02.17.3014: Pocketful of Tension
Summary: Concerned volunteers gather in the Fortress prior to heading out in search of lost friends.
Date: 24 Nov 2013
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Penthouse Gardens - The Fortress, Phylon
High up in the Fortress of Phylon, the lift opens to a garden atrium. The residential sections of the tower devoted to the Cindravale family and their guests rise up all around the patch of water and greenery, but here in the center is an oasis of nature. Sunlight is brought down from above by a cunning array of mirrors, and an electrostatic shield protects the garden from inclement weather. Arched doorways open up to corridors on all sides, leading back to private rooms and penthouses. The garden itself is centered around a fishpond with a sunken area at the middle where the waters are held back by transparent composites. A table and chairs allow people to sit and meet while looking out over the pond from water level. Around the pond are a variety of flowering bushes, shrubs, and trees, creating a fragrant, green preserve in the center of the Fortress.
17 Feb 3014

Since moving to Phylon, Elodie usually leaves Morrigan when she takes the lift to the family quarters, giving him a little more free time as there are plenty of guards keeping watch on the Cindravale apartments themselves to not be in need of his services. However, since Morrigan has unofficially taken over the weapons training that Ronan was doing for her on Niveus, there are times when he accompanies her up the lift after her work shift has concluded. So, today, when the doors slide open, the petite Cindravale in a naval uniform with the red cross armband is not alone.

Having been back to their penthouse for a while already, Sammel's currently made his out into the garden, walking around without really paying too much attention to his surroundings now. He's whistling to himself, a bit absently as he does.

Moving with Elodie, Morrigan is dressed in his less combat oriented of his uniforms. No armor today, Hair pulled back from his face and tied back with a short lentgh of White silk Ribbon, He wears a 3 button silk shirt in a Dark Red, nearly crimson color, a dark blue travelling cloak, a wide leather belt supporting his sheathed Falchion on his left hip, and his hand axes. Dark blue jeans tucked into knee high Cavalry styled boots with soft solesthe kilt of a knife sticking out of the top of the right boot. After a moment, he speaks in a slightly distant voice. "You know My Lady…I don't believe I've ever seen someone's leg turn as green as your last patient's was."

Reaching up to take down her hair and re-braid it as she prepares to switch to sparring mode, Elodie grimaces. "It was an unusual color," she agrees. Her eyes catch on her husband roaming around and she drops her voice to Morrigan. "He's been a little restless the past few days. Looks like there's still no word." Half raising her hand to bring her guard to a pause, she advances ahead of him to greet Sammel. "Hey," she says quietly before kissing his cheek. "Still nothing?"

He comes to a stop as he hears Elodie's words, Sammel nods a litle, reaching out to hug her as she kisses his cheek. "Hey…" A brief pause, before he nods, "Still nothing. I'm starting to get really worried now…"

Standing with his hands folded behind his back Morrigan stands a respectful distance away from the couple. Turning to watch theor surroundings and give them a modicum of privacy as he waits.

Elodie's arms go around Sammel when he hugs her, and she nods. "Has anyone tried to contact them? Do we know where they were last heard from?" She asks quietly, leaning her head against his chest to give him her support physically and emotionally. She gives a tiny nod of appreciation towards Morrigan, who stands a little ways away. She's still wearing her naval uniform, so she probably just got off work recently, her hair is half braided down her back. All three are standing a short ways from the lift in the Penthouse Gardens. "I went over my search and rescue kit yesterday while you were on patrol to be sure it's all in order."

"I don't know…" Sammel replies a bit quietly as he hears that. "I think so, but I don't know for certain." Going silent for a little while, as he closes his eyes briefly, taking a few deep breaths. Opening it again as he hears the part about the search and rescue kit, he smiles a little. "Thank you."

Ok maybe Morrigan wasn't quite far enough away, he hears Search and rescue, and thus surreptitiously goes about checking the gear he has on him, while making a checklist of things he might need to bring….like…rope.

Elodie gives a little smile. "Of course I'm hoping I don't need to use it, but I thought it would be a good idea to be prepared." She lifts her head enough to lean away and look up at him. "They're strong and intelligent knights. I'm sure they'll be found."

Sammel nods, "They are. I've prepared my own equipment too, in case we need to go out there and get them." Spoken a bit quietly now.

It seems word might have gotten out to a few of the vassal houses that help might be needed. Canis has been sent to represent his family his squiring here has made him rather fond of it and it's people anyways. The young man moves through the place into the gardens he seems ready to travel if need be gear and armor kept at the ready, and the like but with some additional provisions which might be needed. "Good day My Lords My Ladies." he greets perhaps a little unsure.

Valen by heart if not by birth, Brienne had heard about the missing duo and had made her way to the family keep. With her, is Young Lord Kieran, Niko had been hopeful about the Houses sticking together in times of need so they had both decided to come and assist where they could. After being shown in, she goes in search of Kassandra.

Elodie nods to Sammel, giving him an encouraging smile and then steps away as she notes Morrigan's movement from the corner of her eye. "Lord Sir Canis, am I right?" she asks, taking a few steps towards the newcomer, giving him a smile. "Thank you, Mr. Wolf. Sir Canis is a vassal of Leonnidas, so a vassal to Cindravale as well. Lord Sir Canis, this is Mr. Wolf."

Kassie spies with her little eye a gathering outside the family apartments. The sound of voices draws her down from her quarters and into the atrium. Some of the faces are familiar and some not so much, but it is toward her brother and his wife that she directs her steps. "Nothing, Sammy. I've heard nothing from them at all, nor has anyone. The Citadel has issued a formal request for volunteers for a search party." That is her stiff and worried greeting, and she glances around distractedly as more people gather. Her gaze alights on Brienne stepping out of the lift, and she raises a hand to beckon the woman forward. "I was hoping you would be here, my lady."

Nodding a little bit, Sammel offers another smile to Elodie, before he hears Kassie's words. "Then I'm volunteering," he replies, with a nod now. Looking around at the various people that's gathered, he offers them a quiet nod now.

Kieran arrives with Brienne wearing a leather jacket, red button-up silk shirt and dark slacks. He seems slightly on edge, anticipating a fight. Not knowing most of the people gathered, he bows politely to the group. "Greetings. Young Lord Sir Kieran Valta at your service." He says in a rather official tone, smiling at Canis. "Lord Sir Canis, good to see you again."

offering a slight Bow to Canis. "Lord Canis." Before stepping back once more. at the mention of Volunteers, he looks at Elodie and speaks softly. "I will be ready to leave within the half hour my lady, at your word."

Canis stops as the man steps into his path. He's around nobles enough to recognize security when he sees it the voice of the other turns his head "Yes My Lady, I came as soon as I was able." he turns back at the introduction "Good to meet you Mr Wolf." he says easily enough he's not here to ruffle feathers. The update given by another he recognizes gets his attention "I am ready to travel whenever the word is given Lady Sir." he volunteers as well he looks back as others enter he turns "Ah, hello Brie." she gets a smile the other "My Lord Kieran, likewise."

Hearing the greeting from Kassandra, Brienne walks over immediately to her and offers a reassuring hug. "I heard, nothing could keep me away. I certainly am ready to assist in any way you need me to." Stepping back, she nods to Canis as well, offering a smile. "Canis, I'm glad you're here." Nodding to the others, honestly glad to see so many gathered and concerned.

"And I am volunteering as well, Sir Kassandra," Elodie adds immediately behind Sammel's offer. "I have my Search and Rescue gear ready and up to date." Turning to Morrigan, she gives him a nod and half smile. "Then you have my word, Mr. Wolf. I'll wait here for you to return." She nods to Kieran at his introduction, and gives him a small smile of acknowledgement, but at the moment she doesn't add her name in return, concentrating instead on the planning.

Nodding quietly, Morrigan turns on a heel and heads towards the lift once more. Headed to get his gear together.

Kassandra returns Brienne's hug tightly, pulling back to offer the Arboren a smile before stepping away. She looks to Kieran at his introduction and offers a dip of her head. "I wish we could have met under better circumstances, my lord."

Turning about, the Valen takes in the sight of so many people willing to volunteer, and for a moment she hesitates before hopping up onto a chair to put her head above the rest. "Everybody, listen up! I wish we had more time for a proper meet-n-greet, but we've gotta get moving. As a reminder, we're heading north into the swamps. If you didn't pack your cold weather gear, then you're not coming. We need to take the lifts down to ground level and rendezvous with the other volunteers. You have —" she pauses to check her wrist — "seven minutes to finish your business and get there."

Elodie puts an arm around Sammel and gives him a squeeze as she turns back towards their quarters. "Cold weather gear," she grins up at him. "I think I have some of that."

Kieran nods, "We can all get to know each other very well over drinks after we've saved Lord Sir Nikomachos and Lady Sir Ellinor." He watches as some of the gathered individuals head out already. "Anything else we should know, Lady Sir Kassandra?"

Solon approaches Kassandra, offering nods to the others as he passes them. "Cousin, you know I will be coming along. Whatever else I can do, please let me know." He reaches over and clasps her reassuringly on the shoulder, offering her a smile. "We will find them." He looks as if he is about to say more but he doesn't. There's nothing left to say really. "Let me go and finish my preparations, then." Before he turns, he gives Kassie's shoulder another reassuring pat, and then turns, giving nods to Sammel, Elodie and Brienne as he starts to make his way to the rendezvous point to make finish his preparations.

Canis listens to the instructions and is glad he'd packed accordingly. "It's good to see you as well." he responds to the arboren knight. "If you'll excuse me i'll meet you on down at the staging area, want to go over things one last time." he gives a nod of respect to each before he will head off in that direction himself.

Sammel nods a little as he hears what's being said. "We'll be there," he remarks, before he blinks at Elodie's words, studying her for a few moments, as he's unable to hold back a chuckle. "Quite possible, yes," he offers, moving to get the gear now.

Brienne offers another reassuring smile to Kassandra before listening to instructions. "I'm prepared with everything I need, I'll meet you down there." There's a nod offered to Solon and a tentative smile. "See you all there."

"They've been out of contact for over three days now, and were last located on the way to the White Tower. Hostile activity is very likely. That is all we know." Kassie addresses Kieran, and a crease appears in the center of her brow as she tries to push away her worry. "I wish I could tell you more. Thank you for volunteering to help us." The young Valen reaches up to squeeze Solon's hand as he pats her shoulder, a silent greeting, before turning to glance at the lifts. "I had better get going. I had my gear packed the second I heard from the Citadel. See you in a few."

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