, perhaps a shopping trip would be the perfect plan. Especially when Mister Wystrel is so stubborn to keep a single set of…rags." She hands Caedmon her datapad, before she gives Taryn a piercing stare, "now tell me, Mister Wystrel. What did you dream?" As dutiful as ever, Caedmon begins plugging in the inventory of supplies to the datapad while the four converse, a small smirk on his lips throughout.

Taryn reaches up and combs the dark blond locks from his face. "That was sarcasm, m'lady… I might not take the job, because I don't know if it is what is meant to be…" He seems rather uncomfortable retelling the dream, not in front of Reena and Ariana, but Sophie and Caedmon as well. "I had a dream of a young golden eagle… hooded and jessed…. It had a scrap of purple and gold in its claws… then someone… I couldn't see who.. put the eagle in a cage… " He pauses, "I thought it had to do with you, since the cage was placed on a drake's skull…" He chews on his lips slightly, "When the cage was locked, everything went dark… and I woke up feeling like there was a heavy weight on my chest…" He frowns, "I didn't want to put alarms up if I was wrong… so I had to find you and make sure you were safe."

With an eyeroll, Reena takes the datapad from Caedmon and resumes sorting antibiotics while Sophie talks to the groom. She does eavesdrop on the dream conversation however, mentally filing away details.

Not being an Awakened, herself, Ariana can merely listen to the information regarding this new dream, but her interest seems piqued more or less. Just like Reena, perhaps, she continues to dally with her work, upping the count of this analgesic or that antiseptic, all while making sure that each individual drug is properly labeled and with the correct dosage listed upon each bottle. Oh, how tedious. And very much like Reena, she cannot help but eavesdrop into their conversation. Now that she didn't inquire about this dream just earlier.

Sophie blinks, mouthing the word 'sarcasm' and shaking her head, "meant to be? If you wish to know best what is meant to be, then perhaps you should question the nearest priest." Nevertheless, once Taryn begins describing the dream, her entire demeanor changes to one of contemplation, looking up at the ceiling as she considers aloud, "indeed, a golden eagle with purple and gold in its claws would point towards a royal. Though…" She shifts uneasily, licking her lips and glancing back down again, "I am not the only one with a close connection to drakes. While I have a close friend in Matthias, my sister Ellinor is a…drake hunter." She sighs, "now I am even more concered about my sister. I really have to see her soon…" She sighs yet again, "I hope she comes back safe…" Her eyes start filling briefly with tears, though she tries to keep them contained, "it was good of you to tell me this, Mister Wystrel. Thank you…" For Caedmon's part, he only reluctantly returns the datapad to Reena, though he grips the pommel of his sword as if danger is suddenly upon them.

Taryn nods rather sober to Sophie. "I did not think about Lady Sir Ellinor…" He then offers a rather forced smile. "I'm sure that it is probably nothing, m'lady… " Though the expression in his eyes shows that it is something that he is actually concerned. He looks finally over to Reena, "I'm sorry, m'lady… " There is an impish grin on his lips, "But did you suggest taking me off and removing my clothes, so that you could dress me up again?" Either the remark will be taken in humor as it is meant, or she will have someone beat him up. Either way, it will hopefully take the worry from Lady Sophie if bit momentarily.

"If your sister is in trouble, Lady Sophie, we'll be ready to tend to any wounds when the Intent arrives," Reena assures the girl, absently, as she frowns at her next box, full of syringes of something to prevent blood clots in surgery patients. She starts checking labels, dosages, and visually inspects each one to make sure it is what it claims to be. She chuckles at Taryn. "I hope you have learned to undress yourself at this stage, Mister Wystrel. Otherwise, when I take off a man's clothes, I have no intention of re-dressing him. Not for a few hours anyway." There is that lopsided grin and nosewrinkle again.

"I do hope that your dream is no cause for alarm." Ariana speaks out to Taryn without referring to him by name. I will probably see if some of my other Awakened peers have had a similar dream or if this was something unique to only yourself." Moving away from a shelf of an assortment of medication, the Larentian lady does some tally on her datapad, before stating to the others present, "Please excuse me, I have a call coming through." Touching at the side of her ear piece, she begins speaking as she slowly moves just a few steps away from the others as to not drown out their conversation with her own. "I will be finished up here shortly. No, everything is fine. I was hoping to hear the same from you." She continues on for a few more moments of this.

Sophie simply nods her head to Taryn, curling her hands into little fists and chewing worriedly at her lower lip. She only glances uncertainly towards Reena at her attempt to comfort, belly clenching with concern no matter the words. Yet when Taryn and then Reena mention undressing, she finds herself startled enough to blink and glances about in wonder, "w-what?" Suddenly, her cheeks flush with heat, shifting back and forth as her mind whirls at the exchange between Taryn and Reena, managing to get a good deal distracted from her worries at that.

OH DID I MENTION, Ariana rolled her eyes at Reena's words! Okay, carry on.

Taryn about chokes on Reena's words, as he looks at her, slack jawed and completely speechless. Well for a moment at least.. A brow arches, as he cants his head for a second. "Well, m'lady, as Lady Ariana can attest, I am a slow learner… Perhaps you could give me a few pointers… "

"On that note, I have to go oversee a training session for a group of volunteers, so they don't make more problems than they solve," Reena says with a bright smile, handing the datapad off to another worker. "Do let me know if we'll be having that shopping trip, hm?" she tells the others, before sashaying her way towards the lifts area.

"I am so grateful that we have so many new volunteers and recruits. Not only for the medical teams but for our science division as well." Ariana tosses out, once her conversation is finished and she rejoins whatever is left of the conversation at hand. "Are we truly going to have this shopping trip?" She then asks Sophie, not really caring for Taryn's input in this. "I guess, immediately following it, we'll all be in the shopping district as it is and can find items of clothing and the like that we actually are interested in."

Sophie blinks again, nodding her head, "i-it was nice to meet you, Lady Reena." She rubs at her cheeks, trying to get the pink out before letting her hands fall to her sides in failure. She glances towards Ariana and fails to hide a smirk, despite her embarrassment, "I think it would be fun. I need a few dresses and it would be nice to purchase another hunting outfit. Besides, Mister Wystrel -needs- a new outfit. One much more suited for the cobbled stables of the Palace Towers."

Taryn says to the departing Reena. "There won't be, m'lady… " He frowns at Sophie, "What I have is perfectly suited for working with horses… It's durable… and practical… You wear the stuff that your servants wear while breaking a horse and it will be ruined in a day… and I don't know how to mend torn clothes…" The young man sulks, though in truth, his sulking is kind of like a sulking kitten, not very intimidating.

"Very well. I would go merely because I could use a gown or three and some other more practical pieces." Ariana speaks out with a somewhat dismissive wave of her hand. She then speaks out to Taryn, "What you do need, Mister Wystrel, is clothing that at least will make you look presentable. IF you do decide to work for the Sauveur," Her gaze shifts to Sophie now, "Not that you have much of a choice, I would think… even something as little as your attire gives others one impression or another of you as representative. Who knows. It definitely could be fun." She doubts it.

Sophie frowns at Taryn, glaring him down with amber eyes filled with confidence and no small amount of arrogance. The commanding presence of a Sauveur royal reveals itself in her stare, stepping closer to the man and declaring in a minced tone of voice, "you will not wear those rags when working as a Sauveur royal's groom, Mister Taryn Wystrel." She grits her teeth, stubbornly adding, "you need not concern yourself with mending the finery, nor worrying if it will be ruined. Once you start working for my Lady Cousin, she will pay for repairs or a new ensemble altogether. If she does not, you can come to me." She peers at the man, "are we clear, Mister Wystrel?" She nods her head firmly to Ariana's encouragement of the groom, waiting expectantly for an answer.

Taryn just stares at Sophie in utter disbelief. He remains silent for a second, before he nods slightly, "Very well, m'lady." There is something in his eyes as he looks at the young Sauveur. It is not intimidation or subservience, but a bit of respect.

Even as she's preoccupied with ensuring that all of the various containers of medication all have their labels facing the same direction, yes, she is quite the perfectionist, Ariana does catch sight of Taryn's response to Sophie and she looks pleased enough by his subservience to her. "Are you staying with the Orelle then? During this… crises, My Lady? If you ever need a place to go, the Sky Palace of Nubilus is always open to you and your family. Especially, when things become more hectic here. But it's good to be close to family."

Sophie stares at the man for a bit longer, just to let her words sink in, before firmly nodding her head, "good, then it is agreed. If we locate a more expensive outfit than predicted, I will be happy to at least pay for some of it." She turns towards Ariana and visibly relaxes, even smiling a bit, "for now, at least, I am. I am staying with the Orelle's, though failing to meet with my sister Lyri. She seems far more busy than I expected. I suppose the war is probably no help either…" She nods gently, "though I thank you for the offer, Ari. Perhaps I might take it in a few days, if I finally see Lyri or I…well, give up and simply see her another time."

Taryn's brow is slightly furrowed at the thought of cost. He's seen some of the merchants in Landing and could not imagine paying that much money for clothing, he can only imagine what these two might pick out. He lets the two speak about various palaces.."

Ariana does toss in a comment regarding Taryn's new wardrobe as a simple afterthought, "Won't Lady Soleil be surprised when Mister Wystrel shows up before her in his new attire." Her words come out dispassionately, because to be honest, she simply does not care. Returning to the topic of Sophie's sister, the Larent does look slightly perplexed by this, "I do wonder where she has wandered off to. More than likely, somewhere, to ensure that her family remains safe." But even this idea makes her ponder further.

Sophie smirks and nods, "I am certain she will. Perhaps some cologne would do him good. Something earthy and that wouldn't assault the horse' senses too greatly." She sighs softly however at the question of her sister, shrugging her shoulders lightly, "I have not the faintest idea what has kept her busy for so long. If I were in her place, people would think I got sick again. But I haven't gotten sick in months." She turns up her chin with pride at that.

Taryn's jaw tenses at the mention of cologne. Surely the handful of bills that Soleil will not cover a frilly, useless outfit _and_ cologne. He looks over at Caedmon as if silently asking the guard to save him from this nightmarish ordeal.

At the mention of cologne, Ariana's brow lifts once more and her icy gaze returns to regard the citizen in their midst with a curious look, as if sizing him up. "Mm. Working wit horses, cologne can't /hurt/. Unless the horses are annoyed by it, then things could certainly turn more interesting." With all of the medication and supplies in order, as far as the Larentian scientist can see, she looks as if she is preparing for her own departure. "I do hope that you are able to learn more about your dream." This is said to Taryn, "before whatever was shown to you actually does happen."

Sophie hardly even notices the look of horror in Taryn's expression, though Caedmon certainly does. He somehow manages to keep silent, but there is a great amount of amusement in his gray eyes, the wrinkles around them joined by at least a few more. On Sophie's part, she nods her head cheerfully, "I should think it would give my Lady cousin quite a pleasant surprise. It is decided then. Good, fine clothing for Mister Wystrel, in addition to some cologne. And do not worry yourself, Mister Wystrel. If money is a concern, if the price is too high, I would be glad to pay it." She sighs, nodding her head one last time, "well then. I think it is time that I made my way back to the Orelle residence. I am certain my hosts are expecting me soon. Please, if you do learn more about your dream Mister Wystrel, I would be very happy to hear it. I have the worst suspicion it is indeed my sister Ellinor, and not myself, that the dream speaks of. The -skull- of a drake seems much more fitting for her." She turns towards Ariana, "it is very nice to have seen you again, Ari. Please message me soon? Perhaps we might have lunch sometime, or maybe you could teach me a thing or two about how to use those strange gliding contraptions." She offers the other woman a deep hug, before slowly parting ways, Caedmon soon to follow.

Taryn pauses slightly, as he thinks. "When you and your friends decide to play dress up with me… let me know, and I will go to where ever you tell me to." He glances over at Caedmon and amusement with a look of 'traitor'. He offers Sophie a bow as the royal starts to leave.

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