10.01.3013: Projecting & Protecting
Summary: Ellinor tells Lyrienne and Cedric her good news, and the reaction is unexpected.
Date: 15 September 2013
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Cedric and Lyrienne's Apartments
More penthouse than mere apartment, the floor plan for this abode involves open spaces and minimal dividers. A small foyer opens up into the main living room painted a soft, muted grey to give the impression of clean lines and simplicity. Holos in frames of Cedric, Lyrienne and their family adorn the walls of this exceptionally tidy space. Platinum disc awards for music granted to Lyrienne over the years have been given a place of honor on the wall opposing the entrance. Modest couches crowd around a coffee table upon which sits one of Cedric's model ships.

The other rooms within the home consist of a normal layout: a kitchenette and dining area are ajoined to the living room, a master bedroom, two seperate other bedrooms for their children, and an office that Cedric and Lyrienne both share containing his desk and her grand piano. A balcony from both the master bedroom and kitchen area lead onto a hanging patio that offers a sprawling view of the rest of the Ring from down below.

October 1, 3013

Usually, today is Cedric's football. It's his one day a week where he wants to be left alone, sit on the couch and watch his games, even if the Comets aren't playing. But Lyrienne had to go make a social call somewhere, so she's not around to wrangle the hellions, so that means it's dad's turn to take care of the kids. So the vidscreen is on, and every now and then he tries to look over at it, but he's currently busy with making sure that Marus is doing his homework and Lyssie is occupied with her action figures. Julian is the easy one, he's happy to sit in his hair chair and make a mess of a small bowl of spagetti and his bottle of Lyri's boob milk.

"Dad, I don't get it. I can't write like this. It's stupid." Marus sighs, holding his stylus and his datapad.

"It's not stupid, Marus. Cursive handwriting is something that all kid's have to learn."

"But why, when we all use tablets? I can just okay."

Cedric pauses. "Well, because…" he blinks. "Well…that's a good point, actually."

"Because cursive handwriting fortifies your fine motor skills which is very important for other skillsets," says Aunt Ellinor as she steps into the kitchen, dressed as if she was suppose to be going out dancing instead of dropping in on her brother-in-law and his kids. She brightens toward Marus, offering him a wink before she steps up toward Julian. "Juli, Juli," she bubbles at him, tweaking his little spaghetti nose. Then she grins toward Cedric. "Hey Ric… I hear rumor you were here all on your own, thought I'd drop in."

"Orelle security must be lacking today." Cedric states, him and Marus turning their heads. "If they'll let you in around here. Or your sister gave you a keycard. She did, didn't she." Leaning back in his chair, there's some uproarious noise coming from the vidscreen, something about a goal in the thirtieth minute. Little Julian makes this little baby-ish smile, arms patting at the table that connects to his high chair, and makes some kind of sound that just might border on 'mama'. Well, they do look somewhat similiar, and she has boobs, and long hair. "Lyri's out, she didn't say what, and I've since learned to not ask. Haven't seen you in a while how you've-" he's cut off by a sqeeal of happiness, Lyssie dropping her action figures, and tearing ass for the Sauveur. "Auntie Ellie!" she cries, scrambling across the to try and leap up at her, as well as a three-year-old girl can.

"Lyssie!" Ellinor brightens, scooping up the three year old and immediately bracing her on her hip. She gives the girl a quick bounce, smothering a kiss onto the top of her head as she does. "How is my little warrior woman?" She smiles brightly to her niece before she glances over toward Cedric. "Oh, honey… Lyrie gave me a keycard on the day you guys moved in… emergencies only, of course." And there's always an emergency when Cedric is left alone with the kids.

"Auntie! Auntie!" Lyssie clings to her aunt like she's the most awesomest person in Haven. Likely because she is. Sure, Lyssie loves her parents to peices, but Ellie is her hero. "I told daddy to-today I wanna be-a knight like Auntie Ellie." Cedric shakes his head. "Here she goes again. She's been talking about that non-stop about the last couple of weeks. I think she's really missed you. But you showing up suggests I don't know how to take care of my kids." He looks around. "No crisis yet, think I'm doing pretty well for myself." That said, Lyssie is demanding attention. "Can I be your squire? Wanna ride your horsie!" Her father can only roll his eyes. "Lyssie and her horses. You've left your make on my daughter, Ellie."

"You're too small to be a knight, Lyssie. You're only three." Marus grouses from his spot at the table.

Lyssie makes a face at her older brother, sticking her tounge out. "Shut up, Marus! I-I can be a knight if I wanna!"

"Lyssandra Orelle, we don't tell our siblings to 'shut up'." Cedric chides, glancing at Marus. "And we don't tell each other what we can't be when we grow up."

"Sorry, Dad." they both say in unison.

"I tell you what, Lyssie… I can't take you on as a squire yet, you're still too young, but I can definitely take you out for a ride in a couple days. How does that sound?" Ellinor grins at the young Orelle before she glances over toward Cedric. "And that's not what my visit means… I thought this was the perfect time to come over and be a troublemaker. Lyrienne isn't here to protect you." She sticks her tongue out at Cedric before she goes to take a seat, swinging Lyssie around so she can plop on her knee if she wishes.

"Are you threatening my husband, Ellie?" Lyrienne returns to the house with a half-eaten tray of cookies in her hand and her guitar case slung over her shoulder, smile flashing. "I'd be careful if I were you. It's not him you have to watch out for, it's the ankle biters. Keeping everyone in line, Marus?" she asks with a grin as she leans down to drop a kiss to the top of her son's head.

The idea of riding a horse just thrills Lyssie to absolutely no end, causing the young Orelle to hug and squeeze her auntie, getting another peel of happiness out of her. "Uh-huh, sure it doesn't." Cedric muses, reaching over to ruffle Marus' hair. "Let's see how you're doing." he takes the tablet, looking it over. "Impressive, Marus. Do you always do your math homework first?" he asks. Marus shrugs. "It's easy. I just don't like writing." His dad grunts. "I wish I was found math that easy when I was your age. Alright, looks good. I'm going to trust you on being done for the night. But you got until bedtime with your game console." Marus smiles, looking up at his dad. "Will you play multiplayer with me before it's too late?" Ced nods, "So long as I get to pilot the Pillar of Autumn, that's my ship, son." Slipping out of his chair, he's about to head back to his room, when Lyri arrives. "Hey, Mom. Finished homework, Dad said I can play my console. And yeah, but Lyssie is on her 'I wanna be a Knight' thing again."

"You're always a troublemaker." Cedric comments to Ellie before watching the hatch slide open. "There you are. Your sister is harassing me again, dear."

"Hardly, Lyrie," Ellie says with a warm smile for her sister as she hugs up Lyssie close, smothering a kiss into the side of her head once more before she murmurs into her ear something about not paying attention to her brother. Then she leans back in her seat, Lyssie still propped in her lap. "He's so sensitive," she says as Cedric comments on her harassing him.

"Okay, have fun. Kick your dad's butt," Lyrienne winks at Marus, stepping into the kitchen long enough to set down the cookies, then into the hallway to put her guitar away before she comes back out. "I went to go visit Nitrim," she explains. "Let him know everything's going to be okay eventually. Did you come here just to pick on Ric, Ellie?" she asks with an arch of her brow and a fond smile for Ellinor, amused. "Not that he can't take it, of course."

"Isn't that why she always shows up?" Cedric replies idly, watching Marus run off to play some single player before his old man shows up later on. "To harass me?" Bringing up Nitrim just sort gets a sigh from him. "Ah, that whole thing. Not really sure what to say about that, Lyri. Unfortunate but…" he well, he's just not going to say what they're all likely thinking. "I'm surprised you wanted to go out. Are you feeling better?"

"I just want to make sure his ego never gets too big for you to handle, Lyrie," Ellinor says brightly to her sister as she continues to gently brush her fingers through Lyssie's hair, smoothing out those soft waves so she can start braiding them into a single rope. She looks up at Nitrim's name, and she grimaces a bit. "The whole Soleil thing… shit…" She then bites at her own words. "I mean… shoot… shoot. I didn't know Soleil all that well, but…" She shrugs her shoulders.

"He's had a hard time with it," Lyrienne chides gently. "He blames himself. And whether he should or not…Soleil had her own demons as well, and he's the one who needs to keep living. So yes, I went to let him know that he's not alone, and he's not the first person ever to be pilloried for making a few mistakes." Stepping back to Cedric's side, she reaches out to wrap an arm around his waist, pressing a kiss to his cheek. "I'm still tired, but I'm all right. Thanks for asking," she says with a small smile.

Cedric mouths the word 'language' to his sister-in-law, even as she catches herself. "Neither did I, but she was never painted in a positive light. And I'm not trying to speak ill of the dead but…" he trails off, shrugging like Ellinor does. "I'm assuming Nitrim is blaming himself for it?" then nodding at Lyri's response. Lyssie is happy to be settled in her aunt's lap. The Captain is leaning against the wall, welcoming Lyri's company. "Still tired? How long this been going on for? A week? Think about seeing a doctor yet?" But, he tries to move things away from grim topics, espeically when their daughter's present. "Ellie, how's the married life? You've hardly been around since the wedding."

Ellinor purses her lips at the mouthed word, and she shrugs a bit helplessly. Then she glances over toward Lyrienne once more. "I don't know… Soleil should have talked to the rest of us about the whole situation. I don't even know what in the Chasms happened." Then she glances over toward Cedric at his question. She starts to smile, bouncing Lyssandra on her knee a little bit. "It has been… real nice." She shakes her head. "Niko is… wonderful. He really is." Then she grows quiet for a moment, leaning forward a bit as if to check if there's anyone else in the house — not that she really suspects there is. Then she leans back into her chair. "We're pregnant," she announces quietly, casting them a grin. "Miss Fin, our surrogate, got the confirmation from the doctor a few days ago."

"Oh, Ellie, that's wonderful," Lyrienne exclaims, smile warm as she reaches out to catch her sister in a hug. "On Mother's behalf, I have to say that it would be more wonderful if you were carrying yourself, but I think it's wonderful all the same. Congratulations to both of you."

So, there's an odd change in expressions from Cedric. He first gets excited about the aspect of Ellie having a baby, but then she adds the bit about a surrogate and that look tapers off a little bit. "Well, you're not pregnant technically." he clarifies lightly. "I've heard from multiple people that that's been a big ol issue recently." There's a nod at Lyri. "I'm sure she's fit to be tied, really. A shame you didn't want to carry it yourself. I guess Lyri's changed my mind on that whole concept. But hey, congrats anyways. But…" he scratches the back at his head. "You sure two are ready for kids? You both want kids right now, right? Because, once it happens, there's no turning back from it."

Ellinor's expression falls a bit, and she looks between Lyrienne and Cedric. "So… my child will be lesser because I decided not to carry it?" She asks, her tone a bit flat. "I don't see how it matters if I'm carrying it or if Oleander is carrying it… it is still ours." She sets down Lyssandra, giving her a gentle pat. "Hey, go see how your brother is doing," she instructs the child, pushing her along before she looks back over at Lyrienne and Cedric. "Alright, what is going on?" She asks, her jaw tightening a bit.

"That's not at all what I'm saying, Ellinor." Lyrienne shakes her head, settling down on the couch next to her sister once Lyssie's been evicted. "I understand that it's important to you that you be able to continue to fight. And it's your choice. It will always be your choice. But maybe later on, down the road, you should think about carrying yourself. Because there's nothing like it," she says with a small smile, setting a hand over her own abdomen. "But just because you didn't carry the child won't make it any less yours. And I certainly hope you won't love it any less for that."

"I'm not saying your child is going to be lesser, but you shouldn't rush into something like just because your mom is a doting mother hen." Cedric notes, pausing to add, "And I say that in the nicest way possible. Take it from us, Ellie, having kids is huge thing, and I can tell you that neither of us were really ready for it. It's a huge responsibility. I know I wasn't, I think Lyri was. Espeically when you're seventeen and not expecting to get married off so fast. I'm lucky that Lyri can stay at home with the kids and continue her career. I mean, if I had a choice between being on my ship and spending time with my kids, I pick my kids. Because I don't know," he pauses again to make sure his daughter is out of earshot, "Because I don't if the day comes where I go out and I don't come back. You lose a lot of time, birthdays, holidays, and Lyri has to always say 'your father is at work' everytime they ask. And it tears me apart knowing that." He rubs a hand over his face. "I'm just going to be blunt, Ellie, because that's the way you prefer it. You and Niko are whole-heartedly in the fight, right? Great, but who's going to raise your kids? Do you think you can handle being a knight and handling an infant? And if that's the case, do you want your kid knowing their nanny better than their own parents? I don't know about you, but that thought keeps me awake at night more often than I like to say. And because I care about you both, I don't want you to have to go through that. That's what I'm saying. Not that you wouldn't love them, but would you have time for them."

The Drakefire Knight looks between her sister and her husband, leaning back in her seat as she lets their words sink in. She quietly stews for a few moments before she rolls her shoulders as if trying to release tension. She narrows her eyes over at Cedric before she rolls up to her feet. "Well, thank you, Cedric Orelle, Master Parent of all Haven… I'll go sit and think about that for a while, and then go tell Nikomachos that, oh by the way, we're going to be shitty parents because we want to raise a kid in wartime. Thanks." She starts to step away, raising her voice. "See you later, Lyssie… Marus… don't forget cursive handwriting is important."

"Ellie, please," Lyrienne protests, reaching a hand out for her sister. "That's not what we're saying. At all. Please, let's just- Please don't storm off," she sighs, going after her. "No one is saying you're going to be a bad parent. And I'm sure both of you thought about what you wanted to do, and how you were going to handle all the rest of it."

"If you think that I'm some kind of Master Parent, you didn't hear a word I had to say, Ellie. You just heard what you just said." Cedric sighs. "The words 'you're going to be a shitty parent' never left my mouth. But since you opened the door…" he breaks away from Lyri to face her. "I don't want an argument, I'm trying to give you advice that nobody else is going to give, and frankly, I've -never- thought I've been a good parent. Ever. Because I have to go sit on a bridge and do my job that I've come to resent because I don't have a chance to spend it with my family. I don't get a nine-to-five where I can come home every night. I'm away for days, weeks at a time. You don't get the guilt I get live with, that a lot of us have to live with. Because I don't want my kids to resent me because I was never there. Because it terrifies me. So do you think I want my sister-in-law to have to experience that? Damn right, I don't. I want you to -listen- to what I'm saying instead of you assuming I think you'll be a poor parent. Because that's -not- what I think. So please, just think about this. We all have to make sacrafices. I sacraficed my relationship with my children for job. Please, I don't want you to have to go through that too. For you, for Niko's, and for your kid's sake."

Ellinor has never really mastered the storm off, particularly when there's always a sister willing to grab her and drag her back. She doesn't fight off Lyrienne's attempts, but she does turn back toward her with a bit of an anger countenance. "You know," Ellinor says, letting her temper filter into her voice, "I think what pisses me off is that I just told you that I'm going to be a mother, and your reply is questioning whether or not we've thought this whole thing through, if we're ready, if we even want kids. If I was worried about it, I would have said so." She crosses her arms, squaring her shoulders back. "I don't want your advice, Cedric… I wanted your fucking congratulations, how excited you are about being an uncle. So, want to try again or do you want to keep on this track of conversation?"

"I said congratulations!" Lyrienne protests, looking hurt. "And honestly, Ellie, you can't imagine you'd be any less prepared for it than I was. You're an adult, you're already married, and even to the person you were planning to marry, so there's that." Her cheeks flush. "I'm happy for you, Ellie. I am."

The problem with being a naval Captain, is that they think they're always right. Being in charge of so many people and your word is the law, and questioning that usually means a reprimand. So no, Cedric doesn't like being told otherwise, espeically when he can order Knights around. So he doesn't back down. "I am, because I don't have any newphews or neices to spoil. I'm very excited, but I just hope you understand the gravity of it. That's it." Then his voice gets a little quiet. "For your sake, I hope you don't wake up in the middle of the night not being able to remember your own child's birthday, wondering if you missed it. Because you had to go over tactics and troop placements. Maybe you'll be luckier than I am. I am happy for you, don't ever question that." He holds that gaze before he turns away. "I'm going to go play with my kids. While I still can." Without another word, he walks off Marus and Lyssie's bedroom.

Ellinor slumps her shoulders a bit under her sister's words. "Thank you," she says finally, and earnestly. "We are both excited…" Then she glances over toward Cedric, her pale green eyes waiting to see how he responds to the request. Her jaw tightens a bit at his retreat, and she glances back toward Lyrienne. "He does know that people have been successfully raising kids for thousands of years, right?" She asks, her tone dry. Then she shakes her head, dropping her arms finally. "He hopes I understand the gravity of it… what does he expect me to do? What's his problem, anyway…" She grumbles as she drops into the couch once more.

Lyrienne sighs as Cedric steps away, settling down next to Ellinor again. "He's projecting, Ellie. He means well. He's just…several steps ahead of where you are, and he has his own worries and guilt and regret, and he's imagining that you could conceivably feel the same way. Because you and he are a lot alike," she points out with a small smile, reaching out to wrap an arm around her sister's shoulders. "He just doesn't want you to have the same regrets he has, because he knows how important this is to you."

"It doesn't sound like he knows how important this is to me," Ellinor replies with a bit of a grunt. Then she shakes her head a bit. "Well, he has to stop that shit. I don't need him projecting his insecurities on me. I get what he's saying, but doesn't he think I haven't thought that shit through already? Nikomachos and I know that we're not going to stay frontliners… that we have to take a step back and do more tactical stuff, but we're not stuck on a ship for weeks on end without a Ways." There is a pause after she says that, glancing toward Lyrienne. "Not that he isn't doing something good too, Lyrie…"

Lyrienne waves a hand at the last, shaking her head. "I made peace with Ric's schedule a long time ago. It's hard. I miss him. And I worry about him. But he's doing what he needs to do. What Haven needs him to do. And I know he'll be home any time he can." She lets out a slow breath, reaching out to wrap an arm around Ellinor's shoulders. "The irony is, I could reach him if he was in any other branch. But on the Intent…he's too far away for me to reach him," she says, tapping a finger at her temple. "I don't think we realized that you and Niko were ready to take this step. I thought you'd wait a little longer," she admits with a small smile. "But I'm proud of you, Ellie."

Ellinor shrugs her shoulders a bit. "It isn't like Nikomachos and I hadn't already talked about it a few times… even before we got married. I knew what I was getting myself into…" She drops back heavily into the couch, staring listlessly across the room. She then glances over toward Lyrienne. "And to be honest, it wasn't like this decision wasn't made without some pressure from Mom, but we didn't cave. Niko really wants a kid, and I don't have any reservations." She shrugs. "Besides… you really like motherhood. Maybe I'm jealous."

There's been noises coming out of the open doorway from the kid's bedroom, sounds of Marus and Cedric playing video games while Lyssie likely watches. Sounds of blasters from ships and explosions and all those kind of awesome things that young boys(and their father's)love. Be action heroes. That all comes to a screeching stop when what sounds like there's a sharp 'crack' a yowel of pain and then crying. "Lysandra!" Cedric says loudly. Then a muttering, as down the hall they see Cedric holding Marus' hand crossing the hallway to the bathroom. "Go tell your mother what you did -right now-, young lady." Oh, it's the Captain's Voice. Daddy isn't happy.

Shuffling her feet down the hallway, Lyssie comes to stand before her mother and aunt. "I wanted to play…" she starts, toeing the carpet. "He said not yet…so I threw Sir Barbra at him." Sir Barbra being one of her knight action figures. There's water running in the bathroom, and Cedric trying to calm his crying son down. "No Marus, it's okay. I won't tell anyone." he soothes. Is he crying because his little sister 'beat him up'? Probably.

Lyrienne somehow, barely, manages to keep a straight face as Lysandra comes and makes her confession. "Yes. Be jealous," she murmurs to Ellinor, a glimmer of humor in her eyes for her sister that's hidden to something more serious when she turns back to her daughter. "You know better than that, Lyssie," she says quietly, and then she breaks out the worst thing. The disappointed look. "Just because you aren't happy with something doesn't mean you hit. We use our words. Now go and apologize to your brother, and then it's bedtime."

Ellinor doesn't interject in this moment of parenting, though she does give Lyssandra a particular look. She will have the knight conversation with her next time, and then she just settles her elbows on her knees as she lets Lyrienne handle the mother thing. She glances toward the bathroom where Cedric and Marus are, and then back across to Julian. She just breathes out a slow breath and slowly stands. "I think I'm gonna go, Lyrie… if you want, you can drop off Lyssandra at Landing tomorrow. I promised her a ride through the Plains."

"But it's not fair! He always gets to…" Whatever anger Lysandra has withers under Mom's The Look. Then she's looks like she's going to start crying herself. "Okaaaaay…." she harumpf, slowly sulking away, down the hall. They can hear the apology, even as Cedric is likely cleaning the cut on his head. There's some talking going on, probably about something on how they need to be able to start sharing more and both not be so selfish. Figures move across the hallway again, the three of them this time. A few minutes pass before Cedric exits, pulling off the Comets jersey he had been wearing and tossing into the open doorway of their bedroom, then coming out into the kitchen to wash his hands in the sink. Yeah, there's a little big of dried blood on his fingers. "Lysandra is turning into a willful little tombody, dear." he comments, scrubbing his hands and washing. "Wonder who she got -that- from." he adds dryly in Ellinor's direction.

That's said in humor, by the way. No, Ric isn't trying to be a jerk.

"Probably her father," Lyrienne smirks back to Cedric, standing as Ellinor does. "We're both happy for you, Ellie," she promises, stepping forward to catch her sister in a tight hug. "And you know if there's anything you need help with, you only have to call. From day one here, until we and our kids are all old. Okay? You're going to be great at this."

"I have no idea what you're talking about. Her hero is the redhead knight." Cedric drawls, turning the faucet off. He stays back. Just because he said his peice doesn't mean he wants to make things get all testy. "We are." he backs up Lyri's words. "Even if some of get ahead of ourselves and project our own insecurities." he points out, admitting as much and that he probably overheard enough from the earlier conversation. "Even in spite of that, we're still happy for you both."

Ellinor doesn't flee fast enough to avoid that tight hug, but she doesn't seem all that against returning it with the same earnest tightness. She closes her eyes a moment, just embracing her older sister before she breathes out and straightens up with a bit of a smile. "Thanks, Lyrie… you'll be the first I call." Even if Evony is right next door. She glances over toward Cedric, and she offers a bit of a nod. "Thanks, Ric," she says quietly before she breathes out a bit of a sigh. "I should go back to Landing… Niko'll be waiting for me. We're going to go celebrate." She offers them a small nod before she steps to the door. "See you later, alligator." She says, waving over her shoulder as she does.

"Take care, Ellie," Lyrienne says softly after her sister, managing a small smile until she's gone. Only then does she move back to the kitchen, retrieving a few of the cookies to comfort herself.

Once Ellie is gone, Ced leans against the kitchen counter. "I'm sorry." is the first thing he says to her. "I shouldn't of gone off like that. I'm never really agreed with having kids during wartime, especially if both parents are combatants. I think it's bad on the kid. I shouldn't be telling your sister what she should and shouldn't do. It's not my place." he frowns, folding his arms. "But if you can't take the time to carry the kid yourself, how much time are you going to have for the kid for raising? Surrogates should really be the only option for people who -can't- have children for medical issues. It's…I don't know. Again, not my place, Lyri, but I can't really tell your sister that."

"I know," Lyrienne says through a mouthful of cookie. "And I don't disagree. But that's not really what Ellinor needed to hear, Ric. Especially since it's already done," she points out. "After all, what's she going to do? Realize that maybe this wasn't the best decision and end the surrogate pregnancy? I'm afraid that would prove a worse demonstration of parenthood than anything else." She takes another bite of cookie, then looks back at Cedric. "Ric, I'm a week and a half late."

"I just don't want her to go through what I went through. Yes, I know I'm projecting. But I don't want anyone to have live that kind of life. So when a Lieutenant all the way down to a Sailor comes to my ready room and asks if they can use the comm system to make a call home to their family, I don't hesitate in allowing them that right. Because I know how hard it is. Every single time I have to say goodbye to you, I think about the time I miss. I mean, look how big Julian has gotten. I feel like it was just last week that we brought him home." Cedric goes to say, gesturing with a hand to their youngest, who's sleeping in his playpen. That last bit though, stops him dead in his tracks. "What?" he sputters. "…are you sure?"

"That I'm a week and a half late? Yes. I don't…know about anything more than that. It's a little early to tell for sure," Lyrienne answers, summoning up a small smile. "But as tired as I've been lately…" She takes a deep breath, letting it out slowly. "I was going to wait another week and a half or so before I went to see Hadrian to find out for certain, but since this came up…Well. I don't know. Ellie's going to be furious," she says ruefully.

Cedric is very cautious at the moment, and it looks like he might be feeling a little light-headed. "You're hardly ever been a week and a half late. Not unless you were…" he doesn't say it out right for the moment, but he can't help but look at her. "I know we weren't really trying for number four, baby. But yeah, go see your doctor. See what they have to say." Slowly he steps up to her, setting his hands on her hips. "Do…do you want another baby? I know how hard it's been with three already. And you know I've never viewd you like some baby factory."

Lyrienne smiles faintly, stepping in to rest her brow against his shoulder. "I wasn't planning on it just yet," she admits with a low laugh. "But you know how I am about these things, Ric. If the gods send it, then there it is. And I haven't regretted any of our children yet. So if that's the case…" She trails off, looking back up at him. "At least no one can say we're not doing our duty to Haven, right?"

"I was always happy with just our three. I think it was just fun to joke about since everyone else always assumes your pregnant. Kinda saw as our thing we like to laugh about." Cedric replies, kissing her forehead. "I guess we had this coming. We've been having a lot more sex recently, haven't we?" Tentaviely, he places a hand over her lower stomach. "Thank you, for being the mother of my children. I just don't want to ever wear you out." Now he has a low laugh. "At least we spaced out Marus and Lyssie so they can help take care of new one." Okay, yes, now he gets all cute, whispering quietly to her. "Are we going to have another baby?"

"We just might be," Lyrienne answers, smile curving as she sets her hand over his. "Like I said, it's a little early to tell, but we'll find out soon. In the meantime, I'm just going to try to be careful. Take care of myself, not drink. And we'll find out for sure soon enough. And then I'm sure the rest of Haven will have something to say about it."

Cedric just kisses her, a happy passionate kiss. "I -love- you Lyrienne Orelle, I love you so damn much." For all his bluster, he does love being a parent. It's nice having Marus and Lyssie out of diapers and thankfully Marus is at the age where he can start helping take care of babies, so at least Lyri doesn't have to totally rely on nannies -all- the time. "I don't think I can love you more than I already do. But I guess I kinda regret getting you that corset so soon. Not gonna see you in it for awhile." His hand rubs at her stomach. "Is it wrong if I'm a little excited?"

"I'm hardly going to balloon up that fast," Lyrienne protests with a laugh. "I should be able to wear it for at least the next four months. Three, at the worst. And no," she adds, leaning in to return his kiss and claim another. "No, there's nothing wrong with being excited. I wouldn't expect anything less from you. You've always loved every minute of our kids, from the first time they put Marus in your arms."

"True, but the moment you do balloon enough, you're going to want me all the time. I know how you get when you're pregnant." Cedric grin widely at her. "I seem to remember random hours of the night I'd wake up to someone tugging on -something- telling me that she had -needs-." he laughs, taking the next kiss. "I am excited. I'm always excited. You always glow when you're pregnant. And this time, -this- time I promise to be there when this one is born. I'll be at your side, I promise." since he missed Lyssie and Julian's birth. There's a fond smile at the thought Marus' birth. "You were so tired. In labor for hours, I remember you crying because you were having such a hard time pushing him out. You also almost broke my hand. But I remember the look on your face. You were in love with him the moment you saw him."

"You try passing a kidney stone one of these days, then we'll talk about labor," Lyrienne says ruefully, though her smile is fond still. "And he's my baby. I'll always love him. Though he's really going to have to toughen up a bit," she adds with a sigh, looking down the hall. "Just a little. He's clearly not going to be our knight."

"I drink too much cranberry juice for those." Cedric remarks lightly. "Marus…Marus has a kind heart. He has your heart. He loves to help people. He's not a leader knowingly, but he leads. He's smart, he knows math like a whip. He may not be our knight, but I'm fine with that. He's told me about wanting to help people. I think with me being gone, he's stepped up in helping you with anything. He's a mamma's boy, but I say that as a good thing. Maybe…maybe you should try introducing him to music. But Lyssie…I think she'll be our knight."

"I think you're right about that," Lyrienne agrees. "Gods only know what Julian will make of himself. Or the next," she adds, placing a hand over her abdomen once more. "Lyssie is going to need to learn how to control herself, though. Honestly. Apparently she takes after my father." Wearily, she steps closer to wrap her arms around his waist, resting her head on his shoulder. "Gods, I'm tired. It's that more than anything that makes me think this probably isn't a false alarm."

"She has your father's temper, that's for sure. Maybe she got all of your Khourni genes." Cedric touches her hand. "Spend some time with Marus, I think he feels like he's getting lost in the shuffle with the attention Julian and Lyssie have been getting. Thinking he wants to be useful to you. In his eyes, Lyri, you do no wrong." Looking at her, he urges with a hand, leading her to the bedroom. "Tired? Well, about you get naked and I spend the next half-hour massaging you down till you fall asleep? Might as get used to rubbing your feet again."

"What, only in his eyes?" Lyrienne teases, swaying slightly with him. "Well, if Lyssie's going riding with Ellinor tomorrow, I'll take Marus with me to the studio, see about starting to teach him a little piano. Then maybe we can go out for ice cream or something. I'm sure he wouldn't mind if you wanted to join us for the ice cream," she adds with a small smile, shifting to keep an arm around his waist and start down the hall.

"Suppose Ellie could use the experience being with a kid. Maybe…." Cedric thinks outwardly. "We give Lyssie to Ellinor and Niko for the weekend, let one of our parents take care of Julian and you, me, and Marus go that trip to the mountains. That cottage thing we were talking about. Just the three of us, like we did when Marus was little." That suggested, he kisses her cheek. "You can bring that new corset along."

"Cedric, I appreciate your suggestion, but I am not bringing our son on our romantic getaway," Lyrienne declares with a low laugh. "We'll take Marus camping. Or he might appreciate a trip to Mare Maris or Nubilus more. And then we'll take the camping trip on our own."

"Well, I wasn't suggesting…oh." Cedric starts, then stops. "I didn't know that was supposed to be a -romantic- getaway. Just something we were going to do. Well, now I know. Alright, yes, some kind of trip to either of those places. Detritus might be good too." Leading her into the bedroom, he closes the door, then starting to help her out of her dress like he always does. "Unlike other noble couples in arranged marriages, I'm certainly the spark has not gone out in our bedroom." Unzipping the back of her dress, he comes in close to kiss her neck. "You are an amazing wife. For some reason you just put up with me getting you pregnant all the time."

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