08.05.3013: Pride Goes Before a Limp
Summary: After meeting Advent, Taryn blackmails him into following his doctor's orders.
Date: 05 August 2013
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Family Sitting Room — Royal Tower, Landing
Branching off from the small bank of lifts is the luxurious family sitting room. It possesses mahogany wood floors, softened with deep violet carpets — each of which are accented by silver in some form or another. The ceilings here are vaulted, with pale colored walls to offset the dark wood wainscotting. Winged-back chairs, comfortable chaise lounges, and wood-framed sofas are arranged throughout the room, creating comfortable knots of seating where members of the Sauveur house cluster in small groups. There is an open archway that is protected by electrostatic fields, leading out onto a broad terrace that provides comfortable outdoor seating when the weather is right. The shielding staves off wind, rain, and other elements to maintain an internal comfort while providing an external view.

There are several hallways extending off this room, leading to the various apartments held by members of the Sauveur family.

August 5th, 3013

It is late in the evening, and Taryn has come to the royal towers to check on Sophie and Soleil, only to find out that neither are currently available. The Valen stableboy is dressed in a simple blue tunic with leather breaches. The thing of note to his appearance is the longsword worn on his hip. It is without question the most expensive thing that he is wearing, and under close examination would appear to be one of the pieces from the Sauveur's armory.

Advent comes up the lift after waiting for some time. He limps into the sitting room, leaning heavily on his cane. The tears already dotting his eyes and the extreme strain his movement is taking a toll on the elder of the Sauveurs. He sees Taryn and quickly looks around. "Are you someone's bed buddy?" He's rather blunt but can you blame him with the visual pain he's obviously in. He limps towards the chair and collapses in a heap on it panting and rubbing his face with his hand. The hand gripping the cane top is shaking slightly from strain.

Seeing the pain and difficulty Advent is having, Taryn doesn't even hear the question at first. "Can I help you, M'lord?" He takes a step towards the man, before the words spoken set in. A slight blush crosses his cheeks. "Um… no, m'lord…"

Advent lifts his eyes and nods then quickly shakes his head. "I just thought this might be an awkward first meeting of one of my little sisters bed friends." He grips his leg and leans back, head resting against the back of the chair. "I am just very sore. New injury that's not healing in a timely manner."

Taryn cocks his head slightly, "Little sisters… You must be Lord Advent then… " He grins slightly, "No.. M'lord… I have only met, Lady Lyrienne and Lady Sophie… One of which is married with a small herd of children and the other is little more than a child herself." His grey-green eyes look to the favored leg, "Do you need me to fetch someone to see to it?"

Advent shakes his head and frowns. "No. There is little they can do about it. The doctors would recommend again, amputation and then cybernetics." He grumbles. He turns his eyes to Taryn. "Excuse my manners." He pushes himself up and bows his head. "May I have your name, fine sir?"

Taryn flinches as Advent pushes himself upright. "Please, Lord Advent keep your seat." He grins slightly, "Well, I am not sure about the fine part, and am certainly no sir, but I am otherwise known as Taryn Wystrel." He carries a Valen accent, specifically from one of the rural areas of the Southern Wilds.

Advent grins slowly. "It is lovely to meet you Taryn Wystrel." He takes a step back and collapses again into the seat. Though something is odd about his eyes. His eyes are now black. Ash falls around where he is sitting and little lightnings start to fire up around him. His eyes close and he grumbles. "I'm sorry….I'm sorry…"

Taryn moves to Advent's side. "Lord Advent… " There is concern in his voice, but his proximity suggest it has nothing to do for his own safety, as he kneels down near the man. "What's wrong? How can I help you?" Well, add another Sauveur to the list.

Advent is trying to breathe through the pain that his leg is giving him but it's causing his awakened abilities to go nuts. He's the opposite of Lyr's aura. He leans his head forward and makes a pained sound. "Run your hands through my hair…calming."

Taryn blinks for a moment, as he looks at Advent. Very lightly, he starts brushing his fingers through Advent's hair, softly stroking the scalp like a feather light brush.

The lightning strikes slow down as the curls part for his fingers. His own hand runs on his thigh trying to calm the pain while someone else is taking care of his brain pan. Advent's hair is soft and curly. His skin is rather warm to the touch.

Taryn continues to stroke the man's hair, adding a little bit more pressure to his touch, almost to the point of lightly massaging his skalp. He softly hums the tune of an old Valen lullaby, hoping that it will help calm the man. "Shh.. just relax…"

It takes a rather long time before the ash stops falling and the lightning stops. He opens his eyes and they are bright blue and tired. "I'm so sorry. Please don't tell anyone." His voice is mellow and begging slightly.

Taryn's hand is still resting on Advent's shoulder. He cants his head, "Don't tell anyone that you're Awakened, that you lost control, or that you are in this much pain?" Unlike most, the display didn't seem to have phased the younger man one bit.

Advent nods slowly. "You have a point…how about all three?" He offers a small smile and stretches out his good leg. He doesn't seem to mind the close contact. "I am very sorry. I did not wish to expose a stranger to this."

Taryn offers a soft laugh. "It's alright, Lord Advent. Everyone has moments of weakness." He offers a slightly lopsided grin, "If it makes you feel any better… you would not be the first member of your family that I have seen at their worst and not cared."

Advent grins and bobs his head slightly. "I know what you mean but your choice of words was poor. You did care or you would not be back." He mentions quietly. He takes a quiet breath. "I'm not used to this yet. I want to get back on my horse."

Taryn looks confused then nods. "Yeah… I meant that I didn't care that they were at their worst… " It is obvious that the young man did not have access to the same educational options as those who grew up in Landing. There is a look of longing and understanding at the comment of wanting to be on horse back. "I'm sure that you will be able to ride again all too soon, m'lord." He cocks his head, "You are newly awakened?"

Advent nods slowly and grumbles. "I am." Though he shakes his head. "I won't be on horseback for a long time. I can barely stand, let alone wrap my legs around something and hold on. I have a lot of work to do before I can get back up."

Taryn grins slightly, "Must be something in the water around here… Well, I imagine that you have the best instructors at your beckoned call… " He nods, "Well, work with a therapist and I'm sure with a little bit of effort… and maybe an adapted saddle, you can get back sooner than you think."

Advent shakes his head. "No one will work with me. They call me difficult. I blew up all their gloves and made roosters when I was twelve. I never lived it down and the doc carries a grudge. I'm not a difficult patient, I just don't agree with them."

Taryn's brow scrunches just slightly, "Well surely your family's station should supercede your history, not to mention that it foolish to keep a Knight hendered like this." Then again, lame he is forced to stay here where it's safe. And for all her efforts, Sophie never got herself this badly injured. "If there is anything that I could do, m'lord… Just let me know."

Advent grins and takes Taryn's chin in his hand. "If there is anything I can do for you, let me know. Right now… I need to make it to my room with dignity." He takes a small breath and slowly pushes himself up on his good leg balancing off his cane.

Taryn rises, "Then take my arm, M'lord, and let me help you that way. There is a difference between dignity and pride, though they may dance with each other, they can stand alone as well."

Advent takes Taryn's arm. "I feel like an old lady. 'Please youngen, help me walk across the street.'" He leans over and limps a little in jest before returning to his full height and using Taryn as much as his cane. "I have no pride. My mother hated that about me."

Taryn chuckles, "Well, I assure you, Lord Advent, you might feel like an old lady, but no one would ever mistake you as such." He is very patient as he walks alongside Advent. He grins, "I thought pride came with the name." He is teasing.

Advent smiles slowly and chuckles. "I don't know. I can pull off a good stink eye." He chuckles before he shrugs. "What's in a name? It's not the name I'm proud of. It's my beautiful sisters. A name is only a title given to us at birth. We didn't earn it." He finally gets into his room. It's full of warm colors and happiness. He moves to his bed and releases Taryn to get into it.

Taryn offers a bow to the man. "You might see it as a title, m'lord. I see it as a symbol… one that everyone else looks up to, whether deservingly or not… whether fairly or not… " He grins, "I hope that you are able to get rest, m'lord."

Advent nods slowly and undoes his pants. He slides them off revealing shorts and the cry of pain as he flops back down, pants around his thighs. Now one can see with absolute clarity why his leg hurts. The amount of work and stitches and swelling on his thigh just to make his leg stay on was massive.

Taryn frowns at the sight of the injury and the man's difficulty. He doesn't say anything, Taryn just moves over and starts helping Advent undress. it is obvious that he isn't in a position to really argue with Taryn over it.

Advent doesn't fight Taryn much though he does lightly headbutt him. Whatever battle this noble was in it looks like he got trampled by a hippo-hostile. He is covered in scratches and bruises and there is medication on the end table which clearly states when it was given and how many pills. If someone were to count, he's taken one and more than half the bottle should be gone.

Taryn shakes his head for a moment as Advent lightly headbutts him. Someone who is observant, like Taryn is, would notice the difference without having to count. The Valen extracts the appropriate number of pills and then pours a glass of water. He looks at Advent, "M'lord, you're not going to get better if you don't take care of yourself. Take these so that your body can recover, so that you can continue serving the people as I know you want to do. Either that or just do it to humor me." He grins, "Otherwise, I'll tell your sisters on you."

Advent stares at Taryn and was going to say no before he mentioned sisters. He takes the pills and swallows them. Yes this knight is terrified of his sisters. He shakes his head. "That's cruel. Do you know what they would do to me if they knew?" He lies there like a helpless lump. "Don't abandon me to the wolves….they'd start dressing me." The horror.

Taryn smirks slightly, "Sometimes the only way to win a battle is to just tear right through your opponent's defenses, regardless of the risk to yourself." He looks down at Advent. "My guess is that they would actually make you do what the doctors told you to do. So you can do the noble thing and start doing it on your own, or you can have me sully my honor by doing something as base as blackmail."

Advent lies there and gives Taryn the biggest, most innocent expression most anyone's ever seen. "You wouldn't do that would you?" He slowly frowns and stays lying there.

Taryn looks at Advent. It doesn't take a lot of skill to know that Taryn is a terrible liar and that he has a tendency for brutal honesty. "Without a moment's hesitation, the minute I think you aren't taking proper care of yourself." He points at the pills, "Including taking those as directed."

Advent is a much better liar, having grown up with girls breaking into his room and having to explain certain things… He nods slowly and stays lying there. "Of course, as directed." He stays there like a beaten puppy, playing it up.

Taryn arches an eyebrow as he regards Advent. He stares at the man with a rather disconcerting, peer-into-the-depths-of-your-soul expression. There is almost something familiar about that expression. Actually about several of Taryn's features. Then again, perhaps it's nothing more than the pain, the fatigue, and the pain meds playing with Advent's mind. "Well, I think I might talk to Lady Lyrienne anyway… Just in case."

Advent grumbles quietly as he lies back down on the large bed. "Don't…she's going to worry and then you'll upset her." Since right now that's the scariest thing that the Lord can imagine. An angry sister.

Taryn puts his hands on his hips as he cocks his head. "She should be worried… You are doing more harm to yourself by being a stubborn mule." Suddenly, he remembers he is talking to a noble, and for a moment that resolve wavers, but only for a moment. "So if you don't want to worry her… and subsequently have her motherly wrath focused on you, then you have to start listening to the doctors… start doing what they tell you." He looks at Advent, "So, do I have your word, by your honor, that you will do what you are suppose to in order to get well again?"

Advent frowns at the citizen and nods slowly. "You have my word that I will take those meds." He speaks clearly. Though he is woozy already and its clear, "Goodnight Taryn."

Taryn bows to the noble. "Rest well, Lord Sir Advent. " He has been dismissed and turns to leave the Sauveur to his sleep.

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