04.30.3014: Protest Too Much
Summary: Canis discusses friendship with his sister
Date: 1 January, 2013
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Canis Ines 

Recovery Room
A private room in the medical wing of Honor's Keep.
30 April, 3014

It's still early in the day, as the pair reach the medical room and as main-line of the house he's fairly immediately shown to a room it's not long before he's attended to but asked to stay still at least for a little while to make sure everything remains in place. Canis looks over to his bedside where his sister has remained the one constant he has right now. "I love you Ines." he says after his long silence while being looked at.

There's a brief smile from the elder sister, an expression rarely seen outside her family. In fact, an expression that her family was missing for awhile. "I know, Canis. I love you, too." She stands to pull her chair closer, and leans over to kiss his cheek before she sits again. "You've always been so caring of other people, I worry people can take advantage of that."

Canis stays still as he was asked but he does seem to relax as she speaks he listens and nods "I suppose that's possible that my nature makes me a target, but I dont want to change that part of me. If I keep being mistaken though things like with Lady Cyrielle theres no way to avoid that is there?" He asks and states at the same time, the young knight "What can I do to help you though you've done a lot for me lately feels like i'm taking but giving nothing back."

Ines shakes her head slowly as she sits back down. "It's not the appearances that worry me, Canis," she tells him quietly. "It's the people who will take advantage of your caring, and keep you tethered to them so that you can't move on." Shaking her head, she gives him a smile. "You are helping my just by being here. Reminding me why I'm here."

The knight nods his head understanding what she's saying though not sure what to do about it. "Lord Jarek advised I give Brie her space and that even though i'm trying to protect her it'll be seen as diffrent would you say that I should try that? I dont want to be distant to her though she has enough going on without seeming to lose a friend on top of it." he sighs "You do so much Ines but i'm here to help with whatever whenever even just to listen watch the rugrats for a while okay?"

She sits silently for a few moments, then she gives a smile. "I think you need to let her go, Canis," she says quietly. "You don't need to be rude, shun or avoid her. But don't go running to her when she has a problem. She is a big girl, and she can take care of herself. You can offer moral support, or an ear at times, but I wouldn't seek to spend time with her. Let her find her own way, and you find yours."

Canis looks over to his sister whom he trusts more than just about anyone in all of haven as she speaks taking in the words and pondering them before he responds in turn. "I suppose I cant do that though and be considered a best friend is that a promise I must break?" he looks over not knowing the answer for himself. He is all a bit lost at the moment and where to go from there.

"Sometimes…" Ines pauses, leaning forward. "Sometimes, being someone's best friend means doing what is best for them, even if it doesn't seem like it. You're no turning your back on her. You're just… giving her the space she needs to get beyong the mess, and get her reputation back, maybe even make a match. When the furor dies down, if you find you still want to spend time together… in a venue that won't cause comment, then perhaps." She gives a sad smile. "Have you ever heard the saying, 'I think the lady protests overmuch?'"

The knight listens to her words "I think I understand, so by bailing her out or trying to she's not learning to stand on her own?" Canis says to make sure he understands correctly. The last bit though he puzzles out a bit on his own. "I've heard that, hm so maybe things are happening to keep me around on purpose?" he asks he isn’t completely sure on this reference and how it fits in with his current situation.

"Something like that," Ines replies slowly. Standing when a nurse comes to the door, she goes over to take the tray with a smile of thanks, her nod dismissing the woman. She lifts the cup with a straw and holds it in front of him. She isn't going to put the straw to his mouth like he's an invalid, but it's quite clear that she will see that he replenishes his fluids. "I think that you have both been protesting too much that all you are is best friends, when there is actually more going on underneath. I think you have been hoping that if you tell yourself enough, you'll begin to believe that all you are is friends." With a sigh, she continues. "That is the biggest reason why I think distance is the best idea for both of you, at least in the immediate future."

Canis leans forward to take a drink when it's offered but he leans quickly back when he is done "Thank you." he will say though his smile grows teasing. "Are you calling me a lady Ines?" he asks speaking about the phrase which she used to advise him of this shortcoming. "I never really thought about it that I might tricking myself, maybe you are right and I should. I guess hurting a little now would be better then a lot later?"

Ines raises an eyebrow, and holds the cup for him to take it, before she looks to the food on the tray. "I do not think it will hurt any more or less, now or later. I just think that you would be prolonging the … pain." She glances to be sure he's still drinking, then she turns the little wheeled table she set the tray on, and turns it towards the bed. "Just the way you are ready to go rushing to her side… it speaks volumes of which you might not be aware."

The words get a wince from the young man as he sits up to drink a bit more though he's listening and understands it's going to be hard and it will likely hurt. Canis frowns here "Wish it didnt have to." he pauses "Hurt that is, but it will." he says going silent a moment before he does smile and even chuckles "I thought I was just being knightly chivalrous. In battle i'd run to any knight's aid no matter the cost."

The table is placed where he can easily reach, and the fare is light, fruit and a bowl of fragrant coconut fish chowder, the aroma meant to tempt the appetite in order to make sure the patient doesn't neglect nourishing himself. "We all do. After all, we have all pledged to be as compassionate as the Mother." She settles back into her chair. "But there is a line where that becomes something more than a knightly duty. I am sorry you have to go through this. I would tell you it gets better, the heart aches less with time."

Canis reaches out and does get a few bites of the food knowing his sister wont be happy until he does so. He looks over to her as she speaks again "I suppose when I kissed Brie, that was when that line was first crossed and it just went on from there?" he says knowing this to be true even as he asks it though. "I will be okay Ines, I wont let it effect me fighting or anything I can at least try to promise that much.

Ines gives a light smile. "I do not doubt that you will be able to concentrate properly on what must be done," she tells him. "But I know, it's the time when you don't have a class to teach, or a battle to fight. That is the hardest time." She leans forward to squeeze his forearm. "And I am here for you."

The knight listens to her words knowing she's been facing this a lot longer than he has. "Hm you are probably right there when my mind is idle." He takes another drink and a bit more of the food on the table here. Canis nods his head to the squeeze though his hand pats hers lightly "I'm here for you too."

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