09.01.3013: Preserving the Black
Summary: Lincoln confronts Nitrim about Ithaca's medical problems, the narcotics, and his concerns about their friendship.
Date: 01 September, 3013
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Barracks - Volkan, The Crescent
At the base of the Blackspyre are several floors of barracks, training facilities, armories, and cafeterias, all built to house the defenders of House Khournas in rough comfort. Soldiers are bunked in rooms each large enough to sleep 50, with lockers and desks alongside each bed. Deep within the barracks levels, close to the training areas, are communal bathhouses, some set aside for single-sex use and others open to members of both sexes. There, the soldiers and nobles of House Khournas can soak away the aches of a hard day's labor. The corridors are all narrow enough that two soldiers could hold them against a tide, except those leading from assembly areas to great doors that open to the exterior surface of Volkan, allowing the soldiers of House Khournas to march out already in formation if need be.
September 01, 3013

Lincoln 's been sitting with Rook for several hours. she finally fell asleep,and he sat there holding her hand for an time, pondering what the hell he's supposed to do. Finally slipping out, he's now several halls away, but is pacing. If he though Ren wouldn't kill him, he'd go pick a fight with a soldier, just to let off steam. His breathing is slightly ragged, and he keeps running his hands though his hair. which is only making his bangs fall into his eyes more. A low stream of profanity can be heard from his general direction, mostly curses out himself.

Blissfully unaware that Lincoln has made his way to the infirmary to meet his sister, Nitrim strolls down into the barracks with a dark pair of sunglasses over his eyes and his long, black coat flowing against the floor as he walks. He has those boots that make the dull, loud footfalls against the tile floor, and can be heard coming from far away. When he turns the corner, he glances up to see the pacing form of Lincoln, and despite his better interest Nitrim opts to not turn away. Instead he continues towards the room where Rook is sleeping, which will require him to pass the man. "Lincoln…" He calls out as he approaches, getting the man's attention. "…how is she today?"

Lincoln turns, and there's whole new level of anger there in his eyes. "Are you still on it." it's question, but it comes out more of a statement. Linc's clearly upset, his hands tightening at his sides. he looks stressed, and not just sister in the hospital stressed. There's an underlying something here.

As the question is asked, Nitrim glances up and down the hall to make sure they're alone as he closes the distance. Apparently that isn't news that Nitrim wants public. He peels the glasses from his face and points to his eyes that are not blood red. "No. I'm not," Nitrim replies, coming to a stop before the man. "I have a past with it though. Something that's easier sometimes than others."

Lincoln's lip curls slightly a very Nitrim like sneer, cute, not what he meant, "I mean, are you dosing regularly? When's the last time? do I have to worry about you visiting her?" Linc's breathing hasn't calmed down, "I've lost too many people to this shit, when they couldn't handle it. couldn't quite. Watching someone you care about die in their own piss and vomit isn't what I've signed up for here. I need to know you're not gonna fuck her up." His words are harsh, but again, the under tone is fear, terror.

A grimmace forms at Nitrim's lips, teeth bared as he motions with his gloved hands with a pressing-down motion, as if to say keep it down, will you? Sighing, the Khourni lordling brushing his hands over the back of his neck and turns his side to Lincoln. "I was clean for two months and then I relapsed…that night. It's not something I want to continue, but Rook is so hooked since birth if she doesn't have it she'd die. I had to help the only way I could and feed her little bits." At least it's the truth, one that Nitrim doesn't feel all too eager to share. "I'm not going to fuck her up, Lincoln. This happened because she didn't have enough, not because she took too much."

Lincoln considers just slamming the noble into the wall to actually get his attention, but again, isn't sure that Ren wouldn't actually bail him out of jail. "Yeah, I get it." his voice is definitely not quieter. He's not raised it, but hasn't lowered it either. "Addicted since before she popped out. I got the whole story."And then some. The sneer's back on his face and he'll take a step closer, "What I meant was that once she's clean, you're not gonna fuck her up with this shit anymore." his eyes narrow, "We had an understanding." To be fair, they did, in the coffee shop.

"Lincoln, I want to be clean, too. Fuck, mate, she's hid her shit from me. If I hadn't gone through her bag when she visited my apartments I wouldn't have done it, and I think she's still upset about that. Guilty and all." Nitrim replies with a frown, standing firm as Lincoln invades more of his personal space. "She is my best friend, Lincoln. When she's clean I'm never going to let her touch the stuff again. There's only one way that this happens."

Lincoln's caught between wanting to beat the fuck out of Nitrim, and just wanting to walk away from this whole mess. Not able to do either, he'll turn away, running a hand through his already disheveled hair, "Fuck.Fuck. fuck." He's looking like he needs something, at this point. drugs, alcohol, a smoke….soemthing.

"For fuck's sake, Lincoln, just get it over with. We're alone and I'm not going to press charges. If you need to hit something, feel free." Nitrim lowers his arms behind his back, clasping one wrist with his gloved fingertips, making a show of turning his cheek to the man. "What happened with Rook scared the fuck out of me, mate. It's why I made sure to send you a message and let you know. I'm…sorry."

Permission? He just gave him permission?!? "Fuck. You. Gods, this isn't about you! I have ever right to ask these things, any sane person would! I'm supposed to be reacting this way!" his fists balls up again, but he's turning slightly away from the noble. Half this anger isn't even resulting from the hospital stay. It's not Nitrim's fault, and Linc definitely can't yell at him about it. through gritted teeth, "She's asleep right now, for about 45 minutes. not sure if she's sleeping through the night, or what."

"No this isn't about me at all, Lincoln." Nitrim seethes as he takes a step after the man. "None of this has been. She lives in a cramped, shitty apartment deep inside of the Ring and she's practically indentured. It's not something that I want for her, not with how she's protected me and not with how genuine a girl she is, but if it's me you're mad at then do it." Nitrim sighs, turning his head away to pinch the bridge of his nose as the tension falls into place. "She is in the care of Devon Grantham. She's safer here than at the Ring. They're…making sure I don't spend too much time in there just in case. Please, understand, she's going to be fine. I believe this with everything I am."

Lincoln shakes he's head, eyes still dark with anger, "No. My life just got double fucked tonight. I'm not playing games with you too. I had, tonight, for the first time, a moment where I felt like she actually cared that I was there. She reached for my hand. and that wouldn't have happened if you were there." He'll let out a soft, humorless chuckle, "You know, I could deal, not be jealous, if you guys were dating. then you'd have a role to fill. instead, you're filling all the roles in her life. she doesn't need anyone else, because you're that to her. Lover, best friend , brother, provider, pusher, protector. you're all those things to her." Again, a nervous hand throughout he hair, "today i've found out that my only known blood relative may die from some street drug addiction, I've put my ass on the line for her and now I'm back where I started just like with my mom. so fuck you. You are not the center of my piss ass day.'

Nitrim…can tell when he's not winning the situation. So to show his resignation of the point, he holds his hands up in a surrendering gesture and turns to lean against the wall. With tension thick enough to bite into, teeth and all, the young lordling sighs at the wall opposite him and shakes his head in a vaguely disappointed way. "Lincoln," He lowers his voice, murmuring to the man. "She would have placed her hand in yours if I were there. You're new to her, she's learning to trust you just as she did me. I don't fill all of those roles, because the truth is that I shouldn't fill all of those roles. You're her brother, her blood. That's something that I could never take nor replace for the two of you." His head turns to watch Lincoln, silent in his rage. "In so many ways she needs you. She has so few threads to hang onto."

With his fretting Lincoln's loosing the ageless quality he normally posses and is starting to look towards the younger end . The bangs hanging in his eyes aren't helping. "No. No she wouldn't have. Or if she didn't, she would have looked to you first to make sure it was ok." With Nitrim's lean against the wall, Linc's defensiveness seems to lesson. while clearly still upset, that tension , ready to strike leaves his shoulders some. "You have siblings. you can't understand how this is. How it feels." His hand goes up, but this time it's clear he's rubbing his forehead a moment before running his hand through his hair. Linc's having a hard time not comparing Rook to his mother. He knows it's not fair, the circumstances are different t, but still.

"Lincoln she's had longer with me than she's had you, mate. Give it time. We've shared a bed, it's been months. These things don't change over the course of a weekend." Nitrim replies, his hands coming before him to pluck at the fingertips of his gloves until one of them is loose enough to pull away. Shoving the glove into the inside pocket of his coat, he starts again at the other. "And no, you're right, I don't understand this feels but that doesn't mean I'm not concerned. I've had to master years of holding my composure, and I happen to know her head nurse personally. She has my every confidence. I have siblings, and a few nights ago, Lincoln, neither did she. This is your opportunity to step in and make those connections." Nitrim pauses as the second glove comes free. "Let me set you up with a room at the Blackspyre for a few days so that you can be close. So that you can be here for this. I won't interfere."

Lincoln's pretty sure Nitrrim's trying to be genuine…or nice, or whatever passes for those things with the noble. He'll take a deep breathe, "I can't. I have to work. If I disappeared for a few days it would be bad." Yeah, Lucian bad. Six, he hopes she actually sent that message, he's dead otherwise. He'll smirk, and shrug, "We all have something we're paying off, right?" Well, probably not Nitrim.

"Then when you come you'll get your space with her, free of me. In the meantime I'll keep an eye on her and if anything changes I'll message you as fast as I can type." A sigh follows the words from the blonde, as Nitrim reaches to the top of his head. His bent arms form a pair of darkly clad wings on either side of him, the back of his head tapping against the wall. "Fucking LucCorp. I swear to the fucking Six if I could buy the two out of your contracts it'd be worth it just to stick them in their eye." He frowns, turning his dark green eyes to Lincoln's. "They don't let people go easily, do they?"

Lincoln nods, "Thank you….for messaging me before." he never thanked him. He'll smirk again, "Yeah…that's not really how any of that works. Ithaca's indebted, which means I am now. She's got special skills. The higher ups know this. I'm a favorite of enough people with titles, they'll not want me to go either." He'll shrug, "Not like I can whore outside of Lucian anyway." He means that as an oh well, but it come out rather ….trapped sounding. it's not like he's ever even thought about leaving that life, not really.

The explanation leaves the noble simply frustrated. Now it's his turn for the balling of fists over a bitter scowl, as Nitrim ruefully shakes his head and drums his fingers through his hair. "It's…aggrivating," Nitrim starts, flashing his teeth to the ceiling. "I offer to pay for everything, because in theory it might shorter her indenture, but you and I both know that the indenture will last as long as they want. There's something about the human race worth hating, and there's not a fucking thing I can do about it." His hands drop to his sides with a dull slap against the painted brick of the wall. "We were both born into something, but I'm the lucky one. Your sister - everything that comes with her - makes me feel like I'm this forunate, wasted thing. It's why I offered to pay for everything, Lincoln. It isn't fair for her, and now you, too."

Lincoln will sigh, "I'm gonna see what I can find out. Buying her dinner isn't going to do anything. Let me see what I can dig around for….but keep buying her dinner, she's too damn skinny." After a moment, lincoln will chuckle, an honest chuckle, "You wanna know what's even more aggravating? Someone who's mad that they were lucky. Dude, if you feel that way, do something to change it. You have that power. Just don't stand around whining that you have it so good, that's….just being pissy." He'll shrug, "Yeah, it's not fair, i just finished my mom's debt off two years ago. but it means it can be finished off. We'll get Ithaca out of this." Yeah, he said we….sigh. Stupid noble. another run of the fingers though his hair, "I need to get going Ren's going be having kittens, I have a late night request run I should get ready for." stupid nobles needing special stuffs.

"I'm doing something to change it. With her, I have slowly, bit by bit, since we've become friends. Outright trying to buy off her debt too quickly would probably tack on all solds of early payment fees and the bullshit that comes with it." Nitrim replies, pressing off of the wall to turn to Lincoln, offering a hand to the man to shake for the first time ever. "I'm not complaining that I have it off better it's just - well - we've brought this up before. I'm just trying to not be some spoiled child, really. I don't do it right, but the thought counts, aye?" He sticks his arm out a little further, trying to not look as if he's demanding the handshake. "Tell me where I can help, Lincoln. This is your world, not mine."

Lincoln raises an eyebrow, the anger finally starting to dissipate from his eyes. He'll quote a older famous play, "Reading a recipe doesn't fill bellies, Nitrim. good intentions only go so far, without proper actions." he'll purse his lips, and shake his head slightly, almost like he's doing this against his better judgment, but he'll take Nitrim's hand. sighing, "I'll find out a couple places that'll take stuff without questions."

Nitrim wraps his fingers around Lincolns, applying just enough pressure so that the handshake isn't a competitive one. He's not playing at who's the bigger man. After one pump of Lincoln's hand, he lets go and slides his hand behind his back, leaving one free. "And Lincoln?" He asks, eyebrows lifting. "I know this has been difficult. I apologize for that brief suggestion that you should get a blood test to be sure, I was wrong to not trust you. She is lucky to have a brother that cares for her like you do. She is not my plaything. She is, truly, my best friend. I'll take good care of her while you're away."

Lincoln 's expression is hard to read, but he'll nod once, turn, and walk away.

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