Elektra "Ransom" Carmino
Eva Green
Eva Green as Elektra "Ransom" Carmino
Full Name: Elektra "Ransom" Carmino
Byname: -
Age: 34
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: Khournas
House: Khournas
Title/Profession: Financial Advisor
Position: Shaker
Spouse: None Height: 5'6"
Father: Giovanni Carmino Weight: 120 lbs.
Mother: Nobody Hair Color: Brown
Siblings: None Eye Color: Blue
Children: None


Why are you reading this? You shouldn't be in here.

Seriously. If you keep reading this, I'm going to have to charge you. You don't want that. I charge interest - a lot of interest - and I always collect.

Money is a tricky thing, you see. Most folks want it, but they just don't want to work for it. On the other hand, you have folks like my parents, toiling away in mines and ore fields 14-hours a day for a pittance, saving every dollar and cent for a better day, a sunnier day. I'm here to tell you though, sunny days in the Black Wastes suck just as much as any other day in the Black Wastes. I have to imagine those Khourni bastards called it that for a reason, turning the hearts and souls (and lungs) of their miners black as tar in that forsaken place. It's a pretty horrid place for a kid to grow up too, but grow up there I did. My friends consisted of grown men, grown women, and a few other kids who earned pennies stitching up slacks and britches. For fun, we had rocks and hoops. Barbaric! My father Giovanni was a miner…for all 9 years I can remember him being alive. My mother I don't know shit about; turns out she was some two-bit whore who only stuck around the mining camps long enough to drop me off.

When you're nine, and your only parent dies, there's only two places you can wind up going. One, is that the Chantry takes you in; the other is that you have some distant relative you've never even met who begrudgingly takes you in on account of the measly stipend they get for being so generous. I was the lucky winner of the prize behind door number two, going to live with some poor-ass great aunt twice-removed living in Volkan. What this meant is that I got a thin-ass mattress, a thin-ass blanket, three bowls of gruel a day, and the smug morality of some old witch who thought she was doing a great thing. Long story short, I spent a lot of time out on the streets of Volkan. Now there…there's where a kid can really learn some valuable skills and earn some bread! Those people have some walking-around money, let me tell you! The first thing you learn to do if you want to eat real meat and real cheese when you're an orphan is to steal. You nick a few bucks there, a few bucks here; you work together to swipe this or that or whatever, and you're living large.

You might say that, together, those things that defined my childhood made me grow up into the woman I am now. I know the value of a dollar. I know the value of hard work. I can snatch your wallet and disappear before you know it. I know who's an easy mark and who's going to turn around, snatch your wrist, and have the Watch haul your ass off. I learned all that even before I got caught up in the seedy underbelly of this shiny new future with kings and queens and horses and knights. Turns out, if you pickpocket someone who used to pickpocket, they're pretty good at telling. It also turns out that if they find your skills up to snuff, you might get the opportunity to do it professionally, in a sense. That's how I got involved in organized crime.

First it was plain thievery. Larceny. Extortion. Identity theft. Fraud. All the classics. I learned how to hot wire my fair share of doors, break into password-protected systems, and nudge through poorly-encrypted files to get at personal records, journals, credit histories, and all the other goodies! Making money that way never comes too easy, but it always comes cheap…and that's something you can take to the bank.

It turns out that the stuff I learned as a kid is the real truth to the universe: money makes it all go 'round. Folks will do anything for it. If you're as good as I am, and guarantee a big return on investment, it's pretty easy to secure some capital. If you grew up in the streets and around sleazeballs the way I did, it's pretty easy to secure the borrowers. You dangle a few hundred in front of their face, make the terms simple but brutal, and my job's as easy as can be. The trick is to ensure that you get your hundreds back…plus the hundreds more in interest. So here I am with a memory bank full of detailed client records, payment schedules, contact info, last known whereabouts…it's enough to make your head spin. If I wasn't such a low-down shaker, I'd make a pretty damn good noble, I like to think. I know for a fact I've got a better head on my shoulders than most, by far.

So, now that you've read up, I hope you're ready to make a payment. Like I said, I've always got money to spare, but it doesn't come cheap, and I always collect. And don't get me started on collateral…



Elektra Carmino is a woman standing about 5'6" tall. Her head is crowned by a mane of silky, shiny brunette hair worn in any number of styles. Her face is defined by a somewhat-squared chin with a slight dimple, and high cheekbones. Often, her lips are held pursed together in a somewhat dour expression, leaving long, shallow dimples along her cheeks to define her jaw. Huge, smokey, and shockingly blue eyes are the dominant feature on her face, frequently paired against painted lips and her natural scowl.

Her figure is average, at best, neither overly hard nor overly soft. She's no knight, nor is she a matron. Most frequently, she's clad in designer dresses in dark colors, as befits her paler-than-normal complexion and dark hair. Heels appear to be a constant, with ostentatious jewelry and accent pieces frequently added.



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Musical Inspiration

  • Pendulum - "The Tempest"

i know that i can help you
i just dont fucking want to
and the feeling is stronger by the day
some say i'm selfish
but i know you need this
and i'm just so sick of the chase

  • Avenged Sevenfold - "Nightmare"

you should have known the price of evil
and it hurts to know that you belong here
no one to call
everybody to fear
your tragic fate is looking so clear
it's your fucking nightmare

  • Selena Gomez - "Trust in Me"

trust in me; just in me
close your eyes and trust in me
you can sleep safe and sound
knowing I am around
slip into silent slumber; sail on a silver mist
slowly and surely your senses will cease to resist

  • Cage the Elephant - "Ain't No Rest for the Wicked"

there ain't no rest for the wicked
money don't grow on trees
i got bills to pay, i got mouths to feed
there ain't nothing in this world for free
i know i can't slow down, i can't hold back
though you know i wish i could
oh no there ain't no rest for the wicked
until we close our eyes for good

  • Metallica - "Master of Puppets"

pain monopoly, ritual misery
chop your breakfast on a mirror
taste me you will see
more is all you need
(you're) dedicated to
how i'm killing you
come crawling faster
obey your master

  • Ludwig von Beethoven - "String Quartet No. 14 in C♯ minor, Op. 131"

VI: Adagio
VII: Allegro

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