06.13.3013: Play Doctor For Me
Summary: After an attack of the Hostiles at one of the Waygates, the patrol goes to have their injuries tended.
Date: 14 June 2013
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Makeshift Hospital Room - Phylon
Couple of beds, clean towels, clothes, water, medicine etc. Lots of room for a crowd.
Thursday, June 13, 3013

The band of patrollers has hurried towards the medical room at the Fortress of Phylon, Caedmon carrying Sophie in his arms. She is quickly set down on one of the hospital beds, before looking around for Johana, "we will need your expertise now, if you would, my Lady." Sophie is in pretty bad shape, the breastplate of her armor caved inwards and a nasty steel bolt piercing entirely through her right thigh. By now, her helmet has been lowered, returning to its hidden form as the segmented plates have collapsed beneath her chest. Her brow gleams with sweat and her face glows with a sickly pale tint. Ellinor, her sister, was called before they even reached the Fortress, to relay the terrible news of her injury.

Whoa there… "Expertise?" Blue eyes widen and she lifts both hands, freshly freed from gauntlets, her body free of her armor now making her feel incredibly light after sporting it quite awhile. Taking a few steps nearer, she looks at Sophie and can just imagine the pain she must be in. Reaching for a towel, she approaches the bed. "I'll just do it the same way I did it for Sir Erik, when one was embedded in his chest. It's going to hurt, my lady, I won't lie." When she addresses the other noblelady, her voice gentles as she prepares to wrap the towel around the strip of metal, since it has sharp edges. "Just take a deep breath and release it slow… please."

Walking a bit slowly, as he follows the others, Sammel looks around for a few moments, before he focuses back on the ladies now. "Anything I need to do to help?" he offers, watching the happenings carefully for now.

Ellinor Sauveur had been on her own patrols, but it had come down through the comms that her sister's had been a lot more eventful than hers had been. She strides with crowd-parting steps, her drake-fashioned armor muted with black dust from the Black Wastes. She has long ago torn off her helmet, it hooked now onto her belt with its scales and ridges swept back. She steps into the clinic, certainly about to ruin any calm that Johana is trying to instill. "Sophie Alexandra Sauveur, I would kill you if I thought I could get away with it," the Drakefire Knight snarls as she closes in on her sister.

Asher is out of his armor, so isn't really wearing much right now except his fancy undersuit or whatever one wears in such armor, and that's pulled down to his waist as he's getting his wounds cleaned sutured and bandaged up by one of the medics at the clinic. He's grimacing a little, but seems to take any pain relatively well.

Caedmon instantly frowns at Johana, "I was under the impression you had done this before, my Lady…" After a moment's hesitation, upon hearing what the woman had done, he reluctantly replies, "very well. But it is your responsibility if she becomes even more grievously injured…I simply do not think we have the time to look elsewhere…" For Sophie's part, breastplate caved in and leg bleeding from a metal bolt piercing her thigh, groans and writhes on the hospital bed. She whimpers out desperately, "get it out! Getitout. Getitoutgetitoutgetitout!!" She winces when she feels the pressure of the towel wrapping around the embedded shaft, shivering with agony. Still, bravely, she manages to sip in a great gasp of air, though she is reluctant to let it out. Yet when Ellinor comes marching it, all the breath she had gathered is heaved out in a loud whimper, stiffening with fear, "E-ellie? I…I…I…" She breaks into tears, sobbing there on the hospital bed and blabbering incoherently about how she helped kill Hostiles and the wound is really not all that bad and the injury was just a mere tactical slight on her part.

With a scowl that almost matches that of Ellinor, Johana looks towards Caedmon. "She's here in pain and you're worried about responsibility should she become more injured?" The question is voiced with incredulity and soemthing close to distaste. "Fine, as long as you step back and stop making her worry worse. Without further ado, the Ibrahm pulls the limp out very carefully despite the snarl from Ellinor directed at Sophie, knowing it was somehow worse to leave it in any longer, wrapping it in the towel as she pulls each section out. As she removes it, her scowl turns back to a gentle and encouraging smile that is probably entirely missed by the shroud of pain the Sauveur seems to have cloaked herself in. "Almost there, my lady." Even as she says the words, she pulls it free from her leg, leaving it wrapped in the towel. She offers it to Caedmon. "Make yourself useful, have it checked for poisons, in case we need an antidote for her." The words are clipped, terse.

Ellinor shoots a look at Caedmon. "It was your responsibility to keep her from getting injured in the first place, Caedmon." She tries to tether back her temper as to not say anything else she might regret later as she crosses her arms firmly across her breastplate, looking sternly at her sister. She listens to the blabbering for a moment longer, giving Johana some space to do what she is here to do. She has to put up a sharp wall against the tears her sister produces. "Mother's already heard, Sophie. She's going to be here within a couple hours."

Wincing a bit as he listens now, Sammel's attention turns towards Ellinor as she enters. "Sir Ellinor…" he greets her, before he adds, "Your sister is a very brave woman. Must be running in the family there." A brief pause now as he offers both the sisters a quiet smile. "She did quite well out there…" A look over towards Johana as she does the work to remove the steel ribbon thing, and a smile is offered to the Ibrahm as well. "Good job…" he offers, quietly.

Nikomachos probably should have come straight to the clinic, but he remained in the Colosseum after the others, directing the forces that were sent out to face the actual landing. In fact, he would have ridden out with them as well despite the blood trickling down from the rent in the right side of his torso if he hadn't been directly ordered up to the clinic by the High Lady Cindravale. But ordered he had been, and so he wiped down the blood from his sword and sent his destrier off to the stables, and then caught a lift up to the clinic. His face has a bit of a pallor beneath its tan, although, Valen that he is, he's managed to find a breath mint somewhere along the way. His right arm stays tucked in close to his wounded side, but he blinks at the familiar voice speaking in such angry tones, swallowing and almost turning around right then and there. Instead, he makes his slow way forward, the bright white lights of the clinic gleaming off the flames of his armor, and speaks up quietly, "I have to take some of the blame, Ellie. I didn't give precise-enough orders that would have kept Lady Sophie back at the Fortress."

"Lady Sophie did a commendable job." Asher says towards Ellinor, "Any of us could have been knocked from our horse with the blow she took, but she fought well." He adds, "Her bow was welcome though, that is certain."

Caedmon blinks at Johana and then Ellinor, mouth and eyes widening, "I…I was only…" He sighs, "forgive me, my Ladies, you are both correct. Please, just get it out of her safely?" Sophie's own eyes widen, but out of utter excruciating agony more than anything else. She lets out a deafening shriek when pieces of the metal shaft are slowly removed from her flesh, writhing on the bed and crying with her pain. It feels like an eternity passes, the sickening sensation of her flesh resisting the weapon's removal time and again. Her leg throbs horribly when the projectile is taken away, blood dripping deeply onto the wrapping of the towel. Caedmon quickly bobs his head to Johana, "yes, my Lady. I shall send the weapon to specialists in poison at once." He gathers up the bloody pieces into another nearby towel, hurrying from the room before he makes a fool of himself any further. Sophie pants heavily on the bed, her fingers pressing hard against her palms and her face deathly pale. Her eyes are red from tears that dribble incessantly down her cheeks, simply nodding her head to Ellinor's words once her voice becomes ragged from her screams.

Smack in the middle of politics Johana isn't usually involved in, after she frees the metal strip from the Sauveur and hands it off to Caedmon, she presses a clean cloth to both entrance and exit areas of her leg, holding pressure. "About now would be the best time for the doctor." Again, her voice is clipped, the Ibrahm not one to waste words in an emergency. Looking between the sisters she nods towards Ellinor. "Sir," inclining her head towards her. Only then does she realize how full the room had gotten and she looks around, nodding to Sammel at his compliment. "Thanks," she murmurs. "Indeed, the Lady was an asset to our team. The Hostile just got a lucky strike in from a distance. We would all have been worse off without her." As she speaks, she continues to hold pressure on both sides of the wound. "I can't stitch you up, but I can clean it.. are you up for that?"

"Oh, oh… I don't want to hear it, Sir Sammel, and the same to you Sir Asher," Ellinor cuts off the Valen and Khourni rather tersely. She looks at her sister. "What did I tell you about crying? Do you think I started blubbering when the Hostiles tried to cut off my arm, slit my throat?" Tough love, appears to be the medicine of the day. "You serve no one and nothing with tears." She steps back to give Johana more room before she turns toward Nikomachos. "She is not a Knight, she is not a men-at-arms. She only did a commendable job because you all were there." And she looks at the three Knights with sharp, piercing green eyes. "My sister was suppose to be given a taste of battle, not be served up a fucking plateful." She steadies her words once more, glancing toward Johana at her own words, but by her expression, she doesn't seem to buy it.

Nikomachos flinches at the screams from the younger Sauveur, hanging back a little until it stops. The words of the Khourni and the Ibrahm draw a shake of the elder Cindravale's head, "With respect to Lady Sophie, she should not have been there. Her wounds forced a change in our approach. Instead of continuing the cavalry charges, we were forced to stop and face them on more even ground." His usually smooth words are roughened by the self-inflicted damage to his esophagus. "I should have protected her better, Ellie, but I didn't intend for her to even be there in the first place. I'm sorry. Six Above am I sorry."

The sound of heavy boots can be heard approaching and it seems that the patrol Erik lead has finally returned. He was already given an update on the engagement that the patrol lead by his eldest brother ran into trouble and upon his arrival, was told where most of the nobles were gathered. Still armored and his armor a bit dusty, the youngest Cindravale knight has his helm tucked under his arm as he makes his appearance, the piercing scream from a girl causing him to hurry his steps. When his eyes takes in the situation, seeing that they are clustered around a wounded Sophie, Erik's brows furrow up into a frown as he looks on in silence for now.

"Every battle forces changes in approach, Niko," Sammel offers to his brother now, before he adds, "And all in all, she came out of it better than many others when they faced their first hostiles. Including more than one of us here." Another brief pause as he looks between the others present for a few moments now. "And now, we can stand around until the rest of the entire Hostile forces arguing about what was done right, and wrong and the responsibility for it, but what remains is the facts. And from how I see it, the main fact was that Lady Sophie was in the battle, and yes, she got wounded, but she also gave some good shots with the bow." A brief pause, before he adds, "And in the future, we may find situations where few places are safe, and then every little piece of experience in fighting the Hostiles every person have will be important." He goes silent again, looking between the others, as he takes a few deep breaths.

Holding the cloth in place despite the unhappiness from the patient, Johana glances at Ellinor, catching the expression. Still, it's not her fight and she doesn't bother involving herself further in what seems to be family matters, especially when Niko explains. After a moment, she speaks anyway, unable to contain herself. She's Ibrahm after all, she says what she means. "What's done is done, Sir Niko, and no amount of anger or regret is going to change what happened. Don't let it spoil for you all the fact that she lived through it. Be grateful she's still here with you and able to learn from the experience." Reaching for the sanitized water, she uses it on first one side of Sophie's leg then the other, just to clean off the visible part of the wounds, nothing that would hinder anything the doctor would do when they finally arrived. As Sammel speaks, she lifts her head and gives an approving nod, glad he and Asher had backed Sophie also. "It never hurts to know how to defend oneself. Now if one comes to your home, she knows how to react." Catching sight of Erik just then, a flicker of a smile forms and she nods to the Cindravale knight.

"People will be injured fighting the Hostiles, and Lady Sophie helped keep a Waygate from being taken." Asher says in response to Ellinor, "Wether or not she should have been there is a bit immaterial, she was there, and contributed and will have a scar to remember it!"

Sophie whimpers as she feels painful pressure against the inside and outside of her thigh, though the sickening sensation of blood dribbling from her flesh disappears from her thoughts at the act. Breathlessly, tears continuing to streak down her cheeks, she glances up wearily towards Johana. At the question about cleaning the wound, she chews on her lower lip and uncertainly nods her head, sniffling softly in her misery. Then she glares sullenly at Ellinor, "M-mother lets…lets me…cry. She…she thinks it's…it's healthy…" She whimpers softly, "don't be so cruel to them, Ellie! I…I…I w-wanted to go with them…I got to…to…to fight…" She winces, trembling violently before replying to Nikomachos, "I wanted to be there! I wanted to be there!" The armor at her chest remains caved in terribly deep, though Johana is managing the wound at her right leg while the young royal reclines on a hospital bed with most everyone clustered around her. Sophie feverishly nods her head to Sammel, "thank…thank you, S-sa…Sammel…Jo…Johana…a-all of you…" For a moment however, she frowns at the mention of a nasty scar. Nevertheless, she then winces again, followed by a sudden flinch, when chill water is splashed against her leg, quivering there on the bed while Johana works her magic.

Ellinor inhales sharply through he rnose, setting back her shoulders a bit as she regards the apologies from the Valen. She seems to be considering whether or not she has the grace to accept the man's words, but she eventually offers him a curt nod. "You did what you had to… given the situation." She tightens her jaw a bit as she regards Sophie. "I thank you… all… for looking out for my baby sister." She steps toward Sophie's bedside, and a bit stiffly, places a hand on the girl's shoulder — away from any obvious wounds. "You're going to be fine," she offers after a moment of awkwardness. "Just… breathe. Uncle Byron would say that you have to accept and embrace the pain. Let it own you, and you will be forever a slave to it." That's the Khourni Way. She does offer her sister a smirk. "I'm not Mother…"

Nikomachos looks to Sammel, then to Johana, then shakes his head, the hand not clasped to his side rising up to his head. He doesn't respond, instead stepping awkwardly over to the nearest empty hospital bed and dropping not-exactly-gracefully down to sit on it. He starts to unbuckle the damaged armor wrapping his torso, working one-handed. After a few moments he gives up and just leans forward, resting his elbows on his knees, "Our job… the job of every knight in Haven, is to protect those who are not knights. We cannot do that if those without the necessary training endanger themselves by rushing to the battlefield heedless of danger." Shaking his head further, he starts toward the clasps of his armor again.

The reaction from the wounded Sauveur was expected and the cries are intense, but still Johana forges on. Once the wound is cleaned, she nods towards the caved armor. "That needs to come off so we can take stock of the injuries there too." Glancing towards the door, hoping the doctor was coming in at any time. Her brow furrows when it remains only her still and she takes a deep breath. "Sir," nodding to Ellior, "You and I will help her remove the armor so that she can still have some modesty should there be any cuts or bleeding underneath." With a carefully controlled voice, one that sounds as if speaking indulgently to a child, the Ibrahm responds to the eldest Cindravale present. "Perhaps, yet this is proof that the Hostiles don't play by anyone's rules. Least of all some misplaced belief that we're hero's and able to protect everyone all of the time. Stop berating yourself and be glad she's alive."

More than anything, Sophie reacts to the actual comforting touch of her sister, glancing down at that hand on her shoulder as though she stares at an alien creature. She frowns, lacking anything comprehensible to say. Instead, she simply does as told, inhaling deeply and exhaling gently, trying her best to stay concious despite her agony. She even attempts to embrace the pain, closing her eyes a bit and laying her sweat-soaked head back on the bed, "Uncle Byron is more muscle than brain…" Sullenly, stubbornly despite her pain, she shakes her head, "I'm a better scout than most Arboren Knights…" She opens her amber eyes and uncertainly looks to Johana. After a moment of silence, she nods her head, fingers curling once more against her palms while she waits to see the wound that both armor and black skinsuit conceal.

"Of course, Sir Johana," Ellinor says to the fellow Knight, though she shakes her head. "I hope no one minds that I ask we save the rest of this argument for later? Perhaps after my sister has stablized?" She shakes her head a bit, still looking a bit tense as she prepares to help Johana remove her sister's armor. She smirks down at Sophie's words. "No, you're not," she says, shaking her head. "Don't go boasting about things that aren't true."

Eyes fall on the Ibrahm and Khourni that are present, surprised to actually see them here instead of on the Ring or elsewhere. Erik is picking up the conversation and can easily deduce what is being discussed as his eyes fall on the wounded young girl, taking a few more steps to join the group without barging into the middle. He offers Johana a thin smile in return but it doesn't reach the eyes. It appears that he has some choice words about what occurred but bites them back for now. When his eldest brother speaks again though, Erik nods his head in agreement, choosing now to support Nikomachos's words, "Since our words were not able to impress upon you how serious the situation may be, Lady Sophie, I hope this painful experience will be a lesson you take to heart." When Johana speaks of rules, the youngest Cindravale shakes his head, "Those without training, My Lady, could be a hindrance on the field of battle. It disrupts unit cohesion and without that training and practice, a unit cannot fight efficiently."

"But sooner or later, the fighting break through fortifications, and the battlefield will be in between where the people we need to protect are." Sammel points out to his brothers. "If we keep on thinking in standard terms then, many more are going to die." A pause as he turns to study Nikomachos a bit carefully for now. "And how about you, brother. What kind of wounds did you take out there? Aside from leaving your perfectly fine still-digesting lunch out there, that is."

Nikomachos looks up at Johana, "Don't patronize me, Young Lady. I'm talking about the job of a knight, of a soldier. And it wasn't the Hostiles who put Lady Sophie in danger. It was Lady Sophie." Still, he relents at Ellinor's words, gesturing to Erik and the beckoning his youngest brother over, "Give me a hand with this, Erik." A gesture indicates the clasps of the armor sheathing his torso, "I took an axe to the side, Sam. Bleeding some, and my ribs… rather ache. But I'll live."

With the approval given, Johana wraps the cloths around Sophie's leg, thereby freeing her hands to unfasten the armor. Uncertain what they'll find, she looks to Ellinor, nodding in approval to speaking later about it. At the moment, their sole attention should be on the patient most wounded. "Sir Erik, your brother is wounded also, help him with his armor please." Not bothering to look at him past the thin smile that didn't reach his eyes. With Ellinor's help, they are able to lift off the armor and lay it aside, blue eyes moving over the under armor, trying to gauge the wounds as she reaches out to unfasten it too. Lifting her gaze to land on Niko, she lifts a shoulder, not arguing the point.

"Sammy, if the fight comes to our very doorsteps where those who are not meant to be on the front lines need to rely on their experience in small squirmishes, then many of us would already be dead." And situation hopeless but Erik does not add to the bleakness of his words. At Niko's beckoning, the youngest does as requested and heads to the cot that is occupied, putting his own helm down before he begins to work the clasps that is securing Nikomachos's battered armor in place.

Sophie frowns at Ellinor, whining out when her first pronouncement fails, "I could beat you in an archery match and navigate the forest much better than you…" When Erik speaks of learning a lesson however, she glances lazily in his direction. She stares uncertainly into his eyes, before hesitantly offering a silent nod of her head. Anything she may or may not have said is quickly forgotten though, when she feels her breastplate hauled off her form. She lets out a loud groan, stiffening on the bed, the violet lights that indicate correct attachment turning off once the armor is fully removed. Beneath, where her skin-tight black suit remains, can be seen deep heavy bruising across her chest and a single superficial laceration from a Hostile axe, which idly drools crimson into the bedsheets.

"I came in second in the Archery event in last month's tournament, and I was beaten only by Tristan Arboren," Ellinor replies. "And I don't try to kiss a drake while it attempts to eat my face." She fixes Sophie with a firm gaze. "Do you really want to do the 'Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better' competition, because it isn't going to actually earn you anything except both of us looking like squabbling children in front of Uncle Symion's vassals." She breathes out a gruff exhale. "We can talk about this more later, Soph…"

Nikomachos hisses softly as his armor is removed, twisting to help his brother remove the overlapping plates to reveal the slash in his underarmor and the skin and muscle beneath. It bleeds nicely, red ribbons trailing down armor, undersuit, and skin alike, but none of his ribs has been laid open at least. "Thank you, Erik." Looking over to where the ladies are dealing with Sophie, he shakes his head, looking back to Erik and speaking quietly, "She's too eager." He's one to speak, of course. "She's going to get herself killed, and others with her."

"Always be ready to prepar for the worst, a wise man said to me once," Sammel replies, before he shrugs a little. "Well, granted, it was a Khourni, but still wise words." A brief pause as he hears Niko's words, and he nods a little. "But all in all, things turned out well. We got those Hostiles out of the way, and… did we save that one remaing man at arms they were trying to kill when we arrived?" A brief pause, as he looks to Sophie and Ellinor. "But I suppose the best way to end the discussion there would be to state that while we all appreciate having good archers helping us out, having them doing so from behind cover is the best thing.

Once the armor is off and the wounds prove to be superficial, Johana knows enough to clean it with the sterile water then dab an antibiotic creme to the wound before drawing a sheet over the Sauveur for privacy. Only then does she go back to her leg. With it having been cleaned, she realizes the entrance and exit wounds weren't all that big, so she offers a temporary assist, doctoring it with the same antibacterial creme and bandaging it with anti-stick bandages on both sides before wrapping gauze around the whole area, in case it happened to bleed anymore. Catching the look Sophie gives to Erik, she arches her brows but says nothing about it, questioning nothing. "You're set until the doctor gets here.." Then she turns to Niko and frowns. "On the bed, Sir Niko, I'll at least bandage you."

Sophie frowns deeper at Ellinor, deciding to get the last hurrah when she replies, "I could beat Tristan Arboren too. And I have never kissed a drake…except Matthias…b-but Matthias doesn't count." Uncertainly though, she nods her head to a later conversation, already dreading partaking in it. She winces when Johana begins spreading cream across her badly bruised torso, shivering lightly at the mere touch. Worse, when bandages are wrapped about her wounded leg, she fails to hold in an audible whimper and a little tear that runs down past her pale left cheek. She pulls the sheet even higher up her body, nearly to her neck, before amber eyes flicker shyly towards Johana, "t-thank you…"

A smirk appears as Erik is able to remove the armor from Niko, "I am sure when we were that young, we were the same. With age comes a little bit of maturity and wisdom. Now, she will need to rely on those who have more experience to keep her in check." The quiet words answered in turn before the youngest rises to his feet when Johana comes to tend to the wounded knight. Moving a couple of feet away to give the Ibrahm room, Erik looks over to Sophie, "Contests and war are two very different things, Lady Sophie. At least you have now experienced the Hostiles and the pain of the wounds they are able to inflict. If you truly wish to fight, you will need to train not only in the martial arts, but also take numerous lessons in tactics. It will be a long process."

The Drakefire Knight takes the high road this time, and just refuses to indulge in this whole conversation any further. She instead just continues to rest her hand a bit unnaturally on her sister's shoulder. Ellinor is not the Sauveur who is there to offer comfort, but Lyrienne is not here, and so she has taken up the supposed slack. She glances toward Erik at his words. "I have asked Lady Sir Agnes Peake to see about her training with the irregulars, but her wounds are going to set her back."

It was completely unintentional that Johana had caused more tears and she awkwardly pats Sophie's hand. "You're very welcome, my lady." Inclining her head to her and Ellinor, before walking over to Niko and watching as Erik walks away. Once more, she flicks a look in his direction, though when he moves on to speak with the patient, she looks at Sammel. "A wise man indeed, always be ready to prepare for the worst. I'll have to remember that one for myself." The words come out rather flat. "If you'll just allow me to see to your wounds, Sir Niko, I'll be on my way and you can resume your family conversations without my intrusion." There is absolutely zero malice in her words, simply a wish not to intrude further.

Nikomachos hisses again as he stretches his side, wincing as he does. He nods to Erik, "If she listens." He looks back over to Sammel, putting in, "He's in intensive care, last I heard, Sam." As Johana comes over to see to him, he chuckles softly, working the armor on his arms off, "Usually, it takes a great deal more than a few words to get me shirtless in mixed company." He may have just had an argument with the Young Lady, but he might as well try to put some humor into the situation. Once his armguards are on the hospital bed, he unseals his underarmor to the waist and peels it back from his upper body, groaning and clenching his jaw as he does.

Sammel nods a little as he listens now. "Good." That to the part about the man being in intensive care, which sure beats being dead. "I should get going so I can remove my armor as well, need to check a few things too. So I'll see you all later. Rest well and heal, Lady Sophie, Niko." And with that, he begins making his way out of the room now.

Sophie nods her head excitedly as though Erik was completely on her side with his suggestions, "of course, I will train further. I…my tactics are…" She glances at Nikomachos for a moment and blushes lightly, "I need to practice my tactics the most, I think…" At the mention of training with the irregulars, her eyes widen and she rises into a sitting position, wrapping her arms about her sheeted chest, "I-I'm perfectly fine. I could train tomorrow…maybe the day after." She winces as the movement catches up to her, "no more than a week, certainly." She sniffles a bit as Johana pats her hand, trying to muster up a brave smile. She glances to Sammel and nods her head, "it was good to fight alongside you, Sammel. Perhaps I will do so again soon…"

Falling to silence, Erik turns his attention back to Niko and Johana, watching as the Ibrahm begins tending to his older brother though when she mentions departing soon though, his brows furrow slightly again. He does move towards where his helm rests on the cot, ready to pick it up again, perhaps choosing to escort the Ibrahm Heir when she chooses to depart.

"I don't fucking think so," Ellinor says firmly to her sister. "You're not fucking fine. You want to be put to use, you learn when you need to rest, or I'll tell Mother she should lock you back up and reassign Caedmon to one of our younger cousins." She shakes her head a bit, huffing out a breath. Oil and water, these two. "But, like I said we will talk about it later."

With just the flicker of a smile, Johana is grateful for the lighter subject and the addition of humor. "Then you haven't spent much time in the company of an Ibrahm, Sir Niko. We have a charm all our own." The words are light and said with no real interest, just something to distract him as she reaches for another clean cloth and the purified water so that she can rinse the wound first off. The earlier words may have seemed an argument, though Ana had seen them more as a debate, a voicing of opinions, which equaled out to 'no hard feelings' which is hopefully seen in her teasing demeanor. As she cleans the wound, she smirks. "Nice tattoo, is it one of those glow in the dark ones I've heard about?" The water is cool when it touches his wound, but it's caught with the cloth. She still isn't inputting anything more into the argument of when the younger sibling could continue training.

Nikomachos groans again, although whether it's caused by his wounds or Sophie's words is… up for debate. Ellinor's words, however, draw a sharp nod of agreement, suggesting that it's more the politics of the situation than the laceration in his skin and his bruised ribs that's paining him… most. He smirks around gritted teeth at Johana's joke in response, "I tend to prefer eagles to hammers, sorry. Wrong brother, Young Lady." As she cleans the wound, he groans again, his eyes closing a moment before opening once more, "It was a choice between metallic ink or glow in the dark. I've a Valen reputation to keep up, I had to go with shiny."

Sophie flinches at the profanities her sister replies with, harshly responding in her own way, "I'll be fine if you do not continue to threaten me with a headache, Ellie." Her eyes widen momentarily at the mention of Caedmon being transferred, before they lid over in anger, "Mother will laugh at you if you suggest it, Ellie. He's one of the finest Knights that serve our house. Perhaps I'll simply tell Mother that you convinced me to go on the patrols. Then see what she has to say about that." She shrugs her shoulders, wincing lightly at the act, "but sure, like you said, we can talk about it later."

Ellinor grits her teeth, trying very hard not to rise to the bait. She pulls her hand away, crossing her arms firmly at her chest as she plops down in the chair beside her sister's bed. She threatens Sophie only with a look. "Sophie." Her nostrils flare with a rather draconic quality. "Drop it." Her usual warm, husky tones have taken on a dangerous growl.

"Wrong brother indeed.." Johana agrees with a soft murmur, trying to be gentle with her actions as she had been with the Sauveur. "Eagles soar, you've made a good choice." With a quick glance back to Ellinor, perhaps she'd heard something of the goodbye the two had shared before the Shadow of Intent had left. "Just remember, shiny doesn't mean substance, Sir Niko, make sure you're not all beauty. Give her something to hold on to in the dark." There's a deliberate wink at that, making the play on words for the choice of shiny and glow in the dark. As the sisters banter back and forth, the Ibrahm dabs gently at the cut, removing a bit of the sliced under armor from the wound with a frown. Only once it's free does she draw out the antibiotic creme and gently apply it to the wound only to follow it with a bandage. "You and the Lady should take antibiotic medicine to keep infection at bay, please make sure she does especially, because that metal impaled her leg completely." With that, she washes her hands again and dries them on a towel. "Good luck, all of you. I'll just be on my way. See you on the next patrol, Sir," inclining her head to Niko. Only then does she look at Erik again with a guarded expression. "Good evening, Sir Erik," uncertain of his intentions.

Nikomachos looks up at the sisterly spat, putting in briefly, "I would not suggest lying in an attempt to prove that you are ready for a combat position, Lady Sophie." He grits his teeth through the cleaning, then nods at Johana, "I have solid point control, you needn't worry." He looks over to the Sauveurs, shaking his head, "I don't know that I can convince Lady Sophie of anything just now, but I will take the antibiotics myself." Sighing softly, he nods again, "I owe you my thanks, Sir Johana, and Sir Asher as well. It would have been significantly more difficult without the pair of you."

Throughout her years and years and years of finding a way to annoy her sister or play numerous pranks on the drake-killer, Sophie realized quickly when Ellinor got really angry and she had gone too far. This was just such a time. Noticing The Look, she simply sighs softly and nods her head, "fine. Can I at least go back home after the doctor takes a look at me? I hate lying in some strange bed in some strange place…" Glancing towards Johana, she musters up a smile, "thank you again for helping me, Johana. I am very grateful."

At the door, Johana looks back to Niko first and nods. "Think nothing of it. Just send me another message if I'm ever needed again." A smile is offered to Sophie. "You're welcome, my lady. Just get well and take your time doing it. The Hostiles I'm sure are here a long time. You'll have plenty of time to train and still get some kills in." Nodding to Ellinor also, she heads out.

Erik finds the casual banter between his brother and the Ibrahm amusing instead of embarrassing, a smirk appearing once more as he watches from the side as Niko is tended to. When Johana finally finishes treating the wound at his brother's side, the youngest Cindravale reaches for his helm and tucks it under his arm again, "Good evening, Lady Johana. If you are departing the medical area, allow me the honor to walk with you." A request that he assumes she won't be turning down. Erik does glance back to Niko, "Get well soon, brother." The same is offered to Sophie, "Do not try to rush the recovery, My Lady, your body knows best." Then finally a nod to Ellinor before he turns to follow the Ibrahm out.

Sophie reluctantly nods her head to Johana and then Erik, "I will. I…p-promise…" Whether she is honest or not, she watches the two of them go, before looking to Ellinor and shivering lightly, "M-mother will be so angry…you'll side with me if she suggests something drastic…won't you?" She nods her head to mention that she will be moves, though it is obvious that her mind has drifted towards much more frightening thoughts.

Nikomachos tests the pull of the bandages as he twists, wincing again as he does. Letting out a breath, he leans back in his hospital bed, bringing up a foot to start unbuckling the armor from his right leg. He stops as he gets to his boots, looking down at the blood speckled there and letting out a hiss of breath. His fingers pause there, and he just looks at the bronze and gold boot.

Ellinor casts a slightly narrowed, thoughtful look at Sophie. She straightens up her shoulders a bit. "We will see, Sophie. But, you and I have to have a serious talk." She inhales through her nose. "And I promise not to yell at you." Then she gives her sister's hand a brief squeeze before she stands. "I should get out of my armor though… it makes Mother frown."

Sophie frowns uncertainly, though she obediently nods her head towards her elder sister, "very well, Ellie." She appears to at least marginally relax when the possibility that her sister will not yell at her is offered up, even going so far as to give a hopeful smile at the squeeze of her hand, "let's…l-let's talk when I'm back home in my room…" When Ellinor stands to leave the room, she rests back against the bed and lets out a heavy sigh, enjoying the short reprieve of silence before the certain storm of her mother's wrath.

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