07.05.3013: Promises by the Pool
Summary: Elodie and Kadmus meet by the pool, and talk of the looking battle in space
Date: 5 July, 2013
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5 July, 3013?

Kadmus is back in the Solarium, lounging around near the edge of the pool and rather blatantly relaxing, as he sits there with his feet dipped into the water.

So, it's still the same light rose colored wrap she wore the day before, and the same, modest, mauve bikini underneath. Elodie's clothing may be well made and have an expensive price tag, even in their simplicity, but she doesn't have a whole closet-full of them. She lays a towel over a chair and takes of her sandals next to it, claiming the spot for herself. As she unties the golden sash, she looks around, pausing when she notes the Young Lord nearer the water than she.

Kadmus turns a little to the approaching Elodie, and he flashes a bit of a smile, "Hey, I thought you might actually have gone back to Niveus by now. How are you though?"

Elodie smiles back to Kadmus, then finishes untying her wrap and lays it next to her towel on the chair. She walks forward and slides straight into the water. She turnst to rest her forearms on the edge of the pool next to him. "My Young Lord Lieutenant Kadmus," she greets with a smile, somehow making the entire title sound more like a cordial, friendly greeting rather than formal. "I was allowed another day to stay, but shall probably leave in the morning. And you? What keeps you here in Landing?"

"Well, enjoying my off time while I'm still able to." Kadmus replies with a smile your way, looking down towards you as you lean against the edge in the water. "If you hadn't heard, we've detected more incoming Hostiles." He explains, "So I suspect I'll be out to intercept them with the Titan's Wake very soon."

Elodie's eyes cloud as he talks about going out to meet Hostiles. She nods soberly. "I had heard," she replies quietly. "You'll be careful?" her blue gaze actually looks to meet his with concern for his safety.

"As careful as I can be, that I promise." Kadmus says with a little grin, "Of course, it's dangerous, and I'll have to fight many hostiles regardless. It's expected we assist with the boardings as needed, afterall."

Elodie gives a smile, and nods. "I know that you'll be fighting. I wish…" she stops, and turns pink, looking down at her arms.

Kadmus moves to slip into the water beside you, offering a little smile your way, "What do you wish?" he wonders, turning a little towards you just a bit.

Elodie bites at her lip as she keeps looking at her hands. "I wish I could be there to make sure you're all right if you do get hurt," she says quietly. "I know you'll have medical personnel with you, and I'm sure they are all well qualified to do a fine job…" she trails off, and gives a small grin, mostly to herself, since she's not looking up.

Kadmus grins a little bit at that, "And I wouldn't mind spending more time with you either." He says, "But we shouldn't be out for too long, and you'll be able to see me when I return as well, all you want."

Elodie's eyes glance up, and then she glances away again, her cheeks flushing bright red. "Oh. Yes. I'm sure you will return. It will be nice for you to be back, but… you have duties and I have work… and… I mean…" her words come to a halt, and she closes her eyes to try and concentrate on saying something that doesn't make her sound like a flustered chicken.

Kadmus puts an arm around you a little, under the water of course so it's all sneaky, "Hey, I'll be back and just fine, You'll see." He says with a little smile at you as you look away all flustered and stuff.

Elodie glances up towards Kadmus, and she nods. "I know. I'm just… I think I'd like to see more of you, too." There's no stiffness this time when he puts an arm around her, even though she doesn't move closer to him, or turn towards him, yet.

It's about then Kadmus comm beeps a bit and he flashes a smile, "I've got a meeting I need to get off to.." He says apologetically, "But… I'll call you in a little bit when I'm done, maybe we can go for some food?"

Elodie's gaze drops, the comm beep breaking the hold of their eyes. She nods. "It is fine," she pauses, thinking. "Food would be nice. Do you, have any idea how long? I would like to have a swim, and then… clean up properly."

"An hour, maybe two, I think." Kadmus says, "More then enough time for that, Lady Elodie." He says with a flash of a smile.

Elodie nods at his estimate, looking up to him again with a smile. "That sounds like plenty of time. I will meet you then, Lord Kadmus," she

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