Quellton Lies
Summary: Lorelei confronts Da Quellton on the books, and what she's told changes everything she's ever believed or trusted.
Date: 11/12/2013
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It’s been only an hour since Lorelei spoke to Demos and discovered that her youngest brother has been keep more secrets than just the books being in the red. While she can’t find him, she can confront her father. She’s still in the arboren green dress she wore to the labs, her hammer still on her hip. She’ll swing the doors to the stables open, looking for her father.

Pontus Quellton is a tired man, with a lot of different weights on his shoulders. When the doors swing open like that, he steels himself for the worse, although collection time isn’t for another week or so. His demeanor relaxes once he sees who it is but he’ll tilt his head, “Lorelei…What’s the matter, darling?”

The young woman doesn’t even wait to greet her father before she barrages him with questions, “What is Balius hiding in our books? Why is he lying about things? He said to ask you! He said there’s a loan?” Words pour out of the poet’s mouth, with no style or grace. It’s almost like she’s spitting them out.

The older man bristles, he’s gonna skin that youngest of his! Then he denies, “There’s stuff going on, Loree…Stuff you ain’t got no business worrying about …any of that. Just mind your chores and everything will be ok.”

Tears in her eyes, “Six, Da! I’m not a child! This is affecting all of us! Chiron is never home. He can’t stand to be here! Balius has practically run away to the academy. He doesn’t want to be here either. I’m it. I’m the only Quellton child you have left. So tell me.”

“It’s the loan, baby girl. That’s all.” But at the glare, so like her mother’s, Ponty stops and sighs, “It’s… a lot, girl. A lot. I ain’t gonna be able to get our heads above this…not with…I’m trying ta make it so it doesn’t fall on any of you. Please…just-“

Loree interrupts, not caring anymore. “Do you mean we’re indebted?!?” She sounds mortified and will take a small step back wards as her hands clench.

“No! No! Not…it’s not like that. But…it’s bad. The men ain’t kind. Payments missed put a hurt on us. But, I’m figurin’ it out. You’re safe, honey.” Ponty fidgets and his eyes finally move off is only daughter to her beloved horse. Hubert snorts, eyeing the two humans.

Lorelei’s heart sinks, her own hazel eyes going to the two empty stalls from the mares that had to be put down last summer, and then to Hubert. Jumping to a conclusion, “Did they hurt Hubert? Is that what happened?” Her voice is soft, but in that softness is a scary fury that she’s only really felt once before. And that hostile ended up with a broken chest. “Does Bey know?”

Ponty sighs, closing his eyes, “Don’t go blaming your brother…he was just doin’ what I told him ta. Please baby girl, It’s ok. We’ll work this out.” He’ll reach a hand out, as if he’s going to try to grab her into a hug. “We’re just tryin’ ta protect ya…”

Her breathing is coming a bit more ragged, like she can’t get enough oxygen. “You let them BREAK HIS LEG?” She jerks backwards, away from her father. Without realizing her eyes have started to white out and the thunder storm clouds of her aura start to form around her body. Something the old man has never seem before.

She’ll frantically grab at Hubert’s stall door, trying to get to her beloved horse and saddle him up. Ironically with the saddle Da’s friends gave her. “You-you are a monster. You made Bey do those things…You lied to us…To me…”

“Six damn it!” Ponty steps back, the awakened state of his child giving him great alarm. Terrified that she’ll bring the barn down, as in his head this must be her awakening, “Lorelei…please…you…you’ve gotta calm down…” He sounds terrified, and both hands are up, pleading.

“NO! Just…leave me alone!” Loree’s hands are shaking as she tries to get the saddle in place. Hubert doesn’t seem bothered by the aura, but is eyeing Ponty like he might want to take a bite out of his hide.

The patriarch of the Quellton’s takes another step back wards, “Lorelei Quellton! You stop this, right now!” There’s that tone he uses with Chiron, the tone when he knows he can’t control something, but tries anyway. It works about as well on Loree as it does on his eldest. “Sweet heart…” The drop in his voice, he’s not only scared for the barn, but his baby girl has a storm brewing around her! This isn’t right!

The saddle finally in place, Hubert stomps his feet. It’s not quite dark yet, but late enough that a long ride isn’t the smartest thing, especially with the weather still kinda gross. The horse is hyped to go though.

“Move.” It’s not a request. Loree’s never been more angry with her father than she is right now. She doesn’t even know where she’s going, but she knows she can’t stay here, with him. She can’t leave Hubert here….There’s a small crackle of electricity as she hops up onto the horse, her dress bunch very unlady like, but she doesn’t care. Pink and purple lightning can be seen in her aura, and especially near her hands. It’s hard to tell if she’s controlling it or not.

“Lorelei Quellton! I am not-“ And even before he can finish, Lorelei’s thrown her hand out and the stable doors crash open. Pontus can do little but watch as his middle child, his little girl, goes riding off on her ancient horse.

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