12.23.3013: Reacquaintances
Summary: The Lady Sophie Sauveur, returned from her sabbatical, catches up with familiar faces.
Date: 27 Oct 2013
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Sophie Densoric Jor 

The Statuary Forum — Landing — Imperius
Marble, obsidian, and granite statues line the forum between the Terrace Park, the entrance to the Grand Chantry, and the plaza of the Ways. The statues represent the most famous heroes of Haven, going back through the history of the Second System War, First System War, and before, all the way back to Governor-General Hanse. The eastern edge of the the forum falls away down into the Terrace Park, the south edge of the forum backs up to a residential plaza, and the facade of the Grand Chantry rises up to the north.

Although there is no more to the Chantry than a two-dimensional front, but what a front it is. Carved of fine marble and granite, the face of religion in Landing soars up six stories to a tower, decorated with wide buttresses and finely-detailed statues of the Six. The gentle glow of an always-open Waygate lines the great doors, welcoming worshipers to step through and onto holy Primus.

Dec 23, 3013

Strolling casually through the forum is a tall young man dressed in dark turquoise and cyan with an arming sword sheathed at his left hip which has an electrum pommel and guard and a grip made of braided leather alternating between cyan and dark turquoise leather thongs.

"Densoric? Is that you?" Sophie has been lazing around in the Statuary Forum, running her fingers casually across the various granite statures while a weathered woman in black priest's robes with a stern expression constantly watches her. She has made a bit of a transformation since last she was truly living in landing. She grew three inches, her hair has grown longer, her skin has turned from its previous pasty whiteness to a lightly tanned golden sheen. She has a fuller figure and more mature features, potentially appearing almost unrecognizable to some despite a mere span of half a year away.

Densoric pauses in his progress to look to the source of the voice offering a polite nod. After a few moments as his ice blue eyes looking over Sophie and the priestess silently. His eyes lingers no where before finally returning to Sophie's face he says, "Lady Sophie if I am not mistaken, though it has been some time some evidence is present." in a casual tone.

Sophie smiles widely, bobbing her head, "it is indeed I, my Lord. Truly, it has been longer than I ever wished it to be. I have been imprisoned behind Chantry walls, studying under the malevolent gazes of my teachers. But at last, I have broken free, after begging my parents to allow me back home and proving that I have…learned my lesson." She strides closer, eyes sparkling, "how have you been, Lord Densoric?"

Densoric nods and says, "It would appear your freedom has not come without a price as he offers a simply nod to the priestess and says to Sophie, "Though it appears your family still insists on one versed in at least some degree of martial training based on your companions body language." As Sophie strides closer he continues, "I am faring well enough. My initial research bore little fruit, though there might be chance for further progress soon with any luck, there is also my work with the Project, and I am still waiting for word from my Lord Uncle regarding a personal request, the call of the dutes of the navy and the Head of a House after all."

Sophie grins and nods, "Lord Densoric, meet Audrey, my…guardian." She smirks while the priestess takes a polite curtsy with her black robes, "she's had experience fighting in past…skirmishes among paramounts." She cants her head to the side with interest, "have you begun new research, my Lord?" Her eyes glimmer with scholarly joy, "which reminds me. Have you heard? Have you checked the InfoSphere of late?" She chuckles softly with giddiness, "the Hostiles are humans. Or well, at least they think themselves as such. I'm still trying to decide what's true and what isn't. But I know one thing for sure. I want to see that…Hostile with my own eyes, if I can."

Densoric nods to Audrey once again and says, "Well met." then back to Sophie, "I suppose it could be consider a positive change, wasn't your last bodyguard a man? No new research as of yet. As to the Infosphere report, I view it to be a mistake. True or not, the last thing the public needs is the possibility of philosophical debates, mass panic, or similar outcomes. This war is difficult enough without making the matter worse."

Sophie sighs, "I miss Caedmon. After being sent to study in the Chantry, he rejoined the war effort. He's been pretty busy ever since, but hopefully things will get easier for at least long enough to see him again." She arches her brow, "a mistake? You mean, the InfoSphere vid was forged, or this Hostile is some sort of abomination?" She frowns, "maybe you're right about panic. The people don't need uncertainty in this war. We can't risk it."

Densoric nods and says, "My point. As to forgery, I can't say without direct access to the feed. I've actually requested the chance to interview her myself, but as of yet I've not been granted clearance and after this long I'm guessing i won't be given the chance anyway. On top of that this release of information which I would personally say borders on treason, even if I was offered the chance additional security measures could be put into place restricting access to even more individuals then before." in a casual tone.

Sophie nods, "still, while the people can't risk uncertainty and you won't see me making speeches about their humanity any time soon…it does mean there might be an alternative to war. Or at least, that's what I believe. We just can't make this public until we have a true plan of action from this…potential revelation." She frowns, "I…I think I agree with you. On treason. This shouldn't have been let out. Not now." She taps her chin in thought, "you were denied, but maybe the cousin to the King will be allowed within. Especially after studying Hostiles whenever I could."

Densoric nods and says, "I thank you for the kind words. Though to be fair my research mostly dealt with their programing code, and the results were less than impressive. Not much reason to bring me in for a potential interrogation. Regardess, yes we are in agreement, the timing is not right in the least, especially without a defined plan. Though I did wish to congratulate you on the speech you did give some time ago, it seems my advice about focusing on the camera as a single target helped you to avoid your fears." AT least hopefully it was that and not the passing mention of picturing people naked.

Sophie shrugs her shoulders, "perhaps an interrogation is not needed. Perhaps we can merely ask to -observe- an interrogation." She grins and replies to such congratulations, "thank you, my Lord. You certainly did help me on finishing my speech." She chuckles softly, "I went through so many redo's of the recording that I'm half surprised my voice wasn't croaking by the end of it." She smirks, "and picturing people naked might have helped too." She waves a hand idly through the air, "thankfully, I also obtained more official tutoring while on Primus. And I am confident I can orate at least well enough that I will only need to go through a mere…dozen recordings."

Densoric nods and says, "The interrogation I have in mind is more an attempt to answer theories then anything of real importance." He then smiles softly and says, "I suppose whatever helps you get through your speeches. As long as I wasn't involved or I might have to start charging viewing fees." chuckling softly before adding, "I've had relatively little training in oratory myself, but I mostly use it to better enunciate and such, though its unlikely I'll have much need for it."

"Imagine my surprise," says a new voice, "when I receive a message from what might as well be outside the system, from a young woman who abruptly vanished for quite some time." In the several months since Sophie Sauveur has seen him, it appears the despurred Knight has taken the time, and come into the money, to finally upgrade his wardrobe to something closer to current fashion. Tailor made, Jor's sporting a midnight blue coat with silver embroidery in elaborate, vine-like motif, his leggings taking the hue even darker to the threshold of shadow in its black. "Lady Sophie Sauveur, it's been quite some time." The faint hint of smile soften the otherwise hard exterior a touch as he offers a sketching of a bow, with a nod towards the other two present.

Sophie cants her head to the side, "theories are hardly of little importance. What theories were you thinking of?" She laughs, "if you started charging viewing fees, my bank account would slowly start to dwindle, I'm sure." She arches a brow, "little training? Then you must be a natural at it." And then she hears the sound of a not so surprising yet still thrilling approach. Her eyes bright up and she turns to its source, "are you wearing expensive clothing or are my eyes decieving me?" She bows her head politely to the man, "it has been too long, Mister Aeldan. It seems the Six have smiled upon you quite an amount. Or have you also happened to reunite with nobility, as Lord Ellisaire has?"

Densoric smiles and says, "Unlike the one posting this feeds, I prefer to have solid evidence before speaking of my theories in public, though perhaps another time." Chukcling softly he adds, "It is a compliment indeed to hear I am thought of in such ways My Lady,, even if only a kindness or pleasantry. But I thank you regardless for it." Looking to the new arrival he nods and says, "Hello agan, I believe you were there having a bit of a disagreement with Lord Keanen when the Notice Project was attempting to set up the green house…" He then is cut off and taps his ear bud. After a few moments he says, "If you will please excuse me, I have to look into something. Perhaps we can continue another time." as he starts heading for the Ways.

Jor was planning on responding to Densoric, but the man might as well have run in terror at the sight of him. "Oh, this?" There's a bass chuckle as Jor absently runs a hand over that little bit of finely woven weave upon him. "I've tried to keep a little busy while you were seeing to other matters." There's a quick, surreptitious glance given to the black-adorned Audrey, but the faint suggestion of a smile doesn't grow further; Jor leave it at the more politically correct answer. "In better answer to your question, I thought that I'd spend a little on myself now that I have the means to do so, and this is the result. You would have been amused at what I'm sure my face looked like when I received the cost. But that aside, I almost didn't recognize you at first."

Sophie nods her head, "if you wish. Though this is hardly public. And Mister Aeldan or I are hardly distrustful. Nor is Audrey by far." She blushes faintly at Densoric's words, before her eyes sparkle with curiosity at the mention of some disagreement." She lets him go with a wave of her hand and a simple, "farewell, my Lord. Until next time." Her golden gaze rests on Jor from then on, too intrigued not to ask, "disagreement?" She smirks, "unfortunately, my other matters have kept me all but captive for the past number of months. I am delighted to finally be back in Landing for longer than a few hours at best." She cants her head, "and by what means have you discovered to spend a little on yourself? If I did not know you, I would think you a nobleman." She blinks, "recognize me? Oh, you mean my tan?" She smiles, "of course. One benefit of living on Primus is it is closer to the sun."

"Your skin, your demeanor, and if I had to guess you've grown an inch or two as well, Lady Sauveur," Jor replies. "Mostly, your complexion caught me off guard, because I recall you being rather fair. I wasn't entirely certain until I got closer. For myself, I do some work for Lady Talayla Orelle now. It's not extremely lucrative, not to make it seem she pays me little, but it's enough I do not need to worry about starving myself." There's a flash of a grin at that, as he pats his flat stomach. For himself, Jor's clearly been getting back into better shape since you last saw him. He's still a big man, but the most obvious trait is in the overall conditioning he's gone through. Granted, that well made attire of his covers a great deal, the coat going down close to his knees, but it still certainly hints at what he's been up to from the perspective of exercise (and he may or may not have requested that his new attire emphasize his brawn).

Sophie beams and bobs her head, "I'm happy you noticed. Three inches, in fact. And I dream of the time when I can actually look -down- at Ellie instead of up." She smirks, "I was more than simply fair, Mister Aeldan. Being a sickly child and often a bit of a hermit wasn't the greatest benefit to my complexion." She nods, "Lady Talayla? I do not believe I have met her more than a couple times in the past, but I believe her to be a good person nonetheless. If nothing else, she has kept you off the streets. And outfitted you well enough that I am certain you have been called 'my Lord' at least a couple times since." She waves a hand, "so tell me, what do you think of the news on that…Hostile that believes itself to be human? Fluke? Fake? Truth?"

There's a chuckle when you make mention of looking down, literally, on your sister, but no commentary. Amusement is all you get, there. "Lady Talayla simply provides me with an income, and that's all I really need. This," he says, again gesturing to his attire, "is what I chose to do with it. It's almost ironic that once I had it, I didn't use it, but in the end I decided that I /was/ a bit out of date in what I wore, so I took steps to rectify that at the cost of virtually everything else except the absolute necessities." And then you change subject to /that/ one, and there his countenance does an almost complete 180. "I would give a great deal to know the source of that… exchange. I did a little research of it on my own. It's one of those things that someone is upset about it to the point they are trying to remove it from the InfoSphere. I'm rather anticipating the HNN story about it myself, but I would not be surprised to discover there isn't one. It gave me the appearance of possible truth, due to the suppression attempts, but the damage has been done. If there really is a… live…" Jor struggles a bit in using that word, "Hostile that's been captured, I can only imagine the outcry, and that is not counting the content of that video."

Sophie smiles cheerfully at you, "well, Lady Talayla is lucky to have you as an employee, I'm sure. What do you do for her, anyway?" She gestures right alongside you, "that…is a very good choice in expenditure." She shrugs her shoulders, "I would give a lot to know if that video is even true. It would mean a complete change in our views of the Hostiles. They're not just robots with chips and servos. They're flesh and blood humans. Or they were at one point in time." She frowns, "but now that the people know about that vid, I pray to the Six there will be no panic and little confusion. We cannot afford it. Not when we have only just begun our new war with the Hostiles. We need to stand united. Or else all of us could die."

"There won't be, I fear," Jor replies. Yes, he's quite serious about that, humor falling by the wayside like the dust he just brushed off his coat when he put it on to meet you here. "This entire war changes, if it's true, and no small amount of grief will be had over it. You know there are… I hate to use the word cultists — but people who believe the Hostiles are our salvation? This will give them, amongst others, considerable fuel to cause trouble. Worse, it all but validates them. I have a great deal of questions about the subject myself, but I doubt I'll ever be in a position to get answers. After all," he concludes dryly, "I'm just a criminal as you may recall."

Sophie sighs and rolls her eyes in frustration, "we have cultists that believe the Hostiles are our…salvation?" She chuckles, "that's just insane." Her lips turn downwards in a thoughtful frown, "maybe, if it has already caused problems, it would be best to consider what to say to the public. To find a way to return them to remaining steadfast in the face of this potential revelation. Because like it or not, the Hostiles are here to kill us. They've proven that with the countless men and women killed in the war already. And unless we can find a way to end this peacefully, - laughably unlikely - the only means to finish this war is for either us or them to die." She shakes her head, "I am still coming to terms with the idea that the Hostiles nearly killed my sister. My cousin. Certainly dozens of other nobles, when they invaded a resort. This is looking bad, Mister Aeldan. If the Hostiles can threaten nobility so simply in our own home, the people might begin to truly panic and lose us the war."

"True, they have been… aggressive." He says that in a near mutter, folding his arms and looking downwards now, brows frowning and drawing together in a clear sign of thought. "The chance of a peaceful resolution are at best laughable, as you say. I think it would take the Six Themselves intervening directly to cause /that/ to happen." And from there he brings his head up sharply, when you make mention of a near family death. Even his eyes narrow faintly. "Where and when was /that/?"

Sophie blinks, "you haven't heard the news last night? Hostiles attacked the Black Sapphire Hotel. They shot at it with siege blasters and took over the entire establishment. Thankfully, a handful of volunteers got…most of the people out." She frowns in thought, furrowing her brow, "including Janelle, Lyri, Lady Lucretia, Lady Elodie, Lady Cyrielle, and…well, a number of others." She smirks, nodding her head, "but I agree. Nothing short of a miracle, and one I am uncertain I would even welcome, will cause Hostiles and Havenites to treaty for peace."

"Ah… that. I thought you were referring to something else. Forgive me, I've had a lot on my mind, so I considered it more a symptom of the war than…" He falls off there, concluding his words with a grunt and a shake of his head. "These past few months have been a tumult, as you can guess, even for me, and I've not spent even a second on the front lines in spite of training for it. Then again, it's not like I swore to a House when I was Knighted in the first place, so you could argue I was trying to get out of it anyway. As if the Watch was a poor alternative." Very dry, those last words, nearly acidic.

Sophie frowns, "what else could I possibly be referring to, Mister Aeldan?" She shrugs, "certainly, it's a symptom of war. Of course. But it is a sign that things are worsening. That we are not winning so easily as we may have hoped. To begin with, none of us have even acquired a glance of their world, and yet they attack us so well that one might wonder if they know our planets better than we do." She steps closer to you, "Jor." She chews at her lower lip for a moment, "maybe…maybe there's some way out there to earn your Knighthood. I am confident you have the skills for it. We just need to regain your honor and prove your value in this conflict. Somehow."

His eyes meet yours, but in silence. He never says a word, nor does he even part his lips to respond in kind to what you have to say. Those thick arms fold, those brown irises never blink, and an almost eerie quiet pervades the air around him as you address him. "I think they do, Lady Sophie," he replies, even lowering his voice to match the sudden change in demeanor. "I can't prove it, though, but the evidence suggests it. You just gave me something else to consider: the fact that they besieged and conquered a location - besieged, not raided - makes me wonder if they knew the Crown Princess was there from the start. The timing is a bit too coincidental for my liking, now.

"For the other matter, Lady Sophie, I don't think that's possible without its own miracle, and I prefer not to expect that any will happen at all, for either one. And I've told you before: that is a personal matter."

Sophie shakes her head, "I hardly think it would be a miracle, Mister Aeldan. You are a warrior. And this is a war. They merely have to trust you enough to lend you a weapon again." She pauses before realizing, "a sign of their trust has already come to pass, after all. Would you have ever dreamed you would serve under a noble again? And yet, Lady Talayla has employed you these past few months." She frowns when you turn the conversation towards a new idea, furrowing her brow thoughtfully, "you…think they may have besieged the resort to get at the Crown Princess? Indeed, it is a bit coincidental. And yet…it furthers proof they're not just wild animals or robots. Perhaps in some ways, it proves the video is no forgery at all, but fact." She sighs, "the question being, is there anything at all we can do about it?"

"I do not intend to speak ill of her, but I think Lady Talayla pities me more than anything else, and to be frank I think you do the same." Firm, those words, as he gives them, expression still direct and held upon your own features for a moment, before he speaks again, in response to the other point. "If I were you, I would be more concerned with the public opinion of it. Keeping the masses from a riot or worse would be the largest contribution you could perform, I think. It would also probably keep your family's minds more at ease over not running off to investigate the warfront, either," he adds dryly, before flashing another grin. "I haven't forgotten that request from before your apparent departure."

Sophie opens her mouth to speak, before her lips clamp shut again. She shifts uneasily, running her digits along the hem of her shirt, "I-I…" She sighs, finally looking up at you, "m-maybe you're right. I…I'm sorry for maybe pitying you, but…" She winces, "is it so wrong of me to do so?" She runs her sandals nervously along the ground, silent until she adds, "b-besides, you should use that pity. Be selfish. Find a way to earn back your Knighthood. If you can do something to help us in the war effort, maybe you will be Knighted on your merits alone. If nothing else, if you can prove your value, I'm sure it would not be so difficult to get a sword in your hand and throw you in among the rest of the Citizen soldiers." She nods her head thoughtfully, "I will consider a way to calm the masses. Perhaps I will turn this invasion of the resort into greater hate and disgust for the Hostiles, humans or no. They are our enemy. And we cannot falter on the possible premise they might be physically like us, in some broken way." She blinks at you in surprise and confusion, "request?" And then her eyes widen and she replies, "a-ah, that. I believe it is no longer needed. However, I would nonetheless welcome a picnic sometime. Or perhaps a walk through the safer regions of a forest."

"I don't think even a forest stroll would be looked at with anything other than concern, not without a considerable escort in your case," Jor replies. There was a twitch at his lips from the first parts that you had to say back, but no commentary. "We're fully at war - that resort is proof of how - forgive me, hostile, they can be. Which reminds me, I'd rather like to hear about what happened from anyone who was there. Do you think you could potentially get information about it for me? You mentioned your family being involved; I think they would talk to you about it, wouldn't they? It'd be too much to hope for some of their itineraries, but the recounting should be sufficient."

Sophie smiles brightly, "and here I was thinking you didn't want to get ahead of yourself. And yet, you want to learn more about the events that led up to the Hostile takeover. As though there was something you can do." She gives you a little wink, "perhaps there is. Perhaps this is what you've been waiting for. A way to finally earn back the trust you want and the Knighthood you dream about." She smirks, "then perhaps a forest stroll is too much. But surely father and mother will not disdain the thought of a picnic in a Landing garden sometime?"

There's a suggestion of a shrug; he's keeping mum about the subject of Knighthood, and in truth the action of his shoulders lifting and falling serves as a response to the rest as well. "I don't think it's unreasonable to look into, now that the possibility is raised that it was a very calculated attack. A seemingly defenseless location, where the Crown Princess happens to be at? Had she been killed or… the alternatives, you can imagine what it would do to people. The truth would get out and morale would fall everywhere. Oh there might be a publicity spin towards expressing grief, as with the late King Regnant, but the result would be the same: despair would begin to creep in, exactly the result you want in wartime for your enemy."

Sophie peers at you, as though she knows exactly what you are thinking, piercing golden gaze noticing the casual lift of your shoulders to do away with her comments. Nonetheless, she moves on as well, choosing her words as she replies, "I'm…not sure how I could help with that issue. The threat of worry and panic in the people after hearing about the resort. But…maybe it would indeed be best to direct the Citizen's concerns towards anger and rage at the Hostiles. How dare they try to harm our people. How dare they attempt to threaten the lives of our nobility. If the vid on the InfoSphere is to be believed, then it should be ignored. They are a planet of monsters, whether there is human beneath their steel or not. They have instigated wars and took countless lives from us, throughout the span of millenia. The possibility they are flesh and blood means little to their numerous crimes." She nods, "but yes, if my cousin or my sister were lost in that assault, the people would take a turn for the worse." She nods again, "I'll speak with Lyri. Maybe I can even speak with Janelle about what happened." She smiles, "it was nice to see you again, Mister Aeldan. I hope you find a way to get what you want, in the years to come."

There's a nod from that rugged man's head, inclining to you. He might not be a Knight, in so far as law is concerned, but those habits still haven't died - and he's seen no reason to murder them, either. "It was good to see you as well," he replies, a bit more warmth returning to his voice. "The same for you as well, Lady Sauveur. Thank you for wanting to spend time in the talk, it gave me much to think on."

"And I as well, Mister Aeldan." She gives him a courteous dip of her head, skirts fluttering around her legs as she first gives the man a farewell wave and strides from the Statuary Forum entirely, into the afternoon light.

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