12.07.3013: Ramblings in the Roar
Summary: Lord Densoric and Senator Alistair have a brief meetup in the Roar as campaigning heats up
Date: 10.19.213
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Densoric Alistair 

The Roar
The Lion's Tail

Talking to an older woman at the stall, Alistair gives her a side hug before, indeed, kissing her grandchild on the forehead. Ever aware of crowds and people, the Senator notices a familiar face, perhaps wearing a lighter shade of blue that might stand out in a crowd. Giving a shoulder clasp to another volunteer, Senator Hartcliffe gives a polite half bow. "Lord Densoric, always a pleasure. Enjoying the Roar today?" He smiles genuinely.

Densoric is in his typical mildly formal attire, does he own any other clothes? He then nods and says, "Simply a tourist really, but the look of things is busier then I expected but at least now I can tell why. How goes your campaign?"

Alistair smiles broadly. "The Roar is a place of wonder to those who know it, though natives tend to be proud of their homes…and a touch biased. Especially if they are running for office." He chuckles a bit. "And the Campaign goes as it must. A little more heated than I'd like, and it's wartime, where everyone decides Doves magically turn into traitors." His smile fades a bit at the jest.

Densoric nods and says, "Doves and hawks both have their pros and cons, fortunately I have little need to concern myself with such. Though generally everyone is biased towards their home, unless they have reason to hate their home for whatever reason."

"I didn't mean to bore you with the details of citizen politics, my Lord." Alistair says dismissively of the topic. "Might you be interested in coffee or a quick bite?" He motions down the street.

Densoric lifts a dismissive hand and says, "I'm aware of the stances of the Citizen parties but that is all. I have a more practical view of the matter, but that is more of a political discussion I'm guessing you are too busy to take part in. Also the fact since I neither vote nor take part in Citizen politics, my opinion is a bit moot. Thank you for the offer but I don't care for coffee and I have eaten recently."

Alistair nods politely to the Lord. "Of course, my Lord. And I'm always up for discussions of politics of any sort, always been a hobby of mine. Just a blessing to be my career as well." He smiles again. "And certainly you'd understand that the nobility are the source of everything, even in campaigns in which they can't vote."

Densoric nods and says, "My interest is more in general terms of politics then details, at least among the Citizen branch. Though as I said, I'm guessing the current concerns keep you from such discussions currently, later though is certainly acceptable."

"Of course, of course." Alistair says, seeming to have hit a wall. "One thing I did wish to discuss with you, my Lord, was upcoming tasks for the Notice Project, if you actually have a free moment?"

Densoric nods and says, "Of course, when you have the time."

"I'll have my office send you some proposals we've been considering, along with the next workday." Alistair gives him another polite half-bow. "And, the connection is always open, my Lord, should you wish to get more involved in other charitable endeavors."

Densoric says, "I favor the Notice Project due to its goals and its focus across all of Haven. Beyond that it is more of a case-by-case basis for me."

"Of course, my Lord." Alistair says, smiling and looking back to the stalls, though he seems a tad disappointed. "If you'll excuse me then?" He asks, looking to Densoric.

Densoric nods and gestures for Alistair to go ahead as he looks about

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