08.31.3013: Pitching Tents
Summary: Several citizens and nobles work on creating a tent city for some of the Cape Amran refugees who fled to the Down Below of Khar Mordune.
Date: 31 August 2013
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Down Below of Khar Mordune
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31 August 3013

Shoving himself back into Down Below for awhile, Temple needed to get away from all that…self-importance. Which is probably he didn't bother to show up to the meal thing last night. There's only so much noble crap he can take. Needs something more real, more down to earth. While he could've just sat in his home and sulked and grumped, he decided that the destruction of Port Aram spurred him to do something. So he's been organizing tent camps outside of Khar-Mordune as emergency housing for refugees. Well, not organized by him, he's just helping out, so he mixes well into the crowd. Currently, he's lugging a large barrel of water on his shoulder, doing the hard labor that some can't do. When your homes are destroyed, you really don't want to go right to work.

Reena arrives sitting on a wagon, beside a man-at-arms of House Khournas. The back of the wagon is filled with yard upon yard of sailcloth bought from the merchants of House Hollalas, normally used for the boats, today to be turned into tents for the refugees. She is wearing her simple work clothes, brown doeskin breeches with a white blouse and black vest, her hair back in a French braid to keep it out of her way, and riding boots. As the wagon comes to a stop, she hops off and looks around for people strong enough to help unload the wagon. "Temple!" she calls, seeing the familiar figure among the hordes of strangers. Don't tell her father that she sold some of her jewelry for the cloth, wooden poles, stakes, and ropes.

She knows what Temple wears, not like it changes all that often. Likely, he's wearing less simply because of all the work he's been doing. The barrel of water almost falls off his shoulders when he turns to his name being called. "Re-" he cuts himself off. "My Lady Khournas." he corrects, setting it down with a grouping of others. "Didn't think I'd see you about for awhile. How you doing?" He's healed for the most part, though even if he wasn't, he'd probably still be out here anyways.

"I'd be better if Cape Amran wasn't overrun," Reena says softly. "I brought some materials to construct tents, to give families a sense of some privacy. I figured since we're in the mountain, weather won't be an issue, and bartered with some Beacon merchants for sailcloth, rope, and other needed things." She smiles at him, wanly, before looking at the masses of people milling about.

"It's just going to get worse." Temple offers to her, voice lowered. "Nobody is saying, but a lot of people are showing it." The locksmith glances about. "I know that look on their faces. They're wondering who's it going to happen to next. Hostiles just showed that they're no longer going to fuck around with what's been chaulked up to a slap-fight." Looking back at her, he smiles a little, trying to tell her something that he can't quite say outloud. "It's good that you showed up. Wanted to talk to you, but…there's a lot of people around."

Reena grimaces at his assessment of the situation. "The Hostiles have degenerated from a stand up fight with soldiers, to cutting down fleeing civilians. If there was ever a chance for a peace, I think it's been lost with this incident," she agrees. She furrows her brow at his latter words. "About?" she asks, as she tips her chin towards the wagon and heads that way to help unload.

"There's always a chance for peace, my Lady. People just have to be willing to seek it out." Temple replies with a shrug. "On both sides. It takes two to tango. So until we meet a Hostile that's willing to parlay, that won't happen. But I don't count that possibility out." And on the second matter, he tilts his head at an empty tent. "In private, if you're willing."

"Marco, get some people on unloading. If any have sewing skills, I have the dimensions for them to cut the sailcloth under the wagon seat. Please get materials and tools distributed, I'll be right back," Reena notes to the man at arms. He grunts and heads off to find volunteers among the refugees. When he is out of sight, Reena heads for the indicated tent.

Well, the first thing that Temple does once they're alone in the tent is that he wraps his arms around her and gives her a kiss that's been a couple weeks waiting. And pent up passion for her, if she allows it anyways. "I missed you." he finally says. "Wish I could've seen you more, but with everything that's going on…" he titls his head away, regarding the tent city around them. "I guess I just didn't know how many times we're going to have time. I don't know who'll get hit next, so I just wanted some time. Even if it was for five minutes. You'll give me that much, yeah?"

Reena returns the kiss, aggravated with the last two days dealing with her betrothed and his sister and how different their beliefs are from hers. She finally pulls back to look at him. "Yes, today, tomorrow who knows? I might be off somewhere hocking more of my jewelry to feed the refugees." She smiles wanly at him. "How are you? Feeling better?"

"Yeah, I'll be arlight. Now that I have two minutes alone with you and not getting the third degree by your betrothed, who, by the way, I wanted to punch out at least three different times." Temple's mouth creases into a deep frown at that. "Funny how he only targetted me out of that group of being the least competant. Guess that goes to show how much he values the citizenry." There's a look of mild surprise at her admitting to selling jewlery. "That's pretty big of you, Ree. But there's something I wanted to tell you. If I never get a chance again. If the Hostiles come to Khar-Mordune tomorrow or something else." He reaches for her hands. "I'm sorry if this just messes up things with your betrothed, but I want you to know…" He pauses, trying to gather mental strength. "I wanted to tell you that I'm in love with you."

Reena blinks at Temple for a long, quiet moment. "I'm so sorry," she murmurs. "I didn't mean for that to happen. I care about you too, but I'm betrothed, and getting married to an heir. I'm a noble, you're a citizen. If Kadmus refuses my affections, then I can take a Companion, but I don't know if you'd want that. I know you dislike the nobility, and a Companion is expected to mingle in those circles." She lets out a breath and withdraws her hands from his to wrap them around herself. "And I don't know where I stand with him yet. Or what's to come."

No, it doesn't go how Temple might've imagined, but he's kinda expected this was going to be the answer. There's a nod. "I know." he says after a quiet moment. "I also know things might change between the two of you, and eventually your love might go to him. Because I know the kind of marriage you want one day. And…I have to respect that. I just…wanted you to know, incase something happened to me. That I guess I just wanted you to know, that there's someone out there who cares about you a lot. Too much, maybe."

"If things were different, Solace. If I was free to choose, it would be you. You have made me a better person by being in my life," Reena says quietly. She reaches a hand up to the side of his face to caress it lightly. "And you make me feel appreciated, and wanted, and beautiful. The things my husband-to-be has yet to do. I feel like I'm background noise in his life at the moment. I assure you, if he neglects me, I will come to you whenever I can. And if I am allowed a Companion, I would wish it to be you."

"Because you're all of those things." Temple replies. "I never…never wanted to feel this. Because I knew my place in society. I know that happiness with you wasn't meant to be. Not with who you're marrying. But you've been a light point in an otherwise dark life. I've done bad things, but you've made me feel like there was something beyond that. So…I love you, Reena Khournas, even if you don't. And whatever I feel later on, I woudln't say that I regret it."

"I am not even sure I know what love is, Temple, but I do have feelings for you. I have kept them in check because I knew our stations would keep us from each other eventually." She leans in to rest her head against his chest. "I'm sorry, I never meant to make this happen."

When she leans against his chest, she can feel Temple shudder, followed by a little sniffling. "Neither did I." he states, trying to note choke up. "I had hoped…eugh," he looks away for a moment. "…had hoped that I could show you what it was. I new we could never be married or have children or anything but…" He doesn't know what else to say, just deciding to hold her. "I'm sorry too. But I'm not sorry at the same time. I just didn't want to make life more complicated for you."

"A simple life is not my lot, I've known that since I was little, Solace," Reena murmurs. She sighs against his chest. "But we have what we do, and that's better than nothing at all. I don't want you to wait on my future though. If you find someone, please, just tell me and I'll find a way to be happy for you."

Lady Reena Khournas is currently seated on an old shipping crate, with a long length of sailcloth in her lap, sewing sidewall pockets for stabilizer planks to go in for when it becomes a real tent. There is a wagonload of sailcloth being cut, stitched together, and prepared for the refugees of Cape Amran who have fled to the shelter of the mountain. She's in a simple white blouse, black vest, and brown doeskin breeches with riding boots, and her hair is braided down her back to keep it out of the way. Hundreds of people mill about inside the mountain, looking for lost family and friends, weeping for their lost homes and loved ones, and looking in shock from last night's events.

Temple is doing his best to direct large barrels of surplus being moved around. The man from Down Below in Khar-Mordune is shirtless, having done away with the top part of his clothing when he realized he had soaked through his shirt. He and a group of other burly, strong-armed men carry heavier items into one centeral area, and then sorting them according to what they are. Then entire while, a burning cigarette has been tucked into the corner of the man's mouth, being puffed on every now and again.

Kira pissed off alot of clients declairing that her shop will be closed today, and brought from arboren alot of clothing, mostly for the children, and foods to prepaire. Having someone hand out clothing, she herself get's to work on a makeshift soup kitchen, though while it's being set up, she brings a glass of cold tea to Reena. "Milady, it's a wonderful thing you are doing, haven is blessed by the six for your help and support." he says with a courtsie and a soft smile, the taller woman still in a skirt and blouse, though, lacking most of the jewelry she wears.

"I don't have a sword arm like my siblings and cousins do, Miz Graves," Reena says as she accepts the tea with a grateful smile. "I wanted to do something to help Haven during wartime. Helping those who have lost home or hope seemed a good place to start." She sips the tea, glancing over at Temple as he works. "Have you met my Overseer of Security Systems for the Notice Project, Mister Temple?" she asks, gesturing at the shirtless hunk,

The hum of approaching hoversleds announces the arrival of some much needed supplies; a good will gift from House Orelle. Directing and at the lead of the caravan of crates is the House's Assistant Castellan, Nora Istre, her pad getting a long look as she taps out some information and glancing back to make sure everything is in order. The camp being erected is given a long look as a dark brow arches before her eyes narrow. A motion of her hand and the procession starts to veer off to an open space. She steps away from the incoming and moves to direct them into place with a quick gesture of her hand.

Her head turns, looking at those gathered and spots the Lady Reena, a nod given the young Lady who easily pops up on her tablet, a quick brush of her finger and she accesses all information.

Kira smiles and gives Reena a nod. "I haven't met him, but he looks like a sturdy pair of hands.' She says, nodding about his physique, but not becomming a drooling teen over it. "Well, we should have a meal of stew and bread ready in a half hour for them, have you began to see about getting any of the displaced people jobs in other areas?" She asks, very interested. "i know I myself could offer some spots for tailoring work… it's not much, but anything at all is better then nothing."

Temple is a bit too much into his work to really take notice of the women talking to him, far too occupied with doing stuff that others won't, along with the other grouping of those who can lift a lot. When it's done, he takes a final drag from his smoke before flicking it away, walking toward Reena. "Got about all the water we can unless we find more barrels, my Lady." he states. "What else you need done?"

Reena stands, setting her sewing aside, to greet Nora. "Miss Istra, isn't it? I got word you were coming. Please convey my thanks to House Orelle for their generosity in this crisis," she says with a small smile. She shakes her head at Kira's question. "They only just arrived late last night. We're trying to get them food and some semblance of privacy with the tents, the mountain protects them from weather at least. I expect that most of the able bodied will want to see about preparing to defend their families and learn some skills from the Watch or the various House armies." She smiles at Temple warmly. "How are you at untangling and cutting ropes to length?" she asks him, gesturing at the impossibly tangled pile of used rope she acquired.

The cool and collected mistress turns to greet the Lady who addresses her, pressing the top of the tablet into her collarbone as she dips into a gracious bow. "My Lady, it is of course a small gift of good will, but House Orelle sends its best wishes and hopes that things are improved soon." Icy blue eyes match her demeanor, crisp and to the point before she turns the pad about, quickly pulling up the itemized listing for what is provided. Food and medical supplies most prominent on the display as she offers it over directly to Reena. "Do let us know if your needs exceed what is provided. I am certain we can summon up some extra reserves, my Lady." Her chin lifts and she looks to Temple, giving him a nod her head in simple greeting while she allows the Lady time to look over the cargo. "Where shall I direct them to be unloaded?" This is asked as an after thought before her eyes slip to Kira in a cursory glance that last no more than a second or two.

Kira gives a courtsie. "Milady, if you will exscuse me, I must see to our makeshift kitchen." She says with a warm smile, and giving a smile to Nora as well, who gets -More- then a passing glance, before the Fashion Designer walks off to feed the homless, taking some kind of charge with the food preperations, even rolling the sleeves up on her blouse and lending a helping hand.

"Think I can handle that." Temple nods, going over to finding his shirt that he had set aside. Hopefully it's dry by now. Even if it's not, he does so anyways. The other two women are glanced, espeically Nora and the note about bringing in supplies, but he'll let Reena handle that. A pocket knife is flicked out of his pants, taking a seat on the create across from Reena, beginning to cut lengths of rope.

"Mister Temple, which of the tunnels and caverns is being used for the supply depot? I get very turned around down there," Reena admits as she looks over the list. "What people need now is more hands to help, and more space to house them. What you've sent should be more than enough for those here in Khar-Mordune. I am not sure where the rest of the refugees are being sent." She hands the tablet back to Nora. "You're welcome to corral any of the young men here to unload for you, and help us with sewing or Miz Graves in the kitchen."

"No, youse suposta put de whole onion in." Says on guy in the kitchen, the guy next to him goes. "No, it'sa half de onion…" Kira walks by and cuts the onion into quarters. "Three of those." She says as he moves on further to get water, both men go. "Okay boss!" And continue their antics, much to the giggle fit of the children watching. Kira comes back and begins the wate,r and once again the two men and kira have a three stooges moment, ending when Kira gibs smack both of them, and the children keep laughing…

Kira's longer gaze causes the Mistress to follow the woman as she takes a walk. Nora then lifts a brow, "Yes, of course. I can organize those around to help unload once I know exactly where you would like them." This causes her to look at Temple for further direction before she suddenly looks surprised. It is not so much a surprised expression as vaguely more than blank as she presents so easily at most times. The Automatics response comes then as she shakes her head and offers a tight smile, "I do not think you would want me doing either thing, my Lady. I am not good with these tasks but if you would care for me to inventory your supplies as well as give you a projected time they will run out, I can do this for you as well as see to delegating the work around to see that what hands you have are used to the fullest extent. /That/ I can do." Amusement. It seems oddly placed on the woman.

"I can map it out for you. The deeper tunnels anyways." Temple notes, in the midst of cutting sections of rope. "Should probably keep whatever supplies we put down there under some kind of security. Probably more than a few looters would love to get their hands on it, then re-sell it at higher prices for profit. But I point ones that might be a bit safer for storage."

"I'll go see about getting things secured. I'll be back later," Reena notes, setting a hand on Temple's bared shoulder as she passes. "Thank you for your help," she says quietly, before vanishing into the tunnels.

Kira bangs a wooden spoon against an empty pot. "Line up, gets your bowls, water, and stew here with a peice of bread!" She says as her helpers start to serve people who line up.

Nora's offer of further help in organizing the process looked over, the subsequent call for dinner and the Assistant Castellan straightens up. Holding the tablet still, she glances to Temple and then Kira before turning to consider the man before her. "That would do well enough, I will make certain the items arrive so that Lady Reena can over see their protection, thank you." She hesitates though, glancing at the food line in consideration, eyes finding Kira again before she turns and begins to instruct those controlling the sleds while she waits for the map.

Temple continues to fiddle with sections of rope, but looks up at Reena. "Thank you for allowing me, my Lady." he returns to her. "Get some sleep, we'll be here for awhile taking care of things."

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