07.18.3013: Plans in Motion
Summary: Agnes meets with Chiron and Jarek, to confirm that the younger still wishes to squire to her, and to confirm that the elder will escort her to the wedding and help with Chiron's education.
Date: 18 July 2013
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The Mott Taphouse — Arborenin, The Spine
The taphouse is burrowed out from the heart of one of the various elder trees that surround the Heartwood. It is dark, warm, and inviting no matter the time of day. There are not a lot of hard corners, and it feels as though the walls blend in with the ceilings that curve high above. The interior wood has been stained a honey gold, which is offset by the rosewood bar and tables. There are a couple of circular windows that have been carved from the tree trunk, though the glass is stained a soft green to continue to maintain a particular atmosphere no matter the time of day. Scattered throughout the room are tables of various size and chair arrangement, and the aforementioned bar runs along the left-hand wall.

The taphouse only provides ale. Order a whiskey, you get ale. Order a martini, you get ale. The menu is also very simple with a set series of meals — breakfast, lunch, and dinner — that change from day to day. It is common knowledge that special orders or requests are always ignored.

18 July 3013

The Taphouse is not terribly rowdy tonight, as it's dinner time. Most of the patrons there have sat down to a meal. Sir Agnes Peake sits at a table, waiting for her guests to join her before she orders. She looks solemn, tired, and a little bit deflated from her usual imposing self. She's wearing breeches and a tunic, all very simple, and a little bit dirt stained. She spent the night wandering the catacombs beneath Khar-Mordune, finding her center again. She hasn't been to sleep yet.

Jarek got that letter from Agnes, and sent his reply, then got her reply. He's made his way to the Taphouse, and finds her easily. He walks over to her, "Lady Sir Agnes, how are you this evening? I hope I can make you smile a little bit when we go to the wedding." his tone is offering support, because he understands. He's in his less than formal attire for the evening, just house colors for tunic and pants of black with tall boots also black.

Chiron walks into the Mott Taphouse. He has on a white long sleeve shirt and a green leather jerkin with black pants and boots. He appears to be looking for someone, and when he sees Agnes sitting down with Jarek he smiles and walks over to the two of them. He pulls up a seat, smiles at the two of them and says, "Good evening. Sir Agnes, I pray you are doing well?" He gives Agnes a slight head nod in respect and turns to Jarek, "I don't believe we have met, my name is Sergeant Chiron Quellton."

"Thank you for the kind words, Sir Jarek, and for your willingness to escort me to the wedding," Agnes says in a quiet tone. She gestures between the two men. "Young Lord Sir Jarek Saimhann, Knight Lieutenant of Haven, please meet my soon-to-be squire, Sergeant Chiron Quellton." She waves over a waitress and orders ales all around, as that's all the Taphouse serves, and some lamb stew and brown bread for herself.

Jarek seconds the order of stew and bread, then gives Chiron and nod, "Good to meet you, think you are prepared for squirehood? Sir Agnes is a formidible knight on the field, I wonder how her squires do when she returns from it." his tone is light and slightly playful. Then he smiles at Agnes, "As always, Sir Agnes. I am happy to go with you to the wedding, you are certainly pleasant company." he leaves off the other compliment that comes to mind.

Chiron also orders the stew and bread, as well as an ale. He looks at Agnes with a looks that is a little shocked and pleased. "You finally got the paperwork then? It took them long enough…" He turns to Jarek. "Young LordSir Jarek, it is an honor to meet you. I've heard many things about Sir Agnes's teaching style. Very rough, but that her Knights end up being some of the best."

"I did get the paperwork, yes." Agnes looks between the men. "I wanted to ask Sergeant Quellton if he still wished to take my on as his Knight. I have spent the night questioning my worth," she admits. "It has come to my attention that although I am sound on the field, I am lacking in the other aspects that a noblewoman should have. And I may not be able to teach such things to a squire who does not have that training from being born into nobility. I can't dance, and I am awkward in social situations and lacking the graces of most ladies."

Jarek tilts his head slightly at Agnes' words, a soft frown beginning to form. "Your worth is rather incalculable, Agnes, you are a Knight Lieutenant. That in itself is an accomplishment that denotes the years of hard work you put into it. Nothing said of the person sacrifices taken to achieve such a rank." he shakes his head, "I am not much of a dancer myself, though I know the rudiments of a couple steps." he pauses, "Since taking on Mister Quellton here is already an unorthidox thing, perhaps you might be interested in continuing the unorthodox. I could teach your boy here all about being a nobleman… since being a noblewoman wouldn't do much good for him. In return, I get to help you brush up on your noblewoman know how." and another smile.

Chiron gives Agnes a worried look. "Did you take a head wound in your last battle, Sir Agnes? Everyone that has spoken about you has said you are a model knight. Who said you were lacking?" He sounds concerned, and lightly angry that someone would say that. He turns to Jarek, "That sounds like a fair trade, I would appreciate any and all knowledge I could get."

"If that is acceptable to Chiron, then it is acceptable to me, Sir Jarek. And again, I am in your debt for your kindness to me," Agnes says softly. She looks to the younger man then with a sad smile. "Someone whose authority on the matter is truly irrefutable, Sergeant." How does one say "The King basically told me I was too unlady-like and too far down the noble lines for marriage to him?" Simple, one doesn't.

Jarek nods once, "Then it is settled. When Sir Agnes has worked you to exhaustion, you will be sent to me for your training as a nobleman. Agnes, I will call on you from time to time so that we can work on reclaiming your noblewoman." then he smiles at her, "You are not indebted to me… I don't think of it as just being nice, your company is enjoyable." though this time there isn't anything left out, no one ever accused Jarek of being one to flirt.

Chiron gives Agnes a slightly annoyed look, but not nessisarily at her. "There's still no reason for anyone to say that to someone, especially someone as talented as you." Turning to Jarek, laughing slightly. "If I can stand, I will report to you."

Agnes nods her head to Jarek, but if she doesn't quite take his words at face value, surely he can understand. Her wound, at the moment, is too fresh. "I hope we can begin that training with helping me prepare for the wedding. I want to look like a proper lady, not like a bear stuffed in a dress," she says firmly. If Emund cannot see her as a lady, she will damn well show him what he overlooked. She sighs a little at Chiron. "Lesson one in dealing with the nobility. There is always someone who has the right to speak to you that way, if they are above you on the food chain."

Jarek nods to Agnes, knowingly and certainly he understands so he picks up more on the topic of her squire, with a light comment for the dress, "We can take a trip to Phylon's markets, they have some of the best fabrics to choose from. You will look stunning in a dress." then, "You will report crawling or standing, nobility doesn't wait if a commitment has been made. However, since you are not my squire, I will grant you some reprieve in that you don't have a set time to come to me. However, it will be before midnight so pay attention to your time. As I won't let you go until you've accomplished." he pauses, "You will need some nice clothing, as I will expect you to accompany me in visiting with other nobles of the various houses."

Chiron again, laughs at Jarek's comment. "Understood. I wouldn't want to keep a Young Lord waiting. I've got some decent clothes, but nothing really for meeting with nobles. Most of my formal wear was my military uniform." He seems a little excited, but also scared. Afterall, he's just a commoner who grew up on a horse ranch. He turns to Agnes, "I don't believe anybody has a right to say someone is a bad at their job when they have proven just how good they are at the job. Afterall, if you weren't so good at protecting, he wouldn't have anywhere to be formal."

"I think I can get Lady Aelewen and my niece to take me to shop for a dress, Lord Jarek. Forgive me if I think I would just die of embarrassment trying on clothes in front of an Heir." Agnes' cheeks do color slightly. "It's not the protecting I am bad at, Chiron, it is the ladylike behaviors. Noblemen looking for a wife have certain…standards. Of which I fall very short."

Jarek chuckles softly, "Of course, I understand… and I wouldn't be the best of help in picking. Will you comm the color palette to me, so I can the Saimhann retainers work my outfit to match them slightly?" then he frowns a tiny bit, "You don't fall short of them, Agnes, you simply have forgotten how to present them over the years of hard work and dedication you've put into knighthood. Like I said, I will help you to remember them."

"Well that's too bad. Doesn't he know there's a war going on? What's more important?" Chiron says, getting a little more upset and annoyed. He clearly doesn't understand /who/ he's speaking about, and mostly just upset that whoever said them has hurt his soon-to-be knight. "My sister is also very good at picking out formal wear. I've seen her work a few times times, you may want to talk to her." He says, trying to help.

"Of course, Sir Jarek. I'll have the colors and swatches sent to you as soon as a dress is purchased. I realize how last minute this is, and I truly appreciate you doing this for me," Agnes says softly as her stew is set in front of her. "I'd love to have Lorelei accompany us, thank you Chiron," she smiles to her squire. She doesn't have the heart to tell him the King was the one who struck a blow to her confidence. "We have a small tradition in House Peake. We'll have a nice little meal with as much family as I can gather, to welcome you into our House for the duration of your squiring."

Jarek nods to Agnes, his own stew arriving along with hers. He takes a bite first, then after swallowing hms softly at Chiron. "We'll work on your wardrobe, and then we'll discuss what higher nobility thinks it has the right to do." then we begins to eat.

Chiron follows suit and begins eating. He's not sure if Jarek if Jarek's comment was a warning, or just informative. "I have to give it to her, my sister is really good at what she does. I'm rather proud of her." He smiles, happy that he can help get his family a little more noticed. "I would love to have a dinner with the Peakes. Though, if Loree is coming, you may want to have the dinner out of the mountain."

"Is she claustrophobic?" Agnes asks, with a glimmer of concern for the girl. She begins to dig into her meal, sopping up the stew with her bread as well as spearing meat and veggies with her fork. "And is there any special food you like or dislike?"

Jarek finishes his meal with a matching prayer to the one he'd said before he started to eat. Then he smiles at the topic, "This sounds like a great family tradition, very similar to the ones back home. However, the new squire must go on a hunt with the knight, and dinner is made from the catch."

Chiron nods to Agnes, "Terribly so. When she was much younger the barn colapsed on top of her, ever sense then she's had issues with tight spaces." He sounds sad, and slightly upset, but will clear his throat and his voice returns to normal. "That's an excelent tradition, Young Lord Jarek. Good way to get the squire and the Knight to bond. The only issue is that I bairly know how to use a bow. I can shoot in the right direction… but hitting a target is still challenging."

"We'll see about having it outside the mountain, then." Agnes nods her head and seems to decide that. She smiles a little at Jarek when he explains his House traditions. "I'm even worse off that my squire when it comes to archery. Lady Aelewen has been trying to teach me. The poor dear."

Jarek chuckles at them both now, "Can't use a bow much either, I'm more of the flushing the animal out type. Or as the other knights call it, big and clunky." he smiles, "The squire is required to make the kill, this tradition is great because it gives a knight a chance to test the squire's resolve. You may have all the battlefield experience in the system, but if you don't have the resolve you won't make it in the Drakes."

"Lady Aelewen is very good with the bow, and her wolfhounds make things easier for her I would imagine." Chiron says. "I like your traditions more and more Jarek. Growing up I was accustomed to the fickle nature of life. Mares would have still births, horses would beomce sick or break a leg and need to be put down. I had a favorite horse that we had to put down because while I went out riding we ran into a rabid wolf who got a good bite on him. I was really upset with my father for putting him down. I wanted to do everythng I could to save him."

Agnes listens to the conversation between the two, and there is a bit of sorrow in her eyes. She keeps quiet though, eating her meal in silence.

Jarek nods as he listens to Chiron, "I am sorry for your loss." he ponders a moment, "One of the squires I had, that is now training under another of my house, had the resolve but no the skills. He was a good lad, and for a while his training was solid. A terrible family issue caused him to lose a little of his resolve and he couldn't handle the pressures of his squiring to me. I was saddened to hand him off to a gentler knight, the boy really has the makings of a pure bred hostile killer."

"Thank you, Young Lord. But this was almost 15 years ago. I was explaining that I've learned my lessons about resolve at an early age." Chiron says, smiling. He doesn't seem upset about talking about the horse. "That is unfortunate. Hopefully I can be as skilled in combat as Sir Agnes and others believe I can."

"Your military record indicates as much, Chiron. You've learned to work with a unit, which is a large part of Knighthood. Most squires never have military experience, as they are accepted at age 8 or 9." Agnes sips her ale, lightly, having barely touched it. She looks to Jarek across the table for a moment. "In some ways, you will come into this with the advantage of experience. In others, that may trip you up."

Jarek nods in his agreement with Agnes' words. "She is right, Chiron. Having training is both a gift and a curse. You are used to doing something one way, Agnes may do the same thing differently. Her commands might not come through the way you're used to, remember that for all intents and purposes, you are green again. You skills in fighting remain, but your experiences in the chain of command, only go so far as your ability to take orders and follow them without question." he looks to Agnes, "My apologies if I step on toes by saying this."

Chiron nods at the wisdom given to him. "I understand this. It's going to be very different, answering to one person and one person alone. The difficulty for me is going to be dealing with nobles. I can be polite, but I'm protective of people I care about. And if nobles are upsetting my Knight…" He pauses, he sounds like he was going to make a threat, but decides it best not to, "Then I should learn to keep my mouth shut and do as she says."

"Good man," Agnes says, clasping Chiron's shoulder. She smiles tiredly to Jarek. "No offense taken. I appreciate your assisting with this. When I trained Viannea, she had her mother to learn the nobility bits from."

Jarek smirks slightly at Chiron's display of wishing to protect his knight, he reguards Agnes for a moment, "I've heard that name before, a niece of yours I believe you said." then he turns to Chiron, "It is good that you want to protect your knight from harsh words, or untruths. However, in the noble ranks these things your knight must defend herself from. Speaking in her defence, while she is present for it, would shame her. Think of it this way, what does it say about Agnes, if her squire has to speak up for her. While it is admirable, defend her honor when she is unable to do so herself." then he claps Chiron on the shoulder, "As for dealing with Nobility, I have a couple friends from house Ibrahm who are bit more relaxed with citizens, we can start with having chats with them as you won't have your head chewed off if you say the wrong things."

"We are a little less high strung here on the Spine than Occulus or Landings. I think it's being so immersed in our natural environments, and working within nature, rather than against it," Agnes notes.

Jarek nods to Chiron, "You are proving to be a very high quality squire to be, Chiron. You're convinsing me to consider this idea of taking on an aged squire myself." he removes his hand after shrugging slightly. Then smiles at Agnes, before taking a sip of his ale.

Chiron raises a hand behind his head and begins scratching. He's not used to getting complements, especially from nobility! "Well, thank you, Young Lord. That means a lot. Being a knight was always my dream, so… when I had the offer I had to take it. It wouldn't have mattered how old I was, or how hard the training would be."

"It was a fortuitous meeting. I believe the Knight guided him into the gardens of Khar-Mordune as my niece and I were discussing older squires," Agnes notes to Jarek with a smile. She pushes her empty bowl away.

Jarek smiles at the mention of the god, and nods. "It seems like the Knight indeed was making two dreams come true that day." then he reguards Chiron a moment, "You are aware that it takes more than just training and a knight to call you her squire, to eventually become a knight yourself correct?" he pauses, "You need to earn the armor you will wear as a knight, and you need a horse. These things are not inexpensive either, do you have a plan for this? Or do you come fully stocked as a knight, but need the knighting to occur?"

Chiron nods to Agnes, "I do believe the Knight had his hand in this, yes." He turns to Jarek and just grins. "Well, I have some very basic armor that I purchased for myself. I am… or, was, a Sergeant, after all. As for the horse, My family owns a horse Ranch. I'm sure that when the time comes my parents will have a strong warhorse that I can have."

"Well gentlemen, I think we are in agreement as to Chiron's training, and my attending the Sauveur-Cindravale wedding. Is there anything further you need of me before I head back to the Ways to get some much needed sleep?" Agnes asks.

Jarek nods to Chiron, "Well, consider heavier armor if you plan on being more of a protector type of knight." then he looks to Agnes, "I will come to Khar-Mordune on Sunday to pick you up. Appropriate time for travel to the event?" he offers over to her.

"I've seen Sir Agnes after a fight. From what I've seen, she is right in the middle of things. If I'm going to be learning from her, I'll want to be as protected as possible." Chiron says, laughing. It's obvious he means no disrespect by it. he looks at Agnes and says, "I don't believe that I need anything else from you at the moment. If you need something from me, just let me know."

"Let's play it safe and say an hour before the wedding," Agnes says to Jarek. "The waygates may back up with traffic to Landings for the event, and I absolutely dread the idea of walking into a Chantry wedding late." She smiles to Chiron. "Let's try dinner tomorrow night. I will send you and your lovely sister the time and place."

Jarek nods to Agnes, "Perhaps if I come by earlier, you might be kind enough to give me a tour of the mountain? I fear I've never been there, even as a child." then he stands up, and waits for Agnes before offering an arm to her, "I need to return home myself, may I walk you to the Ways?"

Agnes accepts the Knight's arm and tries not to blush. "Yes, thank you. I'd be delighted to show you the mountain."

Jarek waves to Chiron, with his free hand and then drops a few bills onto the table for those who will clean it up for them. He tips only slightly above normal, perhaps to not seem like flaunting his money but to also way it was a good job.

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