10.11.3013: Raindrops and Pie
Summary: Klaudea and Lincoln run into each other at the Public House and decide to go get some pizza. Nitrim scene bombs.
Date: Dunno
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The Public House Volkan, The Crescent
Tucked into a corner of the commercial district, this dive bar has low ceilings clouded with smoke, a collection of round tables, square booths, and a bar with stools along one wall. It can do greasy pub food, and has a fine selection of beers, whiskeys, and scotches, but not much more than that. The bar stools are the swiveling type that are bolted to the ground so they cannot be used as clubs in the event of a brawl, and the chairs are flimsy things that make poor clubs in their own right. At the back is a shuffleboard table, two pool tables, and a couple of dartboards, often with a good deal of side betting going on.
11 October, 3013

It's just late enough that Lincoln's able to sit in a corner booth and people watch without being too odd, but early enough that the night isn't over. he has A glass of whisky half drank in drink of him, and a ash tray with several butts crushed in it. He's sitting with his back to the wall, his knee pulled up against the booth as he reads over something on his tablet. His lips move, almost like he's forming the words as she looks at the device in his hands. As he turns to reach for his drink, his torso twist, his pelvis staying stationary. He's rather bendy.

One of the round tables not so far from the corner, a game of cards is getting started. As she wanders with her drink, Klaudea pauses, looking down. "Have you got room for one more, boys?" she asks, which might be considered amusing by some, since most of them are probably about twice her age from the looks of it. However, being older men, they're never adverse to a pretty young thing joining them, and so she sets her drink down. In the process of pulling in her chair, she glances up and notes Lincoln. "Hey there!" she calls with a cheerful wave.

Lincoln glances up, there's been a lot of people calling out tonight, so he's not assuming it's for him. But once his eyes land on Klaudea, a bright crooked smile appears. Slipping his tablet into a pocket, he'll slide out of the booth, grabbing his drink, "Hey Klaudea….how's it going?"He'll walk up, but doesn't want invite himself into the game. "Can I get ya a drink when you're done?" He's dress casual, he's not on the prowl tonight, although the coorded necklaces are still there.

The other men look up as Lincoln draws near, and the dealer pauses in his shuffling while the two young squirts talk.

"Good, it's going good," Klaudea replies. She looks at her third full glass, considers it for about two seconds, then reaches forward, and chugs the rest of it. Setting the empty glass down, she looks up to him with a grin, "That's kind of you, I'd love another drink." She gives him a wink as a couple other of the players chuckle.

"You in or out, kid?" the dealer asks gruffly after the amusement dies down.

Lincoln nods, "Sure, if ya got room." He'll pull a chair up, leaning back to motion to the waitress for another drink for him and Klaudea. He'll stretch his neck a moment, and the grin. "What are we playin'?" His bangs fall a bit into his eyes.

"Good question," Klaudea replies as she leans to the side for her empty glass to be taken. "What are we playing?" The friendly hazel eyes look up to the dealer as the cards start to come out face down.

"Seven Card Stud," comes the same gruff voice that wanted to know if Lincoln was joining. "Joker's wild," he adds, just in case she didn't know.

Klaudea bobs her head, then turns to Lincoln. "Looks like we're playing seven card stud," she informs him, her grin bringing a cheeky little dimple into play. "So what's a guy like you doing in a place like this? Or am I poaching your line?"

Lincoln raises an eyebrow and laughs softly, "Yeah…I heard a rumor it was Seven Card Stud." He'll give the table a nod. He'll shake his head, finishing off his whiskey. "Not doing much of anything." He'll pull a small face, but is clearly amused, "Six…I ever use a line like that, time for me to go home."

A little peal of laughter rings out from Klaudea as Lincoln displays his disgust over the line she plies him with. She doesn't touch her two cards until everyone has theirs, then she peeks at hers, and very carefully, sets them back down, arranging them precisely. Her eyes are still dancing with humor when she turns to ask him another question. "What are you drinking?" The hazel eyes evince curiosity, and she tosses in the money when it's called for without taking her eyes from the young man next to her.

Lincoln and Klaudea are seated in the back playing seven card stud with several rough looking dudes. Linc looks at his cards and tilts his head before doing whatever is appropriate for the card game that the player of Linc doesn't get. "Tonight? Whisky. I don't require fancy." His money goes into the center as well. He'll give her a small grin,"You?"

The door to the bar opens and Nitrim Khournas steps through. Cowl hung low on his head, his lips and goatee are visible as he brushes a few flakes of ash off of his shoulder. Ash that doesn't come from the cigarette he's smoking, mind you, but old-fashioned Volkan ash that sometimes has a way of sifting through the air. He yanks the door closed and takes a look around, easily spotting Lincoln and Klaudea on his way to the bar. "Evening." He murmurs to them as he passes, a quiet wave of his cigarette-hand as his long coat sweeps past.

"Bourbon," Klaudea replies in answer to the question. "So, is that meaning you are a cheap date?" in her banter of the moment, she doesn't stop to think about what it could mean when putting Lincoln and cheap in the same sentence. Glancing to the heavily cowled man as he steps in, at first she intends to ignore him, her gaze sweeping down. But then she snaps her eyes upwards again, peering a little more intently at the visible goatee, and trying to see into the hood. She ducks her head at his greeting, "my lord," she murmurs in answer, barely taking in her three cards up as he passes. More of her money is sent to the middle of the table.

Lincoln tilts his head, and then gives Klaudea a cocky smile that would rival Ren's, "Nothing about me is cheap, darling." He'll glance down at his cards, his smile drops only fraction when he looks up to Nitrim as he passes. He'll nod at him, and throw his money into the middle of the table. Poke face indeed.

Bellying up to the bar, Nitrim lays down some money with a nod of his head. The bartender seems to recognize the Khournas, and reaches back to a bottle on the bartop to pour the young lordling a glass of bourbon on ice. The money is exchanged and Nitrim is left with his back to them, one hip cocked to the side as he smokes and leans over the bar. Deciding he's waited long enough, he takes a sip and turns to head towards Klaudea and Lincoln's table, stopping to watch them play. "It's nice and quiet tonight, isn't it?"

Returning her slightly flustered attention to Lincoln, it takes Klaudea a minute, then she blushes a deep shade of red. Very deep shade of red. "Oh, I'm sorry… I didn't mean," the poor squire flounders, not even looking at her new cards as she tosses the money in. By the time Nitrim is turning back to look to the table, her elbows are firmly planted on the table to either side of her drink, and her fingertips are pushing at her hairline while she hides her face from everyone.

And his smirk is back, Linc chuckles as he glances at his cards, throwing in the rest of the ante as well. He can't help another small tease, "No offense taken. You'd have no idea what my rates are." He's practiced enough, that his voice isn't spiked with 'go jump off a bridge' kinda undertones when Nitrim comes over. He wrestles with something for a brief moment, then desides to go the safer route, "Sure is. Nothing too momentous, except Klaudea's blush happening."

The cowl shifts between the two of them, eyes no doubt watching their reactions as he brings the glass to his lips for a sip. "Is she now?" Nitrim asks, an amused smile coming to the corner of his lip as he sets the sweaty glass down on the tabletop, near the edge, to free his hands. Leaving the cigarette in the corner of his mouth, his fingers flex and crack, the knuckles relieving themselves before her plucks the cigarette away and blows a thin stream of smoke towards the ceiling. "You know Lincoln, she's rather talented. I watched her exchange shots with Sir Thalo a few nights ago. She's fast, rather relentless. She'll make a good soldier." Nitrim adds, reaching for a chair. "May I?"

<FS3> Klaudea rolls Cards: Success.
<FS3> Lincoln rolls Cards: Success.
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Klaudea=cards Vs Lincoln=cards
< Klaudea: Good Success Lincoln: Great Success
< Net Result: Lincoln wins - Solid Victory

Well, there's no chance of Klaudea's blush dying down when Lincoln brings more attention to it. As the last bid or fold goes around, she lowers one hand to turn her cards over for the call and arrange her best five cards. Then the hand goes up again. "Thank you, my lord," she says, her voice barely recognizable from behind her hands as she tries to regain her composure when her prowess being discussed is added to the stimulants of cheek redness. She waits, listening to hear if anyone beats her hand.

Lincoln takes a deep breath, reaching down deep for his acting chops,And the will give the table, including Nitrim a smile, "Fast, relentless and and blusher? My night keeps getting better and better." He'll flip over his cards, already knowing he won. After the other men throw their cards down Linc leans forward to gather his winnigns.

"You're welcome, Klaudea," Nitrim sighs as he turns the chair around to straddle the seat, hanging his arms over the back of the chair so that he can rest his chest and loom to spectate over the game. "Looks like you're doing pretty good, Lincoln, are cards normally your game?" He asks, reaching out for his glass once more with his claw-ringed hand. "I saw a storm might be rolling in, by the way, you may want to prepare yourselves for a wet walk back to where you're staying."

As Lincoln scoops up his winnings, Klaudea finally manages to take a deep breath and settle herself. Nitrim is dealt in the next round as she lays out her ante and checks her cards. "The barracks aren't too far," she replies with a shrug. "And I'm fast, so I can run between the rain drops, right?"

Lincoln shrugs,answering Nitrim, "I know a couple games, yeah. It helps." he doesn't add, with clients. Glanicng over to Klaudea, "Well, where's the fun in that? Dodging rain drops…That seems rather rude to the rain." He's smiling though, just teasing her again. He'll check his cards and be all card shark knowing what he's doing guy and crap.

"I don't know, can you? Want to put some money on it?" Nitrim replies, grinning softly as he reaches out for his cards and throws some money onto the table. "Fifty dollars says you can't dodge raindrops, though you're trying like hell to dodge something, aren't you, Klaudea?" Nitrim tilts an eye her way before looking to Linc. His eyes widen. Subliminal conversation. "Never been good at cards myself, really, so don't expect me to stay in long. I'd lose everything. Better at people than cards."

Now that makes Klaudea smile. "I dodge Sir Thalo all day," she offers, even turning a wink to Nitrim. "I suppose a rain drop or two could get lucky, and call me on my bad manners. Best keep my betting money on the table. I don't know… testing oneself against the elements?" she offers Lincoln, taking a good sip from her drink, then nudging it around it a bit on it's circle of condensation as she waits for her cards. "Although, I suppose that's much the same as my sparring against Sir Thalo, but at least the rain drops down't hurt as much when they make contact."

Lincoln narrows his eyes slightly at Nitrim, he's trying to play nice. But he'll be damned if he's going to let Nitrim try to wing man for him. Or what ever that was. "I would hope that Sir Thalo hits harder than rain drops, or this is going to be a rather long and unhappy war for our side."He'll tilt his own whacky back, focusing on the cards begin deal a moment, before adding his money to the center.

"You ever seen Sir Thalo, Lincoln?" Nitrim asks, looking to his cards and opting to fold out, leaving the money behind. "That man's a giant, dark-skinned wall of steel, and that's before he puts the armor on. There's a lot of things I'd rather do in life than get hit by him, starting with having my eyes shaved out." Leave it to Nitrim to paint a pretty picture. With a jerk back of his head, he quick-fires the bourbon and rises to his feet. "I'll see you guys around, aye?"

The squire can't help the training, and she straightens to give the departing Lord a proper nod, at least. Then Klaudea chuckles. "Well, I wouldn't go quite that far, but… yeah. It's no fun being hit by Sir Thalo. Not that it's fun to be hit by any knight." She pauses as she considers and throws her own cards in to wait for the round to finish. "Come to think of it, it's really not fun to get hit at all."

Lincoln waits till Nit's away before rolling his eyes, his dislike for the man something that he can't seem to hide for the moment. Taking a deep breath, Linc turns and smiles, "Well, I'd say that depends on the hitting."

Klaudea's brows furrow when Lincoln rolls his eyes, and she bites at the corner of her lip. But she opts to concentrate on the cards instead. At the words, she turns, raising her brows in a mixture of confusion and curiosity. "Depends on the hitting?"

Lincoln laughs again, putting the Nit thing behind him for now, "now…I can't give away all my trade secrets." He'll each over and sip more of his whiskey.

There's a couple of uncomprehending blinks from Klaudea, then she colors a little as she takes her cards to look at them. "That's… quite all right. I don't think I want to know," she manages in a slightly strangled voice. She tosses her ante in and then reaches for her own drink for a good, bracing swig.

Lincoln's really not trying make her uncomfortable.but she's making this so easy! He'll throw in his ante and grin. "I need to give you something to tease me about, or you'll not talk to me anymore…"

Klaudea gives a shake to her head as she watches the cards landing, her eyes traveling to each player's up cards. "No, that's okay. I can still talk to you. No need to .. ah… yeah." She leans forward and arranges her cards precisely, taking extra special care with them. "Do you like soccer, Lincoln?"

Lincoln glances at everyones's cards, but looks back to Klaudea. She's really who he's playing. "I do. I'm not very good at it, but I like to play..and watch. Soemtimes a good soccer game is way better than a joust. No offense to your Knights." He's grinning, "I like team efforts."

Klaudea chuckles. "None taken, I assure you," she replies. "My friends tease me about it all the time, but they're kind enough to let me join me on the weekends for a pick up game." She puts in her bid, and watches them flip over. "One of my friends' father owns a team in Obsidia, so we get together a couple of times a year and take over their box. It's a good party."

<FS3> Klaudea rolls Gambling: Success.
<FS3> Lincoln rolls Cards: Great Success.

Lincoln flips his over as well, again with that cockiness like he's not surprised that he won. "That's pretty crackerjack. I bet being in a box is pretty awesome." He's not outright gloating, more just expected the outcome. "You wanna play more, or move onto something else?' He could mean cards, or something else.

Klaudea shrugs. "Yeah, it is," there's a wince at the corner of one eye when referring to the box, but she doesn't seem phased by losing the hand. Her own was pretty good, but she doesn't seem to be the kind to be ruffled with losing. "I don't have any plans other than a drink or two. Just unwinding before tomorrow."

Lincoln tilts his head, and then nods, "Well…I'm a good enough gambler to know when to quite. Can I buy you another drink?" He'll gather up his winnings. "Or maybe jet outta her and get some food?"

Klaudea considers. Free food. "Sure," she says, tossing back the rest of her drink, and then standing. "What are you in the mood for? Thanks, guys," her smile is extended to the rest of the table as she pushes her chair and turns away, oblivious to one of them snickering at her question and leaning to another, "I can tell you what he's in the mood for."

Lincoln gives the men a 'come on' look. If they only knew his job… He'll offer an arm, "I'm completely lost as to where anything good would be. So I'm at your mercy. You pick."

They're men. Men know what's on another man's mind, and are unphased by his look. In fact, one even gives him the 'go-for-it' thumbs up when they're sure she's not looking.
Klaudea takes the arm offered after a moment's look of surprise. Then she shrugs. "Well, there's a good sushi place around the corner, and a couple of blocks up is ./the best/ pizza on the Crescent. So…" she shrugs again. "Whatever you want."

Lincoln's used to ignoring things, if he needs to. So the men's looks and comments are not answer. INstead he'll mput on his thinking face face. "wow. Sushi or the best pizza, huh? That's not an easy choice." He's step outside, the weather proving that nitrim wasn't lying. It's gonna rain , and soon. "You care to get wet?" As soon as he says it, he realizes what he asked and grins, cause, funny.

Klaudea shrugs and flips up the hood on her jacket. "It's that time of year around here. Anyone on the Crescent wears a jacket, but we can always grab an umbrella. You know, so you don't melt?" She gives a grin to Lincoln. "Does that mean you want Capizzano's?"

Lincoln laughs, "I'll be ok. rain doesn't bother me." He doesn't have a jacket, but doesn't seem bothered yet about it."Yeah, who can pass up a claim for the best pizza?" He lets her lead him, much like the first time the went for pie.

Klaudea tilts her head to the side as they walk, pulling him right at the corner. "Does anything bother you?" she asks curiously.

Lincoln shrugs, "I didn't mean it's my favorite thing, But it's rain. There's far worse things. Always just gotta find the silver lining, right?" He'll get tugged along, turning right, "I've got a decent poker face, if you couldn't tell."

Klaudea chuckles. "And you have a way of not exactly answering a question, either," she teases, sidestepping a panhandler so that they are beyond pick pocket reach. "That's okay."

Lincoln drops a dollar of his winnings into the man's hat as they pass, "What do you mean? What haven't I answered?" He's looking right at her, head tilted.

Klaudea tenses a little when Lincoln drops the money in, but doesn't say anything. "Well," she considers, taking a breath and returning to her normally cheerful self. "Saying that you gotta find a silver lining, it's…" she shrugs. "It's an almost answer to whether or not something gets to you," she finally explains with a grin.

Lincoln doesn't quite frown, but his expression does get more serious, "Klaudea…oh course things get to me…But…I kinda had a crappy first part of my life. If I didn't find silver linings I wouldn't be here. Everyone has coping mechanisms…Mine's just optimism." He'll blink, pushing away a few stray thoughts,and smile down at her, "It's why the promise of the best pizza is worth getting rained on." Which the drops are just starting to fall.

Klaudea blinks as she looks at Lincoln. "Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't realize… well…" she shrugs, and chews at her lip again. "Sorry," she repeats, but then she gives a smile at the best pizza comment. "Well, if you want, we can pick up the pace a little. Not to avoid getting rained on, mind you, but to get to the best pizza sooner."

Lincoln chuckles slightly, "You'd have no way of knowing. It's alight." And then he outright laughs, some of the wolfish smile coming back,and he'll tease, "And deprive you of seeing me with my shirt all stuck to me? That's hardly fair to you!" He'll let her dictate the pace though, if she speeds up, he 'll go along.

"I thought you said you had to save some things to tease me with later," Klaudea tells him with a wink and a wicked grin, then she'll pick up the pace. "Besides, I'm hungry."

Lincoln shakes his head, "I didn't say you'd get anything but looking, missy." Lincoln's in a unique position when he dates/potential dates, because of his job. He's not all horn doggie towards the person. If they just talk, that's nice too. "So…what makes them the best? Better toppings, crust? What am I judging here?" Even thought they're moving faster, by the time they get there, his shirt is rather wet, his hair as well.

And there it is again. "I didn't mean," the blush reddens Klaudea's cheeks, and she picks up the speed a bit before she dies of embarassment, her hood falling back as she goes. when they arrive, she takes out her hair band, and resmoothes her hair back into a ponytail. She lifts her shoulders. "It just is. They have really cool specialty combinations, and the crust is awesome."

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