Pro-Tech Doesn't Mean Anti-Reversion

So what does it mean to be pro-technology? How about pro-Reversion? These things aren't as intrinsically opposed as you might think. They are really two very different continuum that are sometimes related, but aren't necessarily.


To be pro-technology does not make you anti-Reversion, it just makes you in favor of adding more technology to your life and the lives of others. There are vanishingly few people within the Haven System who are actually anti-technology. These luddites generally live in the depths of the Arborenin Woods, within the Drake Mountains to the north of the Crescent, or on the rolling Plains of Ares. They avoid Waygates and comms, and use barter and trade instead of electronic currency. They are also seen as very, very odd.


On the other side of the equation, to be pro-Reversion is not to be anti-technology, it just means that you believe that knighthood and nobility has served to make the Haven System a better and safer place (which it has done for the past 1,000 years). Even the most Reversion-mad Leonnida still sees the benefit of instant comm-calls, farming drones, and the use of modern medical techniques (if they can find a doctor they trust) in the face of sickness or injury. The Reversion has broad support on Primus and Imperius, and even on The Ring and the Lashes, it has its fair share of supporters. Opponents of the Reversion amongst the nobility are vanishingly rare, as the Reversion is the very thing that has placed them in power. The Citizens are generally happy with the situation as well, living under the protection of the nobility and their standing armies, and having their wants looked after by the Senate.


Those few who are against the Reversion tend to simply believe that the Reversion went too far — they are wild-eyed democratic radicals who believe that the Citizens and the Senate should have all the political power, or they believe that a strict meritocracy would better suit the Haven System. In general, however, these radicals are considered by the populace as a whole to be out of touch with the realities of the Haven System, especially the need for a class of people exclusively trained in the use of weapons that can pierce energy fields (swords, lances, bows, etc).

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