07.26.3013: Pup's New Outfit
Summary: Michael is summoned to Impressions for an outfit.
Date: 26 July 2013
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Kira Michael 

Impressions Arboren
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July 26th 3013

Impressions, the huge clothing Shop owned by Mrs. Kira Graves, who is the prefered tailor to alot of nobles, Has a wide display floor where the person getting fitted can be measured and scanned by the electronic drones hovering about. Sitting as a half circle desk is Kira, working on a few wedding dress designs, with all thease weddings, as well as some formal clothing for other nobles attending parties and other Galas. She has been running herself ragged, though that doesn't stop her from making her top of the line and very extravagent clothing for those who can afford it. A message was sent to Michael, apparently he has a Fashionable Benifactor who wants the Squire to have a very nice Formal outfit, possibly a hair cut AND some acssesories… all paid for in advance of course.

There was the oddest message on his tablet this morning, causing Michael's brows to arch. His work out finished for now… since laying on the grass and crying in front of an aquaintance usually spells done for a day's work outs. He dresses in his simply military cut tunic, pants, and boots before heading out to the Spine where this shop is located. He enters the doors, "Hello?" he calls out testingly.

Kira looks up to see the shockingly cute… if ragged squire and she stands up and walks over to him. she smiles and offers him a hand wit hthe back of her hand turned up. "Greetings, You must be Michael, I'm Mrs. Graves. Someone has offered to pay for a very expensive outfit for you." She says with a warm smile and a serenity about her that most might mistake for nobuility, that or the statueque beauty that she is could lead to that assumption as well.

Michael smiles shyly at Kira for a moment, "Are you sure it was my name? Michael can be rather common… I don't think I know anyone who'd pay for something like this." he begins, he takes the hand and presses a gentle polite kiss to her knuckles. "I mean… sure, my girlfriend might make enough for it, but I don't know. And, I haven't spoken to any of the nobility that I am friends with for a couple days." his brows furrow slightly, obviously his thoughts are on trying to figure out who could have possibly paid for all this. He looks at her now, "Well, if it really is me, then I suppose that whole gift horse in the mouth statement comes into play."

Kira nods and smiles, noting the man's hesitation. "Is this your first time? I'll be gentle." She says as she takes his hand and leads him to the center of the room… it was for a tailored suit.. right.' Now just stand here and hold your arms out so I can have the measurements taken.' She says as she grabs a padd, a stylus and a pair of HYD glasses, turning them on and useing the padd to get her drones ready to make the measurements. "I believe this was for the works, so you will get a shirt, coat, leggings, boots, socks, and a cloak." She says all in the highest quallity of course.

Michael gives Kira slight smirk at the question. "Nah, I've had clothing tailored… I'm just a little surprised by this. No one usually shows me this sort of… kindness." he pauses when he stands in the center of the room, feeling very much on display. He stands there, listening and letting the drones, who's electronic eyes seem to penetrate the cloth protection he has on, bringing a slight blush to his face. "That's… that sounds quite the fancy outfit." he says, seeming to warm the tinsiest fraction to the idea now.

Kira smiles as she gets all the measurements she will need. She gives him a soft look with a smile. "Poor thing, well, I'll make this as painless as I can, first you have to pick out a color scheme, and then a cut and style for your outfit, all the material will be high quallity, and I can even design and order any jewelery you might want as well." She says as her drones move away and she walks over to him, showing him a digital catalog for him to choose from. "Most knightly types perfeer the long coat with a sword belt over it, though, the Valens are more into a frilly shirt and long cloak.. a formal jerkan and long sleeved tunic for an arboren." She states, showing him differant styles.

"Well… I could use this outfit more than once for special occasions." Michael taps his lip in thought for a moment, "I am planning to swear to house Ibrahm when I am knighted… so black, with scarlet highlights and crossed hammers." he pauses looking over the options, "Well, something sleek and that gives a tease of what lies beneath… there is a certain person I'd like to impress with this outfit." he smiles, and his eyes shine with a peculiar light. One might see it like the sunlight filtering through the forestral canopy in brilliant glinting shafts of warm loving lumins.

Kira nods and tilts her head. "Ah, a Khournus Vassal house, that would mean a bit on the simple side… now if you were a Valen… well, it would be double for matirials alone." She says jokingly as she moves to pick out a simple, yet very formal coat in Ibrahm's colors. "Black, with red embroidery on the sleeved, and the two hammers on the cuffs, yes, thin lapels, with silver buttons, a full collar." She says as she works. "A red tunic under that, preferably a light silk, with a pair of black pants, and black boots with red leather laces… and a sword belt, silver buckle with the two hammers again, black leather and red scroll work." She says showing him the outfit on the big screen, she even has it look like he is wearing it on the screen.

All the shopping lessons his father had given him, taught Michael how to dress well, and looking at the screen with a semi practiced eye Michael smiles broadly, "Indeed that looks impressive! I haven't worn anything quite like that before." he comments as he looks from the screen to himself as if trying to envision the clothing on him. "And those materials…" he leaves off the obvious end to that line.

Kira nods and starts to work on her padd. "Let's see, now.. I think a ring would be good, a man's ring, and maybe a chained necklace.' She says adding those two things to the clothing as well. She doesn't show him the price (3.5k outfit). "I belive that will round it out." She says with a smile. "OH the cloak…" She says, waiting for him to suggest somthing before she offers her very quallifyed opinion.

Michael titles his head slightly, "Right… cloak." he thinks for a moment, "I had one that was cut to be a tabard flap in front, sweeping forward over my shoulders with a large hood. Perhaps something similar without the front flap to it? More for design than function?" he looks to her, with the open question, an invitation for her opinion in his eyes.

Kira shakes her head. 'Hmm, I'm thinking a three quarter's wide cape, with a hooded top, a chain fastener in the front." She says, shwoing him. "It wont hide the jacket, yet give you a small bit of flair." She says as she adds that to the outfit. "Ahhh, you will be so dashing, were I not marrie,d I would be tempted." She says with a wink to the man.

Michael hms softly at the description of the cloak, then when he sees it he nods. "That certainly looks better than what I had in my head." her comment brings a slight blush to his cheeks, "Thank you… I'm flattered." he says, and for once he looses his flattering abilities. A sign that his heart is settling perhaps? He glances over to Kira, "You should be cautious having Sir Lionel Keats in for an outfit… unless you like blushing a lot and getting flirted with."

Kira smiles once the outfit is agreed on and has it imputed into the rotation for her worker drones to get it made. 'i will have the outfit sent to you… and if Sir Keats decides that he will make me blush, he has another thing coming." She says with a smile as she hands him the ticket for the order, still no price on it. "If there is nothing else, I shall have to return to designing more wedding attire. I swear I'll be as rich as a Savuer by the end of this summer."

Michael chuckles softly, "Sir Keats flirts with everyone… even me. Though, I flirt back so I guess that encourages him a little." he takes the ticket with a nod, "Thank you, and good luck on your orders… I have a feeling you'll be designing my knight's dress perhaps." he smiles, and starts to head for the door then looks back. "THank you again." he says, then leaves.

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