Prayer in Bellona
Summary: Beden prays to the Crone rather fervently
Date: 10/28/2013
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12.26.3013 —Beden's Retreat

Roughly eight feet down at the base of Bellona, a cavern of volcanic rock filled with artificial lighting. One entire wall is transparent and displays an ever-flowing river of magma, casting a fiery red glow against the cave. There seems to be some stone tables and chairs scattered about, and an image of the Crone is engraved in one of the walls. And some stones that look like a drum set.

Having swung his sword for hours with a holosim, sweats drips from Beden Grantham's forehead as he takes a large swig of water, staring at the ever-flowing magma on the wall. He turns to the image of the Crone, engraved by skilled hands into the wall of rock itself. He gets on his knees and takes some of the ash off the ground and streaks it across his forehead before reciting his own mantra.

"Death calls us all, for I have already died, and I shall indeed die again. Crone, you of the Six know the wisdom of the after. A reminder that there's more than the struggle of the present conflict. More than Hostiles and Havenites, more than simple lives. I've pledged myself to your service, no matter my name or title. No matter my position, nor the place in which I find myself. I do not fear death, for I am called by its mistress. When I shall take my last, your light shall guide my soul along the path. Above life, above love, I serve the Crone's call. You guide through us, so guide through me."

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