07.20.3013: Poe... I choose you!
Summary: Kaedin and Odette talk, and Kaedin asks a question!
Date: 20 July 2013
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Odette Kaedin 

Kaedin's Apartments: The Ring
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July 20th 3013 Late Evening

Kaedin walks all the way to his apartments, manageing to avoid any Media thus far. Eventualy, he ends up back in his amartments, with Poe laid on the bed as he moves off to get her somthing sweet for when she wakes up. When she does wake up, she will notice kae's scent around her, which might help offset the 'where am I' reaction.

Odette does wake up slowly and stretches herself out. She breathes in his scent and a smile lifts the corners of her lips. A smile that only he's seen. She's happy to be there. However, that happiness is short lived and she sits up quickly, pale. Her mouth slowly opens when she realizes that she fainted in public.

Kaedin comes in with a stomuch settling drink for her and smiles as he presses the drink into her hand. "Relax, Sir agnes nor my couain think any less of you." he says as he places a kiss at the corner of her lips. "If you didnt wake by the time I got back here, I would have kissed you awake."

Odette takes the drink from his hands and sips it. She leans into his kiss and relaxes easily at his words. She holds the drink with one hand and wraps the other around the back of his neck, bringing their lips together again. She pulls back and looks up into his eyes. There is so much there that she's holding back.

Kaedin smiles at he looks at her. 'I've been thinking about you non stop, well, even more then I used to, since our night together." he says softly as he presses his forehead against hers. "We should ask for a Bethrothal… now don't freak out… nothing has to change once we are.. wed… it can and will be the same thing, just, I don't want to hide my feelings anymore…" he says as he looks into her eyes.

Odette sighs quietly and shakes her head. She's grinning so when she speaks, the no might make sense. "Ask me properly." She kisses his nose lightly and takes his hand in her own, intertwining their fingers together. Her other hand tracing over the back of the hand she now holds hostage.

Kaedin smiles and scoots off the bed, still letting his hand be held as he reaches for a box, apparently, the past few days had him thinking. He turns to face her, know on a knee as he places a fire opal and diamon silver bracelete around her wrist. "Lady Sir Odette Poe Grantham, will you be my wife?"

Odette watches the bracelet being put around her wrist next to the black leather one with lava rocks that she's always worn. She stares at the opals and diamonds and finally lifts her eyes. "Yes." Her voice is quiet but firm. She smiles warmly and holds back her 'allergies'. The tears almost falling but she's doing so well at holding them back. It's just allergies though. Poe would never cry… right?

Kaedin smiles and woots, as he picks her up off the bed and spinning her around. he lands on his back wit hher on top and smiles up at her. "I love you Poe." he says as he leans up and kisses her again, he looks to happy. "Now all we have to do is get our head of houses to accept, shouldent be too hard, and that will be that.' he says, though, there is no worry, he would fight throug han army to get throug hher, and the seven hells as well.

Odette grips him and then lands on his chest. She kisses him back and nods slowly. Convincing her head of house will be not hard since she's not a full Grantham really. She straddles his stomach and sighs quietly. "I have to wear a dress tomorrow and I don't have one." She quickly looks down to him and he can feel the panic rise in her. "A wedding." Then hers and a dress for that one too. People coming at her and things happening. Her face pales.

Kaedin shakes his head. "We dont have to have a big wedding, maybe just get a preist and a few people to witness, we can even wear armor if you want. as for the wedding tomorrow… I know of a Seamstress who is a good hand at thease things, think more a skirt with a knights coat and jerkin over it.' he says with a smile, even the most functional of clothes can be made to look fashionable.

Odette shakes her head and frowns. "My sisters…" He should know they'd want to plan a big wedding for her. Disappointing them would be like disappointing her. She rubs his chest and stomach before lying on top of him. "Perhaps something classic. I'd… like to look like a Lady. Perhaps if I did it would be as if I were wearing a mask. Maybe it will help?" Her eyes close and she huffs quietly. "Are we moving too fast?"

Kaedin chuckles and shakes his head. "No, I don't think so. We have had six years to know eachother, and we know eachother well enough to know what we are getting ourselves into." he says as he sighs and holds her to him. "Some nobles don;t even meet their bethroed until the day of their wedding, so I'd say we are lucky." he says with a smile.

Odette nods slowly and frowns. "But we've only started being intimate. What if you get bored and want another woman?" It's an honest question not meant to hurt. She knows her skills are not in the bedroom, nor cooking. Hell, he's tasted her cooking and while she tries, she could kill someone with toast.

Kaedin shakes his head nad looks at her. "Next to you, there are no other women." he says with a smile as he looks into her eyes. "You are the woman I want, now and always, I just hope I measure up to the standard of a man that you wish to have."

Odette lies against him and sighs, laying out all her fear. "I'm not good in bed. I can't make you food. I don't communicate well. I get jealous easily. You might love me but I am not wife material." She nods slowly. "You are my Lord. I would die for you to keep you safe."

Kaedin chuckles. "Your lord.. I'm just a two bit knight who loves himself a cunning and formitable Ignis woman." He says as he brushes her hair back. "We're nobility we don't cook, I keep my vows and oaths, so I wont fool around with another woman, and as for the bed part… practice makes perfect, you werent always a crack shot with your bow after all, and I wasnt always so skilled with a sword."

Odette frowns. "It would take more than two bites to eat you…you are not a two bit knight. More like… a thousand? Maybe more. Depending on how stringy you are on the inside." Her humor is scary dark sometimes. "I was always good at kicking. Still am." She nods slowly and frowns. "What if our heads of houses refuse this union? What then?"

Kaedin smirks. "Yours would be in shock that you are actually asking for a bethrothal in the first place, and mine… well, I know how to talk to my mother and uncle." he says with a smile as he gently strokes her cheek. "It wil lall work out, even if we have to make them at sword point."

Odette shakes her head. "I will not threaten my family, Kaedin." She sounds serious. "It's not about getting what we want. It is about respect." Her hands brush over his sides. "We will meet with them as pairs and you can do the talking and I will try to answer questions. We live in violence, I do not wish to inflict that violence on our family."

Kaedin shakes his head. "I was joking.' he says as he looks at her. "My sword is for the hostiles, nothing else." he states. "We can talk with our families." He says with a smirk as he lays his head back. "Shoulder stings abit though, Jarek got me good… though I bet his jaw is brused pretty bad as well."

Odette sits up slowly and brushes her hand over his shoulder. "What if they say no, Kaedin? You must think of that outcome." She pulls on his shirt and lifts it off his body. She leans over and looks at his shoulder inspecting for any wounds.

Kaedin frowns and looks at her. "Then I'll join the bloody chantry." he says with a sour taste in his mouth, he will still be able to fight hostiles, only he wont realy be a knight anymore…

Odette sighs quietly and looks at him. "No you will not. You will stay being a Knight." It sounds like an order. She sits up again and looks down at him. "If they say no, Kaedin, I will refuse any other marriage proposals venomously. I will still fight at your side and I will still stay a Knight. Perhaps in time they will see…you make me happy and then they will agree."

Kaedin smiles and nods. "I will as well then." he says, glad and releived that she doesnt want him as some musty priest. "Besides, all they really want is children, once we are married, well, they can wait for when we are ready for that." he says as he places his hands on her hips. "My heart belongs to you Poe, no one else."

Odette grins. "I must say though defroking a priest." She wags her brows a little and chuckles. She nods and puts her hand to her heart. He knows how hard the I love you words are to Poe. She's not spoken them at all her whole life but he is the most important person to her. "What if I get pregnant and then I'm battle and I lose the baby or I get killed and you lose us both or you are a single father? Are you ready for those outcomes too?"

Kaedin looks at her and smiles. "If I wasn't I wouldent have asked you… they would be horrible events, and I would morn, harder then any man, but I don't want to live on what ifs, I want to live on now… with you."

Odette nods slowly and bites her bottom lip. "If I get pregnant, Kaedin, please know that I will not stop being a knight. I will still fight. I will not be one of those home mummies. I can't become my mother. If I am going to be a mother and a wife, I do it on my terms. Fighting so my children don't have to."

Kaedin frowns. "When you can't fit into your armor, and fighting becomes a health hazzard to you, you have to stop… I wont force you, but I wont be happy either." he says, though, they both can take steps to prevent that, so it's not like it's to much of a worry.

Odette doesn't quite take the steps. "I'll build armor to protect myself in that state then. It will only be a health hazard if I let it." She leans over him and kisses his lips softly. "I want to have your children Lord Sir Kaedin Orelle. If you want my hand, you want children. If you want this without children for a while, you'll have to prevent it since I will not."

Kaedin blinks and looks at her. "A pregnent knight fighting would probibly cause a public outrage, not only that, my mother would lock you up, granted, in a cage of silk, but still… you want to fight, then fight, but not while you are too pregnent to fight, hire a nanny if you wish once the child is born, but please Poe… don't make me have a heart attack everytime you step onto a battle field when you are clearly not in the condition to do so, a buldge would be a bright red target for the hostiles."

Odette looks down at him and glares. "Target, good. I'll kill them all." She sounds like she would too. Another sigh from her and her hands brush over his chest. "The public doesn't need to know I'm pregnant. I'm a no-body." She slides down to his hips and bites her bottom lip. "Do you…want to practice?"

Kaedin smiles and looks at her. "I've been waiting for you to ask me about that Love." he says with a smile, he will let the issue rest until it actualy becomes an issue. "And you arent No-body, you are my soon to be wife, and that make you, the most important person ever."

Odette looks at him and grins. "If it hurts that bad again, this will be the last time ever." She warns. Then she sighs. "To you. Important to you. Not to them. I'm just some part noble whose marrying up. People will probably hate me….cause I scowl and I took a handsome Orelle bachelor."

Kaedin shakes his head and smiles. "Not like they would care, there is Valens and Khournis, and other knights who are much more personable. I'm a warrior, and I fight." he says as he looks at her. "It shouldent hurt, not after well… the first time I'm told hurts for a woman…"



Odette huffs quietly and lies on his chest. It's taken her this long to be this open with him. The woman with crippling shyness doesn't just jump into bed with someone. Her hands brush over his body and she grins. "Mine." Her eyes close and she seems to settle in.

Kaedin smiles at her as he sighs softly. "Yes, all yours.' he says as he closes his eyes, falling fast asleep, his chest rising and falling with his slow, relaxed breathes. It took a huntress to tame this beast, and now it will take a beast to bring out the fire in this huntress.

When he's fast asleep, she slowly slides off him and tucks him in. She pulls on one of his shirts and moves to a port to look out into space. She doesn't sleep well on space stations. She sits there silently watching the stars.

A soft purr his heard as Cleo comes up and perches in Poe's lap, the pregnent cat purring softly as she cuddles against the woman.

Odette crosses her legs and lightly pets the cat. She sees the belly and grins. Her fingers lightly dance over the belly trying to give relief to the pressure the poor cat might be feeling.

The cat purrs abit more and curls up into Poe's lap, falling asleep just as soundly as her human has.

Odette watches over them both unable to sleep. She has her watch now so she sits there quietly, petting the poor cat and staring out the window.

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