05.29.3013: Press Ganged Into Terror
Summary: Nitrim and Asher share a drink. The Larents are discussed and Nitrim urges Asher to live while he can.
Date: 29 May 2012
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Sitting Room - The Blackspyre
A sitting room inside of the Blackspyre with long, dark tables and hard, heat-warmed floors.
May 29, 3013

Having made their way successfully from Landing to Volkan, Nitrim accompanied Asher all the way back to the Blackspyre itself. The two had separated, each to their respective rooms to unpack and settle back into life at the Crescent. A few short hours later, Nitrim found his way to a simple sitting room where a table and some drinks were prepared…

"Sir Asher…" Nitrim starts as he makes the last few steps across the hard floor. His heavy boots make loud thuds as he walks, and his six feet of height makes for long strides and short journeys. "…it's about fucking great to be back home, isn't it? I'd almost forgotten at Landing the smell of sulfur. So, since I missed the tourney, do you have any good stories for me?" He stops to pour a drink for each of them. "We'll trade. I saw the Sky Palace at Nubilus, but you first."

"I don't have any particularly interesting stories, Sir Nitrim." Asher says, "I had other obligations during the tournament as well, I'm afraid I didn't see any of it." he replies with a slight shrug of his shoulders.

"Sir? Bah…I'm no knight, Asher. My brother made with all of the swinging and stomping at Landing with Victor, I believe. Though, that's a fucking shame. I would have thought you'd have been involved." Nitrim replies, taking up his glass and dumping himself into a seat. Since there are no ladies-faire present, he stretches his legs out and slouches over one of the arms. "But that's a shame. What's a tourney if we can't send our knights out to break people in the field, drink, fuck, and breathe?" He pauses, lifting a brow to the man. "Feel free to answer honestly. Since you were so occupied during the tourney, would you like some time from your duties to make up for time lost guarding us Khournas?"

"My apologies, Lord Nitrim." Asher laughs, "And it would have been interesting to compete, but.." He shrugs, "I'm no Cindravale who lives for the tournaments or anything." He says. "And I have no clue what I would do, Lord Nitrim if I were given time off. I suppose travel a bit more before the fighting starts, but I understand we'll be sending troops out quite soon regardless.."

Nitrim's brows lowered and he gave Asher one of those are you kidding me? looks. Goblet raised at the elbow, he swirls the bourbon around inside and then finally takes a sip. The cup is set down and replaced with a cigarette, which he lights with a match. His teeth grit down over the smoke while he whips the wooden match to death. "For Gods' sake, Asher. If you're about to be sent to war and die, you should be out getting yourself laid or something. You don't have a wife or children, right? Go…" He brushes his hand towards the window. "…because the last thing you want is to find yourself in a trench with only men, wishing you'd taken your chances while you had them."

"I don't have a wife, no." Asher replies at that as he moves to seat himself as well and he shrugs, "And I hardly doubt it will be all men in the trenches, Lord Nitrim. There are plenty of women that will be fighting the Hostiles as well. But if you wish me to go out and take some free time, I certainly will."

"True, it won't all be men in the trenches. But who wants a sweaty knight girl with the Hostile on the other side of the ridge anyway? YES Take some fucking time off and don't come back until you've made your peace and are ready to die, and I don't mean ready to die like you vowed. I mean in true good to go mode." Nitrim replies, reaching into his pocket for a roll of bills. He counts out four hundred and slides them over to Asher from his side of the table. "Consider it a gift from your cousin Nitrim. Now, are you going to ask me about Nubilus?"

Asher laughs at that as he accepts the bills, then shrugs a little, "Certainly not needed, Lord Nitrim, but thank you regardless." He says with a little nod, "And tell me about Nubilus, I hear their gliders are quite interesting."

"OF course the gliders are interesting." Nitrim laughs, reaching once again for his goblet. His words are spoken in a comical tone, as if he's just given Asher a script and he is a talk-show guest. Another sip of the bourbon is taken, swallowed, and set aside. While he softly breathes out the fumes, he brushes a hand through his sharply-gelled hair. "After the Event at the Feast I went to the Ring to see what I could feel, if anything, and I bumped into Lady Ariana Larent." His eyes narrow and a smirk forms at his lip during the most recent drag of his cigarette. This is guy-talk time, and Lady Ariana is intended to be the conversational carrot. "Have you ever met her or seen her?"

Asher shakes his head in response to the question, "I'm afraid I've never mady the Lady Ariana's acquaintance yet." He says with a slight shrug of his shoulders, "I don't even think I've seen her, to be quite honest." He says as he settles back into his seat a little.

Nitrim's hand extends to the side, palm down. "She's a few inches shorter than I am, blonde, skinny, attractive. Now, I know this describes half of the noble sector, but she's a scientist daughter to a naval lord and is the girl on the Ring advertisements, promoting that space tourism." Nitrim widens his eyes and mouths the words holy shit before he hoods his brow with his hand and shakes his head. "It was dumb luck that she offered for me to come back to the Sky Palace to get a better feel and see if any of my Awakened senses could feel anything more after that connected dream incident. It was a good time, she's a very intelligent, ridiculously attractive woman." He lowers his hand and bares his teeth to Asher. "I've taken the initiative to invite her and her Lady Sister, Young Lady Sir Veryna Larent to Volkan. With luck, they might accept."

"Who, might I add, is rumored to be attractive and blonde as well…" Nitrim throws in for good measure.

"Ahh, that young woman. I've seen her on the advertisments when I've been to the ring." Asher nods his head, "She is quite an attractive woman." he nods his head in agreement, "I don't know why they would want to come visit Volkan, it's hardly a place for sightseeing, but I imagine they'll accept out of courtesy if nothing else, Lord Nitrim. It should be a fun time you'll have entertaining the young ladies."

"Me?" Nitrim replies, eyebrows lifting high in a half-interrupt as Asher suggests that it'll be Nitrim alone entertaining the two ladies. He starts to shake his head from side to side. "Oh no, no no I'm going to need Khournas' finest to be on hand for that. Veryna is a knight, likely one you'll be fighting alongside provided that no power struggles break out amidst all of the planning of the war. Not that this was my intention, but they've got a navy and we've got manufacturing, and my Lord Brother has yet to be wed. If he's not around, then you and I should show them around Obsidia." Nitrim downs the last of his drink and sets the empty glass on the table. "Or are you not interested?"

"Ah, that could be a smart match for Lord Michram." Asher says with a nod of his head, "We've enjoyed good relations with the Lashes historically, afterall. And Certainly, if I am about I will strive to join you in hosting our guests." he agrees, "Obsidia is quite a good place I could think as well."

"As I see it, Asher…" Nitrim rises, a more grim and serious expression crossing his features and the tone of his smokey voice. "…we've got maybe days, weeks if we're lucky before this war consumes everything about our way of life. It's time to make some friends before we find out whether or not this is going to divide us." He slips his cigarette between his lips and walks around the table to stand behind Asher's chair. One hand clamps down on the man's shoulder and gives it a shake before he turns to head for the door. "Fuck this war. Sooner or later some of these faces are going to be wiped out of history. The least we can do is have something to write about them if we survive and they do not."

"Well, I always understood the Khournas way of life was geared towards war with the Hostiles, at least in my lifetime." Asher says at that, rising up as well and he gives a nod, "But I agree, it's important to use the time we have, we don't know what will be gone once the conflict starts."

Nitrim stops near the door and holds it open for Asher, allowing the man to pass through first. His cheek tugs into a wry, disappointed frown. Not disappointed with his words, of course, but by the reality of the situation. "And lo' and behold our finest hour is upon us, isn't it?" He jerks his head to the side, accentuating his point as he turns to leave as well. "Enjoy your evening, Asher. Truly."

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