09.13.3013: Pride, Prejudice, and Pies
Summary: Chiron makes good on his promice of Pie to Eiris. Secrets come out, feelings are hurt, words are said.
Date: 07, September 2013
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Arion Oaks Ranch
The Arion Oaks Ranch, operated by the Quellton family, has stood for three generations offering top quality horses for both war and work. The Ranch house looks homely, and looks like it probably could use a new coat of paint. The interior is minimalistic, very few pictures hanging on the wall, the couch looks very used. Their holovid looks to be close to ten years old. The kitchen is the biggest room in the house, which also encompasses the dining room. The pantry is filled with a bounty of home-canned fruits and veggies. In the middle of the dining room is a very large, redwood table. It looks like it could fit close to fifteen people. The master bedroom is neat with a large queen sized bed in the middle that have hanging on the bedposts. The middle room is mostly neat and organized, with a pile of bundled up clothes stuffed somewhere in a corner. There are posters of bands hanging up on the walls. The last room is much smaller, decorated in pinks and lavenders. Posters of woodland creatures hang on the walls and a small, stuffed drake sits on the bed.

Just outside of the house by the kitchen is a shed used for smoking and drying meat when the boys go out hunting.

Lastly, the stable looks considerably newer then the house, probably about ten years old. Inside there are twenty-four stalls that were very obviously made for war horses. However, half of these stalls are empty. Surrounding the entire ranch is a metal fence as well as an electronic barrier, obviously meant to keep unwanted predators out, and to keep the horses in.

09, September 3013

*I didn't get the beginning of the log, but it's important to note that when Eiris and Ella step in Balius addresses them both as Lady, Chiron isn't sure what to think.*

Chiron places the folding chair at the corner of the table and takes a seat somewhere in the middle and motions for Eiris to sit next to him. He chimes in, "Sparrow and Bey demolished a hostile and lived." He says this with pride and a smile, he seems to be getting over the 'Lady' slip-up for now. "Bey, Can you cut me a piece of Strawberry Rhubarb as well?" He smiles, his eyes going to Eiris and her pie, anxiously awaiting the verdict.

About to offer to help Lorelei, she is summoned to her chair, "Nonsense, that is quite a feat, trust me. I have seen fully armored Knights attempt to take out hostiles and get knocked silly. The fact you were both unarmed and not wearing a stitch of armor says something." Taking her seat, she stops and looks down at the pie. Restraining herself from digging in, "I am learning to heal people, I can't say I did much but offer my company to your brother. I say he managed to tolerate me rather well," she teases, taking up her utensil and finally giving in to her beast, taking a bit. There is a soft sigh and eyes slip closed as she relishes the taste.

Three plates balanced in his arms, Balius will set them before Loree, Chiron, and the remaining empty seat. "I'm hoping to start Academ in the Spring myself, to study medicine." Bey offers to Eiris as he sits down. "And we were remarkably lucky with how things turned out. It'll take more than a scout to stop Quelltons, especially when we're together." He says with pride as he digs in to the pie.

Lorelei shakes her head, "No pie for-thanks." as Bey sets the pie down. She'll smile, she's getting so tired of pie! Loree looks at both brothers a moment, wondering if they are all slightly insane before shaking her head, telling the two woman, "It was alone, is the only reason we survived. I got in a lucky hit, when it was distracted by Bey." She doesn't mention that Bey distracted it by almost dying…She'll sit down, shifting slightly uncomfortable. "All three Quelltons fighting…never thought that would happen." she'll reach for her fork.

Chiron smiles as it's very apparent that Eiris is enjoying the pie. "Ma' makes the /best/ pies. I keep telling her she needs to open up a restaurant in the Promenade. She'd make a fortune. Sir Agnes, my knight loves them." He comments before eating his slice of pie. He points his fork at Lorelei as he chews, and swallows before speaking. "When we were younger, we played Knights and Hostiles, so we've had some practice." He says, taking another rather large bite of pie.

Eiris glances to Ella briefly, taking another rather eager bite of her pie before she is spearing another, she pauses in the conversation to cover her mouth while it is half full and motioning with her fork to the pie, "Do you mind if I have more after this?" She grins at them and then spears another bite, downing it quickly enough to show just how much she is enjoying it. "I think she should, to be honest. I would travel here at least once a week to get a piece or two." Her smile warms and then she shakes her head, "You did well pulling together, but do you not have any armor for yourselves? Whenever you are out you should wear some." There is a growing concern, brows furrowing as she looks between the siblings.

Balius could not be happier. Finally, guests who liked to eat!! He downs large portions of his pie, joining in with the apparent standards for pie devouring that have become acceptable at the table. "And I would be more than happy to make you a piece. We could even send you both home with a pie each!" Bey nods, part of him hoping to unbury the pantry from the pies. "Loree and I'll look into armor…" He shifts uncomfortably. Armor could be pricey. "But we are definitely gonna train more in self-defense stuff."

Lorelei wrinkles her nose, scoffing slightly at Chiron, "No, You and Bey played Knights and Hostiles. I always ended up in a tree needing rescuing, remember?" Loree smiles at Eiris, "Please.eat as much as you can. we've been eating pie since Chiron left. I'd about kill for a nice muffin." her smiles drops as well. She knows how much armor costs. they just can't afford that. She'll look to Bey,a nd for once, back him in the avoidance. "I've had offers from swords to archery to learn. We'll be ok."

Chiron sighs, Eiris is right, they /do/ need armor if they're going to be going out in the woods. "Armor would be ideal, we don't really have the money for it right now though. The Ranch is struggling right now, with the war and everything." He comments, also finishing his piece of pie. Agreeing with his siblings he says, "yes, please. Take as much pie as you want. I haven't looked in the cupboard yet, but if there's as much as Sparrow and Bey say then we probably have enough to feed a small army." He laughs and shakes his head some.

Eiris considers their plight and merely nods, "I recommend it, if you can do so, even if its something old and handed down. I am certain a knight somewhere would be willing to part with an older set for less than what it is worth.." She offers a smile, shrugging then though its obvious her thoughts are elsewhere and distracted. But at the mention of more pie, she laughs, "More than glad to, if you are sick of it I will be more than glad to free you of it."

"Awesome! We'll send you plenty to share." Bey says, grabbing Eiris' plate and Chiron's too if he's done. The youngest Quellton will give his a brother a glare in response to his discussion of the stable's financial difficulties before moving to cut them both another piece of pie.

Chiron also receives a small glare from Loree. What is he doing, blurting that out? maybe talking about the armor is a better distraction than pie, if Chiron's gonna talk dirty laundry. "I can ask around, someone may have some we can trade for." Loree's not sure what, at this point. Pies?

getting the dirty looks from his siblings makes Chiron realize that finances probably wasn't the best thing to be speaking about to new friends. He shoots both his siblings a remorseful frown. "I can talk to Agnes and Jarek, I bet they'd help get some kind of scout armor for you two." He smiles, a little nervously, hoping to just smooth over the money talk. "If you want, Eiris, we can show you the stables?"

Watching the tension, Eiris doesn't press for more information, in fact she smiles, "The pie is lovely, I bet your mother would have great success." As the talk goes to stables, she nods her head, clearing her throat. "Stables would be lovely." There is some enthusiasm there, briefly before she glances at all the siblings, "Getting to meet your horses would be a pleasure," she starts to rise, her chair scraping as she does.

Good, a change of topic and venue. Balius is on board with this plan. "That's a great idea, Young Master Quellton, if you'd lead the way?" He starts clearing finished and unfinished plates, again in a very host-like mode, similar to a parent that shall remain unnamed. He quickly works towards scraping extras off plates, though there's not much left on most of them, before turning to go.

Lorelei watches both brothers as they behave odd. Chiron's all squirely and Bey's acting like Ma. She'll stand up, helping Bey with the dishes. A small frown appears , but she'll try to cover it up. Her in armor just doesn't seem right. She'll tell Eiris, "They're all a bit grumpy. we've not ben able tot ale them out after the attack as much as we normally do. there's usually 3 of us, but it's just Da till we're healed up all the way." That's not entirely true, Loree did take Hubert out yesterday, probably why she's so sore now.

Chiron is also a little bewildered why Bey is acting like Ma', but he won't say anything about it. He does stand up from his chair and takes Eiris's hand, leading her out the kitchen door and to the stables should she allow it. He looks back briefly to see if Lorelei is following. Once at the stables he opens the large stable door with a loud creak. The horses making a little bit of noise.

Amusement curls her lips at Balius' display, giving him a wink before her hand is caught up. "Well perhaps I can help with that, would be glad to help get them out and moving," more than glad. Allowing herself to be lead out to the stables, she starts to beat him towards the door but doesn't take her hand to the door, merely waits with a sort of restrained ethusiasm. Its the smell that causes her smile to grow and she slips in first.

Seeing Chiron's excitement and noting Eiris' taking of his hand, Bey will give a sigh, as he makes quick work of the dishes with Loree. Now feeling guilty and perhaps that he's taken this all a bit too far, Bey will quietly mutter to Lorelei. "So…that's Talynne's sister, Lady Eiristra Rovehn…" He blushes red, embarassed. "I was kinda hopin it'd let up before….well that happened." Bey nods at the now vacant doorway, finishing the dishes and resolving to head outside.

Lorelei nods to Chiron, "I'll be out in sec!" Her eyes widening as well at Chiron's hand holding. she'll smiling helping Bey finish up, but the smile freezes on her face when he informs her of who exactly is in their barn. "What?!?" Loree's eyes flash, and for a brief moment it almost looks like she' arching for her powers. Instead, she'll huff loudly, "Why would she…?" Her jaw tightens and she'll turn, quickly making her way out the kitchen towards the barn.

Chiron follows Eiris into the barn, grinning as he does. He seems pleased that Eiris is enjoying herself. "It's nice? right? It's newer then the rest of the house… we had the roof replaced about ten years ago." Realizing that his siblings haven't yet joined them in the barn he gives Eiris a roguish grin and places a hand on her waste, pulling his closer to him, intending to kiss her if she allows it.

Moving to the first stall, she leans over to look in at the occupying equine and reaches her hand out, clicking her tongue. There is an utter ease about the woman now as she tries to coax the animal over to her. What she coaxes, perhaps without realizing is the eldest Quellton. Eiris makes a sound, drawn from the gate that decidedly becomes a soft laugh catching in her throat. Eyes briefly flash over his shoulder and not seeing anyone, she returns his grin with her own and meets him halfway for what is meant to be a quick kiss.

Seeing Lorelei's quick departure, Bey rushes after her, or at least out the door of the house. Escape might be necessary to avoid the entanglements of what could happen. If only Victarion was easily accessible without going into the barn…He makes it to the porch and freezes in front of the house, watching Lorelei and waiting for some response…

Lorelei storms out, moving as quickly towards the barn as her healing would will let her.The doors go open , rather quickly, and she has a rather angry look to her when she sees the position her brother and the Noble are in. Her voice is rather steady, "There are three things I don't tolerate. Disrespecting my animals. Disrespecting my family, and playing games with either of their feelings." Her eyes are on Eiris, although the quick movement from the house to the barn has actually left her a touch pale. "Tell him. Now." Her little hands are clenched, and she'll turn to stomp out. Thinking of one last thing, she'll turn back,an almost snarl on her face, "And get out of my barn." This is not a look Chiron's ever seen on Loree. She'll move to leave, although a hand goes to her side as she storms out, touching where the axe hit her.

Chiron couldn't be happier at this moment, when suddenly his little sister barges in. This isn't the first time that she's caught him with a girl in the barn, but things are a bit different this time, it seems. He slowly and almost defensively backs away from Eiris, eyes wide. "T-tell me what?" He stutters, taking a few more steps away from the Rovehn noble. "What am I missing? Why did my brother call you Lady!?!" he says, his cheeks flushed. He looks about ready to burst into tears. "Who are you!?!"

Assuming Bey catches a glimpse of furious Loree, he'll try to sneak around the house, perhaps to see what damage has been done and if anything can be rectified. Conflicting loyalties vie for control. He knows Chiron deserves to know, and that's the right thing but…and then he sees the look in his sister's eyes and realizes there's no way he's going to get away by sneaking.

Oi! Someone needs to put a lock on those damned barn doors and Eiris is caught, catching her breath as the Hurricane Lorelei cuts a path right through the middle of civilization. The civilization that is whatever was blooming between Eiris and Chiron. Stunned, shocked, the Rovehn's lips part and her green eyes briefly darken as she meets the youngest Quellton's gaze. She stares at her, swallowing hard before she directs her attention back to Chiron - the real stormfront moving in. Her hands lift partially, palm out and away from her sides as she watches him back away from her. A step is taken towards him and then she stops, stops at the yelling at her. Flinching briefly, her jaw sets tightly and her chin lifts as her gaze remains caught on his, "I should have said something, your sister as the right of it." Wetting her lips, her throat dry, she puts on a strong front. "But what I expected, happened…" she gathers herself and answers, "I am Lady Eiristra Rovehn, the younger sister to Talynne." Her hands lift, meaning she won't touch him and she starts to step around. "I will show myself out, thanks." Her voice is low, clipped and proud as she starts out but stops near his side. "It doesn't matter to me what title you hold or don't hold, but it sure seems to mean a whole heck of a lot to you and your siblings. So I won't bother you." Looking straight ahead again, her back rigid, she sets her pace right out of the barn and back out.

Lorelei just glares at Bey as she makes her way out the barn, this is partially his fault! Why would he not say anything!?! She'll start making her way back towards the house, her hand still on her wound. It's not bleeding , or anything dramatic, it's just…hurting. Why do these nobles do this?

Chiron's head is a maelstrom of confusion. Things were going so well, why did all this happen. A tear falls from his face as Eiris walks out of the barn. He follows her some, saying. "I don't care that you're a noble, Eiris. I care that you felt like you had to hide your identity from me! Did you think I am that shallow to worry about titles?" He calls out to her as she leaves. He sniffles some as he wipes another tear from his eye.

Balius waits outside the house, just off the porch. He makes no motion to go inside, probably trying to ascertain the fallout by the barn. With a strong look away from the oncoming wrath that is his sister, Bey stiffens but makes no move to go inside.

Stopping, but still taking steps back, she finally slows and Eiris looks directly at him. "Listen…I heard the way you viewed my sister's and your brother's relationship, I understand it. I enjoyed spending time with you, talking to you…even keeping you from falling flat on your face back there. I was wrong, but why drive a wedge so readily when I could stave it off. It's fine, Chiron. I would hate to make your family loathe us anymore, I apologize," her head turns and her voice lifts, "to you all." Pointedly it is emphasized, likely just for Lorelei, "but I have been told to leave. And even though I could be a bleeder and stay, I think its best I leave." Her voice lowers, softening briefly before she shakes her head, turning once more to gather Ella and likely head for the waygate. As she near Balius, she offers him a tight smile, "Good to meet you finally…" her eyes lift to the other siblings, "Thank you for the pie." Onward she goes.

Besides glaring, Loree doesn't say anything to Bey. Instead makes her way up to the kitchen door, with the intent to go inside. If Loree hears Eiris, she doesn't acknowledge it. She does pause a moment at the door frame, to steady herself before going in.

Chiron leans at the entrance and watches as Eiris walks away. This must be how Lorelei must feel at times, he thinks to himself. There's a lot of different thoughts going though his head right now, but there is some truth to her words. "You're welcome." He mutters in reference to the pie. It's half spiteful and heartfelt at the same time. He closes his eyes and slumps to the ground, trying to clear his head.

The drama unfolding around him, Bey starts walking towards his brother. He's still red in embarassment but stomachs it and heads towards the barn, where he sees his brother on the ground. He starts to speak about three different times… "Listen Chi…" Bey doesn't know what to expect, the situation feels weird and otherworldly.

When Bey find's Chiron he's at the enterance, his legs pushed up against him, and his forhead resting on his knees. He is silent for a few seconds before responding. "What?" He says, not looking up at his brother.

"I…I didn't think she was gonna do that without telling you…" Bey sighs and sits down, cross-legged in front of his brother. It's an awkward position for him to be in. How do I comfort my older brother, the Squire? He cautiously reaches for a backpat. "You okay man?" His eyes are more concerned than anything else.

Chiron lifts his head up and stares at his brother. "The /fuck/ kind of question is that? 'Am I ok?' Of course I'm not ok!" He says quite angrily, furrowing his brow and tilting his head. "You /fucking/ knew who she was, you even called her a Lady at the door!" He says, tears beginning to fall from his face again as he pushes his brother's hand away from him. He stands up and begins to walk away from the barn after turning back to face his brother. "You lied to me, Bey. Worse, you betrayed me. You need to either find a way to fix the issues between the Rovehns and the Quelltons, or pick a side." He begins to walk away, then calls back out. "I'm going to Khar-Mordune, you can have the bedroom."

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