08.10.3013: Pillow Talk
Summary: Elodie and Sammel figure out the sleeping arrangements, and come to an agreement on the physical matters.
Date: 15 August, 2013
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Elodie Sammel 

Guest Tent, Grand Caravan
10 August, 3013

After getting cleaned and changed, Sammel and Elodie joined in the drinking and feasting, and even some of the dancing. Elodie danced with Sammel, and she danced with some of the other nobles of the Grand Caravan. She wandered from fire to fire, meeting people, and learning more of the Rovehn. Sometimes Sammel was with her, and sometimes she wandered on her own. But as the fires started to burn down, and people began going to their tents, she found her betrothed and quietly informed him of her intent to retire, and did he wish to go now, or stay?

Having circulated and spoken with a few people as well, Sammel was ready to retire at the same time as Elodie found him again. So heading towards the tent, he offers her a smile. "I hope you enjoyed yourself?" he offers, a bit softly.

Elodie falls into step beside Sammel and nods, looking up at him. "I did," she affirms. "And you?" She leans slightly towards him as she walks, then realizes she's getting a little close, so she leans back again, adjusting her steps so she doesn't run into him when her attention isn't on the path in front of her.

Sammel smiles a little as he hears that, nodding a bit now. "Quite a bit, yes. It was an excellent feast." Smiling as she leans towards him, then nodding a bit as she adjusts her step. "Did you hear any good stories, or anything like that?" he asks, after a few moments of pause.

Elodie nods, and returns her gaze to the path that leads to their tent. "I did hear a couple of stories. Maybe I'll tell them to you someday." There's a smile on her lips, even though she's not looking at him anymore, the teasing is still somehow directed towards him.

"I hope you will," Sammel replies with a smile now. Glancing around for a few moments as they walk, he is unable to hold back a chuckle. "I'll be looking forward to hearing them."

The smile on Elodie's face doesn't fade, in fact, it almost starts to take a bit of a silly cast and she gives a nod as he adds that he's looking forward to them. She looks up to him again as she pauses in front of her tent. "Truly? You enjoy stories?" her expression turns only slightly more serious as she looks for the truth in his eyes.

Sammel smiles as he comes to a stop as well, nodding. "I do. I must say it's not just the stories, but how they're told as well, of course. When someone's putting the effort into that part, it's much more enjoyable, after all."

Elodie's head tips slightly as if she's somewhat skeptical, and looking for him to be pulling her leg, but he seems serious. She glances at the doorway, or tent flap, or however it is that one enters a Rovehn tent, and then nods. "I guess it does depend on whether the person telling the story likes telling the story. You can always tell when they're just going by rote."

"It usually does. Probably does with every kind of entertainment. If a person doesn't like doing it, the audience will never find it entertaining," Sammel replies with a smile, before he looks to the tent entrance as well. "After you," he offers.

Elodie nods in agreement with Sammel, and she pauses, her brows furrow in a bit of a puzzled look when Sammel offers to let her go into the tent first. Then she gives a slow nod, and turns, reaching to pull open the front of the tent, handing it back towards the knight. She walks in, and takes a few steps before she reaches down to take off her boots, and wiggles her toes on one of the throw rugs that lay on the floor.

Sammel steps in as well, looking around the tent once more, before he similarily moves to remove his boots now. "Feels like I've been living in these for a long while," he says, as he moves the boots to place them off by his armor now." A brief moment of pause, before he adds, "When did you start the lesson today?"

Elodie stretches her arms up over her head, and stands on her tiptoes at full stretch, then lowers back down to her feet. Since they didn't exactly provide night wear, she purses her lips as she ponders what to do. Sammel's question draws her attention. "We'd been working about an hour or two when the Hostile Scouts appeared," she replies, after taking a moment to figure it in her head.

"Been a long and eventful day, then." Sammel offers, before he looks a bit thoughtful now. "Seems they didn't include any particular nightwear?" he offers, after a few more moments of pause. "I guess it's time we need to decide on how we should solve that."

Elodie nods her head. "Quite," she agrees, then shakes her head when he mentions nightwear. She wraps her arms lightly around her waist when he mentions deciding what to do about that particular problem, and takes a deep breath, which she holds for a moment as she glances to the single bed then back to him, nods, and then lets out. "We should, yes."

Sammel nods a little as he hears that, and sees the look to the bed. "Well…" he begins, looking a bit unsure of what more to say now. After a few moments of pause, he admits. "Any good ideas? I'm a bit unsure about how we should handle this."

Elodie shakes her head slowly at the question of good ideas. "I don't know," she admits. "I don't want to make you sleep on the floor…" she shifts her feet in place, but doesn't move any closer or further away from Sammel.

"Thanks. Although I'm sure I could sleep on the floor if needed…" Sammel replies, before he adds, "But my back would certainly appreciate it if I don't have to." Another brief pause, as he tries thinking of a solution now.

"Sammel," Elodie starts, then glances away. Her question comes out halting as if she's pushing each word out with effort. "Is there some… reason you… can't just… sleep… next. To me?" She closes her jaw a little hard after she asks him, and glances around the tent. For once her face doesn't turn red, but maybe that's because it's now a little whiter than usual.

Sammel shakes his head a little as he hears that question. "I was just worrying it would make you uncomfortable, for some reason," he replies after a few moments of pause, before he adds, "But no, there's no reason why I can't just sleep next to you." A momentary smile. "That problem's solved, then?"

Elodie shakes her head once. "No. Why would I be uncomfortable? I mean… we're going to do it every night, someday. I hope," she wrinkles her nose after the last two words, and still doesn't look at Sammel.

"I don't know. I guess I was just worried for no good reason." Sammel replies, before he adds, "And I hope we will, yes." A brief moments of pause, as he steps the rest of the way over. "Please forgive me for being overly cautious?"

Elodie looks up at Sammel as he says that he hopes they will sleep together… and she bites at her lip. She shakes her head as he asks for forgiveness, "there's no need to apologize.." she assures, but there's still something on her mind. "You… don't have a companion, do you? Or… want one?" She tightens her arms around herself as she asks.

Sammel nods a little as she tells him there's no need to apologize, offering her a smile, before he hears the next question. Looking into her eyes, he shakes his head a little bit. "No, I don't have a companion. And I may have wanted one in the past, but that was a long time ago."

Finally looking up, Elodie returns his gaze, and she nods at his answer. Since he closed some of the distance between them, she finishes, taking a couple of steps forward. She doesn't unwrap her arms, but she leans her forehead against his chest. There's quiet, then, her words are almost lost against his chest as she speaks. "I want to be enough for you," she admits.

Putting his hands on her shoulders, Sammel nods a little as he hears that. "I know." Giving her shoulders a gentle squeeze now.

She's quiet for a little longer, then Elodie unwraps her arms from around her waist, and she hesitantly places her hands on the front of his torso. If this doesn't meet any resistence, she slides her arms around him… a hug… turning her head so her cheek comes to rest against his chest.

And the hands on his torso doesn't meet any resistance from Sammel, who offers her a quiet smile as she does, and then as she slides her arms around him, his own moves to hold her close as well now.

Elodie doesn't catch the smile Sammel gives her, but when his arms close around her, he can feel her relax underneath his hands. The hesitant tension in her shoulders releases and her arms shift a little to a more natural position for her to hug him. Her lips curve contentedly as she just stands in his arms.

When he can feel that she relaxes, Sammel seems to relax a bit more as well. For the moment he seems quite content to simply hold her close, a smile on his face now.

With such a long day as she's had, with the adrenaline rush of battle and then the feasting and frivolity, Elodie does almost seem to start falling asleep standing there. She stirs, taking a breath to wake herself a little. "Sammel," she says quietly, lifting her head, and loosening her arms a little so that she's clasping her hands behind his back. Looking up to him, she rests her chin on his chest. "When I was at Academ, I had a study partner for about a year. We used to spend some nights together after studying. Then he went more into research, and I went into surgery, so we didn't see much of each other anymore." Her drowsiness perhaps makes her a little more relaxed to talk about the particular subject that is related to the large furniture object not far from where they stand.

As he hears his name, Sammel moves his head so he can meet her eyes now. Nodding a little at what she tells him, he offers her a quiet smile. "Ah." There's a brief pause, before he adds, "It's okay."

Elodie gives a little smile in return when he says it's okay. "I've been thinking… that I want our first time together to be special. I thought, if we save it for our wedding night, that would make it different from the other times we've been with people, and maybe make it more wonderful." Her eyebrows raise a little over sleepyish eyes to see what his opinion is of the idea.

Nodding a little as he hears that, Sammel offers a smile. "It's a good idea," he replies, before he adds, "And I think the possibility of that making it more wonderful might be true." Another brief pause, before he offers a smile. "Getting sleepy?" he asks, after a few moments of pause.

A slow smile curves Elodie's lips, and she's a little too sleepy, especially after having a couple drinks, to filter everything she says. "I'm already starting to look forward to it a little bit," she confides quietly, then nods an answer to his question. "The chemise under this dress is long enough, I was thinking I could sleep in that… I don't mind whatever you want to sleep in, or not in." She takes another deep breath, and forces herself to stand more upright so that she can prepare for bed.

"I'll wear the shirt from this," Sammel replies, before he asks, "When do you need to be somewhere in the morning?"

Elodie nods at Sammel's decision for night wear, and reluctantly lets go of him so that she can unlace the overdress. She covers a yawn before she pulls the dress over her head. "I have tomorrow off." She gives him a little grin over her shoulder as she lays the dress over the back over a small chair, and then moves over to pull the covers down on the bed. "Do you have a preference of side?""

Sammel nods a little bit as she lets go of him, so he can prepare himself for going to bed as well. There's a pause at the question about the side, before he smiles momentarily. "Let's see… Right? Might work, but then again, I tend to get out of bed on the left side… So I guess… Left?" A brief grin is offered now.

Elodie starts to walk to the left side, then pauses as he changes his mind, and turns around to look at him, leaning back against the foot of the bed, her hands resting on the smooth wood. "Are you sure, now? You're not going to change your mind after I get into the right side?" She's got a tiny bit of a second wind, and is using it to tease Sammel. She tilts her head up to look at him as he approaches the bed, deciding to wait to see where he will move for now.

"You think I'm that indecisive?" Sammel remarks, with a brief grin, before he moves to the left side. "Well, if it doesn't work out tonight, we know that we would need to change sides later on, then?"

Elodie grins as she watches Sammel go over to the left side. But instead of walking around the right side, she simply sits up on the end of the bed, and swings her legs round, shifting to crawl on her hands and knees up the right side. "This is true." She pulls down the covers so that she can slide her legs underneath, then grabs a pillow to pull under her chin as she lays there face down for the moment. "Do you snore, Sammel?"

Sammel moves over to seat himself on the bedside, then laying down on his side of the bed. The question about the snoring makes him turn his head, with a smile. "Are you asking me, who would be asleep at that time, if I snore?" Sounding a little amused, before he adds, "I don't know, really."

Elodie grins. "Well, someone might have told you… you could be one of those people who snores loud enough to wake up his brother in the next room," she teases. "If you do snore, can I roll you over and make you stop?" There's a little mischievousness in her eyes, and they stray to the side of the bed when she mentions rolling him over.

"If I do, none of them has told me yet. Although I believe the one that would have let me know would be my sister," Sammel remarks with a bit of a chuckle. "Roll me over?" A brief pause, before he shakes his head as he looks around once more. "Not over the edge, I hope?"

Elodie gives a little shrug, and bites her bottom lip even though she's smiling broadly. "Well, that would depend on how loud you snore," she offers, so he at least has a chance of not being rolled all the way off. She shifts a little onto her shoulder to lay her head on her pillow to face him. One hand pulls out from the under her pillow, and hesitates, before she moves it over to smooth the pillow down in front of her face.

Sammel shrugs a little as he hears that. "Let me know if I actually snore, so I know if I should put on some kind of safety harness or something?" he remarks, rather lightly now. Sounding a bit amused too.

Elodie nods. "I'll let you know," she assures him, making the words almost as much a threat as a promise, but a friendly threat judging by her smile. She pauses again, and then she does reach across to his side of the bed with that one hand.

"Thanks," Sammel replies, before he sees the hand reaching across to his side, and he lifts one of his own towards it now.

Now that he's lifted a hand to meet her, Elodie smiles, and slips her hand underneath his so that he can curl his fingers over it, and then she curls her fingers around his. "Except for the Hostiles, I've had a really lovely day," she tells him quietly.

Sammel smiles as he hears that, and as their fingers curl. "I'm glad to hear that," he replies, before he adds, "I've had a lovely day too. Aside from the Hostiles, of course. But thankfully, it was just some of the easier ones, right?"

Elodie nods. "I really do hate having to patch you up," she says fervently, her fingers squeezing his. "Despite what some people think, I hate keeping knights in hospitals. I probably shouldn't have let Sir Niko go that time, but… beds are awful for active men." Then she blinks, thinking about what she just said, thinking about it in a different way, and her cheeks turn pink. She giggles and turns her face into her pillow.

"I know you hate it," Sammel replies, before he adds, "But thanks for doing it, anyway." A brief pause, before he offers a grin, "And Niko would just have managed to find someone else to let him go, I suspect." He chuckles a little as he hears the giggling, but doesn't say anything for the moment.

Elodie nods at Sammel's guess on what Niko would have done, and then she surfaces, her eyes still sparkling with merriment. "I suppose I should be trying to calm myself to sleep, now…" she takes a deep breath and makes an attempt to dispel the giggles.

Sammel nods a little as he hears that, smiling a little bit. "I'd offer to sing a lullaby, but you've heard my singing, right?" A brief chuckle offered along with the words.

Elodie chuckles. "I did. But I thought that you were doing that on purpose, so some day you can convince me that I should be the one to put the children to sleep… and you could get out of it." She sighs "Although, you're not terrible."

"Would I do something that cruel on purpose?" Sammel asks, raising an eyebrow a bit lightly, before he blinks, "I'm not? Wait, is it me or my signing we're talking about this time?"

"Both?" Elodie guesses, and then gives another little giggle. She snuggles a little closer to the their clasped hands so that her arm isn't stretched so far.

Sammel grins, "Does that mean my singing isn't terrible?" A brief pause, before he adds, "Oh no, don't tell me, it's actually worse?" Offering her a bright grin now, as he moves a little closer to their hands as well.

Elodie chuckles and shakes her head. "It didn't start the dogs howling," she offers by way of reassurance, her eyes sparking with mischief.

Sammel grins again as he hears that. "That's good to know," he replies, with a chuckle. Going quiet again for a few moments, before he adds, "What about the horses?" Trying as best he can to keep his expression serious now.

Elodie lifts the shoulder that isn't against the bed. "You would know more about horses than I do," she replies with an almost straight face.

"Good answer, my dear," Sammel replies, with a bit of a chuckle. "Might be a bit of flattery, but that usually helps when dealing with members of my family, after all."

Elodie chuckles. "So I am learning," she replies. "It's… different. Una always… well, she seems to get embarassed at any compliment, and flattery just outright… she almost scolds on the rare occasion that I use it." She pauses for a moment, her gaze dropping down to their clasped hands. "Our family is very quiet. And not really very demonstrative, either."

Sammel is unable to hold back a chuckle as he hears that. "Welcome to a different world, my dear," he replies.

Elodie smiles at Sammel's chuckle, and looks up. She gives a little bite to her bottom lip again, and then, her voice almost shy, she tells him, "I like that. When you call me 'my dear'."

"I'm really glad you like it," Sammel replies with a smile now.

Elodie nods once, starting to feel sleepy again, now. "I do," she reassures. She takes a deep breath, and even though she seems to be drifting off to sleep, she doesn't seem to want to let go of his hand. As she drifts off, she even snuggles closer, resting her cheek on top of his hand as long at it's still holding hers.

Sammel lets his hand hold her even as he starts drifting off to sleep as well now.

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