Lord Doctor Pyotr Saimhann, MD
Jame Purefoy
Jame Purefoy as Pyotr Saimhann
Full Name: Pyotr Saimhann
Byname: None
Age: 26
Planet: Imperius
Paramount: Khournas
House: Saimhann
Title/Profession: Lord
Position: Doctor
Spouse: None Height: 6'
Father: Lord Erek Saimhann Weight: 175 lbs
Mother: Lady Celeste? Hair Color: Brown
Siblings: Young Lord Jarek Saimhann (Older Brother) Eye Color: Blue-Brown
Children: None


Born in the Drake Mountains as Jarek's first sibling and brother, Pyotr Saimhann took a vastly different direction than his older sibling. A bit of a dreamer in his youth, he often explored the areas around his family home in search of adventure. More times than not he had visions of becoming a great military leader and leading an army alongside his brother.


However, that all changed when Pyotr was eleven. While out battling imaginary foes, he slipped on a narrow pass and took a long fall down into a chasm. His left leg became pinned between a pair of rocks and crushed and unable to free himself, he was trapped. He does not talk much about what happened in that 48 hours, just that he survived by eating the berries from a nearby bush and that his lower leg was crushed beyond healing and covered with ants and other insects that had started to devour it, giving young Pyotr nightmares and fears that exist to this day.

While Pyotr was rescued, it was quickly evident that his left leg would have to be amputated below the kneecap. Replaced with an iron cast when he was younger, he only gained a cybernetic leg after his sixteenth birthday. While he was healing and recovering, Pyotr took in a keen interest in the plant that had sustained him while he was trapped. Known as cloudberry, the sour berries of the bush had kept him alive, he discovered, by providing him with nutrients and a high vitamin content.

He started paying attention more to the doctors and healers of the village, learning the art and trade of both modern medicine and the herbal arts. When it came time for him to leave for training, it was only slightly stunning to the family that instead of choosing to become a knight, as his brother had done, he went on the pursuit of becoming a healer and doctor.

Attending college in the ring, Pytor's studies focused on biology and chemistry, where he had hoped to combine the two to learn pharmacology, so that he could learn to make medicines for his people and learn to be a healer so that there would be better treatment for injuries such as the one he sustained. While he was in his studies, he met a young woman, Elisabeth, that he would become romantically involved with. When they first started dating, Pyotr always noticed that flowers seemed to be better in bloom around her, and that a plant that was starting to wither would suddenly be healthy and hale the next day. Elisabeth attributed this to a 'green thumb'. It was several months into the relationship that Pytor learned the truth - Elisabeth was an Awakened, she believed herself a mystic and a druid, the Arboren woman was set well in her ways. Elisabeth had also become very ill. She said it was because she was sharing her life with the plants and the world around her, and soon she would be one with them all.

Though they would have never been able to marry, Pytor had harbored feelings for Elisabeth, so her death was a striking blow to the young man. Now only 20 years of age, Pytor had found a new focus in life. Not only to heal those who were ill or hurt, but also to start to understand the process by which awakening powers manifest and are controlled, and find a way to either stop the process or grant the same ability to others - a chance to feel at one with the plants as Elisabeth often claimed she was.

Throwing himself fully into his studies, warcraft fell completely by the wayside. Pytor became obsessed with the medicinal properties of plants and how they could be brewed and mixed with modern medicines to make them better. To give them a quicker healing time. To find a way to make them more inexpensive. To be able to mix them in his own land using the supplies that were on hand. In short, Pytor realized after he gained his masters and started to practice, he would most likely return home and live a long life with no sign of a relationship for the partially crippled young man with the prosthetic left leg.

It was his thesis on the process of Genetic Elixirs, or how to extrapolate the DNA strands from an Awakened to give their powers to a non-Awakened that drew him the unwanted attention of Delphan Gruss, the Grand Pursuivant of the Illuminated Order of Hermetics. Lord Pyotr's thesis had hit a little too close to home on some of the ideas of the genetics of how Awakening abilities work, and it was strongly suggested that Pyotr drop his pursuit and study of that path. Pytor agreed in principle to the idea, and turned his focus and thesis to the study of providing a portable and easily assembled pharmacology that could be deployed in the field or disaster areas, he continues his research on the study of Awakenings in private.

After graduation from college, Pytor moved on to university to continue his studies and earn his masters in chemistry. With a heavy concentration on biology and medicine, it was easy to see that Pyotr was on the fast track to become a doctor, as he volunteered to work often at the local clinics and low-income doctor offices.

It was also at this time that the rumors of the return of the Hostiles began to grow stronger. Shrouded in myth and legend borne of ten centuries, it piqued new interest in Pyotr and his studies. Is there a plant or medicine out there that could interfere with Hostile physiology and cause them to be poisoned or shut down or otherwise interfere with them.

He took up the art of sketching plants he comes across in his travels and keeps meticulous notes on what he learns of the plant. He has continued his research and pressed forward with his studies. In the hopes of healing the ill and hurt. Stopping the Hostiles. And perhaps, someday, giving everyone the advantage that the Awakened seem to have. Or to allow an Awakened that does not want their gift to.. remove it.

Which brings us to current day. Having started on the path to return to Saimhann, it is expected that Pyotr will either bring in a Lady for his family or be used for bargaining to provide some advantage to his family. In the meantime, he runs a small practice in his village as part of his studies and advancement as he enters the last year of his studies to become a full-fledged doctor.




Pyotr Saimhann could never really be called an imposing figure, though handsome does fit well into the equation. At six foot tall plus a hair or two, he carries a medium build, one that is more suited for academic pursuits than the battlefield. A rounded face is full of life with a smile that creases dimples beneath his broad nose, with a mole off-set to the right side. Narrow eyes frame blue-brown eyes, with thin brown eyelashes above them. He has a broad forehead and a widow's peak when his hair is pulled back. His hair is usually kept bushy, though only at nape of the neck length, though when full it curls up behind his ears and along the length of his neck. Along the right side of his face are several deep red tattoo'd whorls, the designs creeping up the side of his face like fire, and indeed, as the day grows darker, they seem to glow with their own light. There are hints of a tattoo on the side of his neck, markings of a medical nature that disappear beneath his shirt most of the time. His frame is carried well, not overly muscular or built, signs again of his academic upbringing. It is his left leg that draws notice. Made of metals and gears, it clicks and clacks with each step, a crude cybernetic system that manages to bend to the will of the doctor as he walks. It gives his gaiting steps a slight limp, noticeable most of the time.

Dressed for gatherings and being in public, Pyotr wears a well tailored outfit. A synthetic leather doublet is worn over his chest, with a shirt beneath it in maroon that has a high-neck collar, opened at the throat. The doublet fits snug over his frame and contains pockets and pouches within it to hold gear and equipment as needed. The doublet comes to an end on Pyotr's upper-arms, with the maroon silk shirt beneath stretching down to his wrists. Gold trim is at the end of the sleeves, with small gold cuff-links pinning them down. At his waist is a wide sash of cottonesque material, with his messenger and medical bag constantly bumping against it. His trousers are tailor made of sturdy and durable material, with leather shoes that come up to mid-calf. This allows a glimpse of metal on his lower left leg, and the whorls of tattoos on his right leg, mountains and drakes represented in the art. In his left hand he usually carries a well-polished wooden cane, capped with metal at one end in the shape of a claw and at the top of it, a metallic drake's head with wings out-stretched for a firmer grip.


  • Awakening Studies
  • Botanical Artist
  • Devout to the Six
  • Herbalist
  • Iron Leg
  • Phagophobia

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