07.18.3013: Private Penthouse Party
Summary: Nikomachos, Sammel, Mykal, Ellinor, and Johana get together to celebrate Erik's birthday.
Date: 18 July 2013
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Penthouse Garden, The Fortress, Phylon
High up in the Fortress of Phylon, the lift opens to a garden atrium. The residential sections of the tower devoted to the Cindravale family and their guests rise up all around the patch of water and greenery, but here in the center is an oasis of nature. Sunlight is brought down from above by a cunning array of mirrors, and an electrostatic shield protects the garden from inclement weather. Arched doorways open up to corridors on all sides, leading back to private rooms and penthouses. The garden itself is centered around a fishpond with a sunken area at the middle where the waters are held back by transparent composites. A table and chairs allow people to sit and meet while looking out over the pond from water level. Around the pond are a variety of flowering bushes, shrubs, and trees, creating a fragrant, green preserve in the center of the Fortress.
18 July, 3013

Birthdays must be celebrated, and so Nikomachos Cindravale has gathered up some of his baby brother's closer friends, and sent off the middle brother to go fetch the youngest. He's done away with the balloons, but he's added in a small wet-bar, a music system, and a most embarrassing rotating slide-show of pictures of Erik at an exceedingly young age. He's settled in at the chairs in the little half-submerged sitting area in the midst of the pond, with the music and pictures shut down for the moment, waiting for the man of the hour to arrive so that he can burst the surprise.

Erik would have all but forgotten that it was his birthday had a particular someone not reminded him at some time when the clock struck twelve last night, so his daily plans had changed. Instead of training with the men, he had been out and about, most likely doing a little pre-gaming for the night's festivities that is no doubt going to happen. Sammel would have successfully found the youngest at one of the bars with some of his fellow soldiers that he had fought with, sharing a couple of drinks and boisterous tales. He is quickly in tow though, walking with his brother off of the main lift and into the gardens, "Didn't realize it got this late, brother, time kind of flew, didn't it. I swear, if Niko dragged out those pictur…" There his words cut off as he spots the slide-show of pictures and a groan is released.

Ellinor is already two drinks in, but she has been so exhausted by the constant flood of wedding planners, seamstressees, and her mother. She is dressed in a simple ensemble of dark breeches, tall drakeskin boots, and a wide boat-neck tunic that shows off the gracefulness of her shoulders. She is slumped not too far from Nikomachos, nursing on her third drink as they wait for the birthday boy to arrive. And there he is. She looks up toward him, narrowing her eyes with a bit of a smile on her lips. "Erik. You had such a cute tushie as a kid."

Sammel smiles as he walks with Erik now, offering a grin. "Time flies when you're having fun, Erik. I hope you've enjoyed your day so far?" Pausing at the mention of the pictures, especially as it's cut off, he's unable to hold back a chuckle. "Did you really expect him not to drag them out?" he offers, shaking his head a little, before he adds, "Happy birthday, little brother."

Ana finally arrives, if somewhat later than she had intended and she has a wrapped package in her hand. Her previous gift had been delivered at the very beginning stages of his birthday and involved chocolate and ice cream. Dressed very unlike her usual tunic and leggings, she is wearing a dress of red with small cap sleeves and a corset style lacing in the front that forms to her curves. Hair is pulled back in a chignon with a few loose tendrils framing her face. Stepping out of the lift, she is directed to where the party is to be and upon arrival, takes a moment to look around.

Nikomachos grins over at Ellinor, laughing softly, "Oh, don't worry, you'll be able to see even more…" he pauses and taps at the holographic keyboard projected by his bracelet, and then the holoprojector atop the vidscreen blossoms to life, and Erik is shown larger than life above the pond, running around with a pan on his head and a fire poker in his hand. Smiling toothily at his youngest brother, he points up, "I'm glad the real you is here! The younger one was entrancing everyone, but nothing beats the real thing. Happy birthday, baby brother!" Pointing past the brothers to Johana, he adds, "And your first present has arrived! Hello Ana. Welcome to Phylon."

Ellinor continues to nurse at her drink, trying to drain the booze down to the liquor-soaked cherries at the bottom of the tumbler. She looks up at the giant baby Erik that comes swooping into view, and she smirks over toward the birthday boy. "You want me to hold him down for you? I just ask you keep your punches below the neck… I want him pretty for the wedding." And she drains her drink with a backward tilt of her head. Another!

"Yeah, most definitely, the men certainly liked to drink instead of training. As for the pictures, not surprised." The youngest Valen says in response to Sammel's words. Then, hearing Ellinor's words, the groan from earlier turns into an amused laugh as Erik shakes his head, "Well, I've been told by some that it's much cuter now. Glad to see that you could make it, future Sister-In-Law." When Johana makes her appearance, the Ibrahm Heir easily catches the birthday boy's attention as he calls out and waves her over, "Ana!" Then, Erik's attention shifts to Niko and laughs again, "Niko, the pictures, never fail, eh? And yes, it does look like my first present has indeed arrived." He then throws Ellinor a wink at her offer.

"Oh, I think I remember that one," Sammel remarks a bit lightly as he sees the pan-on-head picture, before he offers a grin at Ellinor. "Just remember, if he gets hit in the head, there's less chance of lasting damage," he remarks, a bit lightly. Turning to offer a grin to Johana as she enters as well, "Welcome." Pointing to the image above the pond. "He hasn't changed much, has he?"

Ana is not adverse at all to being called his first present, because as Niko says that, she lifts the wrapped package in her hands, making a distinct clarification for Erik and Niko. "And here it is, all for you." The teasing smile that had been tugging at her lips finally breaks free and blossoms for a full blown grin. "And I'll just put it over here with the others." Once deposited on the 'gifts table', her attention turns to the images of Erik as a younger kid. "Oh look, Erik, it's you, three years ago." Oh yes, that was a definite tease, because she's always messing with him about the age difference between her and him. "Happy Birthday, Erik." Looking between the others, she smiles. "Sir Niko, Sir Ellinor, Sir Sammel. Thank you all for inviting me."

Nikomachos reaches back to his own drink, taking a sip of it, "I'll be pretty no matter what's done to me, Ellie." Kicking back in his chair, he crosses his left leg over his right, "Oh no… I don't just mean that, Ana. I actually just managed to speak to Father." His smile spreads far and wide across his face, "Apparently, I'm not the only one going to be changing his last name in the coming months." He uncrosses his legs and rises to his feet, holding up his glass, "It seems that negotiations have been concluded. The news will be on H.N.N. shortly." Pointing across to Johana as he holds out his hand to give Ellinor a completely unnecessary hand up out of her seat, "So whatever that is had best be in Ibrahm colors, not Valen colors. To the newly betrothed!"

Entering the gardens from the lift comes Lord Mykal Cindravale, dressed in his usually flamboyant attire. Seriously this guy never learned to tone shit down. He's wearing black leather pants, flames licking up the sides and a red leather vest with yellow flames instead. The vest is left undone, and while the man isn't huge, he's at least lithe. A black bowler cap rests on his head as well and he moves moves past various guests with little regard and over to the gift table where he deposits a small box, wrapped so intricately that anyone who knows the man knows his wife must have done the wrapping, "Cousin! Happy birthday!" he shouts and eyes Niko with a quick grin.

"Just makin' it known," Ellinor says in a warm, tipsy voice toward Erik. She then lifts her eyes toward Sammel and then Johana, saluting her empty glass to the latter before she turns to prepare herself a refill. Then she casts a smile toward Nikomachos at his words. "Niko was pretty insistent that you be here, Ana," the bride-to-be says to the woman with a quirk of her brow. "I was almost jealous." Almost. Which is a stretch for the Sauveur. She doesn't get jealous easily. Or at least not about would-be threats.

"If that was me three years ago, then the Hostiles would've been in real trouble, I believe I was a bit wilder back in the day." Erik says in answer to Johana's words, apparently more than able to take the teasing in stride, especially on his nameday. "And thank you." When Mykal arrives, the youngest Valen shoots his cousin a grin, "Cousin!" Then to the others, he nods his head appreciatively, "Thank you all for being here, I am sure everyone is very busy with their own schedules." A longer look given to both Niko and Ellinor, as their own big day is coming up.
Then, Erik grows rather quiet when the eldest shares the news, eyes widening as he was definitely not expecting Niko to be the one to deliver the update. The youngest Valen's gaze slowly shifts from his eldest brother to the Ibrahm Heir. It appears that at the moment, he is at a loss of words though soon his lips widen into a grin.

Having started to make his way to get a drink, Sammel grins in Mykal's direction. "Cousin. Come to enjoy yourself?" he remarks, before he hears Niko's words, offering another grin. "That's great news," he comments, before he gets hold of his drink. "But tell me, my brothers. Have you thought of what you are doing to Kassie and me? Raising the bar so high, I mean." It's said with a grin, and rather lightly, before he raises his glass. "To the newly betrothed. And I'm truly glad to see both my brothers have found ladies who are capable enough to keep them out of trouble." That with a grin and nod to both Ellinor and Johana.

Since placing the gift to the side and joining the others, Ana looks at Niko when he explains and then it still takes a minute to register. "What?" Oh.. whoa. Betrothed. Dragging her gaze from Niko, to the new arrival, to Ellinor when she speaks about being jealous, it still is a shock. Sure she'd gotten the letter but… finally, she forces herself to look at Erik and despite his grin… she looks nothing short of stunned. And then there is a toast. What a marvelous idea! She looks for a drink and finds one, lifting it to her lips after Sammel's words, taking a long drink. "Th.. thank you." Training coming back into play as she manages to compose herself… somewhat. "Betrothed. Did he say for how long?"

Nikomachos flashes a smile at Ellinor, "Almost." He raises up his glass with the toast, draining off the last of his drink and blinking at the burn. Nodding to Mykal as his cousin arrives, Niko sets the glass down, grinning like the cat that caught the canary, "Goodness… I think I've driven a Valen to silence. Fear me, for I am mighty." Laughter lifts to his lips, and he reaches out to run his left hand across the back of Ellinor's shoulder to rub lightly at her neck. Ana at least can talk, and he shakes his head, "No idea. I'm lucky that Father even told me it was occurring." Looking back to Erik, he flashes another grin, "He would have been here himself, but…" but Sir Alexandros Cindravale has never been one to attend a child's birthday party. "…there's something from Mother and him in the pile."

It seems like Erik is the only one without a drink and he most certainly will fix that immediately. Fetching one himself, he takes a long drink, draining half the glass before pulling the vessel away and glancing at Sammel, "We may have set the bar high but you are the last son with the Cindravale name that our father has, Sammy, so make sure to continue to do our name proud as you have done." As for Father not being here, the youngest Valen nods his head understandingly, "I know, I know. I am sure we will see him soon though," At the wedding of the Sauver and his oldest brother no doubt. With that said, Erik begins to make his way towards Johana, extending a hand to her, "Looks like it's actually happening, Ana."

Ellinor looks between the Cindravale and Ibrahm once the news has fully been digested. She has gotten herself another drink, nudging her hip against Johana's briefly. "Put a couple cherries in there." She takes a sip from her refreshed drink, and she breathes out a bit of a sigh just as Nikomachos's arm falls around her shoulders. She lifts her eyes toward him, lips curved into a semi-drunk smile. "You are both exceptionally lucky, though, Ana… I'm happy to give you some hints on how to handle a Valen. They are fickle creatures."

Always one to abuse his power, Mykal doesn't go get a drink, he brings the drink to him. With faint glow of flames wreathing around him, and the white eyes to boot, a bottle of wine pours a full glass and the glass floats on over into Mykal's hand. The aura fades after that and Mykal takes a sip, "Quite the party we have here. Betrothed everywhere it seems…" a glance from Ana to Erik and he points at her with his thumb, "She's Khourni isn't she? Careful she doesn't kick your ass too much…"

Sammel chuckles as he listens now, shaking his head a bit at Mykal. "No wonder you seem to be getting heavier, cousin. The walk to the bottle would have been good for you." Spoken a bit lightly, before he looks to Erik. "I told you the most important things of getting along with people from the Crescent, right? Cheerful mood and lightning reflexes." Offered with a bright grin now, before he adds, "And I'll do my best, brother." That to the part of doing the name proud.

"Ellinor, I don't think she needs anymore tips on how to handle a Valen." Erik says with a laugh, perhaps a touch nervous there in what may happen if the Sauveur and Ibrahm exchange notes, no doubt an unstoppable force would be formed, on that could move an immoveable object. When his cousin begins to abuse his powers, the youngest Valen grins and looks over to Mykal while shaking his head, "No, she is not Khourni, Coz, she's Ibrahm. Smarter, prettier, and just as dangerous. She already has shown she can kick my ass by the number of Hostiles she's cut down out there."

Still, Ana doesn't know what to say, being surrounded by his family, mostly all she does is try and keep her composure as she listens to the talk around her, from Niko to Erik then Ellinor and the cousin and Sammel. With a shaky smile, she takes another drink from her glass. At the nudge from Ellinor, she grins, forcing herself to relax. "Sounds good." Trying to keep her drink steady so her shaking hands don't show. "Thank you, I think I'll take that advice," she teases. When Erik reaches for her hand., she slips her hand into his and nods mutely, eyes flashing with her trepidation but trying to tamp it down. When the cousin speaks, she offers a smile. "Close enough, Ibrahm."

Nikomachos scowls teasingly at Ellinor, "Fickle? Fickle?" His fingers massage at the back of Ellinor's neck, shaking his head at Mykal's half-question, then points to Erik as his correction "And they actually have manners." One gray eye winks shut at his half-Khourni betrothed. Looking back to his cousin, he adds, "So where is that lovely wife of yours, Myk? She could actually give -useful- advice on the topic, since she's been doing it for some time." His hand slips off the back of Ellinor's neck, and he taps out a command on his bracelet, mingling and dancing music rising softly from the player attached to the holoprojector still showing embarrassing pictures of Erik. Oop, there's a naked one, thankfully he's like 2.

"Look coz…" Mykal starts with Sammel, smirking, "I get all the exercise I need in bed. You should try it sometime." Ahh, ever class Mykal. He offers an apologtic ah and nods to Ana, "My apologies, Ibrahm. That's a sight better then." His smile seems at least mildly genuine and he takes another sip of his wine, "Belle is seeing to an unfortunate matter at the club. Some sort of…money thing." he waves a hand dismissively, "You know how good she is with all that. We'd be begging on the street if it wasn't for her." Well…begging on the street may be extreme, he's still a Cindravale Main Liner. Mr. Big Shot with his trust fund.

"Fickle," Ellinor repeats dryly before she flashes a smile toward Mykal as he arrives, and she gives him a lazy nod while she nurses on her fourth drink of the evening. She is slower this time around, enjoying the drink this time around. She rolls her shoulders a bit before she glances over toward the holoprojections just in time to see naked Erik picture. "Gah," she says, instantly covering her eyes. "I didn't see anything," she promises.

Feeling the trepidation within Johana, Erik gives her a gentle and reassuring squeeze with his hand before he looks back to the others that have gathered for his birthday. His gaze does slip to the picture that is now taking its turn and another groan is mmuttered as it is another cute, naked picture of him when he was a baby. There is a slight shake of head from the youngest, "I'm sure it won't be the first time, Niko will no doubt do the same for future birthdays as well."

There's a brief shake of his head as Sammel hears Mykal's words, before he look amused. "Who says I haven't gotten a bit of that exercise on top of my normal training already, Mykal?" he asks, before he adds, "But because there are ladies present, perhaps a change of topic is in order, right?" Raising his drink a little in his cousin's direction, before he chuckles at Erik's words, "Good thing there's still months left until my birthday. Gives me time to find a good hiding place for that holoprojector, just in case."

The teasing between the Sauveur and the Valen brings Ana more at ease and maybe the alcohol is relaxing her a little more, watching the little nuances of affection between them was.. cute. Both her brows arch at Mykal and she offers her name, at least. "Johana Ibrahm." Seeing the picture, Ana can't help but laugh. "My, Erik, how you've… grown." Giving him another grin, trying to get into the spirit of things too. As he squeezes her hand, she tilts her head back to look at him with a curious expression, though doesn't voice any of the questions she's dying to ask.

Nikomachos nods at Mykal, furrowing his brow dramatically as he nods, "Yes. Money things. So trite and tawdry." Then he breaks into laughter, shaking his head. "He's a baby. All baby boys look the same then. Although I must say, Erik was always a bit tiny…" His grin flashes broad, and he circles thumb and forefinger around his wrist, "All skin and bones." Totally not dirty at all. "And everyone knows that every birthday has to include baby pictures. Mother taught us all that it's the best way to disarm someone." That would be Mother, the Leonnida. "Ladies, Sammel? These are knights present. I'm quite certain that both Ellie and Ana can dive just as dirty as any of us can." He winks to Ellinor, "After all, we're all noble Valen."

Mykal laughs along with Niko and nods to him, "Quite trite." he confirms and takes another gulp of wine, sloshing the wine a bit as he waves that hand in Ana's direction, "Mykal Cindravale." He even left off the 'Lord'. He's grown…not a lot, but that's an improvement! "So tell me, what's such a ravishing creature as yourself doing with my cousin anyway? You heard Niko here, he's tiny." This is said in a stage whisper, hand held to the side of his mouth as if that would hide what he said from Erik.

As his brothers and cousin takes turn busting his balls, Erik takes the hits rather graciously, a glance offered back to Johana at her comment, "I come from good stock. The best in our Realm." He adds with a wink before chuckling at Mykal while bringing his glass to his lips for another long drink, certainly not the first and it won't be the last. In fact, he is waving down one of the servants for another.

At the teasing, Johana finds it necessary to come to Erik's aid. "Was he?" She asks airily to Niko. "Oh well… that's not the impression I had the last time I had him in bed." Rawr. "Certainly not skin and bones. He's more.. muscle now." When the cousin makes his introduction, she nods, still wearing her grin from a moment ago. "A pleasure meeting you." Though when he asks about what she is doing with him, she winks. "I was just using him for sex. It backfired." Oh yeah, Ibrahm alright.

"Well, some of these experiences were too scary even to tell knights, Niko," Sammel deadpans, before he finishes his drink now. Johana's words makes him unable to hold back a comment. "See, now I'm starting to understand what this knight in Volkan all those years ago meant." A brief pause, before he imitates someone's very deep voice. "Don't have sex, man. It leads to kissing, and soon you will have to talk to them." Another pause, and his voice is back to normal. "Maybe he had experienced similar backfiring?"

Ellinor has slumped back in her seat, drink poised between her fingers. She is exhausted, and this is quite obvious as it appears she is starting to drift to sleep. She does quirk a brow up at Sammel a bit. "Oh, that's what Niko did wrong… he had sex with me. Lesson. Learned."

Nikomachos was just starting on his next drink, Johana… and now he's spitting it out in shock. Laughter follows the spray of liquor, and he shakes his head, "The Gods are cruel that we couldn't bring you into the family, Ana." He settles back into his chair, crossing his legs and letting his left hand settle down on Ellinor's knee, "The both of you, of course, but I've already complained about that." Leaning over to press a kiss to Ellinor's cheek, Niko shrugs, "Yes, I'm a masochist, clearly. After all the teasing you did, I needed some reward."

Mykal just eyes them all, "Good Gods, you all must be doing it wrong. Marriage is for mutual gain. Sex is for fun. Don't you know anything?" He scoffs lightly and takes another gulp from his glass, finishing off his wine, "So you keep your wife in one bed, your mistress in another." A glance towards Erik and Mykal offers him one of his patented innocent smiles, "Isn't that right, Cousin?" Oh yes, Mykal is a wonderful influence.

With Erik's newly arrived drink, he's lucky he didn't start drinking like Niko did or he would've had done the same, or choked. However, the best he could do is offer a clearing of his throat, having nothing to add to what Johana just said. Instead, he throws Ellinor a smirk, "I wouldn't say that it was the wrong thing he did, seems pretty right, with where things are now." As for Mykal's advice, the youngest of the three Valen brothers can only laugh, "I think I will be choosing another route, Coz, I plan on living a bit longer to kill more Hostiles."

"Sound advice, Sir Sammel, but I promise if you follow it, you will regret it." Eyes sparkling with barely held in laughter, Ana offers him a wink. Only when Niko spews does she finally let go and laugh along with him as she looks towards Ellinor. "A good lesson though, yeah?" Tightening her hand in Eriks briefly, she offers him a smile, but again, when Mykal speaks she can't help but turn her gaze to his. "Such advice? I guarantee he would find his wife missing from the bed he expects to find her in." Gently she pats a hand on Erik's chest. "Such a smart man."

"Fell into the trap, which all of us are happy for," Sammel offers to Ellinor, with a grin, before he looks to Niko. "Well, of course we will call them both family, even if it's not formal family, or something?" he offers, before he offers a grin at Johana. "Wouldn't be the brother of these two crazy guys if I actually followed advice, would I?" he remarks, a bit lightly.

Nikomachos nods at Erik's response to Mykal's commentary, "I'm sure, coz, that Belle is quite handy with a knife, but Ellie has shown that she can knock me around a holosim, and I'm sure that Ana can kick the ever-loving pretty out of Erik." Grinning over at Sammel, he adds, "You realize now that you and Kassie are going to have to find some pretty young vassals to marry now, to continue the family name." That said, he squeezes Ellinor's knee, "Come on… we're going to dance." And then he pops up, offering her a hand up, and then moves over to a more open area to sway with his betrothed.

Hearing that name again, Ana finally puts it together. "Belle.. I vaguely remember something about a Belle Cindravale in a drinking contest I recently participated in. I say vaguely because… I didn't win and I ended up passed out." Oh yeah, that's something impressive to tell the in-laws. "If he needs it, then I'll make sure it gets done, Sir Niko," Ana promises, though her eyes hold laughter. This time when she looks at Erik, her eyes hold contemplation. "I do hope we get along better than in the past." The words are softly murmured since Niko and Ellinor have moved to the dance floor. "Because things just got.. real."

As Niko and Ellinor move off to the dance floor, Erik turns to his betrothed and nods his head, "I hope for the same… but I am sure we will still have our moments, Ana." Another nod is given when she mentions that things are more serious now though with another squeeze of his hand, he asks, "And My Lady, would you do me the honors of joining me for a dance as well?" Before waiting for an answer, the young Valen is already leading the Ibrahm off to dance.

And then they are all off, going to go dance and shit. Mykal sighs, tosses his glass over his shoulder and swaggers off towards the exit. He made his appearance after all. The glass shatters on the ground and Mykal is on the lift, heading down.

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