Planning For the Future
Summary: Rozlyn seeks her father's blessing.
Date: 14/12/2013
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Esiah Rozlyn 

Friday, March 28 3014 — Rozlyn's Lab, The Ring

To: Esiah.Orelle@TheRing
From: Rozlyn.Orelle@TheRing
Subject: Donor Selection


As you know, I do not intend to be wed. I have siblings enough who are happy to enter into marriages for reasons of love or politics. However, I do understand the importance of continuing the genetic line of the family; especially in a time of war. Due to the recent troubles I caused you — for which I hope you will find forgiveness — I wish to procreate.

With advancements in science as we have them, there is no need for me to be married to do so. Indeed, there is no need for any to even know the father, though I believe I have in mind a suitable individual. He is of a noble family and a Knight. I have not yet approached him regarding the opportunity. Once I do, if he is agreeable to the idea, I will have thorough genetic testing done to ensure the match is a suitable one.

It is my desire that you will grant me your blessing in this venture. I wish to provide for my family as duty dictates, without the needless distractions an arranged marriage would surely bring.

Your daughter,

Lady Doctor Rozlynn Javreal Orelle

April 6 3014 — High Lord's Apartments, Orelle Residence, The Ring

To: Rozlyn.Orelle@TheRing
From: Esiah.Orelle@TheRing
Subject: Re: Donor Selection


I know that you have no wish to wed, daughter. You also know that at times, we do not have an option. I will attempt to hold off on such an arrangement as long as is practicable. Procreation, however, is something to be done within the bonds of marriage. I do not believe that I could insult another House by requesting genetic material from them while saying that they are not worthy of marriage.

We all have our roles, and your research, as it has been explained to me, has a great deal of promise. If you do want the distraction of a child, however, I understand that. There are certainly many orphans already in this War who could use a caring parent. I'm certain that the Chantry could assist with finding a suitable candidate.

Your father.

Monday, April 7 3014 — Rozlyn's Lab, The Ring

To: Esiah.Orelle@TheRing
From: Rozlyn.Orelle@TheRing
Subject: Considerations

I would prefer to remain unwed as a matter of courtesy to whomever may find themselves in the position alongside me. I see little reason for such romantic ties. However, if I must do so eventually, I would rather be done with it sooner than later. Do not put it off; like many things, the waiting only makes matters worse.

While I understand there will be greater matters at work and the decision is, of course, ultimately yours, I would like to say that I find the company of Sir Luke Grantham agreeable.

Your daughter.

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