Pitching the Plan
Summary: Reena sends her father a letter, outlining her plans for the Notice Project
Date: 20/July/2013
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Reena Jevon 

20 July 3013 — Reena's Quarters — Royal Palace — Landings

Lady Reena Khouras sits in her room in the palace in Landings, a datapad on the desk in front of her. Beside it are numerous photos and printed files — documents and spreadsheets regarding financials, laws, regulations, resource allocations, median incomes, reports on water and air testing, viral and bacterial infection data, and much more. All of these files and images have already been put into the packet of information she has compiled for sending to her father.

She traces her fingers over a shot of a small child, covered in muck, taken from the camera she'd placed in her basket's rim when she went to the down below of Volkan with Temple. She takes in a breath, and begins to type.


I realize you are immensely busy with the war and preparations for my dear brother's upcoming wedding, so I decided to send you this to read in what time you have between matters of deep import, rather than demand a meeting with you.

In recent weeks I have had somewhat of a crisis of both confidence and conscience. I realize that I am the child bred to marry out to someone who may not view the Khourni in the best light, due to our martial nature and zealous commitment to living life fully. I was raised differently from my siblings, and trained in other things. That left me somewhat adrift amid my own family, and left me exchanging harsh words with both Anabethe and Nitrim recently when I felt like the odd woman out.

I have found greater purpose now, and an acceptance of who I am, and what good I can do with my life as designed. I am proud to be the one to perhaps bring someone into alliance with Khournas who otherwise would never consider it. Someone like Lord Kadmus Volen, the heir of Mare Maris, who has taken recent dealings between our House and House Grantham to be an insult to his family.

I am sure you are aware of the circumstances that have resulted in his sister, Lady Devon Grantham ne Volen, being held as a hostage by Ignis over some slight. He is deeply angry and deeply concerned for his sister, especially in her now widowed state. There is healing to be done there, and perhaps new alliances to be forged. I was hoping you might be able to use your wisdom to advise this situation and try to help bring it to a close.

I also wish to ask for your permission for a project I have been gathering data for. I wish to create The Notice Project, something that will benefit us both practically and politically. It has come to my attention that every large city, even our beloved Volkan, is not beautiful to its core. We have those who have fallen between the cracks, poor, homeless, destitute. These range from the very youngest children to the oldest of our loyal citizenry, father. They live below the clean air lines, with water that is unsafe to drink without treatment, in buildings with spotty climate control. The streets run with filth, the lights which work are dim at best, and people are starving, with even the available food being barely identifiable as such.

Enclosed are photos I took of a community in Volkan. I left the area in tears, feeling that, as a noble, I had failed in my obligation to protect our people. I wish to remedy this on Volkan and perhaps other Houses will take note and do the same for their people. We have the opportunity to start a good trend here, father. And also, to get all of our people healthy and ready to face Hostiles.

Here is my plan in a simple outline. The documents attached to this message go into greater detail. I love you Father. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

All My Love,

Open File attachement: Plan Outline

The Notice Project will be funded by donations and through fundraising events.

  • Stage 1: Clean up. Air and water tests have indicated that treatment plants and purifiers are needed on the three deepest levels of Volkan, below the factories level. Also, there are several residential towers that are in grave disrepair and need to be upgraded. Lady Ariana Larent, Lord Brigham Peake, and Dr. Helena Dalton may be able to assist in this respect.
  • Stage 2: Community Garden. An enclosed, large farm will be created in which fruit and nut orchards and vegetables gardens will be planted and chickens will be tended for egg production. The poor will be volunteer workers, paid with chits to exchange for the output crops and eggs to feed their families. Lady Talayla Orelle will be consulted in this matter and Lady Reena Khournas will head this part of the project. All workers will be educated in agriculture skills, and some administrative tasks, so that they may be able to find work elsewhere as they improve on their quality of life.
  • Stage 3: Health Care. A clinic will open one day a week down below, and volunteer medical personnel will help with immunizations, infection control, and general health care. Lady Reena Khournas will try to gather volunteers and be one herself.
  • Stage 4: Security. Guards will be appointed to protect the farm, clinic, treatment plants, and tools. This should be a citizen watch, made up from the locals, so they do not feel as if they are being watched over by the nobility. The owner of Temple's Lock and Key of Khar-Mordune will act as security foreman for the project, and be contracted to provide security devices for the project's assets.

This reply from her father has taken some time, but there appears to be reason for it:


I admit that you letter came to me at something of a surprise. It seems not that long ago that you were clinging to your mother's leg, but this letter reminds me that you have grown into a sharp and attentive woman.

I have reservations involving myself in the business of two Orelle vassals. Had it not been for a conversation with High Lord Orelle, I would have told you to concern yourself with the business of Imperius first and foremost. I have begun to engage in negotiations with Lord Volen of Mare Maris and Lady Grantham of Ignis to see what may be mended and at what cost. It may be that House Khournas becomes the pivot of their reconciliation.

As for your proposal, I see no reason to not give you the room to pursue it. However, my permission is not without some suggestions. I recommend that you work with the Chantry of Volkan and the Citizen Senators in order to implement some of these stages. They have their own responsibilities to the people of Volkan, and it is vital to positive alliances with those our Citizens vote into the Senate and the Priests who vow themselves to this flock to be sought out. After all, you cannot do this work alone.

I also require that you send me detailed updates and feedback on this project.

Regardless of what happens in the future, Reena, I will ensure that you are allowed to continue this work even if it is my requirement as your father to see you properly wed. Whatever you learn here in Volkan, I can only hope that you will then take to whichever seat you become Lady of.

Your Father

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