Summary: All the questions Michael hopes to learn the answers to.
Date: 25 June 2013
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25 June 3013 — Michael's bed, Temp Medical Area - Barracks, Volkan

After a couple pages of the same name just written over and over,
it becomes clear that Michael is starting to go a little stir crazy
at his new found sedentary life.

He has finally penned something a little more than just Viannea, onto
this page though:

Archery, hunting, falconry, dancing, the color black, and the color blue.
Questions to still ask in time -

Favorite food, I bet I can just see what she prefers over a few months
of dining with her. That might actually be best.

Favorite flower, this one is a little tougher. I could do like I did
with color and slip the question in… or, I can give her flowers from
time to time and see how she reacts to each one.

Favorite type of music, coupled with favorite song, also a tough one.
Perhaps if I just ask on this, I'm sure after a while she'll answer.

Favorite drink, will go along with food. Just pay attention when we have
meals together.

What she likes to do when bored, another difficult question to find the
answer to. usually one tries not to be boring when with a woman, and I
wouldn't dream of purposefully trying to bore Viannea. We'll see how it

What her favored hair styles are, well she has that braid usually. I'm
curious if she doesn't actually like to wear her hair down and just wears
a braid for battle's sake. This one will take the longest I think, cause
it requires lots of different situations to pay attention to.

There are soo many things I'll find out about her… I can't think of all
of them. Patience, patience… so difficult, and yet, I want to learn
in time. She's just so… wonderful to talk to. Direct to a point, but
there's the hint of something more under surface. I find I want to spend
as much time with her as I can, and it's nice that the potential for me
to join her on the field, or for her to join me, is there.
I certainly hope to cause a similar interest for her, and to keep that
interest going.

Well, I promised I'd try to sleep and that I'd stay put until I'm healed.

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