06.26.3013: Politics and War
Summary: Ariana and Kadmus speak about politics and the upcoming battle of Niveus.
Date: 26 June 3013
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Courtyard Gardens—Summit, Nubilus
The Sky Palace's Courtyard Gardens are a vast, artistic display that circle the entire exterior of the palace. Nearly sixty feet in width, the open-air gardens are lined with a central walkway of polished white marble that leads off into tributaries that bring visitors before the many showcased pieces of art. Making good use of the atmosphere, the gardens are also accented with the soft ringing of wind-chimes and the slow spinning of double-helix wind turbines high above the walkways that provide power and motion to the devices that keep the gardens running. Tall banners depicting the crest of House Larent flap in the sky in streamers of white and blue, each blowing softly in the soft winds of Nubilus. Each section, spaced apart like a grid, is expertly spaced with benches for sitting and railings to keep visitors off of the more sensitive flora and fauna. Lastly, at the Courtyard Garden's northern quarter is a large, grass covered park with a small man-made lake for visitors to enjoy. Some of the flora of the gardens have been artificially crafted — bioluminescent lilies, carnivorous roses, and the like are just some of the chimeric species.

At the major cardnial directions, grand stairways lead up to equally grand doors that lead into the Palace. This only continues to elevate the palace above the rest of Summit, making it the central edifice of the cloud-encompassed city.

26 June 3013

It's just a few moments before dusk and Ariana is leading Kadmus from the Ways towards the ethereal gardens of the Sky Palace's courtyard. As she saunters along, she speaks in a vivid manner, playing the always gracious hostess to their new arrival. "I thought that the gardens would be the perfect place for a little political discussion, My Lord. Have you seen such beautiful flowers?" She first asks, her attention focusing on one of the many genetically altered varieties, some of which glow ever so brightly as the sky begins to dim. "Of course, Mare Maris has beautiful and different flora of your own." Ariana is dressed in a formal gown in deep shades of turquois while silver and moonstones dangle from her ears and across her slender throat.

"We do have some gardens in New Atlantis, but they often provide a more practical purpose. But the flowers here are exceedingly lovely." Kadmus says with a nod as he walks along with you, "But it is not a bad place to talk politics, certainly."

"I've heard that talks of a royal vote is being set forth." Ariana brings up in an airy tone, her own steps wandering gracefully pass several vivid displays of flora as she saunters off towards the man-made lake, leading the Volen Lord in that direction. "It's been a while since I've heard of any real activity going on amongst the Sauveur, but what with news of King Symion…" Her words trail off and she starts out again, "Is a vote truly necessary? Would not the King simply name his heir and be done with it?"

"I believe that it is related to the confidence in Prince Emund." Kadmus says at that with a slight shrug of his shoulders, "It has been brought into enough question already, after all." He says, "And there is much at stake as well."

Ariana nods her head gently at Kadmus's words, "It is distressing that we have not heard any word from Prince Emund at all recently and the Hostiles have already infiltrated several sections of Haven." As she speaks, she continues to lead the Young Lord around the very edge of this elaborately designed lake; her gaze idly watching as a pair of swans drift gracefully across the waters. "That being said, My Lord. How do you believe that this vote will go? While the Orelle stance has been made clear, the Orelle vassals seem fractured in our decisions. Perhaps, more so than any other Paramount."

"Well." Kadmus says, glancing out at the lake a bit as well, hmmning, "I've not really spoken with anyone regarding it yet, though my initial guess is it is rather split at the moment." he adds, "Though it's hard to say for certain.."

"And what of yourself and your House, My Lord? Who does House Volen favor?" Ariana inquires directly now, though when these words are spoken, she offers the Young Lord with a glowing smile and a look of curiosity is clear within her eyes. "I have my own opinions as well on this matter, which may not be completely surprising to most. However, I am not my Lord Father, so my opinion doesn't necessarily matter much."

"I haven't really come to a decision, I suppose." Kadmus says with a slight shrug of his shoulders at the question, "But, Prince Emund hasn't been any inspirational, and our defense of Niveus has been crippled by his inaction, in part." he adds.

Ariana finally pauses in her steps as she nods quickly to what Kadmus says. "Oh yes. That was all rather quite distressing to hear. I am just surprised that no one has reached out to the Prince yet to set him back on the right track." Her fingers lacing together, she decides to reveal her own ideas, "I, personally, admire Princess Janelle. She is a shrewd politician and seems to have easily swayed the thoughts and favor of many around her. Mine included. Perhaps, it's because I feel that I can understand her more than I ever could with Prince Emund. I do not fault him for his grief," Even if she doesn't entirely understand it, "but Princess Janelle has a way of reaching out to the people, something which Prince Emund has not done in a long while."

"Indeed." Kadmus nods, "I don't think anyone thinks less of Prince Emund for his grief, it is very much understandable, but it also may not make him the ideal choice for leading us into this war either…" He shrugs a bit, "But, time will tell, perhaps he will rise to the occasion if he's given the crown."

"To be truthful, I have not heard Princess Janelle mention anything about the current invasion either. But both must be so full of worry with their father…" Ariana is about to mention 'on his deathbed', bu instead states, "so ill. Nevertheless, she did visit the Ring not too long ago and from what I've heard from Young Lord Solon, she paid Phylon a visit as well around that same time, so she has been keeping herself busy until most recently."

"We have to presume that she will put people in place to conduct the war as needed." Kadmus says, "I have little doubt that we will indeed fight, though, regardless of who is in charge."

"This really is not the time for any of this." Ariana states the obvious now, "We are under attack and we need to take action quickly. Speaking of which…" She turns, lifting her chin so that she can peer up at Kadmus now, "I've been making preparations and taking inventory for when we set up our triage at Shelter. I do wish that there was more that I could offer, but as we now ready ourselves to meet with our enemy on the ice planet, I'll help to make sure that our medical supplies are fully stocked."

"Indeed, that is why I wanted to push for immediate action against the Hostiles on Niveus." Kadmus agrees, flashing a smile, "And your medical aid will be very appreciated in shelter, that I have no doubt of." he nods, "There are no doubt many logistical issues on Niveus, getting wounded to safety, and the environment, amongst other as well that may be worth consideration."

"That does remind me, I'll need to make to bring a warm coat to wear there." Ariana says, her thoughts moving from something so dire as the attack on Niveus to… fashion. At least it is practical fashion, "There's so many to choose from, but I can imagine that I'll just get blood and the like over it." She then turns to Kadmus once more, "Good luck with the assault on the Hostile. I think… we might have some sort of advantage of them. Or I'd like to think so, even if much of our soldiers will be so unused to the cold."

"Thank you, Lady Ariana. I don't know that i will be leading, but I will put in an appearance with our men if there is a need. I do have a commitment to the Navy though." Kadmus says to Ariana.

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