Lord Ravat Khournas
Emraan Hashmi
Emraan Hashmi as Dattravat Khournas
Full Name: Dattravat Khournas
Byname: None
Age: 26
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: Khournas
House: Khournas
Title/Profession: Lord
Position: N/A
Spouse: None Height: 176 centimeters
Father: Antonio Khournas Weight: 73 kilograms
Mother: Shakuntala Khournas, née Orelle Hair Color: Black
Siblings: None Eye Color: Black
Children: None


Concept: A troubleshooter / "spy" (Eyes & Ears) whose main task is to investigate potential problems (anything ranging from embezzlement to worker unrest, sabotage, and industrial espionage) and to help deal with them if they exist. The typical modus operandi is that he goes in undercover with a disguise and false identity.

His 'day job' is with those responsible for safety and efficiency of House Khournas' manufacturing, with a primary focus on safety.

When he isn't hobnobbing with the proletariat he works as an event planner for his fellow nobles in House Khournas (and potentially other houses, as may be determined by RP).

  • 2986 - Birth (Ta da!)
  • 2998 - Betrothed to Alizee Orelle (You're not my parents! You don't know me!)
  • 2999 - Starts getting into trouble for exploring his talents for acting (lying), observing, and being unobtrusive (What are they saying? They…? Oh, ew!)
  • 3000 - Alizee Orelle dies in a horse riding accident while accompanying a hunt during a visit with a distant cousin of House Sauveur, soon after Hallow's Eve (Huzzah! No longer betrothed!)
  • 3001 - A little over two months later he stops feeling bad about having been happy that Alizee died (Life's a bummer, man.)
  • 3001 - He joins the education program for safety and efficiency in industry & manufacturing (I don't actually have to go *into* any factories, right?)
  • 3004 - Graduates from the program with high marks. (Whoa, telling people how not to get killed while working is easy.)
  • 3007 - With on the job training / studies he completes his advanced certification (Call me… Dr. Ravat. Ugh, lame.)
  • 3007 - Celebration! Has the idea to use his fancy for a good party to build a public persona around an in-house event planner. (Animal house? No, sounds like a zoo. Hmm…)
  • 3007 to Present - Continues his work. No noteworthy events to report. (Yet.)

Ravat had quite the typical childhood. In part this is due to his family which, although of House Khournas, ranks low enough in the scheme of things that it doesn't figure on the part of the list that is normally viewed - even if the cat happens to stand on the scroll key for a few seconds. Naturally his parents did make attempts to open doors for him, in which sense the betrothal to Alizee Orelle was something of a coup for them. From his point of view it was quite fortunate that they didn't manage more, since he is quite happy with his current position.

His current position was heavily influenced by his father's work as overseer of one of the Khournas industrial complexes. Ravat had no particular desire to be quite so hands-on with managing people, so his temperament led him to study safety and efficiency.

Within a few yeas of beginning his work he struck on the idea of sneaking in among the workers to see if reported problems - even what he deemed to be a suspicious lack of problems - were really what they seemed. His penchant for acting served him well, and his position at work made it relatively easy to forge the necessary documention. The thought that he'd essentially be spying on Khournas citizens didn't bother Ravat, since he loved the idea of being a spy and thought it must be a great way to impress girls. (In his opinion horses and tourneys were best enjoyed from a distance, with a sausage in one hand and a beer in the other.)

Only in retrospect did it occur to him that he had potentially been courting disaster, and that it would have been moderately to severely embarrassing all around if he had been found out. Fortunately this was not the case and he kept at it, using the information he gleaned to improve his work.

As the years went by he branched out, in part to seek new challenges out of boredom and in part to discover what else he could learn. As it happened, he also learned that he needed to learn what he should do with what he had learned. It was a stuttering, rather nerve-racking process to find someone in whose hands he could put that information.

Nothing came of that first event. Anyone can get lucky, after all. Even after the second or third time nobody made any particular remark of his contributions other than to thank him. Only once he had been active in this vein for months did he receive an invitation to speak to someone close to the High Lord. There he was extended the offer to work as an Eyes and Ears in an official capacity. As pleased as he was to receive the offer, he was hesitant until he received assurances that very little would change for him other than that his work would have official sanction.

In his twentieth year, while celebrating his new status in the world of industrial safety and efficiency, he hit on the idea of putting his fondness for festivities to some use. Most were more skeptical of the idea, or of his ability to deliver on it, than he would have liked, but he persevered. His successes remain modest but reliable, and he maintains at least cordial relations which most castellans.

Noblesse Oblige: One of the major factors that led to his chosen line of work in being responsible for worker safety. It is also reflected in his work as an E&E in taking extra care so that he does not cause innocents to be accused in that he mistakes dissatisfaction with disaffection or the opinionated with the dangerous and disruptive.

Snacking: a fondness for the local equivalent of cashew nuts and pistacchios

Terribly Mysterious: sudden disappearances, unexplained absences. He's a spy! Also a bit of a James Bond complex where the ladies are concerned.




  • Joie de Vivre
  • Nobless Oblige
  • Snacking
  • Gregarious
  • Terribly Mysterious

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